Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romanian op-ed: Why Paul Lambrino will never lead the Royal House of Romania and is not even a prince

Cristian Campeanu has written an eloquent and factual argument against Paul Lambrino's claim to royal status.

The op-ed appeared in today's Romania Libera

Campeanu notes that the High Court recognizes Carol Mircea Grigore Lambrino as the son of Carol II, but this does not "entail acceptance of Paul Lambrino as a member of the Royal Family.

Legally, Lambrino cannot "claim membership of the Royal House of Romania," as the marriage of Crown Prince Carol and Zizi Lambrino violated royal family statutes.

The marriage was annulled in Romania on the order of King Ferdinand.  Carol's son was not accepted into the royal house. 

Paul can claim property and goods that belonged to Carol II, but he cannot claim membership in the Royal House as the High Court may not "provide access to the Royal Family.  The court has not competence in the matter.  The decision recognized Paul as a descendant of Carol II and nothing more.

No one has ever given Paul's father the title of Prince.  The 1955 court decision in Portugal recognized Carol Mircea's right to the surname Hohenzollern but not the use of any title, Prince or otherwise. 

There is a "profound misunderstanding about the function and significance of the Royal House," especially by the general public.   Campeanu writes that the "Romanian dynasty was established by the Constitution of 1866, and the Royal House was asked to be the guarantors of the constitution, sovereignty and national unity.  Carol I did not come in one day from Germany to Bucharest where he found a throne that sat empty".  He was invited by the Romanian Parliament to become King. 

The Royal role is preserve the national attributes, "not the perpetuation of debts princes, princesses and bargaining units."

Neither Zizi Lambrino nor her son were ever accepted by the Royal House.

Paul Lambrino's "career and benefits do not quality for the honor to be a part of the Royal House of Romania.  Instead, Paul Lambrino acts as a securities trader and as a hunter of noble heritage.  The Royal House of Romania is not the pub to go when you want and leave when you are tired."


Kalnel said...

I think it's odd that he'd even have a claim on Carol II's estate. After 50 years, you'd think the statute of limitations would have expired by now.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

and there is very little to claim. Carol's personal property in Romania is small (and MIchael has never sought restitution for the properties.) Ferdinand's will made it clear that Carol would not inherit Sinaia as it went to Ferdinand's successor (and that was MIchael)

The Blessed Virgin said...

Thank god for that !!! Good to see what King Michael inherited stays with HM rather.