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George and Marina cheered at theater

November 28, 1934

The Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece were expected to spend a quiet evening tonight at Buckingham Palace and York House, respectively, but "paid a surprise visit to a West End Theatre," reports the Associated Press.

A "capacity audience cheered the young couple for several minutes," delaying the start of the production. Earlier today,  they were "almost mobbed by enthusiastic, cheering crowds along the mall."

The Duke of Kent's controller, Major Ulick Alexander, who handles "his personal affairs," has been "ordered to bed" as he has influenza.  The Prince of Wales has lent his brother, his equerry, Colonel Piers Legh, who will be riding with Princess Marina in the "glass-windowed coach" that will take her to the Abbey tomorrow.

The Dutch Legation hosted a dinner in honor of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, who is one of the bride's bridesmaids.  Four other bridesmaids also attended, but the three youngest, Princess Elizabeth of York, 8, Lady May Cambridge, 10, and Lady Iris Mountbatten, 14,  were too young to attend, and were in bed,

It was a fairly early evening at the Dutch legation as many of the guests at the dinner, including Prince Paul and Prince Peter of Greece, Don Juan of Spain, and Prince Charles of Belgium, departed "after the brief entertainment."

There was no dancing after the dinner.

From restaurants to hotels and theaters, the entire city is filled with "colorful decorations, floral and otherwise."
Licensing hours for serving liquor have been extended until 2 a.m., tomorrow.

Crowds gathering in London for George and Marina's wedding

November 28, 1934

Thousands of people are "taking up positions along the route of the wedding procession of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece,  reports the Chicago Tribune.
By 8 p.m., despite the pouring rain, many have gathered on the pavements, "sitting on apple boxes and stools, and with blankets around their legs."  They plan to "stay out all night" hoping for a "fleeting glance of the passing pageantry of the duke and his bride."
Many people who have been waiting "all night and, from early morning," are doomed to have no chance of seeing "anything of the people in front of them, but they were content just to be there,"
Street hawkers have been doing a "roaring trade selling hot tea, buns, peanuts, and chocolate."  Other vendors offered "Greek and British flags to be waved as the royal procession" passes by.
Many women are wearing 'Marina' hats "made of fancy paper." 
The crowds are "so vast" that London traffic has come to a standstill as "cheering crowds and blocked automobiles" delayed the return of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina, who were returning home after a night out at the theater. They did not return to York House and Buckingham Palace until after midnight.

US broadcast for Kent wedding

November 28, 1934

Americans will have to get up early tomorrow to listen to a broadcast over the "Atlantic Coast networks of the National Broadcasting Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System."

The broadcast will begin at 5:45 a.m, and will last "slightly more than an hour."

The radio will be broadcast in radio stations WJZ and WABC.  A microphone has been installed in Westminster Abbey, where commentators will be able describe to American listeners "the procession from Buckingham Palace and the celebration of the populations in the streets through which it passes."

Because of the "variations in time," the broadcast will be limited to the East coast of the United States. 

George & Marina wedding schedule released

November 28, 1934

The official program for tomorrow's wedding of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece has been released.

10:15 a.m:  Invited Guests arrive at Westminster Abbey
10:30 - Members of royal family and foreign royal families arrive at Abbey
10:50  King George and Queen Mary, Kings and Queens of Norway and Denmark, former King George of Greece, Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia,, arrive at Abbey.
10:56 - Duke of Kent attended by Prince of Wales and Duke of York at Abbey
10:58  - Princess Marina and her father, Prince Nicholas of Greece, arrive at Abbey
11:00 - Ceremony begins.
11:50 - Royal Processions leave the Abbey
12:15 P.M. - Greek Orthodox marriage service in private chapel at Buckingham Palace.
1:15 - Wedding breakfast
3:50 Bridal couple leave Buckingham Palace for Paddington railroad station
4:20 Train leaves for Birmingham
6:20 Train arrives at Birmingham

Belgian Crown Prince Couple arrive in Egypt

November 28, 1928

Crown Prince Leopold and Crown Princess Astrid of Belgium arrived in Port Said, Egypt, today, reports the Associated Press.  The couple are traveling incognito on a "holiday tour to the East Indies", and arrived on the steamship Insulinde for a "brief stay."

They were met by the Belgian ambassador, who came from Cairo

Monday, November 24, 2014

Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia

A German postcard commemorating the visit of Prince and Princess Paul to Berlin in 1939.

Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein

The postcard refers to her first two names  Viktoria Irene, but  Princess Viktoria-Irene Adelheid Auguste Alberta Feodora Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg was known as Princess Karoline Mathilde (1894-1972).  She was the sixth child of Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.

On May 27, 1920 at Schloss Glücksburg,  Princess Karoline Mathilde  married Count Hans of Solms-Baruth, third son of Friedrich II, Prince of Solms-Baruth and Countess Luise of Hochberg.

Hans's older brother, Hereditary Prince Friedrich was married to Karoline Mathilde's elder sister, Princess Adelheid.

Karoline Mathilde and Hans were the parents of three children:

Countess Viktoria Luise (1921-2003), Count Friedrich (1923-2006) and Count Hubertus (1934-1991).

Countess Viktoria Luise married her first cousin, Prince Friedrich Josias of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, whose mother, Viktoria Adelheid was Karoline Mathilde's sister.

Karoline Mathilde's other sisters, Alexandra Viktoria and Helena, were married to Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia and Prince Harald of Denmark, respectively.  Their only brother, Duke Friedrich, married Princess Marie Melita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

So who is releasing the Jessica -Ludwig photos

Who is behind the twitter account @ geathea563?   I had to block the account because the person was so annoying, badgering  me with constant tweets.  Is this person connected to Jessica Iskandar, the Indonesian celebrity? 

There has to be a connection between Jessisca and this account because at least three photos of Jessica and Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg und Wolfeeg und Waldsee have been tweeted around the world.

Due to copyright restrictions, as I have no idea who the photographer is,  I am providing a link. I won't post the photos here.  One of the photos shows Ludwig wearing an I love Jessica Iskandar T-shirt.

Could the tweeter be a front for Jessica, who appears to be the queen of Indonesian media manipulation? 

And  why have a baby in the United States? Jessica is not famous here, and certainly is not going to make in Hollywood.  She has no ties to the United States. 

Ludwig's family have made no attempt to welcome her into the family.  No marriage in Germany.  No showing off the new scion of the house of Waldburg von Wolfegg und Waldsee. 

Jessica was recently shopping with her sister at a local mall, when she was snapped by a photographer.  She was carrying baby El Barack, but covered his face, when she saw the photographer.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Preparations for the Monagesque twins

On the occasion of the upcoming princely births, the Palace wishes to inform the people of Monaco and residents of the Principality of the following arrangements:
- in celebration of the joyous arrival of these two children, and without distinction, forty-two cannon shots (twenty-one for each child) shall be fired from the Fort Antoine,
- church bells shall ring for fifteen minutes, followed by boat horns,
- a proclamation signed by HSH Prince Albert II will be displayed at the entrance outside the "Petits Quartiers" of the Princely Palace,
- registries shall be open for signatures at the “Petits Quartiers” of the Princely Palace,
- the people of Monaco are invited to put up bunting and flags, under the same provisions as on National Day, from the day of the births to the day on which the Princely Couple will present Their children at the Place du Palais. The date of the official introduction will be communicated at a later date,
- the people of Monaco, residents and workers of the Principality as well as any individuals who wish to do so, are invited to attend the Princely Couple's presentation of Their children at the Place du Palais, in order to pay tribute to Them, on a date and under conditions that shall be specified at a later date,
- that day will be declared public holiday for all individuals working in Monaco in celebration of this time of great joy.
In addition, TT.SS.HH. the Prince and Princess of Monaco wishes to encourage donations to charity rather than gifts. The sums collected shall be redistributed to the charities and associations of Their choosing. Full information on donation payment methods shall be provided at a later stage.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Marina welcomed in London

November 21, 1934

Thousands "cheered" as Princess Marina of Greece arrived in London earlier today.  Her special train arrived "exactly on scheduled time at Victoria Station," although regular train service has been paralyzed by fog, reports the New York Times.

Princess Marina alighted from the train and was greeted by the King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family.  She was accompanied by her fiancé, the Duke of Kent, who had met her in Dover. 

The princess responded with affectionate kisses for the King and Queen.  The royal party drove "through wildly cheering crowds to Buckingham Palace."  Shortly after their arrival, the glass doors to the palace's balcony were opened and the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina stepped out to "acknowledge" the cheers from the crowd.

This afternoon, the couple slipped out of the palace, unrecognized, and were driven to St. James's Palace for tea with the Prince of Wales.  This was followed by a quiet evening at the palace where the couple were the guests of honor at an "informal dinner party."

The wedding will take place on November 29 at Westminster Abbey.  Tomorrow is expected to be a quiet day for the Princess and her family.  She is expected to spend some time shopping and see a "few intimate friends."

Princess Marina has become a fashion trend setter. Today, she "introduced a new hat fashion."  Instead of the "little pillbox already made famous,"  the princess wore a "shallow sailor hat of beige velvet with tiny beige ostrich feathers curling over the brim."  Her coat, also beige, had a "big fox fur collar," with a matching dress.

One of the bridesmaids, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, was "held up for five hours by the fog in the Thames," before she could land at Gravesend.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marina finds marriage details have led to a weight loss

November 20, 1934

In just nine days, Princess Marina of Greece will marry Prince George, the Duke of Kent, the youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.   The Princess will leave France tomorrow to travel to London, where she will marry on November 29th.  According to a Los Angeles Times article, the Princess has "lost so much weight from preparing for the wedding," that last minute alterations have been made to her trousseau.

Most of her days and nights have been filled with social obligations including shopping and visiting with friends that she has lacked the time "to eat and sleep properly," said one friend.

The Dowager Queen Marie of Romania is sending "my beautiful Marina," a solid silver embossed bowl as a wedding gift.  Princess Paul of Yugoslavia will be bringing the gift to London.

"When you receive this bowl, put into it the finest English roses you can produce, and may you and George feel their fragrance represents the sweet, tender friendship and love I have for both of you," Queen Marie wrote.

Marie, the widow of King Ferdinand, who died in 1927, is a first cousin of King George.

One London newspaper offered the dowager queen "a large sum of money" to write a "special article on Marina" for publication on the wedding day, but Marie declined the offer, as she is in mourning for her son-in-law, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who was assassinated in Marseille in October.

Princess Marina and her parents, Prince and Princess Nicholas will be staying at Buckingham Palace until the wedding.

Grand Duke Kirill in Rome

November 20, 1904

Grand Duke Kirill of Russia has arrived in Rome and will "complete his convalescence in Italy, reports the New York Times.  After his arrival, the eldest son of Grand Duke Vladimir said that he "predicted the tide would soon turn" in the Far East, and Russia has nearly completed "her preparations to strike a decisive blow" in the war against Japan.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

President-elect Klaus Johannis visits King Michael

Earlier today Romanian President-elect Klaus Johannis paid a courtesy call at the Elisabetha Palace, where he met King Michael, Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu.   Johannis is an ethnic German and a Lutheran.  He defeated Prime Minister Victor Ponta is a run-off election on Sunday.

all three photos:  @ Daniel Angelescu, Romanian Royal House

Albert doesn't know sex of twins

The Prince and Princess of Monaco appeared on the palace balcony earlier today to take part in the National Day celebrations.   The Princess, who is in the final weeks of pregnancy, did not accompany her husband to the Cathedral for the Thanksgiving service.

Prince Albert sat down recently with a reporter from the Monaco Matin.  He says he looking forward to the impending birth of his children, but said: "I prefer not to know the sex of the babies before they are born."

(So much for the reports of Charlene telling reporters she was having two boys.)

He also said that Princess Charlene does know the sex of the two babies.   The due date is just before Christmas, he added.

There will be several events to celebrate the birth of the heir and spare.  These will take place after the Princess is released from the hospital.

There will also be the traditional gun shot salute, but Prince Albert promises it won't be the usual 101 for a boy or 21 for a girl.  "It will be neither," he said.  "It will be a surprise."

As for the succession itself, Prince Albert stated that if Charlene gives birth to two sons, the first born will be the Hereditary Prince.  If the first born is a girl, and the second a boy, the boy is the heir apparent.   Twins girls:  first born.

The full interview does not appear to be published on the newspaper's website.