Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rumania to bar Helen as member of the Royal Family

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May 24, 1931

This is the latest bulletin from the Associated Press.   The official National Peasant party newspaper, Patria, has published the news that Queen Helen, the mother of Crown Prince Michael,  "was to be excluded from membership in royal family."

The War Minister has issued a "special order to certain regiments forbidding them to observe the annual celebration of the Queen's name day next Thursday."

A new law is in preparation by the new Parliament, where the estranged wife of King Carol will learn "that she has been excluded from the Rumanian Hohenzollern dynasty, and thus is not entitled to honors which are accorded only to the royal family."

A rumored reconciliation between Carol and Helen has "failed to materialize."

It is expected that a soon as the new law is promulgated,  Queen Helen "will leave the country permanently."

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