Friday, May 20, 2011

Prussian-Mecklenburg-Schwerin celebrations to last for four days!

May 20, 1905

The celebrations in connection with the wedding of Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia and Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, will last four four days, beginning on June 4, reports the Associated Press.  On that day, the bride and her family will arrive from Schwerin and and move into Schloss Bellevue in Berlin.   The Duchess will be received at the Brandenburg Gate by the Chief Burgomeister and the "city fathers and by 100 young women of well-known families."  The young women were "drawn by lot from several hundred candidates," and will present flowers to "their future Empress."

The chapel at the palace where the wedding will take place holds about three hundred people.  But there will be a service at the cathedral on Monday and a dinner, which will be attended by the Prussian and Mecklenburg-Schwerin families.  Fifty or sixty Princes will also be attending, and "each of whom must be treated ceremoniously."  The Imperial Court Marshal's office is "perplexed over questions of princely precedence."

The wedding gifts will be presented on Monday morning, June 5, "when deputations with congratulations will be received.  On that day, there will also be a breakfast and a state dinner, which will be followed by a gala performance at the opera in the evening.

The civil ceremony will take place on the morning of June 6, and will be performed by House Minister von Wedel.   Pastor Dryander will be the officiant at the religious wedding, which will take place in the court chapel.

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