Monday, May 9, 2011

Archduke Leopold to wed Canadian

David McIntosh collection
David McIntosh collection

May 9, 1931

Archduke Leopold of Austria, "whose career has been one of numerous vicissitudes" is to marry Mrs. Alicia Gibson Coburn, a wealthy New York "society matron," reports the Los Angeles Times.  Mrs. Coburn has been his "comforter in time of stress."

The engagement announcement was made in Vienna.

The romance between the couple is said to have "blossomed behind the bars of a Tombs cell" in New York.  At present, the couple are "keeping themselves aloof," and "could not be found today."

Mrs. Coburn lives in a large apartment on East 57th Street.  During Leopold's trial -- he was charged with "participation in the illegal sale for $60,000 of a $400,000 Napoleonic diamond necklace, belonging to his aunt, Archduchess Marie Therese of Austria."

Two days ago, Mrs. Coburn declined comment on the reports of her engagement.  She checked out of her hotel today, and did not leave a forwarding address.

Archduke Leopold is a brother of Archduke Anton of Austria, who recently became engagement to Princess Ileana of Roumania.

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