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Yes, Prince Harry is a commoner, according to Common Law.

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 Wow,  people are getting their knickers in a twist over my statement in a recent interview that Prince Harry is a commoner.   Yes, HRH Prince Henry of Wales' legal status is that of a commoner.

What do you mean by this, Marlene?   Harry is royal. He's a prince.  He's not a commoner. 

In the United Kingdom,  the law is based on English COMMON law -- from where we get the word Commoner.  The only people in the UK who are not commoners are the Peers of the Realm (not their children) and the Sovereign.

That leaves everyone else, including princes and princesses, who have not been created peers of the realm.  So, yes, Harry is a prince, a royal highness, and yes, a commoner.  He's not a peer of the realm.

A royal style and title (HRH Prince or Princess) are at the behest of the Sovereign.

Parliament legislates.  Succession to the throne is by legislation.  Queen Elizabeth II cannot change the succession.  She cannot bypass Charles and give the throne to William.  She cannot abdicate without Parliament passing an Act of Abdication.  Edward VIII abdicated after Parliament's legislation, which he signed, thus, giving up his throne.

Parliament does not legislate titles.  Parliament has never passed legislation that gives all members of the Royal House a special legal status.

Yes, Prince Harry has many privileges and responsibilities as a member of the British royal family.  But being royal is not in itself a legal status as is a peer of the realm.

Yes,  in terms of precedence and rank,  Harry, as a grandson of the sovereign, has higher precedence, than the Duke of Norfolk, the premier duke in the Peerage of England.

[The four main peerages in order of precedence are England, Scotland, Great Britain (1707) and United Kingdom (1800).   The creation of Irish peerages ended at the end of the 19th century.]

But in law, the Duke of Norfolk is a peer, not a commoner.   Children of peers, including the heirs, are commoners as they bear courtesy titles.  Nobility is not a legal status.   Harry's mother, Lady Diana Spencer, was the daughter of an earl.  She carried the courtesy title of an earl's daughter, but she was a commoner -- in law.   Her father was a peer of the realm.

It is expected that Harry will be given a dukedom on his wedding day.  He will become a peer of the realm.  He will no longer be a commoner and be subjected to COMMON law.

The Dukedoms of Gloucester and Kent, in the peerage of the United Kingdom, are currently held by royal princes, Richard and Edward, grandsons of King George V, and first cousins of the Queen.  Because of their royal rank,  they have higher precedence than the Duke of Norfolk,  but when their titles pass to their sons, Alexander, the Earl of Ulster, and George, the Earl of St. Andrews,  the dukedoms will cease to be royal and the new Dukes' precedence will be near the bottom of the list of Dukes, way below the Duke of Norfolk, a title in the peerage of England.   Lord Ulster and Lord St. Andrews are commoners.  When they succeed to their dukedoms, they will become peers of the realm and cease to be common.

The Sovereign cannot be a peer.

It is important to remember that commoner refers to COMMON law and is not a reflection on anyone.   Princess Elizabeth was a commoner until she succeeded her father.  Her husband became a peer of the realm the day before their wedding in November 1947.

The Princess Royal, Prince Harry,  Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie,  Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael are in the eyes of the law: commoners.  The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of York, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Gloucester, and the Duke of Kent are peers of the realm.

Being royal may give one a special status in the United Kingdom as a member of the Royal House.  But the legal status of royals who are not peers is exactly the same as Mr. Smith.

Just remember, we are talking about the law.  There is no doubt in my mind that far too many people are confused by the use of the word commoner ... we are talking about the law - and only the law in the United Kingdom.

There are no British laws that give a special legal status to someone who is an HRH and a Prince of Princess.   There are a lot of perks to being royal, but common law is common law.

Here is a good example -- several in fact -- of the legal status of a member of the royal house who is not a peer of the realm.

In March 2001,  Princess Anne was convicted of speeding in her Bentley, driving at 93mph in a 70 mph zone in Gloucestershire.  She was fined £400 and had to pay £30 in court costs.  She was also given five penalty points on her driver's license.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman stated that the Princess Royal "accepted that she was subjected to the normal rule of law."    It did not matter that she was the daughter of the sovereign, a princess.  What mattered was that her position as a princess did not provide her with any special status.

 This was not the first time that the Princess had been in trouble due to speeding issues.  In 1990, she was fined £150 and banned from driving for one month due to two speeding offenses.

In November 2000, Princess Anne appeared before an East Berkshire magistrates' court in Slough -- in the case of Regina versus Laurence.  As in Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Laurence and not as HRH The Princess Royal.  She pleaded guilty to "being in charge of a dog which caused injury in a public place under section 3(1) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991."

The Princess became the first member of the of the royal family "in modern times," according to the Guardian, to acquire a criminal record.    She was fined £500, as well as paying compensation of £250 to each of the young boys who were bitten by her dog, Dotty, and the £148 court costs.

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Death of the Duchess of Vendome

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March 29, 1948

The Duchess of Vendome, sister of the late King Albert of the Belgians, has died at Sierre in the Canton of the Valais, Switzerland, according to the New York Times.

She was 77 years old.

The Duchess was born Princess Henriette of Belgium on November 30, 1870, the daughter of Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders, and Princess Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.  She was the younger of twins.  Her older sister, Princess Josephine Marie died at the age of six weeks.

Princess Henriette married in Brussels on February 12, 1896, to Prince Emmanuel of Orléans, Duke of Vendome.  He died in February 1931.   Their marriage was the "outcome of a romantic courtship on the Italian lakes.

Henriette was "famed for her enthusiasm for hunting and her skillful marksmanship.  In 1907, at Amerois, Belgium,  she "added to her popularity by bringing down a ferocious stag that was reported to have killed a woman."

The Duchess inherited one-third of her father's large fortune.

She is survived by three of her four children,  Princess Marie Louise, who is married to an American Walter Kingland,  Princess Genevieve, the wife of the Marquise de Chaponay-Morance and Prince Charles Philippe, Duke of Nemours,  who is also married to an American, Marguerite Watson, and two grandchildren:  Prince Gaetano of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, the only child of Princess Marie Louise's first marriage to Prince Philippe of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, which ended in divorce in 1925,  and Henryanne de Chaponay-Morance.

  The late Duchess's second daughter, Princess Sophie, died in 1928.   A grandson Pierre de Chapanoy-Morance was killed in action at age 18 in 1943.  Prince Gaetano is married to Briton Olivia Yarrow, who is expecting their first child in April.

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Oh, what a Hanover

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Prince Ernst August, the 64-year-old head of the house of Hanover, planned to create a scene at the wedding of his younger son, Prince Christian, last week in Lima, Peru.

The weekly German magazine, Bunte, reports that the week before Ernst August boarded the plane for Lima, he spent a week with a "dark-haired beauty in a luxury resort in Kenya," where witnesses stated he "consumed bottles of wine and champagne." 

Prince Ernst August has been hospitalized on several occasions and has been treated for pancreatitis.

He is currently in a legal battle with his elder son, Hereditary Prince Ernst August, over property that he had turned over to his son in 2004.  Ernst August has tried to blackmail the younger Ernst August by saying that he will not recognize his marriage until he returns the property, including Schloss Marienburg, and the properties in Austria, which are run by a Liechtenstein-based board set up in the early 1960s, by Ernst August's father.

His actions backfired quickly.  On the eve of the wedding,  Prince Ernst August organized a dinner at the Osaka restaurant in Lima.  According to Bunte, Princess Caroline backs her stepson in the inheritance dispute.   She asked her children to not attend the dinner so Princess Alexandra of Hannover, 18, and her boyfriend, Ben-Sylvester Strautmann and Pierre Casiraghi, 30,  did not go to the dinner.  Andrea Casiraghi arrived in Lima the next day.

Hereditary Prince Ernst August and his mother, Chantal, also did not go to the dinner.

Prince Ernst August apparently drank too much that evening and created a drunken scene at the hotel later that evening.

The following day at the San Pedro church, where Prince Christian and Alessandra de Osma were married,  Prince Ernst August's strange behavior gathered further interest.  He flashed the V sign, giving the impression that he would be victorious in his fight with his elder son.

There were also questions about seating in the church.  In the front pew, Chantal sat a few places from her former husband, who, according to the protocol, was placed near the altar.   He should have walked down the aisle with his former wife, but instead, arrived at the last minute with his entourage, and walked directly into the church, leaving the groom to escort his mother.

The wedding dinner was held at the Casa Berckemeyer.  Prince Ernst August arrived at 7:30 p.m,  and stayed for only 90 minutes.  He had a bandage on one hand and, again, according to Bunte, his pants were soaked.

Prince Ernst did not attend the wedding banquet on the following evening.  There were reports about food poisoning and an alcohol collapse.  Prince Ernst August had been admitted to a local clinic and was described as "very critical" by the doctors.

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The Crown from the Crowd

Have you snapped a member of the British royal family? Here is your chance to see the photo (perhaps) published in a new book, The Crown from the Crowd.  The details are located in the press release.

You can submit your images via until midnight April 2nd.

This link includes fourteen submissions.  Check number 14.

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Princess Helene marries Stanislas Fougeron

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Princess Helene of Yugoslavia married Stanislas Fougeron in a civil ceremony in Paris on March 12.

It was the Princess' 55th birthday.  Stanislas Fourgeron was born in 1975 and is the son of Hervé Fougeron and  Marie Christine de Conny de Lafay.

The couple's religious wedding will take place on September 15 at Château de Villeprévost, Tillay-le-Péneux.

Guests at the wedding included the bride's mother, Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Parma (nee Savoy), her twin brother, Prince Serge and his wife, Princess Eleonora, her son, Leopold Gaubert, and her first cousins, Prince Emmanule Filiberto of Savoy and Princess Tania of Bourbon-Parma.

Helene's daughters, Milena and Natasia, did not attend the wedding.

Helene's first marriage, a civil ceremony,  to Thierry Gaubert was dissolved by divorce.

According to Linkedin,  Mr. Fourgeron works for Xerox in Paris.

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Princess Helene and Mr Fougeron have been together since at least 2016.

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Prince Ernst August placed in a coma after too much drinking

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Prince Ernst August of Hanover has been placed in a medically induced coma and is in critical condition at Clinica Delgado in Lima, Peru.

The 64-year-old head of the house of Hanover became ill on Saturday at the Pedro de Osma Museum, where his younger son's Prince Christian's post-wedding party was being held.  On Friday, Prince Christian married Peruvian  Alessandra de Osma.  Original news stories reported that food poisoning was to blame for Prince Ernst August's admittance to the hospital.

It is now clear that the Prince became ill after drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol abuse has been a serious problem for Prince Ernst August for many years.

In June 2000, the prince caused great offense when he urinated against the wall of the Turkish pavilion wat Expo 2000 in Hannover.  Not long afterward, he checked into a private clinic which specialized in detoxification.

The day before the funeral of his father-in-law, Prince Rainier III of Monaco,  Prince Ernst August was rushed to the Princess Grace hospital suffering from an attack of pancreatitis. He was lucky to survive.

"His state of health is serious and requires permanent medical care," a Monegasque statement said at the times.

After two weeks,  Prince Ernst August was released from the hospital and was transferred to a clinic in Austria.   Hello magazine interviewed the then 51-year-old prince at the Austrian clinic.

He was asked how his illness changed his life.  "Normally one looks after others, friends and family. I didn't bother looking after myself. For 35 years, my lifestyle was more than heavy.  I am now 51, and I shouldn't have behaved like a 28-year-old, though I kept doing so.   But from now on, that's going to change.  Only now I have realised the real danger.  I could have died.  And I have no wish for that to happen yet.  My daughter [Alexandra] is only 5.  I want to last at least another year."

Change is difficult.   Prince Ernst August's desire for a healthier lifestyle did not last long.   A 2009 Tatler profile describe Ernst August with a "gargantuan drinking problem."

The Prince is in the midst of a financial battle with his elder son, Hereditary Prince Ernst August, who married last July.   Papa won't recognize his elder son's marriage as dynastic until the younger Prince Ernst August returns property that Papa gave him some years ago.

According to the German magazine, Bunte,  Prince Ernst August was planning to use his younger son's wedding as a "PR show in the inheritance dispute with his older son," but his plan backfired.

The newly married Prince Christian left the wedding party to see his father in the hospital.  His stepbrother, Pierre Casiraghi, the younger son of Prince Ernst August's estranged wife, Princess Caroline of Monaco, stayed overnight at the hospital.

Prince Ernst August's lawyer told RTL that Ernst August and several other guests "suffered food poisoning, which is not unusual in South America."

There are conflicting reports about the current condition of Prince Ernst August and it is not known if he remains in Lima or has since returned to Germany.

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Prince Christian of Hannover marries Alessandra de Osma

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HRH Princes Christian of Hanover, younger son of HRH Prince Ernst August and his first wife, Chantal, Hochuli, was married today in a Catholic ceremony in Lima, Peru, to Alessandra "Sassa" de Osma.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York were among the guests at the wedding.

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Prince Ernst August, the head of the royal house of Hanover, is one of the guests at the wedding. He did not attend the wedding of his elder son, HRH Prince Ernst August, to Ekaterina Malysheva, on July 8, 2017, due to a family dispute.

The younger Prince Ernst August has traveled to Lima for the wedding.  His wife, Hereditary Princess Ekaterina, has remained home in Hanover as she gave birth to a daughter,  Princess Elisabeth, on February 22.

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Queen approves Prince Harry's marriage

At a Privy Council meeting on March 14,  Queen Elizabeth II gave her formal consent to the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Crown Princess Victoria's name day

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her Name Day today outside in the courtyard at the Royal Palace.  She was accompanied by her husband, Prince Daniel. and their six-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle.

A friend of mine, Sofia Svanholm, decided to take the day off from work and take a few pictures - and say hello to the Crown Princess

all photos @ Sofia Svanholm

A new princess gets her names

@Erik Simander/TT

At the Council of State meeting  earlier today,. King Carl XVI Gustaf announced the names and duchy for his newest granddaughter.  The new princess has been named Adrienne Josephine Alice. She is the Duchess of Blekinge.

Princess Madeleine gave birth on March 9th at the Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm to a princess.

The Council Meeting was followed by a Te Deum at the Slottskyrkan.  This service was attended by the King and Queen, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Christopher O'Neill, who is married to Princess Madeleine.

Henrik Garlöv/
Josephine is one of Madeleine's four Christian names and honors
Joséphine de Beauharnais (1807-1876), the daughter of Eugen, Duke of Leuchtenberg and Princess Augusta Bavaria.  In 1823, she married Crown Prince Oscar of Sweden and Norway, who succeeded as King Oscar I in 1844.

Josephine is also the first name of Christopher O'Neill's paternal grandmother, Josephine Cesario.

Alice is the first name of Queen Silvia's mother, Alice Sommerlath.

According to Swedish royal genealogist (and a good friend of mine), Ted Rosvall, three descendants of Dagmar von Arbin, have the name Adrienne.    Dagmar, who was born Countess Dagmar Bernadotte af Wisborg, is the daughter of Count Carl Bernadotte af Wisborg and Baroness Marianne de Geer.   Count Carl was the son of Prince Oscar Bernadotte and Ebba Munck. 

Dagmar's daughter, Madeleine von Arbin is married to Baron Gerhard de Geer af Finspang. Their eldest daughter is named Jana Adrienne and their second daughter is named Adrienne Ebba Sophie.

Baroness Jana de Geer is married to Johann Gummeson.  They have a daughter, Adrienne Maria Madeleine Gummeson de Geer.

Dagmar von Arbin will celebrate her 102nd birthday on April 10.

The name Adrienne also appears in the Empress Josephine (consort of Napoleon) family as her great-great-grandmother was named  Adrienne Dyel de Graville.   Queen Josefina of Sweden, consort of King Oscar I, was her granddaughter.

Swedish magazine, Sevensk Dam reports that the name Adrienne is a favorite of Queen Silvia.   In the 1990s,  Adrienne Riddez met the Queen at a charity event.  The Queen allegedly told her "Oh, your name is Adrienne, it's such a beautiful name. I was considering for Madeleine."

The palace has not confirmed the story, but Adrienne Riddez made the comment on Facebook, and then clarified that the story was true.   None of the articles about this, including the one in Svenska Dam, identify Adrienne Riddez is.   According to, there is only one Adrienne (Louise Isabelle) Riddez in Sweden.  She is 32-year-old Lutheran pastor.

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A girl for Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill

@ Christopher O'Neill

The Office of The Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce that HRH Princess Madeleine gave birth to a healthy child on Friday 9 March 2018 at 00:41 at Danderyd Hospital. Both mother and child are in good health.

and then came the second announcement

"HRH Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O’Neill have had a daughter
On Friday the 9th March at 00.41, Princess Madeleine gave birth to a daughter at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm.

Weight: 3465 gram
Length: 50 cm

Mr O’Neill was present at Danderyd Hospital throughout the birth.

"We are thrilled about the new addition to our family. Leonore and Nicolas are looking very much forward to finally meeting their new little sister," says Mr O’Neill."

The infant princess weighed 7.6lbs and is 19.7" tall. Princess Madeleine and her newborn daughter have since left the hospital and back at their Stockholm residence.

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A word about Meghan

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Thank you to one of my followers, Laurie Doyle, for allowing me to post this tweet.  It is a view that many of us share. 

"On International Women’s Day, we need to have a conversation about Meghan Markle. As a mother of a teenage daughter, I’m thrilled to bits about this wonderful American, soon to be Brit, having the limelight in a world of trashy Kardashians. It’s such a breath of fresh air to have a poised and articulate lady, be a proper role model for my daughter, and other young women and girls today.

She dresses appropriately, she speaks with confidence and has a genuine enthusiasm to meet people and do good work for charity. I cannot wait for her to be an official member of the Royal Family. The world needs more Meghan Markles.

 I had to take a break from Twitter this morning. It was so disheartening to read things about Meghan not being ready or not having confidence. Really? How about on international woman’s day, we as women, consider lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down? She’s a person who has been thrust out there and is doing a remarkable job at making it look easy! With racial slurs and demeaning criticisms about everything from her hair to her’s not nice and it’s not helpful, and it needs to stop."

Meghan Markle received into the Church of England

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Meghan Markle received the Sacrament of Baptism on Tuesday evening in a private ceremony at the Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace in London.  The story was first reported by Daily Mail's Richard Kay.

She was received into the Church of England by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who will officiate at her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19.

There were 18 guests at the service, including the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry. Miss Markle, 36, had two baptismal sponsors.  The Mail did not name the sponsors, but one sponsor is believed to be a close girlfriend of Miss Markle.

Crown Jeweler Mark Appleby "brought the silverware" used in royal christenings, including the "silver font, basin and the flask of holy order."

The baptismal water came from the River Jordan, another royal tradition.

Kay reports that the "Chapel Royal choir of six Gentlemen-in-Ordinary and ten Children of the Chapel" provided the music for the service.

The baptism was followed by Miss Markle's Confirmation -- a reaffirmation of her baptism.   She will now be able to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

After the 45-minute ceremony,  Miss Markle and Prince Harry and their guests walked to Clarence House where Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall hosted a dinner.

As reported here in August,  Miss Markle was not baptized as an infant or was she raised in any faith.  Her father, Thomas Markle, was raised as an Episcopalian and her mother, Doria Loyce Ragland, has been described as a Protestant.  However,  Miss Markle's parents were married at the Self Realization Fellowship Temple in Los Angeles in 1979.

Miss Markle attended a Roman Catholic High School.   A growing number of students who are enrolled in Catholic schools in the United States are not Roman Catholic or even Christian.

Neither of Miss Markle's parents was present for the ceremony.

Royal Musings was the first to report that Miss Markle had not been baptized as an infant.

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a son for Prince Serge of Yugoslavia

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HRH Prince Serge Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia has become a father for the first time at age 54.  He will celebrate his 55th birthday on March 12.

Christiane Barrouta Galeotti, 34, gave birth to Umberto Emmanuel Dimitri Karageorgevich, in Monaco on February 3.

Prince Serge is the son of Princess Maria Pia of Savoy and the late Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia.  He has a twin sister, Princess Helene, and two older brothers, Prince Dimitri and Prince Michael.

Prince Alexander, however, was the legal father of Serge and Helen, as Maria Pia was in a relationship with Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma when she gave birth to her second set of twins.

In November 1985, Prince Serge married Sophie de Toledo.  This marriage was dissolved by divorce eleven months later.   After a longterm relationship with Vanessa von Zittwitz,  Prince Serge married Italian lawyer Eleonora Ragneri in a civil ceremony in Monaco.

According to Princess Eleonora's Instagram account, she and her husband were in Tokyo, Japan, in February and attended an event at Tokyo's Ritz-Carlton on February 17, 2 weeks after the birth of Umberto.   She included a photo of herself and Prince Serge all dressed up with somewhere to go.

I am certainly not going to speculate on the state of their marriage.   The Prince and Princess were photographed in Monaco on May 28.  They are close friends of Prince Albert and were guests at his enthronement ceremony.

Christiane Barrouta Galeotti is a self-taught calligrapher based in Cap d'Ail, France, only a few minutes from the Monagesque border.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Bill providing legal status for Romanian royal status withdrawn

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A proposed bill that would provide legal status for the Romanian royal house has been withdrawn "from the legislative circuit" by Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea.

They rushed to remove the bill from consideration because it would have been voted on in the Romanian Senate on March 13.  The two men realized that it was too late to make changes to the legislation. 

It is understood but not confirmed that new legislation will be proposed with the assistance of Viorica Dăncilă's government.   But there are constitutional issues that affect the recently proposed legislation.

Tariceanu said: ""With the views of the various relevant institutions in the field, we need to reconsider the form of the project. It is necessary to create an institution that can be budgeted and can receive the related funds. This means changing the order of the debate. The Senate will be a decision-making chamber and the draft must be withdrawn and redeployed in a modified form to the Chamber of Deputies. This does not mean abandoning the initiative but changing the procedure so that it complies with the legal provisions in force. Whenever a new institution is needed, the Chamber of Deputies becomes the Senate. As you know, the initiative has been submitted to the Senate, so it has to be withdrawn and redeployed to the Chamber of Deputies. The form has not been finalized."

He was also asked about the concessions for the Elisabetha Palace for 49 years T "No, those are not principles. There are certain provisions that will surely have to take into account the need for the public activities of the Royal House and, of course, we will preserve the same intention, that Elisabetha Palace can be used to carry out these public activities. "

Here is a quote from an English-language source, Romania Insider:

"Tariceanu and Dragnea withdrew their initial draft law, which had been submitted to the Parliament on Friday. The law included some important provisions, such as turning the Royal House into a public utility non-governmental organization (NGO) and granting the head of the Royal House the same privileges as former heads of state. The project aimed to grant the Royal House free use of the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest and a yearly expense budget paid for by the state.

When asked why they withdrew this project, both Dragnea and Tariceanu said they would submit a new project this week. Tariceanu said he talked to Royal House representatives and that the Royal House couldn’t become an NGO."

Robin reunites with Margaretha

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 March 5, 1958

After a year's absence "with his beautiful Swedish princess," Robin Douglas-Home was reunited with her and her family at a 'meet the folks" luncheon at the royal palace, reports Reuters.

The "royal get-together" ends the separation between Princess Margaretha of Sweden and her 25-year-old suitor, Robin Douglas-Home, a former jazz pianist.

This was the first meeting between the couple since last year when Mr. Douglas-Home asked Margaretha's family to "accept him" as her suitor.  The princess' grandfather, King Gustav VI Adolf"  "advised" the couple to wait a year before making  final decision.

The King did not attend the luncheon today nor has he met with Douglas-Home.

After Douglas-Home arrived at the royal palace, he was taken immediately to the apartment of Princess Sybilla, the mother of Princess Margaretha, where he met the princess's younger siblings, Princess Birgitta, 21, Princess Desiree, 19, Princess Christina, 14, and 12-year-old Crown Prince Carl Gustaf.

Robin Douglas-Home is the son of the Hon. Henry Douglas-Home, 2nd son of the 13th Earl of Home.  and his first wife, Lady Margaret Spencer, daughter of the 6th Earl Spencer.

Manoel to marry Viktoria Luise?

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 March 5, 1908

King Manoel of Portugal has been on the throne for only a month, having succeeded following the assassinations of his father, King Carlos, and his older brother, Crown Prince Luis Filipe.

According to a dispatch to the Los Angeles Times,  Lisbon newspapers are reporting that "negotiations are afoot" to arrange a marriage between the 18-year-old monarch and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia, the youngest child and only daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Embed from Getty Images

 Princess Viktoria Luise celebrated her 15th  birthday last September.

The "proposal will be discussed" when Wilhelm II makes "his promised visit of condolence" to King Manoel's widowed mother, Queen Amelie.

Portuguese court officials have refused to discuss the report.

Friday, March 2, 2018

first photos of Prince Stefan of Serbia

@Royal Palace

Belgrade, 2 March 2018 – Five days old HRH Prince Stefan, together with his mother HRH Princess Danica, arrived home, from the maternity hospital to the Royal Palace in Dedinje, Belgrade, Serbia. On this occasion, the first pictures of young Prince were made, together with the Royal family members – Stefan’s parents - father HRH Prince Philip and mother HRH Princess Danica, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, HRH Princess Maria da Glória of Orléans-Braganza, Duchess of Segorbe, and Princess Danica’s parents Mr. Cile and Mrs. Beba Marinkovic.

@Royal Palace

With the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia, the bells of Belgrade’s St. Sava temple rang as signal of the birth of the newborn of the Karadjordjevic Royal family, on Sunday, 25 February 2018, and this was the first time in history that 49 bells of the biggest orthodox temple in Balkans will announce such a birth. The bells of St. George church in Oplenac and Zica monastery rang as a sign of the birth as well.

This male birth is the first one in the Royal Family in Serbia for 90 years when HRH Prince Tomislav was born in Belgrade, who was the brother of HM King Peter II, the grandfather of HRH Prince Philip.

all three photos @Royal Palace

The new parents Prince Philip and Princess Danica warmly thank everyone for their congratulations, as well as to media who covered this beautiful event in the most positive way in public.

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