Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leeds and Princess Xenia to live in the USA

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 May 25, 1921

William B. Leeds, Jr., spoke today to the Chicago Tribune about his forthcoming marriage to Princess Xenia of Russia.   "Why, there is nothing sudden about my marriage to Princess Xenia.  I have known Xenia, since we were children, and met her first in England in 1916."

Leeds, the son of the late William B. Leeds, the tin magnate, "appears older than he is. He was raised in Europe and attended Eton.  He is handsome enough to be "a movie actor."

He was asked if he was "very much in love?"   Obviously, or I would not have proposed," was 19-year-old Leeds' response.

"Xenia is very keen on visiting the United States and is enthusiastically anticipating her first visit to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.  We will probably live in New York, and, I undoubtedly, will go into business there."

He added that his wife will "become just Mrs. Leeds after marriage.  There will be no more title, and so no reason to have an elaborate ceremony."

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