Saturday, September 19, 2020

Luxembourg's Grand Ducal family celebrates the baptism of Prince Charles


all photos: © Cour grand-ducale / Sophie Margue

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie joined other members of the Luxembourg Grand Family at the celebration of the baptism of their four-month-old son Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume on September 19 at  L'abbaye St Maurice in Clervaux in the northern part of Luxembourg.

The little prince wore the Nassau family christening gown, which had also been worn by  grandfather, Hereditary Grand Duke and other family members.  His two godparents are his paternal uncle, Prince Louis of Luxembourg, and his maternal aunt Countess Gaëlle de Lannoy.

While watching the video of the celebration, I noticed the omission of a baptismal font, where the parents, godparents, and the officiating priests would gather and the ceremony would include the priest pouring water over the infant, and baptizing him in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Is it possible due to COVD-19 that Charles was already baptized, perhaps in a private ceremony at his parents' home, Schloss Fischbach?  The Unity Candle shows his birthdate, rather than the baptismal date.

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were among the guests that also included Prince Felix and Princess Claire and their two children, Princess Amalia and Prince Liam, Prince Sebastian, and members of the de Lannoy family.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's younger sister, Princess Alexandra, was the only member of the immediate family who did not attend the ceremony.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The death of Josef Hubert Count of Neipperg


H Ill H Maria Josef Hubert Ernst Amadeus Vincenz Benediktus Antonius Konrad Apolinarius Count of Neipperg died at Schwaigern on September 12, 2020.  He was 102 years old.

Josef Hubert and Theresa, Count and Countess of Neipperg (1990) Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection

The count was born at Schwaigern on July 22, 1918, the third of fourth child of H Ill H Count Anton Ernst of Neipperg and Countess Anna of Silva-Tarouca.  He became heir apparent, following the death of his older brother, Hereditary Count Karl Reinhard, who had been killed in action in Russia in July 1941.  

Josef Hubert succeeded his father as Count on December 28, 1947.  He was married twice.  His first marriage to Countess Maria of Ledebur-Wicheln (1920-1984) took place in Munich on February 3, 1951.  They were the parents of eight children: Hereditary Count Karl Eugen, Count Reinhard, Countess Maria Anna (a nun, known as Sister Marianna), Countess Franziska, Count Stephan, Count Christoph, Countess Barbara, and Count Johannes. 

Two years after the death of Countess Maria,  Josef Hubert married HSH Princess Therese of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (1938).  

The Count is survived by his widow, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Karl Eugen has succeeded as the Count of Neipperg.  He was born at Schwaigern on October 20, 1951.  On July 30, 1977, he married HI & RH Archduchess Andrea of Austria, daughter of HI & RH Archduke Otto.

They have five children, Hereditary Count Philipp, Count Benedikt, Count Dominik, Countess Hemma, and Countess Katharina.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Twins for Tatiana and Philip Womack - two new QVDS


Princess Tatiana von Preussen and her husband, writer Philip Womack, are the parents of twin daughters, Xenia Alexandra Selena and Amalia Maria Brigid, who were born at St. Mary's Paddington.   The twin girls are the second and third children for Tatiana, an architect, and Mr. Womack.  They have a son, Arthur Frederick Richard Womack von Preussen, who was born November 21, 2015.


The Princess is the daughter of Prince Andrew von Preussen, second son of the late Prince Friedrich of Prussia, third son of Crown Prince Wilhelm and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia, and Lady Brigid Guinness, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh

Embed from Getty Images

Victoria - Victoria - Wilhelm II - Crown Prince Wilhelm - Friedrich - Andrew - Tatiana - Xenia and Amalia

More images to enjoy

HRH Princess Maria Pia 

Princess Maria Pia, Prince Vittorio Emanuele and Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy 

The wedding of Prince Welf Heinrich of Hanover and Princess Alexandra of Ysenburg-Büdingen (1960). The prince was the youngest son of Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia

HRH Prince Welf Heinrich of Hanover 

HRH Prince Welf Heinrich of Hanover

TRH Princess Beatrix, Irene, Margriet & Christina of the Netherlands

TRH The Count and Countess of Paris & their family 

TRH Princess Maria Pia, Prince Vittorio Emanuel and Princess Maria Gabriella

May 10, 1969. Schloss Persenbeug: HI & RH Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria walking with Baroness Ruth von Kottwitz-Erdödy - the wedding of their children: HI & RH Archduchess Maria Alberta and Baron Alexander von Kottwitz-Erdödy

These are the final images that I recently received as a gift ... so many thanks.

Monday, September 14, 2020

New to my collection


HSH Hereditary Prince Albert of Monaco

HRH Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria 

HRH Princess Heinrich of Prussia (nee Princess Irene of Hesse and By Rhine)

HRH Henri, Count of Chambord (1820-1883)

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg 

Recent additions to my collection.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gabriella and Henri marry at Schloss Tratzberg


Gabriella as a bridesmaid at the wedding of her brother, Archduke Imre @Marlene A Eilers Koenig 

HI & RH Archduchess Gabriella of Austria and HRH Prince Henri of Bourbon-Parma were married today in an outdoor Roman Catholic wedding at Schloss Tratzberg in Jenbach, Austria.  

The castle was closed today for a wedding.

The couple are second cousins as they share common grandparents, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and her husband, Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma.

They got engaged on October 22, 2017.  Eight days later, on October 30, Gabriella gave birth to their daughter, Victoria Antonia Maria-Astrid Lydia.  

There are photos on social media, but due to copyright I cannot take them from an Instagram page and post here without the permission of the copyright holder.

My article on the engagement, which includes the numerous genealogical relationships between the newlyweds.

Schloss Tratzberg is owned by Count Ulrich  Goess-Enzenberg and his wife Karin.

Prince Henri is a consultant with Swisslinx, a financial company based in Geneva.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Prince Ernst August released from jail

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Prince Ernst August of Hanover, 66, was released from prison in Wels on Wednesday afternoon.  Local police announced that the release is based in certain conditions. He is required to stay in one place,  and he is not permitted to contact the alleged victims. 

It is not known where Prince Ernst August will remain until his trial.  

He was arrested on September 7 after threatening and coercing one of his employees and her husband.   This is the third incident since July when he threatened one police officer and sightly injured another officer.

Ernst August, a great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II faces up to three years in prison.  Neither the law firm representing the prince nor the House of Hannover wanted to comment on the case.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Traveling down the Line Again

Emich and Eilika, the Prince and Princess of Leiningen (all photos: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection)

The Princess of Leiningen with Princess Melita (1951), Prince Karl-Emich (1952), and Prince Andreas(1955) (now the Prince of Leiningen), sitting on his mom's lap

The Prince and Princess of Leiningen with two of their children:  Prince Karl Emich and Princess Stephanie 

Hereditary Princess Margarita of Hohenzollern (1932-1996))  Margarita, a Princess of Leiningen married Friedrich Wilhelm Hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern (1924-2010) In 1951. he succeeded his father in 1965 as the Prince of Hohenzollern

the heir and the spare:  Friedrich  Wilhelm and Margarita with their first two sons: Prince Karl Friedrich (1952) and Prince Albrecht (1954). 

Margarita, Hereditary Princess of Hohenzollern 

Margarita, Hereditary Princess of Hohenzollern (1950s) 

Princess Mechtilde of Leiningen and her husband, Karl Anton Bauscher with their first son, Ulf-Karl who was born in February 1963

Christmas:  Princess Tatiana, Prince Christopher, Prince Wladimir, and Princess Lavinia of Yugoslavia. The two elder children are the children of Princess Christina of Hesse and Prince Andrej of Yugoslavia and the two younger children are  Prince Andrej's children by his second wife, Princess Kira of Leiningen.


The Leiningens are descendants of Queen Victoria and her two half-siblings, Carl, 3rd Prince of Leiningen, and Princess Feodora of Leiningen, who married Ernst, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Victoria - Alfred - Victoria Melita - Marie - Karl Emich

Carl - Ernst Leopold -Emich - Karl 

Feodora - Hermann -  Feodora - Karl 

In 1894,  Princess Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg married her second cousin, Emich, 5th Prince of Leiningen.  Their second, but the eldest surviving son, Karl, 6th Prince of Leiningen married Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia.