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is a baby the reason Nicholas Medforth-Mills lost his succession rights and title.

@Flux 24

I am now catching up with royal news after being out of town for the Thanksgiving break. This story has caught me off guard and I want to make sure I stick to the facts as presented.

Flux 24, a Romanian newspaper, offers an exclusive story on the reason why Nicholas Medforth-Mills was stripped of his title, Prince of Romania and his dynastic rights.   Her name is Nicoleta Cirjan, and she is pregnant.  The father of the child is alleged to be Nicholas Medforth-Mills.

The story broke on Saturday, and other, more mainstream, Romanian newspapers, are reporting the news.  So far, there has been no confirmation or denial of the story from the royal family's press office or Mr. Medforth-Mills.

Miss Cirjan is the co-founder and Communication  Consultant at MAINO,  a non-profit organization wants to "set Social Responsibility at the core of businesses communication strategies."   She is an environmental analyst and activist.  Miss Cirjan has a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences (Colegiul National Andrei Saguna), a university degree in Communication and Public Relations (National school of Political and Administrative Studies), and a master's degree in Marketing and Communication Affairs (Economic Studies Academy).

Nicholas, who took part in cycling events in Romania, met Nicoleta, at a cycling cross country event in May.  This was a charity ride to raise money for children in with autism.  Nicoleta loves to ride her bike, and her motto is "let’s be green and we will change the world!"

Miss Cirjan, who had recently ended a six year relationship with another man, and the then Prince Nicholas allegedly had unprotected sex at some point in late May.   In July, she realized  that she was pregnant.   The morning after pill had failed.  She and the father discussed abortion, but she weighed the pros and cons of  abortion (she remains pro-choice), and decided to keep her child.

Nicholas's last public appearance as a member of the Royal Family was at Brasov on July 28.

Miss Cirjan wrote about her decision to go through with the pregnancy in a blog post on September 20.


She does not name the father of the child, except to say that they do not love each other, and there are no plans to marry.  According to Nicoleta, the father tried to convince her that abortion was the right option.   She also said that she forgives the father each day, and has made it clear that he will be welcome to be a part of her child's life.  The baby is due in January or February.  Reports say that the child is a girl.

I have chosen to use the word  "alleged" when describing Nicholas's position as the father of the child.  The mother does not name the father.  The palace's press office has not confirmed the story.  Most important,  Nicholas Medforth-Mills has not acknowledged that he is the father of Miss Cirjan's child.

It should be noted that King Michael's statement included the phrase "modest, well-balanced and with moral principles" in reference to position of head of the house.

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An elegant Princess

both images: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection

Princess Marie Louise of Schaumburg-Lippe (1897-1938), married in 1916 to Prince Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia (1891-1927)  Two children: Princess Luise (1917-2009) and Prince Friedrich Karl (1919-2006).

Queen Frederika and her aunts

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Queen Frederika of the Hellenes with her aunts, HRH the Dowager Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Princess Alexandra of Hannover) and HRH Princess Olga of Hanover.  Photo is from the early 1950s.

A 50th anniversary celebration

On November 8, the Prince and Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg celebrated their 50th anniversary.

The wedding between the HSH Hereditary Prince Aloys-Konstantin of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and HRH Princess Anastasia of Prussia took place in a Roman Catholic church at Erbach.  The couple's civil marriage took place a day earlier at Bronnbach.

Prince Aloys-Konstantin succeeded his father, Karl, as the 9th Prince of  Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, in 1990.

The couple's eldest child, Hereditary Prince Carl-Friedrich died in a racing accident in 2010. Carl-Friedrich's  eldest son, Nicodemus, is the Hereditary Prince and heir to his grandfather.

The daughter of Prince Hubertus of Prussia and Princess Magdalene Reuss,  Princess Anastasia was raised Lutheran.  She converted to the Roman Catholic faith two days after her wedding,.

Marlene A Eilers Koenig collection  (all items)

Back row: Archduke Michael of Austria, the bride and groom, Princess Josephine & Alexander of Liechtenstein and Archduchess Maria and Archduke Joseph Arpad of Austria
Front row:  Princesses Christiana Elisabeth-Alexandra, Lioba and Monika of  Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
at the wedding of Archduke Imre of Austria and Kathleen Walker.  @Marlene A. Eilers Koenig

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a German heir for the Netherlands?

November 20, 1905

Queen Wilhelmina's subjects have "abandoned all hope" that she will ever give birth to an heir, reports the Marquis de Fontenoy in her latest dispatch.  The Dutch government plans to revise the constitution to "permit a change in the laws of succession.

As the succession stands now,  should the queen die without issue, the throne will go to her cousin, the reigning Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, grandson of Princess Sophia of the Netherlands, sister of the late Willem III.   The Dutch Constitution states that the Netherlands crown "cannot be born in conjunction with that of any other country save that of Luxembourg."  The Grand Duke would have to choose between Saxe-Weimar and the Netherlands.  He has already intimated that he would choose Saxe-Weimar.

The Grand Duke's aunt, Princess Marie  Alexandrine of Saxe-Weimar is second in line to the throne and is the daughter of the late Princess Sophia of the Netherlands.  She is married to Prince Heinrich VII Reuss.

Princess Marie is an elderly woman, and the Dutch are now proposing that her eldest son, Prince Heinrich XXXLL, currently serving in the Prussian army, should be named as the Prince of Orange, and move to the Netherlands and "become identified with the Dutch people."   The government has also proposed that the Constitution should be changed to allow the Dutch to elect "whomever they liked as the future king."

A majority of the Dutch are said to be in favor of the latter plan, but there are worries that Kaiser Wilhelm II may have something to say about it if the rights of Prince Heinrich are "set aside" by the Dutch people.

Queen Wilhelmina is 24 years old.  She has been married to Prince Hendrik (ne Prince Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin since February 1901.  She has suffered at least one miscarriage, and on May 4, 1902, she gave birth to a stillborn son.


At some point, while we were asleep, Royal Musings received its six millionth visitor since July 2008, when I started this blog.  There are blogs that receive a million visitors per day, but I think having on average 4500 visitors is awesome, too.

On behalf of the Royal Musings team, Sienna, Harper, and myself, we say thank you.  Sienna and Harper are of course celebrating the news about their favorite Nat, Bryce Harper, winning the NL MVP award last night.

Harper with a photo of his namesake.  I took the photo of Bryce Harper when I was in Atlanta

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A new baby in the House of Saxe-Meiningen

HH Prince Constantin of Saxe-Meiningen recently became the father of a son, Michael, born toward the end of July.  The mother is Sophia Lupus (who uses the name Priyanka at the Zentrum - the White Horse, where she is the treasurer.

In 2013, at the age 17,  Sophia,  who attended the Waldorf School in Walwies, gave a presentation of Indian Classical Dance, and said that she to continue further training.

Sophia's mother, Sabine Lupus, and Constantin von Meiningen are the chairmen of Zentrum - the White Horse,  in Orsingen near Konstanz, Germany.   The center offers Indian culture and a holistic approach to health.

Sophia's father is Nothart Rohlfs, a coaching and mediation specialist. 

Following courses in law and economics, Constantin completed a MBA in 2011.  He has been studying meditation since 2004, and is a certified teacher of the Simply Meditation method from London's Hale Clinic.  The Prince of Wales opened the Hale Clinic in 1988.

Prince Constantin of Saxe-Meiningen was born on June 3, 1980 at Heilbronn, the second child of the late Prince Friedrich Ernst of Saxe-Meiningen and Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Prince Friedrich Ernst was the son of Duke Bernhard of Saxe-Meiningen and his first wife, Margot Gössler.  This marriage ended in divorce, and Bernhard's second wife was Baroness Vera Schäffer von Bernstein by whom he had a daughter, and a son, Prince Konrad.  When Duke Bernhard died in 1984, he was succeeded by his younger son, Konrad, and not by Friedrich-Ernst, then already married to Princess Beatrice, and the father of a son.

Bernhard's first marriage was considered morganatic, which meant that Friedrich Ernst was not a Meiningen dynast.  When I was writing my book, Queen Victoria's Descendants,  Friedrich Ernst told me that his line would come after Konrad, who has never married.  Prince Konrad has never issued a statement regarding the succession of his nephew, Constantin.;art372454,7616619

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Heir to Luxembourg throne is 11-year-old girl

Embed from Getty Images

November 18, 1905

The new heir to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an 11-year-old princess, reports the Chicago Tribune, whose father, Grand Duke Guillaume, succeeds to the throne following the death yesterday of his father, Grand Duke Adolphe.

The new Grand Duke is 58-years-old, is said to be "so enormously fat and of such colossal girth," that his health is impaired.  He has already suffered "two strokes of apoplexy," and is not expected to have a long reign.

He is the father of six daughters, the eldest of whom, Princess Marie Adelaide, is now the heiress presumptive to the throne.    Both the Grand Duke and his late father have been Lutherans, but Guillaume's wife, Grand Duchess Marie Anne,  a Portuguese Infanta by birth, is a "devout adherent" to the Roman Catholic faith.  Guillaume agreed to raise their children as Roman Catholics when he and Marie Anne married.

Roman Catholicism is the primary religion of Luxembourg.

Succession to the Grand Ducal throne was based on Salic law, which meant that Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands could not also inherit in Luxembourg when her father died in 1890.   The succession to the Luxembourg throne has since been changed.  "In the event of the extension of the male line, the eldest daughter of the last male survivor or failing daughters its sister or nearest female blood relation shall be entitled to the succession of the throne."

Princess Marie Adelaide became eligible for the succession after the death in September of Grand Duke Adolphe's younger half-brother, Prince Nicholas of Nassau.  Prince Nicholas' marriage to Natalia Pushkina, Countess of Merenberg, was morganatic, and thus, his children had no dynastic rights.

No marriage between Jessica and Ludwig.

The marriage between Indonesian celebrity, Jessica Iskander, and Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu  has been cancelled due to the number of discrepancies in the marriage registration.  There was also no record of the marriage taking place in the church listed on the marriage certificate.

Ludwig's attorney was asked about the status of Jessica's son, El-Barack Alexander, and he replied "DNA testing has not been carried out."  

It has not been officially determined whether or not Ludwig is El-Barack's father.  This final judicial ruling did not include information on custody or other matters concerning Jessica's son.

Royal baptism in Coburg

HH Prince Philipp Hubertus Andreas Christian of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was baptized at the chapel at Schloss Callenburg, near Coburg, on Saturday. He was baptised according to the rites of the Lutheran Church.

King Philippe of the Belgians and Hereditary Prince Bernhard of Baden,& Hereditary Prince Carl Christian of Wrede, Corinna Axelsson and Countess Alexandra von Schönborn.,4492219

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It's a boy

Embed from Getty Images 

 November 17, 1895

Princess Marie Louise, the wife of Prince Ferdinand, Sovereign of Bulgaria, gave birth at noon today to a son, who was named Kyril, reports the New York Times.

The infant prince was born in Sofia.

The Princess is the eldest daughter of the Duke of  Parma.   This is the second son of the prince and princess.  The heir, Prince Boris, was born in January 1894.

Celebration for the Grand Duchess's birth

November 17, 1895

A Te Deum was sung in the chapel of the Russian Embassy in Berlin today "in thanksgiving" for the birth of Grand Duchess Olga of Russia, the first child of Emperor Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra, reports the New York Times.

Embassy staff and "members of the Russian colony" in Berlin were the only guests.

Grand Duchess Olga was born two days ago at St. Petersburg.

Grand Duke Adolphe dead

November 17, 1905

Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg died this morning at his Bavarian home, Schloss Hohenburg, reports the New York Times. He was 88 years old.

The Grand Duke was born on July 24, 1817 at Biebrich Palace in Wiesbdaden.  He was the son of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau and Princess Luise of Saxe-Hildburghausen.   In August 1839, he succeeded his father as Duke of Nassau, but lost his throne on September 30, 1866.   Following the death of King Willem III of the Netherlands,  Duke Adolphe, at age 73, succeeded to the throne of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Ten-year-old Princess Wilhelmina succeeded her father as the sovereign of the Netherlands, but due to Salic law, she could not succeed in Luxembourg as well.  The two countries were linked by a personal union since 1815, and, according to the Nassau Family Pact,  Adolphe became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

He married twice.  His first wife, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia died after giving birth to a stillbirth daughter in January 1845, less than a year after their marriage.    In 1851, he married for a second time to Princess Adelheid-Marie of Anhalt.

Adolphe's son, Guillaume, born in 1852, succeeds as Grand Duke.

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A lovely group of ladies

HRH Princess Thyra of Denmark,  Duchess of Cumberland, Duchess of Brunswick & Lüneburg

Princess Alice of Athlone, Princess Alexander of Teck

Princess Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Princess Johann Georg of Saxony
Very happy to add these cards to my collection -- especially, the one of Princess Frederika of Hanover, who was known as Lily.

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Princess Theresia Maria of Bavaria

Just added this card to my collection.  The identification says Princess Theresia Maria, daughter of Prince Franz of Bavaria.

Prince Franz and Princess Isabella did not have a daughter, Theresia Maria.  They did have a daughter, Dorothea Theresia Maria (1920-2015).  I expect this image shows Princess Dorothea or her  older sister Eleonore Therese Maria (1918-2009).

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Uncertainty about Empress Alexandra

November 11, 1895

A dispatch to the Central News in London from Darmstadt denies the report that the Empress Alexandra of Russia,"whose accouchement is now momentarily expected, has undergone a Caesarian operation, and was expected to die," reports the New York Times.

Empress Alexandra's brother, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and By Rhine has received "no alarming news" from officials in St. Petersburg.

Tea with the president

November 11, 1940

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had tea earlier today with Crown Princess Martha of Norway, reports the Associated Press.

Martha, a refugee in the United States, is staying at Pook's Hill, an estate in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.    President Roosevelt drove to the estate after "laying the cornerstone of a new naval medical building at Bethesda."

The President remained at Pook's Hill for about 90 minutes.

Yolanda: a popular princess

November 11, 1905

Princess Yolanda of Italy is only four years old, but she has already entered into "the pleasures of her father, and especially her mother," according to the Marquise de Fontenoy's latest dispatch.

Queen Elena shares her passion for fishing with her young daughter.  In the mornings, this "little group of two" can be found in the park at Racconigi castle, "side by side, line in hand, in the profoundest silence."

When little Yolanda catches anything she utters a "shout of delight," and then offers the catch to her mother.

The princess is also learning to ride, and sits on a pony, trotting next to the Queen.  Yolanda is "full of pride," because she can do something her younger sister, Princess Mafalda, cannot do.  She refers to her younger siblings as "the little ones."

King Vittorio Emanuele's eldest daughter is "her mother in miniature."  She has a "mass of magnificent short black curls, and with superb black eyes, soft as velvet."

Princess Yolanda is also said to have a "sparkling intelligence."

Charlotte Casiraghi: a new boyfriend?

There are reports that Charlotte Casiraghi, the 29-year-old daughter of Princess Caroline of Hannover and the late Stefano Casiraghi, has split with French boyfriend Gad Elmaleh.

Elmaleh is the father of Charlotte's 22-month-old son, Raphael.

Charlotte recently moved to Paris, where she said to be dating a 40-year-old Italian film director, Lamberto Sanfelice dei Marchesi di Monteforte e dei duchi di Bagnoli

Sanfelice is said to be Charlotte's "constant companion."

The Princess of Hannover might be delighted by this relationship as Lamberto, who was born December 19, 1974, is the third child but only son of Giovan Serio Sanfelice di Bagnoli and Marina Micangeli.

Giovan is the younger of son of Antonio Ludovico Sanfelice, Duke of Bagnoli.  His elder brother, Giorgio San Felice, is the Duke of Bagnoli.  He too has one son, Antonio and two daughters.  In 2011, Antonio, 42, announced his engagement to  Olimpia dei conte Pocci.  If they do not have sons, the succession to the Italian dukedom could eventually devolve on Lamberto's line (should he marry and have a son.)

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Archduke Imre of Austria talks about his great-grandparents, Emperor Karl and Empress Zita

The interview is in French.  Hit Google translate to read in English.

Archduke Imre, 29, is the eldest son of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria and his wife, Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg.  

Imre lives in Luxembourg with his American-born wife, Kathleen, and their two-year-old daughter, Maria Stella.   Archduchess Kathleen expects a second child in January 2016.

They consider the lives of Karl (who was beatified in 2004 and is on the road to canonization) and Zita to be role models for Catholic family.  Archduke Imre sas he and his wife pray the Rosary every day.

"Despite the great challenges of our society, we are "animated by a great hope in the future, we want to pass on to our children,"  Archduke Imre said to interviewer Mathilde Rambaud.

Archduke Imre is a Senior Business Consultant with Ernst & Young in Luxembourg.

A message from King Michael


When I turned the country to the Allied side, in order to save the existence of the Romanian State, I was twenty-two years old. Exactly seventy years ago, on 8 November 1945, those who gathered in Royal Palace Square to defend their freedom were the same age. Those who have taken to the streets in the last few days are also the same age.

One thing I learned in my youth was that friends can disappoint you more than enemies. Another thing I learned then was that in crucial moments you remain alone.

Democracy and freedoms once won are not forever. No victory is eternal. Every day human kind earns the right to have a tomorrow. With each generation the country regains the privilege to continue to exist.

To have good laws is a considerable thing. To make people respect them is even more valuable. But what is fundamental is that people should believe in them. Today’s Romania has not yet reached that point. 

Our freedom and steadfastness depend upon the good running of the institutions of State. However, as you yourselves have recently observed, the most advanced legislation and civic attitude are unfortunately not enough to obtain and guarantee solid institutions. I am certain that the younger generation will be able to find, in their Romania, a just balance between civic attitude and State institutions.

Thanks to its unique relationship with the nation, the Crown remains a source of pride, trust and love. It protects and embodies the national being. It is a bridge connecting communities, faiths, and fellow citizens.

In a few months the Romanian Crown will celebrate its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary. It has continued to exist for one and a half centuries, despite crimes against it and unimaginable difficulties. Of the one hundred and fifty years of the Crown, I have experienced almost one hundred of them personally. All these things entitle me to say to our young people: the time of your Romania has begun!

Michael R

8 November 2015 

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Presenting the new Duke and Duchess of Calabria

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Calabria
@Duke of Calabria

HRH Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies has succeeded to his father's titles.

As of November 5, 2015,  he has become HRH Duke of Calabria, Count of Caserta,, and head of the house of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies.   His eldest son, Prince Jaime, previously styled as Duke of Capua, is now styled as the Duke of Noto.

Duke and Duchess of Calabria with their seven children at the baptism of their youngest child, Princess Maria, earlier this year,  @Duke of Calabria

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No concern for health of King of Denmark

Embed from Getty Images 

 November 6, 1895

The health of King Christian IX of Denmark has improved, and he is now able to "go out as usual," according to a dispatch from the London Sunday Times.

Although His Majesty is "considerably weakened by his recent attacks," there is no real cause for immediate concern.

But unless his "malady can be kept in check," his condition could become very serious.

King George and Queen Olga of Greece left Denmark with their children on Monday.  The King, who is Christian's second youngest son, is going to Paris, while Queen Olga and the children will travel to Austria to stay with the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland at their "magnificent residence" at Gmunden.  The Duchess is King Christian's youngest daughter, Princess Thyra.

King George plans to rejoin his family at Vienna or Trieste, where they will travel together to Athens.  The Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna (Princess Dagmar of Denmark) left Denmark last Thursday, as she wanted to be present for the memorial service for her late husband, Emperor Alexander III, on November 1, the first anniversary of his death.   She will then travel to Nice to join her second son, Grand Duke George.

Duchess' bouquet placed on tomb


November 6, 1935

After making sure Westminster Abbey was locked for the night, Canon Donaldson walked past the tomb of the Unknown Warrior.  He saw in the "dim evening light a bunch of fragrant flowers" that had been placed on the tomb.

According to a wireless sent to the New York Times,  a card with the royal arms was attached to the flowers.  It read "From the Duchess of Gloucester."

This was the newly married Duchess of Gloucester's bridal bouquet that had been taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and placed at the venerated tomb.

It was probably the first time that the former Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott had used her new name.

King Alfonso in Berlin

November 6, 1905

King Alfonso XIII  made "his formal entry into Berlin today through the Brandenburg Gate" seated on the right of German Emperor Wilhelm II in an open carriage, reports the New York Times.

The carriage stopped at the gate, where Berlin's Mayor gave an address of welcome to the 19-year-old Spanish monarch.  King Alfonso offered his thanks for the kind remarks.

The two sovereigns were driven down the length of the Unter den Linden to the palace.  Troops lined the road on both sides.

King Alfonso and Emperor Wilhelm II were cheered by the large crowds,.

Tonight, King Alfonso XIII is the guest of honor at an official dinner at the palace.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

80 years ago today: the wedding of HRH The Duke of Gloucester and the Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott.

all four images from the Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection
On this day 80 years ago, HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, then fifth in line to the throne, married the Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Queensbury.

Due to the recent death of Lady Alice's father, the wedding was moved from Westminster Abbey to the private chapel at Buckingham Palace.

A forthcoming issue of European History Journal will feature my article about this wedding.

Thousands heading to London for Royal wedding

November 5, 1935

Thousands of people are descending on London to "catch a glimpse" of the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, who will be married tomorrow in Buckingham Palace's private chapel, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The couple was to have married with all the "pomp and pageantry and public processions" at Westminster Abbey, but following the death of the bride's father, the wedding was moved to the private chapel at Buckingham Palace.

The masses remain "agog," as 7000 extra police and 160 mounted officers will handle the crowds and line the route with 1000 ambulance workers and other medical personnel placed at "strategic points" along the way.

Three thousand guests attended a reception this afternoon for officers, diplomats, government officials, and their families at St. James's Palace, where they were also able to view the wedding presents.

The Duke of Gloucester, third son of King George V and Queen Mary, will wear the uniform of an officer of the 10th Hussars.  His brothers, the Prince of Wales and the Dukes of York and Kent will also be dressed in military uniforms.

Lady Alice's wedding gown is made "of a new ivory pink material called crépe Alalice," made by British weavers.  The material for this gown is described as "soft with a silky satin finish," with the "trimming of orange blossoms is inserted into the bodice front."

The gown's silhouette shows "fullness at the hem."  The train, which is "not very long, widens at the end."

Queen Mary will wear a jewel blue chiffon velvet gown of Empire design, with a "velvet and sable cape, blue and gold toque and diamonds."

After the wedding ceremony, which will take place at 11:30, the newlyweds and members of the Royal Family, will appear on the Palace's balcony to the crowds.  They will proceed to the wedding breakfast where the King will make the "sole toast" to his new daughter-in-law, who will be styled as HRH The Duchess of Gloucester.  She will have the rank of princess, and she will be the "fourth-ranking lady of the realm," after the Queen, the Princess Royal, and the Duchess of York.

The teens take over

I am definitely feeling the age, knees hurt after Zumba, hate driving at night .. and when can I retire?   After all, I am 61 years old.  Nearly 61 and a half.

I have been writing about British and European royalty since the (gasp!) late 1970s  It has been never been a full time job, but keeping up to date with births, engagements, marriages, divorces and deaths is not easy  ... and I started doing it before THE INTERNET ... Imagine that.

One of the more popular royal websites is Royal Central, which recently celebrated its third birthday.  The site is unabashedly pro-monarchy (especially pro- British monarchy), and celebrates this with a largely complete coverage of royal events - from births to overseas tours.  The focus is the British monarchy, but editors and writers have also brought attention to the European royals, past and present.  It is a melange of news and history.

The site's writers and editors are neither salacious nor offer gossip to readers.

But it may become as a surprise to many that most of the people involved with the development of this popular site are (GASP!)  young people - under twenty, teenagers, university students.

The owner of the site is Martin Kujawa.  He is said to be 18, and a university student.  He's definitely young and the owner of Royal Central, according to registration documents.
(Easy to check one's age with

From one site:
 " is tracked by us since May, 2013. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 177 299 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where it reached as high as 55 845 position. It was owned by several entities, from Martin Kujawa to Royal Central. It was hosted by RIPE Network Coordination  Centre, UK Web/21 and others."

From Whois:
Domain name:  Registrant: Martin Kujawa

As with many websites, magazines, newspapers, and so on, writers/editors come and go, move on, do new things.    After the Editor-in-Chief and writers left last week,  Martin earlier today announced that Charlie Proctor, a university student, has been given the mantle of Editor-in-Chief.  Charlie is also in his late teens, and has been writing for Royal Central for two years.  He has also contributed articles to the Huffington Post.

This young men - these teen kings - are leading the way for a new generation of royalists and royal writers.  Experience and maturity will come.

Where's my wheelchair?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Covering the Swedish royals

Here is a selection of photos I took of Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf in the 1980s.

Yes, that's me chatting with Queen Silvia

The first time that I ever met the King and Queen was at JFK Airport in November 1982, accompanying a Swedish journalist, who shared space in the Daily Telegraph's office in the Associated Press's building (50 Rockefeller Center).  I was a news librarian with the AP at the time.  Lars (cannot remember his last name, but he may have written for Expressan) asked if I would like to go with him ... my boss said okay, so off I went.

All I had in those days was a 110 camera ... as you can see from the black and white photos, I fumbled for my camera ... and Queen Silvia asked me to sit next to her.

An AP Photographer also came with us, and he took the black and white photos, which he gave me.

Queen is talking to me .. really

My photo with my 110 Camera
Not sure when I took this - 80s - I need to check the negative file

April 1988


A marriage arranged, another denied

November 4, 1885

A marriage has been arranged between Infanta Eulalia, youngest sister of King Alfonso XI of Spain and Prince Antonio of Orléans , son of the Duke and Duchess  of Montpensier, reports the Los Angeles Times.   Infanta Eulalia is 21 years old.  Prince Antonio is two years younger.

The Duchess of  Montpensier was born Infanta Luisa Fernanda of Spain, younger sister of Queen Isabel II, mother of King Alfonso XII.

A report published in Monday in La Liberté, a Paris newpaper, that Princess Amelie, eldest daughter of the Count of Paris was "betrothed" of a brother of Emperor Alexander III, was denied today.

The younger brother of Alexander III was not named.  The only two unmarried sons of the late Alexander II are Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovich,  35, and Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, who is 25 years old.

Princess Amelie's mother, Princess Maria Isabel, is the eldest sister of Prince Antonio.  The young French princess is five months older than her uncle. Prince Antonio.

Another of  Prince Antonio's sisters,  Princess Marie de las Mercedes, was married to King Alfonso XII.  She became ill shortly after her 18th birthday, and died on June 26, 1878.  Mercedes was queen of Spain for only six months.

Duchess supervises moving

November 4, 1925

The Duchess of York "personally supervised" today's move to Curzon House, Curzon Street, in Mayfair, London, reports the Associated Press.

Five "large furniture vans" were needed to move the possessions of the Duke and Duchess of York from White Lodge, Richmond Park, to Curzon House, which will be their winter home.

All of Mayfair came out to "watch the transfer of scores of trunks, boxes and suitcases" containing the personal belongings of the couple.  Curzon House is furnished so the Duke and Duchess of York did not need to bring furniture from White Lodge.

Curzon House has been rarely used for the past twenty years.  It is a small Georgian house -- with only 20 odd bedrooms, but it is "well arranged for entertaining."  It is also a "stone's throw" from Chesterfield House, the London residence of the Duke of York's only sister, Princess Mary, and her husband, Viscount Lascelles.

The Duchess of York was born Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  She married the Duke of York, second son of George V, on April 26, 1923.

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Archbishop says no pressure was used on Margaret

November 3, 1955

Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury,  said today in a British Broadcasting Corporation television interview that neither the church nor the state put pressure on Princess Margaret to give up on marrying Group Captain Peter Townsend, according to the New York Times.

Most Britons believe that the Archbishop was "very deeply connected" with the Princess' decision, the interviewer said to the Archbishop.  

"Of course, she took advice," the Archbishop said. "She got plenty of advice asked for and a good deal more unasked for.  In the end it was her own decision and she was under no pressure from the state or the church."

Princess Margaret, 25, resumed her "arduous public life" tonight  as she alighted from her car to attend the commemoration service marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Thomas John Barnardo, founder of the homes for orphaned children.   A crowd was waiting in the "cold rain" for the Princess' arrival. They cheered as the Princess stepped out of her in front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Group Captain Townsend spoke to reporters earlier today, telling them that he would remain at Uckfield throughout the weekend.  Uckfield is the home of Lord Rupert and Lady Camilla Nevill.

"After that I am going back to resume my post as air attache in Brussels, Belgium.

The Yorks will move into Curzon House


November 2, 1925

It was announced tonight that the Duke and Duchess of York have "officially taken Curzon House, Curzon Street, Mayfair," as their winter home, reports the New York Times.

It has been known for some time that the Duke and Duchess have been looking for a London home because they have "found their very pleasant quarters at White Lodge, Richmond," which is too far "out of town" for their convenience.  The couple have access to a suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace, but they feel that the suite "is too awkward for entertaining."

The Duke and Duchess will be near Chesterfield House, the London home of the duke's sister, Princess Mary.

Right now, there is a scarcity of London homes for members of the royal family.  At some point, the Duke and Duchess will get a London residence, either at York House, where the Prince of Wales, lives at St. James's Palace, or Marlborough House, the home of King George V's widowed mother, Queen Alexandra.

If the Prince of Wales marries, he would move into Marlborough House, but as he is a bachelor, "York House is quite sufficient for his needs."

No one is likely to ask Queen Alexandra to leave Marlborough House. She will celebrate her 81st birthday on December 1.  She is said to be frail and has remained at Sandringham for some time.   It is believed that she will not return to live at Marlborough House, which was her home with the Prince of Wales before he succeeded to the throne as Edward VII, and again.  She returned to Marlborough House after her son, George, became king.