Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christian Kraft of Hohenlohe-Ohringen forms family company

May 10, 1905

Prince Christian Kraft of Hohenlohe-Ohringen, Duke of Ujest,  has with the consent of his three brothers,  Princes Friedrich and Hans and Hugo, Count Hermesberg, has, according to the Marquise de Fontenoy, "transformed himself, themselves, as well as the family estates in Silesia, into a joint stock company." The primary object of this plan is to "obtain additional resources needed to exploit and develop the latent resources of the immense family property."  The plan will also save the estate from the "danger of maladministration and extravagance on the part of members of the family." 

Princes Friedrich and Hans traveled to the United States last year to visit the St. Louis exhibit.  Hugo, whose morganatic marriage, led to the loss of his princely title, spent several years in New York at a Wall Street banking house, where he was a volunteer clerk, learning "American business methods."

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