Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The death of an Archduchess


May 10, 1933

Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria died today at Zywiec Castle in Poland. She was 70 years old, reports the Associated Press.  Her husband, Archduke Karl Stephan, died on April 7.

Archduchess Maria Theresia Antonia Immakulata Joseph Ferdinanda Léopoldine Franziska Caroline Isabelle Januaria Aloysia Christine Anna of Austria was born at Alt-Bunzlau on September 18, 1862, the eldest of ten children of Archduke Karl Salvator and Princess Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

One brother, Archduke Karl Salvator, married Archduchess Maria Valerie, the youngest daughter of Emperor Franz Josef.  Another brother, Archduke Leopold Salvator, who died two years ago, was married to Infanta Blanka of Spain.  Their son, Archduke Leopold Salvator, was in the news several years ago for trying to sell Maria Theresia's necklace.

She married Archduke Karl Stephan in Vienna on February 28, 1868.  They had six children: Eleonora (1886) who is the wife of Alfons von Kloss; Renata, Princess Radziwill (1888); Karl Albrecht (1888)who contracted a morganatic marriage with Alice Ankarcrona; Mechtildis, Princess Czartoryski(1891); Leo Karl (1893); and Wilhelm (1895).

Early in the World War, Archduke Karl Stephan was elected as Regent of Poland and would have served as King, if Poland had not opted to become a republic.  The family continues to maintain large estates in Poland.

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