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Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia in photos

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm and his third wife, Sybille

Prince and Princess  Friedrich Wilhelm with their three children: Friedrich Wilhelm, Viktoria-Luise, Joachim-Albrecht

Engagement: Prince Friedrich Wilhelm & Ehrengard von Reden

The Prussian Royal Family 

the birth of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm

All photos: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Greek king at Balmoral

September 30, 1945

King George II of the Hellenes "passed thru Aberdeen" earlier today en route to visit King George VI at his Scottish residence, Balmoral.

The British king is spending a holiday at Balmoral with Queen Elizabeth and their two daughters, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

Royal death: HRH Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia

HRH Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia died yesterday (September 29) after a long illness in Berlin. He was 76 years old.

He was the eldest son of the late HI&RH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and HIH Grand Duchess Kira of Russia, and a great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Prince Louis Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm Hubertus Michael Kyrill was born on February 9, 1939.  He was the heir to his father until September 18, 1967, when he renounced his succession rights following his marriage to a German commoner, Waltraud Freytag.   The couple were married on August 22, 1967. His second marriage to Ehrengard von Reden took place on April 23, 1976.   These two marriages were dissolved by divorce in 1971 and 2004, respectively.

He is survived by his third wife, Sibylle Kretschmer, an artist, whom he married on March 23, 2004,  four children, Philip (a Lutheran pastor), by his first wife, and Friedrich Wilhelm, Viktoria-Luise and Joachim-Albrecht, by his second wife.  As his children are not members of the Prussian royal family, they are styled by the surname Prinz or Prinzessin von Preussen.  He also has seven grandchildren.  

 He is also survived by two siblings, HRH Princess Marie Cecilie and HRH Prince Christian Sigismund of Prussia, and numerous nieces and nephews, including HI &RH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, who is head of the Prussian royal house.

In the early 1960s,  Prince Friedrich Wilhelm wanted to marry Helena Kirby, the daughter of Princess Leonide Bagration and Woolworth heir Sumner Moore Kirby. (This marriage ended in divorce after only three years in 1937.  Kirby died in a hospital at Leau, near Buchenwald. He and other British and American civilians had been deported to the concentration camp by the Vichy government in 1944.)

Leonide's second marriage was to Grand Duke Wladimir of Russia, who was Friedrich Wilhelm's uncle. 
 Despite this family connection,  Friedrich Wilhelm's father,  Prince Louis Ferdinand, would not agree to the marriage as Helena was not of equal rank (although she inherited a lot of money from her late father.)

In the 1970s,  Prince Friedrich Wilhelm had to return his doctorate after acknowledging that he had cheated on his doctorate.  He finally received the Ph.D. in 1981.

Prince Friedrich Wilhelm was a historian who specialized in his family's history.  He wrote several books, most recently about Friedrich II.

The funeral will take place at Berlin's Gedäctnishskirche on October 9.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

King Michael approaches 94

Both photos @Romanian Royal Family

Two new photos of King Michael of Romania with two of his daughters,  Princess Marie, and Crown Princess Margarita.  King Michael celebrates his 94th birthday on October 21.

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Lord Ramsay to marry American girl

Lord Ramsay, the eldest son of the Earl and Countess of Dalhousie, is engaged to marry Kaitlin Marie Kubinsky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Kubinsky of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The future Lady Ramsay was born on May 2, 1985.  Her mother's maiden name is Sheila Marie Torpey.

She is a graduate of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where she received a BA in Political Science in 2007.  After graduation,  she spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer living in a remote village outside Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, where she worked with 200 families  After completing her Peace Corps service,  she moved to London where she completed a MA in International Relations from King's College, in London.  She received the degree in 2012.

Her career as a child rights advocate was recently impacted by the closure of Kids Company.  She worked for the British charity from October 2011 until this past August.

Simon David Ramsay is the third child and only son of James Hubert Ramsay, 17th Earl of Dalhousie, and Marilyn Davina Butter, the eldest child of  Myra Alice Wernher and the late Sir David Henry Butter.  Lady Dalhousie is a first cousin of the Duchesses of Abercorn and Westminster, and she is a granddaughter of Lady Zia Wernher (nee Countess Zia Torby), elder daughter of Grand Duke Michael of Russia and his morganatic wife, Countess Sophie Merenberg.

Lord Ramsay is the heir apparent to the Dalhousie estates, including Brechin Castle.

Miss Kubinsky's father is the regional sales manager for BOBST

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Prince Edward brings rich wife to Austria

September 25, 1925

Prince Edward Lobkowicz received a "triumphal welcome" in Vienna today with his young American bride, Anita Lihme, daughter of C. Bal Lihme, reports the Chicago Tribune.   The prince and Miss Lihme were married last month at her family's home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Before the war, Prince Edward was one of the "figures" of aristocratic life of Vienna. In 1924,  he left Austria to "seek his fortune in America."  With $300 "in his pocket," he sailed to New York, arriving with only $80.

At the time, he spoke little English.  He wandered about the streets, and eventually found a job as a clerk at Wanamaker's, earning $25 a week.  He was barely able to make ends meet but was "always perfectly garbed at receptions," as he was invited to many because of his title.

He spent only a short time as a clerk before meeting M. Isvolsky, son of a former Czarist ambassador to France.  They decided to start a caviar importing business.  It was a successful venture, as Palm Beach high society matrons would purchase only the caviar recommended by Prince Edward and his partner.

It was in Palm Beach while playing golf, where Prince Edward met Miss Lihme, an American heiress.

Prince Edward has advised Austrians to go to American where "you will not find dollars on the streets, but you will find work and you must work hard. I learned, and I am proud of it."

Prince and Princess Edward will visit numerous castles during their stay in Austria, as members of the "important nobility" are vying to entertain the newlyweds.

Ena to be Spain's Queen?

September 26, 1905

Has the young King Alfonso XIII of Spain found his bride?  According to a dispatch to the London Chronicle, and reported by the Chicago Tribune, King Alfonso has chosen Princess Ena of Battenberg to be his wife.

Sources report that the wedding will take place next May 17.

Princess Ena has been called the "beauty of the British royal family."  She is the only daughter of Princess Beatrice, the youngest sister of King Edward VII, and the late Prince Henry of Battenberg.   She celebrated her 18th birthday a week ago.

The princess, whose real name is Victoria Eugenie, made her "social debut" at the first court of 1905 at Buckingham Palace.  Most of her childhood was "happily spent" with her mother at Osborne cottage on the Isle of Wight, where  Princess Beatrice has served as governor.  She is the only girl in the family, so she has "naturally been made a special companion by her mother.  She often accompanies Princess Beatrice on "motor and yachting expeditions," enjoying the time spent with her older brother, Prince Alexander, and her two younger brothers, Prince Leopold and Prince Maurice.

For some months now, King Alfonso has been "carrying on an active correspondence" with Ena, through her first cousin, Princess Victoria, who is King Edward's unmarried daughter, who became good friends with Alfonso when he was in London.

Although Ena is in line to the British throne, she is not "strictly speaking, an English princess,"  as she takes her title and rank from her father, Prince Henry of Battenberg.    She is a "remarkably pretty girl," and one of the most "beautiful and brilliant  of marriageable princesses."  Ena is said to be Empress Eugenie's favorite godchild and is "destined" to be her principal heiress.

She is "fair, blue-eyed, bright-faced," with wavy hair.   As with many members of the British royal family, "her education has been of the widest and best," and she has a "special gift for social and ornamental accomplishments."    Last May 26,  Princess Henry gave a ball at Kensington Palace in honor of her daughter.  Described as one of the "most brilliant functions" of the London season,  the ball was attended by King Edward VII, the Prince of Wales,  the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and their daughters, Princesses Margaret and Patricia, and other members of the royal family.

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HSH The Duchess of Croy (1960-2015)

HSH The Duchess of Croy died on September 23, 2015 in a hospital at Essen after a long illness.  She was 55 years old.

All photos courtesy of HSH The Duchess of Croy

Alexandra Serafimova von Miloradovich was born at Sünching, Bavaria, on July 7, 1960, daughter of Serafim Nikolayevich von Miloradovich, a member of a Russian noble family, and Baroness Agnes Gabrielle Maria Jaroslava Johanna von Nepomuk Pia Georgine Desideria Theresia vom Kinde Jesu Kordula von Hoenning O'Carroll.  Baroness Agnes's mother was Princess Margrit von Lobkowicz,, who died in 1946.  Following her death, Agnes' father, Baron Zdenko, married HRH Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria, daughter of Prince Franz of Bavaria and Princess Isabella of Croy.

She married HSH Hereditary Prince Rudolf Carl Rupprecht of Croy, eldest son of HSH Carl, 14th Duke of Croy (1914-2011) and HRH Princess Gabrielle of Bavaria. The civil wedding took place at Sünching on October 23, 1987.  The religious wedding took place a day later at Schloss Sünching, her mother's family home.

The Duchess was active in numerous charities in Dülmen, as well as religious charities, including the Sovereign Order of Malta.  She received a Ph.D from the University of Sorbonne in 2004.  Her thesis was titled Les dissidents soviétiques en Allemagne.

The c

The Duchess of Croy is survived by her husband and six children, Hereditary Prince Carl-Philipp-Emanuel, Princess Xenia--Maria-Alexandra,  Prince Marc-Emanuel,  Prince Heinrich-Carl-Rudolph, Prince Alexander and Princess Anastasia-Maria-Irina, and her three sisters, Marina Miloradovich, Dr. Tatiana Miloradovich and Larissa Dickinson.

The funeral will take place at St. Jakobus Kirche, near Dülmen, on October 3.

Duchess of Croy at wedding of Archduke Imre of Austria and Kathleen Walker.  Both photos @Marlene A Eilers Koenig

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Sisi Smokes!


September 24, 1890

Empress Elisabeth of Austria smokes "from thirty to forty Turkish and Russian cigarettes a day," according to a Los Angeles Times dispatch.  It has been her "inveterate custom to puff away after dinner" with a strong Italian cigar, one of those with a straw running through it."  It is brought to her with "her cup of Turkish coffee  every evening on a gold salver."

Elisabeth, the consort of Emperor Franz Josef, says that "smoking soothes her nerves," and whenever she feels 'blue.' she lights up a cigar or a cigarette, which allows her to "see things in a happier light."

She will "almost mechanically" light a cigarette, one after another, as she sits in her "great writing room" at Godollo, which is fitted with "carved oak panels and Gobelin tapestries."    Smoking has certainly affected the Empress' "slender, white hand," which some have noticed "a faint yellow stain on the first and second fingers of the left hand," caused by the smoking.

Marchioness of Milford Haven dead at 87

Embed from Getty Images
September 24, 1950

The Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven died today at Kensington Palace. where "she had lived in retirement for many years," reports the New York Times.  She was 87 years old.

The Dowager Marchioness was the eldest surviving granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Her three surviving children, Crown Princess Louise of Sweden, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and Princess Andrew of Greece, were at her bedside when she died.  She had been ill for three weeks.

She was the widow of Prince Louis of Battenberg, her father's first cousin, whom she married in 1884.   Prince Louis adopted the surname Mountbatten during the First World War and was created the 1st Marquess of Milford Haven by George V in 1917.   He served as First Sea Lord and died in 1921.

The second Marquess died in 1938, and his son, David, is the third Marquess.

King George VI has ordered a week of family mourning for the Dowager Marchioness, whose grandson, the Duke of Edinburgh, is married to Princess Elizabeth, heir to the British throne.

The Marchioness' body will be taken to the chapel at St. James's Palace tomorrow, and then to  Whippinham on the Isle of Wight for burial later this week.

Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie was the eldest daughter of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and By Rhine and Princess Alice Maud Mary, the second daughter and third child of Queen Victoria.     She attended the wedding of her grandson, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark to Princess Elizabeth, and was one of the godparents at the baptism of her great-grandson, Prince Charles,

Numerous tragedies "overshadowed her life."  Her mother and youngest sister, Marie, died from typhoid fever in 1878.   Two of her sisters, Grand Duchess Elisabeth and Empress Alexandra of Russia were killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.  Her brother, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig died in 1938.  A month later, her nephew, Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus, his wife, Cecilie (Prince Philip's sister), their two sons, and his mother, were killed in a plane crash at Ostend, Belgium.  They were en route to the marriage of Georg Donatus' younger brother, Prince Ludwig, to the Hon. Margaret Geddes.

Lady Milford Haven is survived by her three children,  Princess Alice (Princess Andrew of Greece), Crown Princess Louise of Sweden, and Lord Mountbatten of Burma,  eight grandchildren:  The Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Princess Margarita of Greece), the Margravine of Baden (Princess Theodora of Greece),  Princess Georg Wilhelm of Hanover (Princess Sophie of Greece),  The Duke of Edinburgh, Lady Tatiana Mountbatten,  Lord Milford Haven,  Lady Brabourne (Lady Patricia Mountbatten) and Lady Pamela Mountbatten, and numerous great-grandchildren.

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Jessica fails to show up in court

A South Jakarta District Court Judge today postponed the court's decision on the annulment of the marriage between Jessica Iskandar and Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.

The hearing has been postponed until October 15 due to Miss Iskandar's failure to show up this morning.

Ludwig's lawyer was present, but he did not know the reason why Jessica did not attend the court proceedings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A formal happy snap

The Swedish palace released this new formal photograph of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel with an ever playful (ADORABLE) Princess Estelle of Sweden

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden

Friday, September 18, 2015

Grand Duchess Charlotte accuses Nazis

September 18, 1940

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg has protested to the United States and other nations against the "wrongs which the German Reich is committing in regard to this peaceful little country."

The protest was filed with the State Department and foreign missions earlier today in Washington, D.C., earlier today by the Luxembourg Legation on behalf of the Grand duchess, now living in exile in Portugal.

The protest charges that Germans, who have occupied the tiny country, have prohibited the use of the French language and abolished the country's constitution.  They have also released public officials "from their oath of loyalty to the Grand Duchess," and are "in violation of international law and of the treaties and promises given by Germany."

A royal romance: Mafalda and Philipp

September 17, 1925

The wedding of Princess Mafalda, second daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Italy, and Prince Philipp of Hesse will take place at Racconigi on September 23, reports the Associated Press.

Court circles are now telling the story of the young couple's romance.   It was a "bright Saturday afternoon" several years ago at a "magnificent Roman villa" where a beautiful princess and a handsome young prince were first introduced.  Their "mutual interest" grew rapidly, and their romance began.

Prince Philipp, a nephew of former Kaiser Wilhelm II, is "blond, with clean-cut northern features, tall and erect."  His demeanor shows a "severely aristocratic carriage," while Princess Mafalda is "dark-haired," with a "glowing olive complexion, slight in figure and with a grace and charm of manner denoting perfect breeding.:

After their introduction, they met for a series of meetings.  Philipp would come to Italy as a "guest of the Italian court," and would single out Mafalda for "special attention."  He would return home to Germany "determine to upset the venerable tradition that all European royal marriages must be dictated by the parents for political purposes."

When European gossips "connected her name" with heirs to European royal houses, she answered "resolutely:"  "I don't want to be a queen."

After Philipp and Mafalda met at Bordighera,  it became apparent to her family that she was in love with the German prince.  Her father thought it was time to speak to her.

"Do you think such a marriage will make you happy?" he asked.

Mafalda answered: "I do."  She told her parents that she loved Philipp and "shared with him a desire for the simple life," filled with the arts, especially music. 

The king gave his consent.  "Your happiness is mine."

Gee - no names please!

I received this email today -- it is rather rude of  Sixtus Henry to be so open about refusing a dinner invitation ... without naming names.  Hope Sixus can get good take out for dinner, and has a nice evening, all alone, on his couch .. watching TV.


Official Communiqué from Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon's Political Secretariat.

HRH Prince Sixte Henri de Bourbon will not be attending a celebration, allegedly of the Bourbon family, at Souvigny Abbey next weekend. He will not join the «family» dinner at Bostz afterwards, either. The Prince has refused the invitation after being informed that another was extended to a certain character who is in the habit of granting and using the patrimonial titles of the French Royal Family.

By those patrimonial titles we mean non-hereditary titles used by members of the Royal Family, which only a reigning King of France may grant to his closest relatives.

Furthermore, the aforementioned individual's paternal grandfather was forced to renounce the titles he had used, for himself and for his descendants.

The said individual issues from a branch of usurpers who seized the throne of the Spains against the fundamental laws of the Spanish Monarchy, and who caused the death of over 400,000 Spanish Legitimists who stood for Religion and the laws of the realm against the Liberals and their anti-Christian aggression. They went as far as to have the Carlist generals' parents and siblings executed.

The presence of such a character would constitute a provocation against true Bourbons celebrating the history of their dynasty.

September 17, 2015.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Margrethe off to boarding school

Embed from Getty Images
September 17, 1955

Princess Margrethe, the 15-year-old heir to the Danish throne, will be attending boarding school in the United Kingdom, reports Reuters.

Earlier today, the Princess and her parents, King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, left for England today.  She will be attending North Foreland Lodge, a girls' boarding school.  This will be the first time that Princess Margrethe "has left her family."

The King and Queen have sent their three daughters to "regular Danish public schools." They have insisted that she not get a "royal" education, meaning she would meet "only a small number of wealthy girls." 

North Foreland Lodge is for "middle-class family girls."

The King and Queen have also "insisted" that their daughter "must not be given special favors or privileges."

Princess Margrethe will spend a year at the school.

Nancy Leeds to marry Edward Wynkoop

September 17, 1945

Princess Xenia of Russia, who lives in New York City and Glen Cove, Long Island, announced today the engagement of her daughter, Miss Nancy Helen Marie Leeds, to Lt. Edward Judson Wynkoop, Jr., USNR, reports the New York Times.

Miss Leeds is also the daughter of Lt. Comdr. William B, Leeds, also of New York City.  She attended the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Ct, and is a senior at Sarah Lawrence College.

Through her mother's side of the family,  Miss Leeds is a descendant of the Romanov Dynasty, which ruled Russia until 1917.  She is the granddaughter of the late Grand Duke George Mikhailovitch of Russia and Princess Marie of Greece and Denmark. She is also the granddaughter of the late William B. Leeds, who made his fortune in tin plate, and the late Princess Anastasia of Greece (Nonie "Nancy" May Stewart.)

The date of the wedding has not been set.

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Baudouin to wed Spanish girl

Embed from Getty Images 

 September 16, 1960

King Baudouin of the Belgians will marry Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragon, a Spanish noblewoman, according to an announcement made earlier today by Premier Gaston Eyskens.

The marriage will take place in Brussels before the end of the year, reports the New York Times.   The King and Doña Fabiola have been engaged "for some time," according to the Belgian premier. 

The news, however, came as a surprise to many in Belgium and in the government.  The premier said that the king's decision was "warmly approved by the Government."  He was also "convinced that the news would be "welcomed by all of the population."

The news had been delayed  "for many weeks because of the tragic events in the Congo.

King Baudouin is 30 years old, and his future bride is two years his senior.  She is the daughter of the late Count de Mora and Marquis de Casa Riera.   According to the Belgian court,  the King's fiancée "devoted much of her time serving in a military hospital and she was active in social and charitable works. She speaks French, English, and German, in addition to Spanish.    Court officials would not provide more information about the couple's friendship except to say that the King met Doña Fabiola "many times at the homes of friends."

Belgian's future queen is said to be "tall and slender, with brown eyes and wavy hair with a glint of auburn."  She is "quiet and religious and works hard at projects to aid the poor in Madrid."

Prince Georg weds Queen's niece

September 16, 1950

Prince Georg of Denmark married  Anne, Viscountess Anson, a niece of Queen Elizabeth, today at Glamis Castle, the queen's ancestral home, reports the New York Times.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mogens Buch, pastor of the Danish Seaman's Mission Church at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  He was called on to officiate "unexpectedly" in the place of Canon H.G. Rorison. chaplain to the Earl of Strathmore, whose seat in Glamis Castle.

At the last minute, Canon Rorison received word that he could not "conduct the marriage service" as Lady Anson had been a "party in a divorce."  Lady Anson was divorced from Viscount Anson, heir to the Earl of Lichfield, in 1948.

Prince Georg, 30, is the son of Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark.  He is a second cousin of King Frederik IX and King George VI.  

Lady Anson, 32, is the former Miss Anne Ferelith Bowes-Lyon, eldest daughter of the late John-Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth's second brother.  She married Lord Anson in 1938, and they had two children, the Hon. Patrick and Hon. Elizabeth Anson.

Among those attending the wedding were Crown Prince Olav of Norway and his two daughters, Princesses Ragnhild and Astrid,  Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark,  Princess Josephine Charlotte of Belgium (a first cousin of the groom), and Prince Carl Bernadotte.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret did not attend the wedding but were present at the wedding reception.

Prince Georg is the acting military attaché at the Danish Embassy in London.

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Oh a quarter of a century younger

I love getting free photo book coupons from Shutterfly, and am doing one now that covers 1989-90: trips to Lexington, KY (for Queen Elizabeth II's visit) and San Francisco.  Came across this photo from a 1990 appearance on CNN.

King Felipe V and Queen Letizia in Washington

King Felipe V and Queen Letizia of Spain are in Washington, D.C., for an official visit.

Cheers for Helen as she returns to Romania

Marlene A Eilers Koenig collection

September 15, 1940

Romania's new "totalitarian Iron Guard state, formed by decree of General Ion Antonescu, "offered prayer and cheers as young King Michael brought back his mother, Princess Helen, from exile, to Bucharest, a week after his father, King Carol II went into exile.

General Antonescu arranged for the return of Helen, who Romanians are now called Queen mother Helen.  It was the "climax of the transformation of the State along Nazi lines."

King Michael and his mother rode together in "an open coach drawn by six white horses through the flower-strewn streets."  Antonescu followed in another coach.

Helen's "triumphant entry into the capital at the side of her smiling son" was a two hour pageant for Bucharest.  There were crowds along the entire four-mile route from the railroad station to the Orthodox cathedral and the Palace.

King Michael, wearing his general's uniform, escorted his mother from the railway, where they had spent the night, and helped her into the carriage.   He answered "the cheers with brief salutes.

Radio carried the service in the Cathedral were all Romanians were asked to "kneel with Michael and his mother and General Antonescu in prayer for the nation."

There was more kneeling when the priest read General Antonescu's statement:  "Let struggles cease among our Rumanian brothers.  I have picked my Cabinet from men with unshmirched pasts."

The "entire diplomatic corps awaited the royal palace" at the palace and thousands cheered when King Michael and Queen Helen appeared on the balcony.

Leopold will move to new home because of grief

September 15, 1935

King Leopold III of the Belgians went today to the estate of Duchess Karl Theodor in Bavaria for a "week's rest to regain his health after his recent tragic accident," reports the Associated Press.  He was accompanied by his mother, Dowager Queen Elisabeth.

Princess Axel (Margaretha) of Denmark, sister of the late Queen Astrid, has remained in Brussels to care for the king's three young children.

A palace spokesman said the royal family will moved to Laeken castle, as Stuyvenberg Palace reminds the king "too instantly of his wife," who was killed in an auto accident .
in Switzerland.

Duchess Karl-Theodor (Infanta Maria Josepha of Portugal) is Queen Elisabeth's mother.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A state dinner at the palace

September 11, 1885

King Christian IX of Denmark tonight hosted a state dinner at the palace in honor of Emperor Alexander III and Empress Marie of Russia, reports the New York Times  The Prince and Princess of Wales and King George of the Hellenes also attended.

King Christian "proposed the health of the Czar," and all of the guests stood and "sang the Russian National anthem.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

About to break the record!

Mary McCartney/Crown copyright/ PA

Victoria with her York great-grandchildren

Princess Elizabeth of York was born 25 years after the death of her great great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Her father, Prince Albert, second child of King George V and Queen Mary, was five years old when his great-grandmother died on January 22, 1901.

Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch

This milestone will actually take place at 5:30 BST (12:30 EST) when Queen Elizabeth II surpasses her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, as Britain's longest reigning monarch.

This is how the New York Times noted Queen Victoria's long reign:

Queen Victoria achieved her record on September 23, 1896.  She acknowledged the event with this comment in her diary: “Today is the day on which I have reigned longer, by a day, than any English sovereign."

Victoria's record is 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minute.  Elizabeth's achievement was calculated by assuming that her father died at 1 a.m., in the morning (actual time not known) and factoring in leap years, which brings us to today at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jessica and Ludwig: an update

It has been awhile since I wrote about Indonesian celeb Jessica Iskandar and her alleged husband,  Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.

Indonesian courts appear to move slower than an elderly turtle.   A decision was to have been made in August, but court hearing has been delayed until September 23.

Jessica has told the press that she has no contact with Ludwig, nor has he undergone DNA testing to prove (or not) that he is El-Barack Alexander's father.   Jessica's American-born son celebrated his first birthday in July.

Nor has she asked for child support for her son, even though she has stated that it is Ludwig's duty to provide for his child.

Jessica has also sold her wedding ring.

Hereditary Count Ludwig has been based in Dublin, Ireland, since February, as he is works for Google as an Accounts Manager for Large Customer Sales.  He left Indonesia last September before Jessica returned from the United States, where she had given birth to a son.

Duchess Donata of Oldenburg is dead at 65

Duchess Donata of Oldenburg died on Saturday in a hospital in Traunstein after a long and difficult illness. She was 65 years old.

Donata Emma was the third child of the late Sigfried Prince of Castell-Rüdenhausen ad Countess Irene of Solms-Laubach.

She was married twice.  Her first husband was HRH Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, third son of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, head of the Imperial House of Germany, and Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia.  As the younger Prince Louis Ferdinand's two older brothers married morganatically,  he was the heir apparent. 

The couple was married on May 24, 1975.  Donata gave birth to a son, Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, on June 10, 1976.   She was expecting a second child when Prince Louis Ferdinand died in an accident while on military maneuvers in November 1977.   Princess Cornelie-Cecilie was born on January 30, 1978.

Prince Georg Friedrich succeeded his grandfather as head of the house in 1990.

On February 9, 1991,  Donata married Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg, the former husband of Donata's sister-in-law,  Princess Marie-Cecile of Prussia.

Duchess Donata is survived by her husband, Duke Friedrich August, her two children, Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Cornelie-Cecilie, and three grandchildren, Prince Carl Friedrich, Prince Louis Ferdinand, and Princess Emma Marie.;art773,8900540

Monday, September 7, 2015

Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir in racing accident

Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir, only son of Archduke Karl and Archduchess Francesca of Austria, has been involved in a serious racing accident.

The crash took place on Saturday at Silverstone.  Although his car went airborne, Archduke Ferdinand sent a message to his Twitter followers:

"Thanks to everybody for their kind messages and posts! Wanted to let you know I am fine and nothing injured!"

The Altenburg-Toerring-Jettenbach wedding

Count Hans Veit of Toerring-Jettenbach.

Margrave and Margravine of Baden

The Duke and Duchess of Braganza with their son, the Prince of Beira and Infanta Maria Francisca

Duke and Duchess in Bavaria and Duchess Helene

Princess Lukas of Auersperg (nee Princess Alice of Bavaria)

Hereditary Count Ignaz and Hereditary Countess Robinia zu Toerring-Jettenbach.

Duke of Bavaria

Prince and Princess Ferdinand zur Lippe-Weißenfeld  (nee Princess Auguste of Bavaria)

Countess Eleonore zu Toerring-Jettenbach married Prince Clemens of Altenburg at Kloster Andechs on August 29.

All of these photos were taken by a friend, Ulrike Bartsch.  She is the copyright holder.