Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Helene married Thierry Gaubert

HRH Princess Helene of Yugoslavia married Thierry Alexandre Gaubert on January 12, 1988 in a civil ceremony at Neuilly-sur-Seine.  The ceremony was performed by Neuilly's then mayor Nicolas Sarkozy.

There would be no religious ceremony as Gaubert was Jewish and divorced.  

The wedding ceremony was limited to family and a few friends, but Helene's father, Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, did not attend the ceremony or the reception.  The official family photo included the bride and groom, the groom's parents,  the bride's twin brother, Prince Serge, and the bride's mother, Princess Maria Pia of Italy and Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma. 

Princess Maria Pia and Prince Michel, who are now married, are said to have become lovers before the birth of the princess' second set of twins.

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