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Princess Estelle's name a "politcal statement?"

I am not entirely sure I share the writer's view that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel chose the name Estelle as a "political statement" as Estelle was the name of the wife of Count Folke Bernadotte, who was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1948.  Count Folke, one of King Carl XVI Gustaf's godfathers,  was on a peace mission for the United Stations when he was killed by members of a Jewish terrorist group, known as the Stern Gang.

The Jewish militants were dressed as Israeli soldiers when they carried out the assassination of Count Folke.   The order to kill was made by the Stern Gang's leadership which included Yitzak Shamir, who later served as Israel's Prime Minister.

It's a boy for Princess Alexandra

February 29, 1964

Princess Alexandra gave birth to a son today, reports the New York Times.  The birth took place at the Princess' home, Thatched House Lodge, in Richmond Park.

The 27-year-old Princess married the Hon. Angus Ogilvy last April.  He is the second son of the Earl and Countess of Airlie.

The new baby is 13th in line to the British throne, but he will drop down to 16th place after three royal births later this year.  Queen Elizabeth II is expecting her four child next month.  Her sister, Princess Margaret, and the Duchess of Kent, sister-in-law of Princess Alexandra, are expecting their second babies.

The baby's name has not yet been announced.  He will not have a title.  

Princess Alexandra is the only daughter of the late Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark.

The death of Prince Aage

February 29, 1940

Prince Aage of Denmark died today in Morocco, according to the New York Times. He was 52.

The prince, a cousin of King Christian X, gave up his rights to the throne in 1914 when he married Countess Mathilde Calvi di Bergolo.  He also lost the style of Royal Highness and was created Count of Rosenborg.

Prince Aage described himself as a "soldier of fortune," during a visit to the United States in 1925, where he gave lectures on the war "then going on in North Africa between the French and the Riiffs."  At that time, he served with "the Foreign Legion for three years as a captain."

Prince Aage Christian Alexander Robert of Denmark was born on June 10, 1887, in Copenhagen, the eldest of five children of Prince Valdemar of Denmark and his wife, Princess Marie of Orléans.  He married Countess Mathilde Calvi di Bergolo in Turin on February 1, 1914.  The marriage ended in divorce in 1939.

Prince Aage is survived by his only son, Count Valdemar of Rosenborg,  his three brothers, Princes Axel, Erik, and Viggo, and his sister, Princess Margrethe, and numerous nieces and nephews.   He was also a first cousin of the late King George V, as Queen Alexandra was his aunt.

Grand Duchess Victoria near death

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February 29, 1936

Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna of Russia is "near death," according to an Associated Press dispatch.   The Grand Duchess is in Amorbach, Germany, at the residence of her son,  Prince Karl of Leiningen.

Family members including the grand duchess's sister, Queen Marie of Romania and her son, King Carol II, are at her bedside. 

The Grand Duchess was born Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She is married to Grand Duke Kirill of Russia, the head of the former ruling house.

Princess Viktoria in financial distress

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February 29, 1928

Princess Viktoria of Schaumburg-Lippe is trying "emulate the late Queen Isabella of Spain," as she wants to pawn her jewels to "fiance a voyage across the dark Atlantic," reports the New York Times.

The princess's Columbus is her "youthful husband." Alexander Zubkov.  He  wants to "use a modern airplane to accomplish the difficult feat."

No one is quite sure why the pair wants to "make the flight," or why is it necessary for Princess Viktoria to "pledge her jewels, valued at $3,000,000 to raise the money for the expedition."   The Princess also receives an annual pension of $150,000 from her late husband's estate and is paid by the State.  She certainly has wealth and property, so why the need to offer the jewels as a pledge?

One Berlin newspaper, the Berliner Zeitung am Mittag, may have the answer.   A report in the paper notes that Zubkov and "his Russian camp followers" have depleted his wife's fortune "and driven her to the extreme of financing the flight scheme in hope that success would replenish the family coffers."    According to the report, steps have been taken "to appoint a guardian for the Princess's property to prevent her adventurer husband from wasting the fortune."

One of Zubkov's Russian friends named Ivanov is "holding the power of attorney for the management of the Princess's affairs. It has been suggested that Ivanov has "raised sums of money for promissory notes for the immediate needs" of Alexander's relatives.

Steps are now being taken to protect valuable tapestries and paintings in Princess Viktoria's possession in her Bonn villa,  and her jewelry, "from falling into strange hands."

Members of the Prussian and Schaumburg-Lippe families want the courts to declare that "these valuables" do not belong to one individual.

Princess Viktoria, a sister of former Kaiser Wilhelm II,  denies that she and her husband are having marital or financial problems.  She believes that rumors of her husband's "night adventurers in Berlin," have been "cooked up to destroy her marital bliss."   She has stated that she will "stand by Alexander to the end."

Princess Viktoria is 65 years old.  Her husband is 28.   Her family remains "silent about their newly acquired relative."

Princess Louise of Battenberg to marry a Russian prince

February 29, 1912

Vice-Admiral Prince Louis of Battenberg has, "according to authoritative reports from St. Petersburg," has given his consent to the engagement of his younger daughter, Princess Louise, 22, to Prince Felix Yusupov.

The Marquise de Fontenoy reports that the Prince is the "only son and heir of the colossally rich Prince and Princess Yusupov."  Their wealth is even greater "than that of the Demidoffs."  A good portion of their wealth comes from "virtually inexhaustible mines of turquoise."

The engagement between the young couple "has been fostered by Princess Louise's aunt and uncle, the emperor, and empress of Russia."  The Princess has spent a lot of her time at Tsarkoe-Selo and at the Peterhof.  Empress Alexandra is the youngest sister, of Princess Louise's mother, Princess Victoria.

The Marquise also writes about the "almost forgotten fact" that Prince Louis of Battenberg's younger brother, Prince Alexander, was once engaged to Felix's mother, Princess Zenaide.

Alexander and Zenaide were said to be "completely infatuated with each other."  They had known each other since childhood.  "Fair Zenaide" would have become Prince Alexander's consort when he became the Prince of Bulgaria if it were not for "the bitter hated which Czar Alexander III entertained toward Prince Alexander, who was his first cousin."

It was only after the betrothal had been officially announced,  that Alexander III, who had known about the romance for some time, "availed himself of the authority which he possessed to forbid the match."  He refused to give his consent, and compelled Princess Zenaide, "the richest heiress in Russia," to marry a man of his own choice.    The Russian emperor selected Count Sumarokov-Elston as Zenaide's husband.   As Princess Zenaide was the only heir to her father, Prince Nicholas Yusupov,  Alexander III granted special permission for Count Felix to bear the title Prince Yusupov, and pass it to Zenaide's heir. 

But Princess Zenaide never forgot her fiance.   When Alexander of Battenberg became ill in 1891 in Vienna, he "was tended with the utmost devotion until his complete recover by a supposed Sister of Mercy," who was none other than Princess Zenaide.

Princess Zenaide and her husband had two sons, Prince Nicholas, who was killed in a dueling incident in 1908,  and Prince Felix, now the heir apparent.

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In Memorium: Ella Louise Koenig (1996-2012)

Ella Louise Koenig died today in her mother's arms at the Kingstowne Cat Clinic.  She was nearly 16 years old, and her health had declined in the last few days. 

Ella, who was also known as Ella Bella, Ellie Bellie, Bella Boo, and Diva, was a domestic longhair, absolutely gorgeous, and very beautiful.  She was adopted in the spring of 2002 when her mom visited Petsmart and saw her in a cage.  She reminded her mom of Lord Louis of Alexandria, a much-loved Maine Coon cat, who died in 2000.  Ella was very happy to be adopted, and be in a loving home, despite having to share it with two brothers.  A younger sister was adopted in 2006.

Ella was named after her late brother.  She was very much a princess, who loved to snuggle, loved to smack her brothers, and follow her mom everywhere.  She played an active role in the Koenig security system, a 24-hour service that kept watch over her mother.

Ella loved tuna and whipped cream, but her absolute favorite food was chicken, especially cooked chicken strips.

Ella is survived by her mom, and her two brothers, Buddy Rich, 15,  Edison James Kittycat, 14, and Sienna Rose, 6.

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Prince Lennart has the flu

February 27, 1932

Prince Lennart of Sweden, a grandson of King Gustav V, is confined to his room in a London hotel with a bout of influenza, reports the New York Times.
Prince Lennart is in London to marry a Swedish commoner Miss Karin Nissvandt, the daughter of a Stockholm businessman.

The 22-year-old Prince is the son of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia, whose "marriage was dissolved by divorce in 1914."

The prince and Miss Nissvandt are childhood sweethearts. Once the marriage takes place, the prince will lose "his royal prerogatives and his rights to the throne."  King Gustav has not given his consent to the marriage unless "his grandson agrees to a long delay."

Royal Marriage: Prussia-Oldenburg

Embed from Getty Images

February 27, 1906

Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia were married today in the chapel of the Berlin Palace by Court Chaplain, Pastor Dryander.

Duchess Sophie Charlotte is the daughter of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg and Prince Eitel Friedrich is the second son of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

More than 500 guests, including members of German royal families, attended the ceremony, according to the New York Times.

Empress Auguste Viktoria "placed the Princess's crown, of green velvet and diamonds, and a wreath of fresh myrtle" on Duchess Sophie Charlotte's head.  The German empress also wore a wreath of myrtle.

Duchess Sophie Charlotte wore a "pearl white silk gown."  Her train, embroidered "with silver roses, was four yards in length.

The bride, "with pages bearing her train, entered the chapel on the arm of Prince Eitel.  

A reception in the White Hall and a dinner were held after the reception.

The evening culminated with the torch dance, which began at 8 p.m.  Twelve footmen carried candles "three feet in height."  They marched "two and two in advance of the imperial party, who walked around the vast ballroom, bowing to the 1,500 guests massed on three sides of the wall.

The new Princess Eitel took the arm of her father-in-law, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and "all the Princes, according to precedence," and led the procession around the room.  Prince Eitel Friedrich escorted his mother, and "all the other ladies of the imperial family in turn around the hall."

The couple was married in a civil ceremony earlier in the day in the Elector's Chamber.  Only members of the imperial family were present for this ceremony.

the first photos of Princess Estelle

credit for all three photos is the Royal Palace

The sweater was knitted by Princess Estelle's great-grandmother, Alice Sommerlath.

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Countess Estelle could have been a queen

On January 4, 1929, the Associated Press reported on "a new monarchy which is being talked of through the union of three Baltic states."  The discussion was "suggested by dispatches to Swedish newspapers from Riga."

The dispatches stated that there had been "an intense propaganda in favor" of establishing a monarchy in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania united under one king."

Such a move was considered by monarchists "as the most suitable solution for the problems of those countries with regard to their future status."

In Estonia, there is a move "reported in favor" of electing Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden as the King of the "Baltic States."  Count Folke was recently married to Miss Estelle Manville of Pleasantville, New York.  

If Count Folk had been selected as king for the new monarchy,  his wife would become Queen Estelle.

The groom wore lederhosen

Oh dear, another marriage for HSH Prince Carl Alexander of Hohenzollern.  The 41-year-old son of the late HSH Prince Emanuel of Hohenzollern and HH Princess Katharina of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, was recently married to 21-year-old Corinna, a "beautiful model," who hails from the Congo.  She was born on December 20, 1990 at Luanda, Angola.

The marriage took place on February 22 at the Little White Chapel at Las Vegas, reports Das Bild. 

Das Bild describes Prince Carl Alexander as Prince Gaga, which is no surprise, considering who was the best man at wedding.   The former Robert Lichtenberg, who is now Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, who is married to Zsa Zsa Gabor.  Frederic Prinz von Anhalt also arranged the marriage.

He told Das Bild: "Alexander needs a girl who takes him as he is.  And Corinna's greatest wish is to be a real princess.  So I merged the two." 

It not a surprise that "Prince Gaga" forgot the wedding rings, so instead, he put a silver tiara on Corinna's head.

Carl Alexander "raves about his new wife."  Corinna, he says "has such nice tits."   Corinna responded by saying that "his name is the most beautiful thing he has."

This is the third marriage for Carl Alexander.  In 1991, he married Angela Stölze, who was born in 1942. The marriage was dissolved by divorce in 1997.  His second marriage to a Yugoslav Azlet Temurowski was annulled after only two months in 2002.

So much for whatever happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.

The death of a royal: Infanta Maria Adelaide of Portugal

HRH Infanta Maria Adelaide of Portugal, Mrs. Nicolaas van Uden, died today in Portugal, less than one month after celebrating her centenary birthday.

The death was announced by the Duke of Braganza, head of the royal house.

the official report on Prince Friso

His Royal Highness Prince Friso, 24 February 2012 - 13.10

RVD, 24 February 2012: The head of the medical team attending His Royal Highness Prince Friso at Innsbruck university hospital has just issued a press statement giving further information on the Prince's condition and his outlook for the future. The statement was as follows (the written text may differ slightly from the spoken text):
Prince Friso was brought to Innsbruck university hospital by rescue helicopter at about 14:00 on 17 February, after being buried by an avalanche in Lech. He was covered for approximately 25 minutes. At the hospital, after receiving initial treatment in the reanimation unit, he was taken straight to the intensive care trauma unit. This unit specialises in treating the most seriously injured avalanche patients with the utmost medical and technical expertise. The unit's head is Dr Wolfgang Koller.
Our unit was notified of the patient's imminent arrival and we were able to prepare everything in advance. Prince Friso was brought to the hospital under reanimation conditions. Due to the length of time he was covered under the snow, his brain had been deprived of oxygen. The result was cardiac arrest, which lasted approximately 50 minutes. The patient had to be reanimated during this entire period. Fifty minutes is a very long time. One could say, too long. We hoped that the patient's mild hypothermic state had sufficiently protected the brain against excessive damage. Unfortunately, our hope was in vain. Since last Friday, a team of specialists has been fighting to save Prince Friso's life. Yesterday, a first MRI-scan was possible, without bringing the patient into danger. Since this examination and the latest neurological tests yesterday evening it is clear that the oxygen deprivation has caused extensive damage to the patient's brain. At present it is not certain whether he will ever regain consciousness. In any event, rehabilitation will take months, if not years. Prince Friso's family will now look for an appropriate rehabilitation facility.

Prince Johan Friso

Estelle Manville, Countess Folke Bernadotte

The new Swedish princess is called

HRH Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, Duchess of Östergötland.

The name is not unknown in the Swedish Royal Family.  Count Folke Bernadotte's wife was Estelle Manville, a very wealthy American.

Every royal name started out as a non-royal name.  It was not until a little princess was given the name Alexandrina Victoria (for her mother, Victoire) that the name Victoria entered the royal baby name book.  The Prince Regent gave her the names Alexandrina (for her godfather Alexander II) and and Victoria because he did not want her to be called Elizabeth or Charlotte. The Prince Regent did not think the Kent princess would be a queen.

Permanent brain damage for Prince Friso

How sad.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The latest on Prince Friso

According to the latest announcement from the Government Information Service, Prince Johan Friso's medical condition remains unchanged. The prince is still in a stable, but critical condition.
There has been absolutely no change in the prince's condition since he was admitted to hospital on Friday afternoon after being swept away by an avalanche while skiing off-piste near the exclusive Austrian resort of Lech.
The prince is still in intensive care at the University Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria. It is not yet known when doctors will be able to give a prognosis for the prince.

Prince Friso: update

Prince Johan Friso of Orange-Nassau's condition has not changed.   Due to his critical condition, his mother, Queen Beatrix, changed her plans for several previously announced engagements.  She will return to the Netherlands this weekend for a brief visit, and then it will be back to Lech, Austria.

On Monday, the Prince of Orange will represent the Queen at the 70th aniversary of the Battle of Java Sea at the Monastery Church in The Hague.

The name will be announced on Friday at 11 a.m.

photo released by the Palace
In Stockholm.

Friday February 24, 2012, a cabinet briefing and Te Deum will be held at the Royal Palace, with regards to the occasion of the royal birth. The following media sessions will be held.

The new parents and their newborn left the Karolinska Hospital earlier today. 

Many people think that the baby's name will be Christina as it is the name of a Swedish queen, but I think the new parents will choose something else.  My choice: Astrid Silvia Ewa Lillian.  One of the infant's contemporaries will be Crown Prince Christian of Denmark. 

At the Cabinet briefing tomorrow, the King will announce the baby's name and title. HRH Princess Christian names, Duchess of something.

The Te Deum is by invitation only and will include the immediate families, the government, palace officials and others,  Crown Princess Victoria and the infant princess will not be present.

A Princess for Sweden

and it is a girl, a Princess!!!!!!!

Riksmarskalksämbetet har glädjen att meddela att H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria torsdagen den 23 februari 2012 kl 04.26 nedkom med en dotter.

Såväl moder som barn mår bra.

Svante Lindqvist


Prince Daniel to meet with reporters at 7 a.m.

It is now 6:20 am in Stockholm.  HRH Prince Daniel will be meeting reporters at 7:00 at the Karolinska Hospital about the royal birth!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crown Princess Victoria is in labor

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is now at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm ... in labor!!!

It's a girl

The Duchess of Anjou gave birth to a daughter, HRH Princess Isabelle of Orléans, in Lisbon, today.  The infant princess, named for her paternal great-grandmother, Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza,  is the first child for the Duke and Duchess.  The Duchess of Anjou is also the Duchess of Cadaval, a Portuguese peerage, in her own right.

The Duke is HRH Prince Charles-Philippe of Orléans, a first cousin to the Duke of Vendome, whose wife recently gave birth to a daughter, Princess Antoinette.

No change in Friso's condition

His Royal Highness Prince Friso, 22 February 2012 -15.08

His Royal Highness Prince Friso's condition remains unchanged. It is stable, but he is not out of danger. The doctors attending the Prince will issue a statement giving a prognosis as soon as they are able. That is not yet the case.

Earlier today, Princess Mabel and Queen Beatrix visited the prince at the Landeskrankenhaus in Innsbruck.

a baby for the Spencers

The Earl and Countess Spencer announce they are expecting a child in July.  This will be the third child for Lady Spencer, 37, who has two children by her first husband, Mark Gordon.

Lord Spencer has four children by his first wife, Victoria Lockwood: 21-year-old Lady Kitty. twins Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia, 19, Louis, Viscount Althorp, 17, the heir apparent. With his second wife, Caroline Freud, he has two children, the Hon. Edmund Spencer, eight, and Lady Lara, five.

Lord Spencer and the Canadian-born  Karen Villeneuve were married at Althorp last summer. 

The Countess told a local Northampton newspaper: "I was a little tired in the early weeks, but I am 16 weeks now and now I am feeling great."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prince Friso: latest update

Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau remains in critical condition.  There is no real change in his condition, at least nothing has reported.  Princess Mabel, accompanied by Friso's younger brother, Prince Constantijn, and Florian Moosbrugger.

Florian Moosbrugger is the owner of the hotel where the Dutch royal family stays in Lech.  He is a longtime friend of Prince Friso, and was with the prince when they skied off-piste.  He was saved from the avalanche by an avalanche bag.   With his bare hands, Moosbrugger dug through the snow to to try and rescue Prince Friso.

It's a boy

Embed from Getty Images 

 February 21, 1937

Crown Princess Martha of Norway gave birth to a son today at Skaugum, the family home near Oslo.   The Crown Princess is the wife of Crown Prince Olav, heir to the Norwegian throne.

According to the New York Times, both "mother and child are doing well." 

Crowds outside Skaugum cheered when they learned the infant was a boy.   The Crown Prince and Crown Princess have two daughters, Princess Ragnhild Alexandra and Princess Astrid.   The throne is now secure as the infant prince is second in line to the throne.  Princesses cannot succeed in Norway due to Salic law.

It is believed that the Prince will be named Sverre "after the Norwegian King who reigned from 1184 to 1202.  The baby's grandfather, King Haakon "alone will decide the name," and tomorrow he will "formally announce" his grandson's birth at an official council.

A separation for Karl and his wife

Happier times.  Karl certainly inherited his great uncle's ears!  Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection

February 21, 1912

Although nothing has been allowed to be published in Austrian newspapers, "all the absorbing topic of conversation" in Vienna is the separation of Archduke Karl, second in line to the throne, and his young wife, "whom he only married at the end of last October.

The Marquise Fontenoy reports that at the end of last year, which "under ordinary circumstances, the honeymoon would commence to wane,"  the marriage of Archduke Karl and Archduchess Zita "suffered a complete eclipse," with the young archduchess leaving her husband and returning alone to her mother at Schwarzau, in Lower Austria.

Archduchess Zita has remained at her childhood home, "without taking part in the gayeties of the winter season at Vienna and without putting in an appearance in the Austrian capital."

Archduke Karl has apparently not traveled to Schwarzau.  Several days ago, it was officially announced that Karl will undertake a world tour, visiting India, China, Japan, Australia, and North and South America, before returning to Austria "a full year hence."  Archduchess Zita will not be accompanying her husband.  This "goes to show" that the marriage between the future Emperor and the former Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma "has not turned out as happily as was expected."  If the marriage is to be "saved from an ultimate shipwreck a long prolonged separation is indispensable."

The separation is "the source of general regret" in Vienna as the wedding was "so gay and full of promise."  Everyone believed that this was a love match.  And now Emperor Franz Josef has suffered another tragedy in his life of sorrow.
Franz Josef had always hoped that his granddaughter, Archduchess Elisabeth, the eldest daughter of his youngest daughter, Archduchess Valerie, would wed Archduke Karl.  But when Franz Josef realized that his grandnephew "had given his heart elsewhere" to Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma, he "concealed his disappointment and showed himself wonderfully kind and generous to the young couple."

It now seems possible that Karl's marriage will be without issue, which means that Karl's younger brother, 17-year-old Archduke Max, will remain third in line to the throne, and ultimately, heir presumptive.

Golden Anniversary for Archduke Rainer and Archduchess Maria Caroline

February 21, 1902

Vienna has been preparing for months for the "celebration of the golden wedding anniversary" for  Archduke Rainer and Archduchess Maria Caroline of Austria reports the New York Times.

The couple was married on February 2, 1852. 

Archduke Rainer, a cousin of Emperor, is, according to the Vienna correspondent to The Times (of London) "by far the most popular member of the imperial family next to His Majesty."

The archduke has not "taken part in public affairs for many years"  but follows "the course of events closely," and is known to be a "man of liberal views.   He is also a patron of "science, literature, and art."

Archduke Rainer and Archduchess Maria Caroline received congratulations from the entire imperial family, "foreign Princes and members of Parliament.

Friso's friend to be questioned

There have been no further official updates from the Palace concerning Prince Johan Friso's condition.  He ceased to be a dynast when he chose not to ask for permission to marry Mabel Wisse Smits.  Prince Johan Friso, the second of three sons of Queen Beatrix, is a member of the Royal Family, but not of the Royal House.  His daughters have no dynastic rights.

I am surprised that the family has remained in Lech and not check into a hotel in Innsbruck.   If the roads are good, Lech is about 90 minutes away by car.  The Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima and their three daughters have been enjoying the skiing while Prince Johan Friso lies in an induced coma. 

Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien and their children are also in Lech, as are Prince Friso and Princess Mabel's two daughters, Countess Luana and Countess Zaria. 

Some might say that the children's routine should be maintained as the visit to Lech has been the traditional winter break for the Dutch royal family since the 1960s.   But in view of the Prince Friso's condition,  perhaps the other family members should put away their skis.

If Prince Johan Friso's condition is critical, it would make sense for Princess Mabel and her family to leave Lech, and check into a nice Innsbruck hotel.

Monarchy conference in the UK

I would love to go to this .. too pricey for me. I hope to be in England that week for the Golden Jubilee, but Amazon sales have to increase within the next few weeks!

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The photos are back

 I did it ... I think all the photos are now back on the blog. During the painstaking and painful process, I did eliminate a few posts. But I think I got 'em all.  Be careful about what you eliminate on your new smart phone even if the photos were not taken by the camera on your smart phone.

Cleaning up

and now I rest and watch the final episode of Downton Abbey

Update on Inaki Urdangarin

King Juan Carlos' son-in-law, Inaki Urdangarin to be questioned in "widening embezzlement scandal."

the latest on Prince Friso's condition


His Royal Highness Prince Friso, 19 February 2012 - 19:13

RVD, 19 February 2012: The members of the royal family are sincerely grateful and deeply touched by all the messages ofsupport and kindness they have received since Prince Friso's skiing accident. They are a great support to them at this difficult time.

His Royal Highness Prince Friso, 19 February 2012 - 14:34

RVD, 19 February 2012: His Royal Highness Prince Friso's condition remains unchanged. His condition is stable, but he is not out of danger.
It is possible that the doctors will not be able to give a full prognosis until the end of this week.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More visitors for Friso

Earlier tonight,  Princess Mabel, her sister, Nicoline, and Prince Constantijn, Prince Friso's younger brother arrived at the hospital in Innsbruck.  They stayed for an hour, and returned to Lech by armored van.  Recent snowfall has made the road less passable.

Lech is about 90 minutes away from Innsbruck.  Would it not make more sense for Princess Mabel and Queen Beatrix to check into an Innsbruck hotel?
Princess Mabel and Queen Beatrix visited Prince Friso earlier in the day.  One of the hospital's neurologists told reporters that the longer it takes for a patient to wake up, the "worse the outlook." 

The critical time is 3 to 4 days.  "It then becomes worrisome if someone has not yet woken up."

Will Victoria give birth before her due date?


Prince Friso: update


His Royal Highness Prince Friso, February 18, 2012 - 14:44  (2:44 p.m.)

February 18, 2012
There is no change in the health of His Royal Highness Prince Friso.
The medical team attending the Prince have asked for the number of visitors to be restricted for the time being.

The Dutch government has released more information on the condition of Prince Johan Friso.

"He is still in critical condition but had a quiet and stable night,” according to the statement."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Prince Friso's condition: the latest

Prince Johan Friso of Orange-Nassau is in stable condition, but he is "not out of danger," according to the Dutch government.

The 43-year-old second son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was skiing off-piste in Lech, Austria, with three other people, including his wife, Princess Mabel.   He was buried in an avalanche for nearly 20 minutes before being rescued.  He was resuscitated and taken by helicopter to a hospital in Innsbruck.

The avalanche was 99 feet by 131 feet.

The prince was wearing an electronic beacon to aid rescuers.

Princess Mabel and Queen Beatrix are at his side.   The prince and his wife, and two daughters, Luana and Zaria, live in London.

Archduchess Marie Valerie is unwell

February 17, 1892

Archduchess Maria Valerie of Austria, youngest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph and wife of Archduke Franz Salvator, is suffering from pneumonia, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.   In December, the archduchess was stricken with influenza, and she "was attacked with caracal fever on February 12."

She has an inflammation of the lungs, and her condition is said to be critical.  Her health has caused great concern in Vienna, as she is a "great favorite."

The archduchess' doctors say that she "takes food in sufficient quantities to maintain her strength," and they believe she will recover.

Archduke Franz Salvator is also confined to bed, as he has not yet recovered from influenza.

Archduchess Marie Valerie is expected to be "confined this month."

Queen Marie leaves for Italy

February 17, 1938

Dowager Queen Marie of Romania left today by train for Merano, Italy, where "she will rest," according to the Associated Press. Marie, the widow of King Ferdinand, is suffering from "chronic liver trouble."  She is accompanied by her daughter,  Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, and a physician.

Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha visits Sweden

February 17, 1932

Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha arrived in Sweden today, according to the New York Times.  The princess is said to be the future bride of Hereditary Prince Gustav Adolf, eldest son of the Crown Prince.

She was greeted by Prince Gustaf Adolf's sister, Princess Ingrid.  The prince is taking part in the ski championships, which are being held in the North of Sweden.

King Gustav V left for the French Riviera early today.

A baby for the Yorks!

February 18, 1926

The Duchess of York is to become a mother in April, reports the Associated Press.   The Duke and Duchess have also found a "permanent London home," and have signed a lease for 40 Belgrave Square, which adjoins the house "occupied by Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught."

Nicholas II and family want to go to England

February 17, 1918

A number of grand dukes and grand duchesses "of the former regime" have asked the Bolshevik government to alleviate the conditions "under which the former imperial family is being kept at Tobolsk, Siberia, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

They have asked the government to allow former emperor Nicholas II and his family to be allowed to go to England or France.  According to the dispatch, their pleas also states that they "have announced that the imperial family is ready to renounce all rights and pretensions to the throne."

Prince Friso in critical condition

Prince Johan  Friso of Orange-Nassau is in critical condition and "fighting for his life" in an Innsbruck, Austria, hospital after being buried alive in an avalanche.

The Prince, 43, was buried for fifteen minutes.  He is stable but in "critical condition.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gary Carter: 1954-2012

Gary and Andre Dawson at Nationals Park in August 2011, after Andre entered the Hall of Fame.  Gary was also a Hall of Famer, as an Expo but he should have gone in as a Met. The Nats are the curators for the former Montreal Expos.

2-4 photos  @Marlene Eilers Koenig

Gary and me in the 1980s!! 
The greatest catcher ever. Period.  Full Stop.

A statement from Davey Johnson on behalf of the Washington Nationals regarding the passing of Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter

"Today, the world of baseball lost a Hall-of-Famer and I have lost a treasured friend. Anyone lucky enough to have been part of Gary Carter's world will agree...nobody loved life in a bigger way than Gary. He seized every opportunity to savor what mattered most to him: his close-knit, loving family; meaningful, enduring friendships; an unbridled passion for baseball; and the fulfillment he felt from making a difference in his community. Gary's brave battle has ended, but his from-the-gut laughter will be heard and his vitality and spirit will be felt forever. I loved him very much, and I know he is finally at peace.”

Davey Johnson was the manager of the 1986 New York Mets!

Prince Eugen of Sweden to marry a Swedish actress

Embed from Getty Images

February 16, 1906

The Marquise de Fontenoy's latest column includes a report on Prince Eugen of Sweden's "impending marriage to a Swedish actress and opera singer, Mlle. Graefe.  The prince "has long been devoted" to Mlle. Graefe, who lives for most of each year in Paris.  The news of the forthcoming marriage will certainly "astonish none of the American friends of this most democratic of the sons of King Oscar of Sweden.  The renunciation of his succession rights and the "prerogatives as a Swedish prince of the blood will be regarded by him in the light of a happy release rather than as a sacrifice."

Prince Eugen makes his home in the Tiergarten area of Berlin. He is also seen as one of Sweden's most "cleverest painters."

It must be a very slow news day in the UK

The Daily Mail is reporting that descendants of George II need the Sovereign's permission to marry, according to the Royal Marriages Act.

Is this really news?   Did we not know this already?

The Duke of Bavaria and his partner

These photos were taken in Munich in November 2011.  I am allowed to use it with permission by HRH Princess Birgitta of Serbia. 

The photo shows HRH The Duke of Bavaria, head of the Royal House of Bavaria, HRH Princess Birgitta and HRH Prince Vladimir of Serbia and Thomas Greinwald, who is the Duke of Bavaria's partner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

James Whitaker: 1940-2012

Royal correspondent James Whitaker died today after a long battle with cancer.

I met Whitaker twice.  The first was in 1986 during the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Washington, D.C., and a year later, we were both in Greenwich, Connecticut,  where the Duke and Duchess of York were to watch a polo match.  I wore heels, not the best foot wear, to trek through a muddy field, but the shoes came in handy when Whitaker tried to push in front of me.  Oops!, my heel came down into his foot!  He stayed behind me!

Best line ever about Lia Triff Lambrino

The former Lia Triff received $15 million in a divorce settlement from her first husband, the prominent lawyer Melvin Belli.  She was his fifth of six wives.  The marriage lasted 16 years and ended in divorce in 1988. 

Allegations of "adultery flowed from both sides."  Belli referred to Lia as El Trampo.  He accused her of having affairs with numerous men and women, including Archbishop Desmond Tuto and Zsa Zsa Gabor,

The couple had one daughter, Melia.  The relationship between mother and daughter appears to have ended decades ago.  In 1998, Lia was sued by Melia, who accused her mother of stealing $90,000 from a fund established for her education. She had to withdraw from university because she did not have the funds to pay the tuition.

Lia, then married to Paul for three years and living in Bucharest, did not attend the trial,  She sent a response through her lawyer:  "Lia and her husband are currently involved in diplomatic efforts on the war in Kosovo.  This conflict is of great importance to them.  They will carry out diplomatic duties before dealing with this process."

Melia Belli's lawyer issued an response to remind Lia and her husband that Bucharest is more than 300 miles away from Kosovo.  He added "Romania became a republic after the end of World War II and the royal family has no role in politics and diplomacy of this country."

Romanian op-ed: Why Paul Lambrino will never lead the Royal House of Romania and is not even a prince

Cristian Campeanu has written an eloquent and factual argument against Paul Lambrino's claim to royal status.

The op-ed appeared in today's Romania Libera

Campeanu notes that the High Court recognizes Carol Mircea Grigore Lambrino as the son of Carol II, but this does not "entail acceptance of Paul Lambrino as a member of the Royal Family.

Legally, Lambrino cannot "claim membership of the Royal House of Romania," as the marriage of Crown Prince Carol and Zizi Lambrino violated royal family statutes.

The marriage was annulled in Romania on the order of King Ferdinand.  Carol's son was not accepted into the royal house. 

Paul can claim property and goods that belonged to Carol II, but he cannot claim membership in the Royal House as the High Court may not "provide access to the Royal Family.  The court has not competence in the matter.  The decision recognized Paul as a descendant of Carol II and nothing more.

No one has ever given Paul's father the title of Prince.  The 1955 court decision in Portugal recognized Carol Mircea's right to the surname Hohenzollern but not the use of any title, Prince or otherwise. 

There is a "profound misunderstanding about the function and significance of the Royal House," especially by the general public.   Campeanu writes that the "Romanian dynasty was established by the Constitution of 1866, and the Royal House was asked to be the guarantors of the constitution, sovereignty and national unity.  Carol I did not come in one day from Germany to Bucharest where he found a throne that sat empty".  He was invited by the Romanian Parliament to become King. 

The Royal role is preserve the national attributes, "not the perpetuation of debts princes, princesses and bargaining units."

Neither Zizi Lambrino nor her son were ever accepted by the Royal House.

Paul Lambrino's "career and benefits do not quality for the honor to be a part of the Royal House of Romania.  Instead, Paul Lambrino acts as a securities trader and as a hunter of noble heritage.  The Royal House of Romania is not the pub to go when you want and leave when you are tired."

Restitution of Peles will be difficult

Paul Lambrino, the self-styled Prince Paul, stated earlier today that the restitution of Peles will be difficult.  That's an understatement.  Peles and Pelesor were the personal property of King Carol I, who left the estates to his successor, King Ferdinand.   When King Ferdinand died in 1927, he was succeeded by his grandson, Michael, a minor. Crown Prince Carol had renounced his rights.  

In his will, Ferdinand left Peles and Pelesor to his grandson, not his eldest son,  who was living in exile in France.

"I cannot understand how Peles Castle was given to my uncle, Michael."

Duh! It was the personal property of King Ferdinand who left it to his grandson, thus, bypassing Carol II.

He also stated emphatically: "Remember me, not my uncle King Michael."

In a recent poll, King Michael was named as the most respected man in Romania.  Paul Lambrino did not make the list, but his main supporter, President Basescu, was at the bottom of the list.  Basescu is not very popular in Romania.

The King's supporters swelled out in force after the Supreme Court made its ruling, which does not establish membership in the Royal Family, only that Carol's to Zizi Lambrino was legal according to law.  It was a morganatic marriage, and not approved by King Ferdinand.  Paul Lambrino has won the right to a share of King Carol II's personal property, but not private property that passed from Ferdinand to Michael.

One lawyer stated told the Romanian media:  "Carol Mircea, father of Prince Paul, the heir of Carol II in terms of wealth, but not of the Royal House, which has distinct statutes and regulations.  Carol Mircea's descendants are not included in the succession to the throne.  King Michael is the only one who can appoint the successor.  I agree with the decision of the Royal House, and the solution is obvious.  The court cannot interfere in the Royal Household."

The Romanian Supreme Court acknowledged that Carol Mircea is the son of Carol II, but this does not make Paul Lambrino an heir to the throne. 

Many of Michael's supporters believe that Paul wants to create political tension, but only the head of the Royal House has the right to determine membership in the Royal House. 

Another supporter of the King is Victor Ciorbea, a lawyer and former Prime Minister.  "Under no circumstances can Paul become heir to the throne.  His grandfather did not recognize his father. "

Paul will have the right to a percentage of King Carol II's private property, which never included Peles.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Official Statement from King Michael

Elisabeta Palace, Bucharest

14th February 2012

The Press Office of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania is authorised to issue the following press release:

With regard to the decision pronounced on 14th February 2012 by the High Court of Cassation and Justice - civil section, concerning the request addressed to the court for recognition of the Lisbon ruling on the descendance of Mircea Grigore Lambrino from King Carol II, The Romanian Royal House declares that:

This decision doesn’t create any dynastic rights, nor do they establish the belonging of the above-named person, currently deceased, to the Royal Family. This applies also to his descendants, whomever they may be.

In his position as Head of the Romanian Royal Family, His Majesty King Michael I is the only one who can pronounce himself on dynastic issues.

Furthermore, according to the provisions of the Fundamental Rules of the Romanian Royal Family, the members of the Royal Family are:
- His Majesty King Michael of Romania
- Her Majesty Queen Anne of Romania
- HRH The Crown Princess Margarita of Romania
- HRH Prince Radu of Romania
- HRH Princess Helen of Romania
- HRH Princess Irina of Romania
- HRH Princess Sophie of Romania
- HRH Princess Marie of Romania
- HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania

Neither His Majesty King Michael I, nor the former Heads of the Romanian Royal Family, King Ferdinand I and King Carol II, have ever recognised or granted any title to Mircea Grigore Lambrino or to his descendants.

The use in any context, whether public or private, of the title of Prince of Romania, or the style of Royal Highness remains the exclusive prerogative/privilege of the above mentioned members of the Royal Family.

It's a girl for Infanta Beatriz

February 14, 1936

Infanta Beatriz of Spain, who married Prince Alessandro Torlonia a year ago, gave birth to a daughter earlier today at the Anglo-American Hospital in Rome. 

The infant will be named Alessandra Vittoria.  

Infanta Beatriz's mother, Queen Ena, and Queen Elena of Italy, were present for the birth,  The Italian queen arrived at the hospital only a few minutes before Alessandra Vittoria's birth.

Prince Torlonia and his American-born mother, the former Elsie Moore, were also at the hospital. 

Both the "infant and the mother are said to be doing well," reported the New York Times.

Former King Alfonso XIII of Spain visited his daughter and granddaughter this afternoon only after his wife, Queen Ena, had left the hospital.   The two did not meet, and relations between the couple are said to be "extremely strained."

Duke's engagement "without foundation"

February 14, 1922

The London Gossip newspaper printed in a column this morning "reports taken from some American journals" that the Duke of York, second son of King George V, is engaged to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.

The New York Times, by special cable," reports that it is that is is stated on authority that the report "is entirely without foundation.  Only a month ago, it was reported that Duke of York wished to "enter upon the engagement had brought him into conflict with his father."

At the time, inquiries "failed to obtain any information tending to corroborate" the reports. 

Both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York have been the subjects of reports regarding purported engagements. 

Ferdinand in Vienna

February 14, 1916

King Ferdinand of Bulgaria arrived today in Vienna, reports an Amsterdam dispatch to the New York Times, He was welcomed at the railway station by Archduke Karl, the heir to the throne.

Archduke Karl may visit the United States

February 14, 1912

Archduke Karl of Austria, second in line to the Austro-Hungarian throne, starts an "extended journey" next month through Asia, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.   He will "probably complete" through Asia and return "by way of the United States." The archduke is a grandnephew of Emperor Franz Josef.

King Edward opposes Patricia's marriage because of religion

February 14, 1908

King Edward VII is opposing the "projected marriage" between his niece, Princess Patricia of Connaught and the Count of Turin.   The Los Angeles Times reports, in an exclusive dispatch, that the King does not want his niece to convert to Catholicism.

Princess Patrica is not required to convert, but it is the "immemorial custom of princes of the house of Savoy to marry Catholic wives."

Prince Ranieri to become a priest

February 14, 1906

Prince Ranieri of Bourbon-Two-Scilies, son of the Count of  Caserta, claimant to the throne of Two-Sicilies, has joined the Jesuits and "has entered upon his novitiate," writes the Marquise de Fontenoy in her latest dispatch.  

The prince is also a younger brother of Prince Carlos, Infante of Spain, the widower of the Princess of Asturias.  Like his older brother, Ranieri was brought up in Spain, at "the expense, and under the direction of the queen mother, Maria Cristina, who has been extremely kind" to the family of the Count and Countess of Caserta.

It has been difficult for the 23-year-old prince, who holds a commission as a cavalry officer in the Spanish army, to persuade his family "to permit him to join the order of the Jesuits."

There are "several royal and imperial princes" who have joined holy orders, including the brother of the King of Saxony, who is a priest and professor of theology at Friburg University in Switzerland.  But Prince Ranieri is the first member of a royal family to join the Jesuits.

One can understand the Count and Countess of Caserta's reluctance to allow their son to join the order, which "extracts to such an extent not merely the allegiance but also the the complete devotion of its members."

Prince Ranieri is the 9th of twelve children.  He was born in December 1883.

Paul Lambrino recognized as heir to Carol II

The Romanian Supreme Court today ruled that Paul Lambrino, the self-styled Prince Paul of Romania, is a legal heir of the Royal Family.  The court recognized that his father Mircea Gregoire Carol Lambrino was a legitimate child of Carol II.

One can see the hand of Premier Basescu in this case as Basecu is a friend of Paul's and godfather to his son, Carol Ferdinand.

Paul wants Peles.  Carol I left the Sinaia castles to King Ferdinand, who left the estate directly to King Michael in 1927.  King Carol II never owned Sinaia.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Carol not welcome in the USA

February 13, 1942

Former King Carol II of Romania is not welcome in the United States, "with or without his inamorata, Mme Elena Lupescu."

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles announced today that Carol, who is currently in Mexico with Mme Lupescu, "will not be welcomed in this country as head of a proposed free Romania movement."

The former king, who abdicated in 1940 in favor of his son, Michael, "has indicated a desire to come to this country."  He wants to head a movement for the "liberation of his country" from the Axis alignment.

The American government has extended a "warm welcome" to other European royals, including the Crown Princess of Norway, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands and members of the Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, but is giving a cold shoulder to the former Romanian sovereign.

President Roosevelt will not offer a safe haven to Carol, who traveled to Cuba and then Mexico.  Carol has been "knocking at America's back door since last July."

Duke of Brunswick wins his suit again German state

Embed from Getty Images

February 14, 1932

The Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg has won his lawsuit against the state of Prussia for the "restoration of his fortune," reports United Press, to "its prewar value of 40,000,000 gold marks." 

This decision has "precipitated another storm in liberal and radical quarters" for the revision of indemnity awards "by the republic in favor of its former rulers."

Radicals are particularly furious about the awards because of the "flood of emergency decrees" that have "slashed wages and salaries" of ordinary workers, and they now demand the "cutting of pensions and awards" of the former rulers, who are now largely in the "ranks of unemployed."

Fifteen "blue-blooded jobless" receive about $425,000 in pensions from different governments.

Landgrave Alexander Ferdinand of Hesse receives a "modest dole" of $153,000; Landgrave Clodwig of Hesse, $40,000; and the Duke of Arenberg, who lives in Belgium, receives $13,000.  The Prince of Salm-Horstmar has a pension of $15,000, and the Prince of Salm-Salm receives $14,000.

A motion to the Prussian diet to set aside the "many court decisions indemnifying" the former ruling families was defeated.   The Duke of Brunswick's claim "arose out of the depreciation of Prussian bonds during the inflation."   In 1867, when Hanover was incorporated into Prussia, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck promised a cash payment to the Guelph family.  He later changed his mind, and "paid in state bonds which declined after the war."

No other European country has treated its former rulers in the same way, "so free-handedly" like Germany.  Former Kaiser Wilhelm II received 5 million marks in cash after the settlement.  This was followed by a further 5 million in February 1927, and 5 million three months. 

The "grants of castles and estates" exceeded this sum.  Radicals cite the need "for cutting aristocratic pensions" along with civil service salaries.

The Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg is married to Wilhelm II's only daughter, Viktoria Luise.

Crown Prince Carol wants to return for Ileana's wedding

February 13, 1930

The French newspaper, Le Matin, has reported that former Crown Prince Carol "has telegraphed Queen Marie beseeching permission" to return to Romania to attend the wedding of his sister, Princess Ileana.

This report was sent by special cable to the New York Times, which notes that Queen Marie has called for a meeting between Premier Maniu, other officials and the Regents to discuss Carol's request.

The Romanian government did deny Carol's request to attend his father's funeral in 1927.   It is believed that Premier Maniu will "determine the decision."

Princess Ileana's future husband is Count Alexander von Hochberg.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Princess Antoinette of Orléans baptised today

The infant daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Vendome was baptised on Saturday, February 11, at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.  The officiant was Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.

The baby was baptised with the names Antoinette Léopoldine Jeanne Marie of Orléans in the presence of her parents, her grandmother, the Duchess of Montpensier, who was accompanied by her sister, Princess Georg of Liechtenstein, Princess Marie of Orléans and her husband, Prince Gundakar of Liechtenstein, Prince Alvaro of Orléans-Borbon and his nephew, Prince Alfonso of Orléans-Borbon, and Duchess Anita of Hohenberg. 

The godparents were Francesca Lopez de la Osa, Princess Léopoldine of Liechtenstein (daughter of Princess Marie and Prince Gundakar), a niece of the Duke of Vendome, Count Damien von Schönborn-Buchheim (son of Princess Isabelle of France), and David Tornos y Steinhart.

Following the service, a the guests attended a private lunchon at Demel, the official patisserie of the Imperial Court.

The Duke and Duchess of Vendome also have a son, Prince Gaston.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Elsie Moore gets her divorce

February 10, 1928

A Bridgeport, Connecticut judge today ruled that the former Elsie Moore of Greenwich, is a citizen of the United States, and was "within her legal rights" when she filed suit for divorce against her husband, Don Marino Torlonia, Prince of Civitcella-Cesi, reports the New York Times.

The princess today was granted a divorce on the grounds of her husband's misconduct. The judge ruled "if she is here in violation of immigration laws that is for the Federal Government to act upon,  and that Govermnet has already made her an American citizen, presumably with full knowledge of the facts, thus restoring to her what she lost by her marriage."

The Princess also received custody of her three minor children: Alessadndro, 16; Christina, 15, and Marino, 10.   Christina is a student at Rosemary Hall. Greenwich.  The two boys are now with their mother in the south.

Judge Booth noted in his decision that the Princess' "allegation of misconduct" on the part of Don Marino was proved to be true.   Don Marino, the Judge noted, "did not avail himself of the opportunity" to dispute his wife's charge that he "was unduly friendly with Marie Lorenzino of Rome," described as '23 and pretty.'"

Don Marino contested the divorce on the ground that his estranged wife was not a legal resident of Connecticut "and was subject to the laws of Italy."  Judge Booth disagreed with Don Marino's statement.

The marriage between Elsie Moore, then 19, and Don Marino Torlonia, too place at the bride's home at Bellhaven, Greenwich, on August 25, 1907.

She is the daughter of the late Charles A Moore.   The Princess left Rome and returned with her children to the United States in 1925.

A Royal Marriage: Bavaria-Austria

February 10, 1912

Prince Georg of Bavaria and Archduchess Isabella of Austria were married today at noon at Schönbrunn Palace in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph and "a large number of members of the Imperial family," reports the New York Times.

Prince Georg is the grandson of the Prince Regent of Bavaria and Emperor Franz Joseph.  His parents are Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Archduchess Gisela of Austria, the Emperor's elder daughter.

Archduchess Isabella is the daughter of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen, and Archduchess Isabella.

Before the wedding, Archduchess Isabella renounced her rights of succession, an act which is required of all the distaff members of the Austrian Imperial family when they marry.   The Times reports that the Archduchess took the oath on "the Gospels, and signed, together with her father and bridegroom, the documents of renunciation."

The wedding ceremony was performed by Cardinal Nagl, the Archbishop of Vienna, who was assisted by the "aged chaplain of the Hofburg."

The wedding breakfast was held at the palace of the bride's parents. 

This was only the third marriage since the beginning of the 19th century to have taken place at Schönbrunn.  The first marriage was between Archduchess Marie Clementine, daughter of Ferdinand I, and Prince Leopold of Sicily in 1816, followed by the marriage of Archduke Ferdinand d'Este and Archduchess Elisabeth, daughter of Archduke Josef, the Palatine of Hungary in 1847.

A marriage of proxy between Archduchess Marie Henriette and Prince Leopold of the Belgians took place at Schönbrunn in 1853.

Did you like this article?  I like coffee...

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Broadlands to reopen in June

Broadlands, the home of Lord and Lady Brabourne, will reopen on June 25.

The house underwent major renovations, including electrical work, and has been closed to the public since the 2009 season.

Criticism of Frederik's working habits

A ball for the Prince of Asturias

February 9, 1926

The Prince of Asturias heir to the Spanish throne, "has had his first peep at ultra Spanish society," according to a New York Times dispatch.   A "grand ball" was given in honor of the nineteen-year-old Prince by the Marquis of Viana, Master of the Royal Household.

The ball was attended by members of the Spanish nobility and "the elite of the nation."

This was the first evening function that the Prince has attended.  He has been present at "numerous religious and civil fetes,"  but nothing as splendid as this ball.

King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia, the grandees of Spain, and other guests "gave a scene of splendor to the ball."

Former King Manoel to marry cousin

February 9, 1912

Reports in Lisbon are stating that former King Manoel of Portugal is to marry Infanta Elisabeth, the daughter of Dom Miguel.   According to the New York Times, the report "receives some credence on account of the recent reconciliation between the two families."

The legitimist newspaper, Nacas, reports that King Manoel and his mother, Queen Amelie, were the godparents to Dom Miguel's youngest daughter, Maria Adelaide "being represented at the baptismal ceremony at St. Jean de Luz."

Pensions for Spanish royals

February 9, 1908

The Spanish Council of State today granted a pension of 250,000 pesetas to Infante Alfonso, the son of Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies.   The young Infante's mother was the late Infanta Mercedes, Princess of Asturias.   Prince Carlos recently married Princess Louise of Orléans.

The Council of State's approval for the pension will now go before the Cortes, reports the New York Times.

The approval for the allowance has "raised many complications," as there are other suits for similar payments "brought by the natural children" of the late King Alfonso XII by Elena Sanz, a well-known Spanish actress, and Carlos Allen-Perkins, a "natural cousin" of King Alfonso.  Allen-Perkins is described as a "second rate, but popular actor" in Madrid's music halls.

Many of the pensions given to members of collateral branches of the Spanish royal family "were suppresed during the dynastic troubles in the first half of the century and the revolution of 1868."  The pensions were never restored.

Perkins claim goes back to Infanta Carlotta, who "provoked the Carlist war by obliging Ferdinando VII to admit the principle of Salic law.

Perkins's birth was not recorded in the Almanach de Gotha, but he says his real name is Don Francisco Carlos Pio Jose Alfonso Luis Fernando Allen Perkins Gurowsky Bourbon Lutherian Jossen Drichma Vrichina and Ottendorf," which makes him a blood relative of most of Europe's reigning sovereigns.

The suit by Elena Sainz's heirs "for recognition as natural children" of King Alfonso XII is now in progress.

[Charles Allen Perkins y Gurowski was born on July 21, 1874 at Paris, France and died on January 15, 1929 in Madrid.  He was the second and younger son of Doña Maria Isabella Francois Gurowski y Borbon and Charles Allen-Perkins (September 17, 1831 in Salisbury, CT, -1892 at Syracuse, New York).   Doña Maria Isabella was one of eight children of Count Ignaz Waclaw Gurowski and Infanta Isabel Fernanda of Spain, daughter of Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain, Duke of Cadiz, and Princess Luisa Carlotta of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies.]