Monday, May 9, 2011

Helen & Carol to reconcile: report

May 9, 1931

Princess Helen of Roumania is said to be rushing back from Belgrade to Bucharest, amid reports that she "would be reconciled with King Carol tomorrow after a year's estrangement."

The Associated Press is reporting that Helen and Carol will appear together in a grandstand tomorrow with their son, Crown Prince Michael, to "review a military parade celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the enthronement of King Carol I."

It is understood that the reconciliation between Carol and Helen came about on Monday when King Carol met King Alexander of Yugoslavia in a "motorboat on the Danube."  Alexander is married to Carol's youngest sister, Marie.   King Carol apparently gave Alexander a message for Helen, "proposing the terms of the reconciliation."

Helen "left hurriedly for Belgrade" after receiving an invitation from King Alexander and Queen Marie.

There is a lot of excitement in Bucharest regarding the prospect of Helen's reconciliation with Carol.  It is "believed that Helen's devotion" to her son and her "insistence on nursing" Michael through his recent bout of diphtheria "played a considerable part" in bringing about the reconciliation.

But there are also reports coming out of Belgrade that Helen's return "was only preliminary to her quitting Roumania forever."  The report in Belgrade states that Alexander, at Carol's request, "had made it plain to the princess that by continuing to live in the country she presented an obstacle to Carol's happiness and the firmer establishment of his dynasty."

This report states that Carol wishes for Helen "to live abroad, with the privilege of returning each summer to spend a few weeks" with Crown Prince Michael.

Which version of the story won't be known until tomorrow.

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