Tuesday, May 30, 2017

what the mailman brought

In the mailbox today - a thank you from King Willem-Alexander and from Princess Bendikte and her three children on the death of Prince Richard.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Princess Charlotte says thank you

The official thank you for Princess Charlotte of Cambridge's second birthday

Friday, May 26, 2017

A girl for Mary Adelaide

May 26, 1867

"Kensington Palace, May 27, 1 A.M.

Her Royal Highness the Princess Mary Adelaide was safely delivered of a Princess at one minute before midnight on the 26th inst. (yesterday).
Her Royal Highness and the infant Princess are doing well."

The official announcement of Princess Mary of Teck's accouchement was signed by Arthur Farr, M.D., Edward H Hills, Chir.

A further bulletin on May 30 was shown to the "numerous visitors" to visited Kensington Palace to offer congratulations to the new mother.    "The condition of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mary Adelaide continues satisfactory.  The infant Princess is quite well."

The baptism of the infant daughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Adelaide and his Serene Highness the Prince of Teck took place on July 27, 1867, in the afternoon at Kensington Palace's Chapel Royal.  The ceremony was conducted in the presence of the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge (mother of Mary Adelaide), the Duke of Cambridge (Princess Mary's older brother), the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (the Grand Duchess was Mary Adelaide's older sister, Princess Augusta).

Queen Victoria was represented by Princess Mary Adelaide, and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince of Wales were the godmothers and godfather to the infant Princess, who was given the names Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes.

the Archbishop of Canterbury officiated at the baptism.

In the evening the Prince and Princess of Teck "received a select party" at a dinner at Kensington Palace.







Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Princess Victoria confirmed as 20th Duchess of Medinaceli

HSH Princess Victoria Elisabeth von Hohenlohe-Langenburg has been confirmed as her father's successor to the Spanish duke of Medinaceli and Grandee of Spain.   She is the 20th Duchess of Medinaceli.

HSH Prince Marco zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg died last August 19 at the age of 54.

In Spain,  Victoria has the surname  zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg y Schmidt-Polex.   

She celebrated her 20th birthday on March 20.   The young duchess is also the 10th Countess Ofalia, a title she inherited from her paternal grandmother,  Doña Ana de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba.   This was confirmed in May 2016.
A month after Victoria's succession as Countess of Ofalia, her younger brother,  Alexander, was confirmed as the Marqués de Navahermosa, which he inherited from Doña Ana.

Victoria's German-born mother, Sandra, raised her and her younger brother, Alexander, after she and Prince Marco were divorced.   Victoria was named for her great grandmother, Doña Victoria Eugenia, the 18th Duchess of Medinaceli, who died in 2013.

Prince Marco succeeded his maternal grandmother, as his mother died in 2012.

The new Duchess of Medinaceli now lives in Spain.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Prince Peter of Greece as an official greeter

While putting away the Crown Prince Pavlos photos in the Greek album, I noticed these two photos of Prince Peter of Greece (1908-1990.)   He was the elder child and only son of Prince George of Greece and Princess Marie Bonaparte.  His father was the second son of King George I of the Hellenes.

Prince Peter with King Hussein of Jordan

Prince Peter with Prince Rainier III of Monaco  (both photos Marlene A Eilers Koenig collection)

In September 1939, he married Irina Aleksandrovna Ovtchinnikova, a Russian divorcee.  The marriage was considered a mesalliance, and Peter lost his dynastic rights.  Although he kept in touch with his mother, Marie, and his sister, Princess Eugenie,  his father, Prince George disowned him.

Peter and Irina were remarried in a Greek Orthodox ceremony in 1941.  He introduced Irina as a Princess, but his first cousin, King George II of the Hellenes, made it clear that the marriage was not dynastic, and Irina was not entitled to be styled as a Princess.

King George II's brother, Paul, succeeded him as king in April 1947.  Prince Peter hoped that Paul would look kindly on his marriage, and restore his dynastic rights.  Paul would not budge.

Peter also had issues with Paul's son, King Constantine II, and he chafed at the loss of his succession rights.  He also refused to accept a change to the Constitution, allowing for female succession.  He did not accept that Constantine II's younger sister, Princess Irene, was the heiress presumptive until the birth of Constantine's first child, Alexia, in 1965.   Princess Alexia was the heiress presumptive until the birth of Crown Prince Pavlos in May 1967.


Crown Prince Pavlos celebrates the Big 5-0

Yes a few days late with this post ...

Crown Prince Pavlos, the second child of King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes, was born at Tatoi on May 20, 1967.   He was nearly seven months old when his father's counter coup against the military junta (which had taken power in the spring of 1967) failed.  The royal family left the country, first to Rome, and then to London where they lived for several decades.  A plebiscite in 1973 ended the Greek monarchy.

On July 1, 1995 at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in London, Pavlos married duty-free heiress Marie Chantal Miller.   They have five children, and are now in the process of moving from London back to New York City.   He is the co founder with Peter DeSorcy of Ortelius, an alternative investment group specializing in hedge funds and private equity.

These photos are from my private collection.  A friend of mine was the late George Tantzos, who worked as an aide to King Constantine II.  George founded the publishing company, Atlantic International.  His first book, The Inheritors of Alexander the Great,  was published in a limited edition in 1987.
George died in the early 1990s.  I inherited his Greek photo collection.  Most of the photos had been used in The Inheritors of Alexander the Great.

Grand Duchess Charlotte arrives on Clipper

May 22, 1942

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg has arrived in New York City by transatlantic clipper, reports the New York Times.  The Grand Duchess is accompanied by her husband, Prince Felix, and her Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Bech.   They will travel to Washington. D.C., to meet with President Roosevelt tomorrow, and then will rejoin Luxembourg's Government-in-Exile and the Grand Ducal children in Montreal for an "indefinite period."

They arrived at La Guardia Field and were met by the Premier of the Government in exile, as well as two members of the family, Prince Rene of Bourbon-Parma, a brother of Prince Felix, and the Prince of Schwarzenberg, who is married to the Grand Duchess' sister, Princess Hilda.

In a brief interview, Grand Duchess Charlotte said: "We are all in the same war, against the same enemy."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A girl for the Toerring-Jettenbachs

May 20, 1937

The Countess of Toerring-Jettenbach gave birth to a daughter today at Winhöring.  This is the second child for the Count and Countess.  They have a son, Count Hans-Veit Kaspar Nikolaus was born on January 11, 1935.    The Countess was born Princess Elisabeth of Greece and Denmark, the second of three daughters of Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark and Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna of Russia.

The infant Countess would be named Helene Marina Elisabeth.   The second name was for Elisabeth's younger sister, Princess Marina, the wife of Prince George, the Duke of Kent.  The eldest sister, Princess Olga, was married to Prince Paul of Yugoslavia.

Helene was 18 years old when she became engaged to Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, 37, a nephew of the late Emperor Karl.  The couple were married in a civil ceremony in Munich on April 6.  The Roman Catholic wedding took place at the chapel of Schloss Seefeld in Bavaria five days later.

The chapel only good fit 72 of the more than 200 guests invited to the wedding.   The bride's aunt, the Duchess of Kent, and two of her children, Princess Alexandra and Prince Michael of Kent, were among the guests.  Other guests included King Umberto of Italy,  Prince Paul of Yugoslavia,  Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia,  Archduke Otto of Austria (the groom's first cousin) and the Count of Paris.

The new archduchess wore a gown made in the Munich dress shop owned by Archduke Ferdinand's mother.

The couple had three children:  Archduchess Elisabeth (1957-1983), who was married to Australian James Litchfield,  Archduchess Sophie (1959), the wife of the Prince of Windisch-Graetz, and Archduke Maximilian (1961).

Archduke Ferdinand, who died in 2004, and Archduchess Helen maintained a London home (20 Friston Street) for many years.

70th birthday

80th birthday

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A royal divorce

"HRH Princess Benedikte announces that HH Princess Alexandra (of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg)  and Count Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellgurth has decided to divorce after 18 years of marriage.

The couple first met when they went to boarding school in northern Germany. They were married in 1998 at Gråsten Palace. The Princess and Count Jefferson lived in London and Paris, and they had two children, Count Richard, born Sept. 14, 1999, and Countess Ingrid, born on August 16 2003. The last three years the family lived in Germany.

Princess Alexandra says:
"It's an incredibly difficult decision. We have known each other for 30 years, but has come to a point where we must recognize that we have grown apart. We end the marriage, but remain together in parenthood. The whole family, but of course, most kids are - now even after my father's death - in a very vulnerable situation and we therefore ask for calm and respect about the process we go through. "

The couple have not yet taken a final decision on where in the future they will settle, but the children will continue at their school in Schleswig-Holstein."

Alexandra and Jefferson and their two children moved to Heidesheim, Germany, in 2010, after he lost his job with as Managing Director of the Swiss Bank Sal. Oppenheim in Paris.   He is now an independent financial services professional.

The princess worked for 18 years as a program specialist for UNESCO.  She lost her job in 2013.

The couple met when they were both students at the Louisenlund school in Schleswig-Holstein.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Latest additions - the Hannovers

I love adding postcards of the Hanover Royal Family to my collection.  These two are the latest.

Rama Dama Ding Dong

Eyes on shoes!

King Vajiralongkorn  (Rama X) of Thailand has a fill in the blank sense for casual dressing.

I will say his lack of style is ghastly, shameful, disgusting, poor taste, tacky, tacky, tacky and awful. He wears a uniform when he makes an appearance in Thailand.  The uniform weighed down with all those medals, and must be soooooo uncomfortable for a senior citizen who prefers to borrow his chickie's Zumba clothes.  Why would a king, let alone a responsible older person deign to dress like a  .. go ahead, fill in the blank.



A nearly 65 year old man with way too many tattoos is seen walking through a German shopping mall with his bimbo (girlfriend),  licking ice cream cones.   Someone captures this scene on video ... then of course shares with the world.  Due to Thailand's draconic lèse-majesté laws, the video or images cannot be shown in Thailand.

Dear Thai people, you need to see that your king is not acting his age.  No decorum or respect for his own position.  How can you respect this man who has shown no respect for you or for Thailand.

This is how he has acted for years.  The king has four sons, now living in America.  The eldest should be the Crown Prince.  Their mother raised them well without the support of the sperm that fathered them.


Vajiralongkorn succeeded his revered father, King Bhumibol The difference between the two kings is striking, but one wonders about the parenting skills of the late King and his widow, Queen Sirkit?  They apparently raised a self-indulgent spoiled brat, who, if not for the Thai law,  would be the butt of a lot jokes ... does Thailand have their own version of Saturday Night Live?


Monday, May 15, 2017

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Briton Ken Stone, who is rarely without his Canon camera, has the great fortune to photograph British and European royals .. nearly every day .. not nearly every day, but he is nearly always there for the annual royal events in Britain .. from the Trooping  and the Garter to Ascot and the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which was held this past weekend.  Ken has kindly shared with Royal Musings several photos from the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

HM must use a great moisturizer!!  @Ken Stone

TGDH Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne of Baden.   Prince Ludwig is the younger son of the late HRH  Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark and HRH Prince Berthold of Baden, amd is a nephew of Prince Philip. @Ken Stone

@Ken Stone

Thank you, Ken, for allowing me to use the photos ...

King Harald & Queen Sonja of Norway's 80th birthday celebrations

@Ken Stone

@Ken Stone

@Ken Stone

@Ken Stone

@Ken Stone

Briton Ken Stone traveled to Oslo to be in the crowd on Wednesday, May 10th, for the Balcony appearance of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, their children and grandchildren, and their Royal Guests.

Ken Stone is the copyright holder of these photos.  Thank you for allowing me to use them.

Royal (civil) Princess Marie Gabrielle of Nassau & Antonius Willms

© Cour grand-ducale / Claude Piscitelli / tous droits réservés  all rights reserved

HRH Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau, only daughter of HRH Prince Jean of Luxembourg and Madame Helene Vestsur, was married today to Antonius Willms, son of Hayo Willms and his wife, Countess Maria Theresia von Goess, in a civil ceremony in Luxembourg.

The civil wedding was conducted by Luxembourg ville's mayor Lydie Polfer, and was attended by the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, Prince Louis and Princess Alexandra.

The  bride and groom's parents and siblings were also present for the ceremony.

HRH Prince Constantin of Nassau and Mr. Johannes Wilms were the witnesses for the marriage.

The religious wedding is scheduled for this summer in Spain.

Today is the 60th birthday of the bride's father, HRH Prince Jean and his twin sister, HRH Princess Margaretha.

1st row
Son Altesse Royale le Prince Constantin de Nassau ; Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Marie Gabrielle de Nassau ; Monsieur Antonius Willms et Monsieur Johannes Willms.
2nd row
Madame Hélène Vestur ; Son Altesse Royale le Prince Jean de Luxembourg ; Son Altesse Royale la Grande-Duchesse ; Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc ; Monsieur Hayo Willms et son épouse la Comtesse Maria Theresia von Goëss.
3rd row
Son Altesse Royale le Prince Louis de Luxembourg ; Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Margaretha de Liechtenstein ; Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc Héritier; Son Altesse Royale la Grande-Duchesse Héritière ; Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Alexandra et Son Altesse Royale le Prince Wenceslas de Nassau.
4th row

Son Altesse Sérénissime la Princesse Maria-Annunciata de Liechtenstein ;Mademoiselle Anna Willms ; Monsieur Alejandro Gamazo Hohenlohe et son épouse Madame Marie-Caroline Gamazo Hohenlohe ; Son Altesse Sérénissime le Prince Joseph-Emmanuel de Liechtenstein et Son Altesse Sérénissime la Princesse Marie-Astrid de Liechtenstein.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Coronation of George VI

Eighty years ago today,  HM King George VI was crowned as King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and other places),  5 and half months after after he succeed to the throne, following the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII.

Perhaps there are only four people still alive who attended the Coronation:  HM Queen Elizabeth II (Princess Elizabeth), King Michael of Romania (Crown Prince Michael),  the Countess Mountbatten of Burma (Miss Patricia Mounbatten) and Lady Ursula Manners, daughter of the 5th Duke of Rutland.   Lady Ursula is 99 years old and will celebrate her centenary birthday on November 8, 1918.  She is married to Robert d'Abo.  Their son, John, is married to Tatiana Schoeller, a half-sister of Christopher O'Neill, the husband of Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

Lady Ursula was one of Queen Elizabeth's train bearers at the 1937 Coronation.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A girl for Frederika and Paul

May 11, 1942

Crown Princess Frederika of Greece, wife of Crown Prince Paul, gave birth to a daughter, in Cape Town, South Africa,

This is the third child for the couple.  Their first child, Princess Sophie, is three years old, and their son, Prince Constantine, will celebrate his second birthday on June 2.

Along with other members of the Greek Royal Family, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have been living in Cape Town since fleeing Greece after the German invasion.

Crown Prince Paul is the younger brother of King George II.

[Princess Irene lives in Madrid near her sister,  Queen Sofia.  The two are very close.   The princess has never married, but was said to have had a happy relationship with a married man, Michael Aranoutis, King Constantine's private secretary and long time friend.]

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Gloucesters present their son Wllliam

May 10, 1942

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester pose with their infant son, Prince William Henry Andrew Frederick, who was born last December.  This is the first official photo of the infant prince, who is in a cradle "used by the Duke when he was a baby," reports the New York Times.

The infant Prince is fourth in line to the British throne after the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose and the Duke of Gloucester.

The photo passed the British censor.

Joy and Sorrow in Bavaria

Embed from Getty Images 

 May 10, 1927

Former Bavarian Crown Prince Rupprecht experienced joy and sorrow today.   As his younger brother, Prince Karl, died from appendicitis in Schwabing Hospital,  Rupprecht's wife,  Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, gave birth to her fifth child, a daughter, at Schloss Berchtesgaden.

Crown Prince Rupprecht, thirty years his wife's senior, married Princess Antonia, a younger sister of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, on April 7, 1921,  The couple now have one son and four daughters.

Prince Karl was the second son of King Ludwig III and Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria.  He was 53 years old and unmarried.

It's a boy for Spanish queen

May 10, 1907

Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain has given birth to a son, thus, assuring the line of succession.  The news of the birth has sent a "thrill throughout the country, and to-night the happy event is being celebrated from end of the land to the other," reports the New York Times.

The Queen and her infant son are said to be "doing well."  The baby Prince weighs 8 3/4 pounds.

The "hurried departure of royal messengers" from the palace at 10 a.m., this morning to "summon the courtiers and the Members of the Diplomatic Corps" offered the first indication that the Queen was in labor.

Crowds gathered outside the Palace and waited in "hush silence" until nearly 1 p.m., when the first cannon was fired, signifying that the "royal accouchement was over."

The crowd waited and counted the thundering of the cannon, and there was silence as the count hit fifteen.   And then sixteen .. a son had been born to the Queen.  The cannon continued its shots, ending at twenty-one.  There was great rejoicing, and a "ringing cheer," as people danced in the streets, and embraced each other.  "Long live the King! Long Live the Queen!"

Spanish and British flags were flown through out the city,   The new father, King Alfonso telegraphed the Pope, King Edward (the Queen's uncle) and other heads of state with the good news.

The "accouchement was in every respect normal," and Queen Victoria Eugenia is making "satisfactory progress toward recovery."

The Queen will "nourish the infant Prince" herself.   He shows sighs of the "utmost vitality," and is said to have a "strong voice, blue eyes, and a fair complexion, like his mother."

Victoria Eugenia was the first to kiss her son, and she was followed  by the two grandmothers,  Princess Beatrice, and the Dowager Queen Maria Cristina of Spain.

The baby was not due for another two weeks, and his arrival caught everyone off guard as the Queen had gone out for her "customary drive" yesterday afternoon.

The King has decreed that there will be a three day national holiday in Spain in honor of the birth of his son and heir.

King Alfonso XIII and Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg were married on May 31, 1906.

An awesome photo

Camilla: there is crown at your feet, darling.

 Charles: Don't think this is the right one!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Updated: British Representatives at royal Events.

For those who like to keep track of such things, here is a list of European royal events (Marriages, funerals) with the British representation.

The final decision on who is sent depends on several factors,  including whether the event is a state occasion or a nation event. The final  decision is made on the advisement of the Foreign office.   It is not always the Sovereign's decision.


1909 King Leopold II funeral Duke of Connaught
1927 Crown Prince Leopold wedding: Prince Henry
1934 King Albert I funeral: The Prince of Wales
1935 Queen Astrid funeral: Duke of York
1953 Princess Josephine Charlotte wedding: Princess Margaret (but due to Queen Mary's death, was unable to attend. Geoffrey Allchin, the British Minister attended instead.)
1959 Prince Albert wedding: none
1960 King Baudouin wedding: Princess Margaret and Mr. Antony Armstrong-Jones
1965 Queen Elisabeth funeral:  Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
1983 King Leopold III funeral: the British Ambassador
1984 Princess Astrid wedding:  Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
1993 King Baudouin funeral: Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
1999 Crown Prince Philippe wedding: the Prince of Wales
2014 Queen Fabiola funeral: the British Ambassador


1878 Princess Thyra wedding to Duke of Cumberland: Sir Charles represented Queen Victoria, Lord Colville represented the Prince of Wales, Colonel Teesdale represented the Princess of Wales, & Captain Mildmay represented the Duke of Cambridge. (The Royal Family was in mourning for Princess Alice, who died a week earlier.)
1898 Queen Louise Funeral: the Princess of Wales (her daughter)
1906 Christian IX Funeral: Queen Alexandra
1912 Frederik VIII Funeral: Queen Alexandra (sister) and Prince Arthur of Connaught
1926 Queen Louise Funeral: Prince Arthur of Connaught
1935 Crown Prince Frederik Wedding: Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught and Lady Patricia Ramsay. Prince Arthur was the official representative. He was the bride's uncle.
1947 Christian X Funeral: Duke of Beaufort
1952 Queen Alexandrine funeral: no one (Alexandrine's request was for a very simple funeral)
1967 Crown Princess Margrethe wedding: Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
1968 Princess Benedikte wedding: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (godmother)
1972 Frederik IX funeral: Duke of Edinburgh
1984 Prince Henrik's 50th birthday: Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
1990 Queen Margrethe II's 50th birthday: Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
1992 Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik's Silver Wedding: Prince of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.
1995  Prince Joachim wedding:  Prince Edward.
2000 Queen Ingrid funeral: Prince of Wales.  The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Alexandra and Lady Saltoun attended privately
2004 Crown Prince Frederik wedding: The Earl and Countess of Wessex
2010  Queen Margrethe II's 70th birthday: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (who had to cancel due to the volcanic ash from Iceland.
2015:  Queen Margrethe II's 75th birthday: as only Sovereigns and spouses were invited, no one attended.


1878 Princess Charlotte wedding: Duke of Connaught
1881 Crown Prince Wilhelm wedding: The Prince of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh
1892 Princess Margarete wedding: Duke of York; Duke and Duchess of Connaught
1905 Crown Prince Wilhelm wedding: Prince Arthur of Connaught. Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein attended
1913 Wedding of Princess Victoria Luise King George V and Queen Mary


1889 King Constantine I wedding: Prince of Wales (with Princess and 4 children)
1912 Funeral of George I Prince Alexander of Teck
1938 Wedding of Prince Paul: Duke and Duchess of Kent
1947 Funeral of George II: Duke of Beaufort
1964 Funeral of King Paul: Duke of Edinburgh, who represented the Queen, and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
1964 Marriage of King Constantine. Duke of Edinburgh. The Prince of Wales and Prince Michael of Kent were two of the crown bearers. Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent also attended, as did Princess Anne.
1981 Funeral of Queen Frederika:  Duke of Edinburgh


1900 Princess Marie Wedding to Max of Baden: Sir Horace Rumbold, British Ambassador in Vienna represented Queen Victoria
1904 Princess Alexandra wedding: Duke and Duchess of Teck
1923 Duke of Cumberland funeral: no one
1933 Duchess of Cumberland funeral: Sir Eric Phipps, British Ambassador in Vienna
1987 Prince Ernst August funeral: Prince Edward

Hesse and By Rhine

1878 Princess Alice funeral: The Prince of Wales, accompanied by Prince Leopold & Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
1884 Princess Victoria wedding: Queen Victoria, Prince & Princess of Wales
1892 Grand Duke Ludwig IV funeral: Duke of Edinburgh
1894 Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig IV wedding to Victoria Melita of Edinburgh.  Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught


1930 Crown Prince Umberto wedding: the Duke of York


1967 Prince Hans Adam wedding: Duke of Edinburgh declined due to a previously scheduled polo match
1989 Princess Gina funeral: Prince Edward
1989 Prince Franz Josef funeral: Princess of Wales


1981 Hereditary Grand Duke Henri wedding: The Duke of Edinburgh
1982 Princess Marie Astrid's wedding: Prince Andrew, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
1985 Grand Duchess Charlotte funeral: Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester
2005 Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte's funeral Prince Andrew, Duke of York
2012 Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's wedding: the Earl and Countess of Wessex


1904  Funeral of Grand Duke: Prince Alexander of Teck (representing King Edward VII) and Count Gleichen (the Prince of Wales.)


1956 Prince Rainier wedding: none
1982 Princess Grace Funeral: The Princess of Wales
2005 Prince Rainier funeral: Duke of York
2011 Prince Albert wedding: the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent also attended but did not represent the Queen.


1890 Willem III Funeral: Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar, representing Victoria
1934 Queen Emma funeral: no official representation, although Lady May Abel Smith attended.
1934 Prince Hendrik Funeral: British Ambassador
1937 Princess Juliana wedding: Duke of Kent and Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone
1948:  Queen Juliana's installation:  Princess Margaret, accompanied by the Earl of Athlone and Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone.
1962 Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard's Silver wedding:  Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh (visit was described as semi-private). Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra of Kent also attended.
1962 Princess Wilhelmina funeral: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone
1966 Crown Princess Beatrix's wedding: Princess Alexandra (a witness). Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent also attended
1980: Queen Beatrix installation:  the Prince of Wales
2002 Crown Prince Willem-Alexander wedding: Prince of Wales and the Earl and Countess of Wessex
2002 Prince Claus funeral: the Prince of Wales
2004 Princess Juliana funeral: Duke of Edinburgh
2004 Prince Bernhard funeral: Duke of Edinburgh
2013  King Willem-Alexander's installation: the Prince of Wales, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall.
2017  King Willem-Alexander's 50th birthday (private party). The Earl and Countess of Wessex.


1929 Crown Prince Olav wedding: Duke (best man) and Duchess of York
1938 Queen Maud Funeral: Duke of Kent
1953 Princess Ragnhild wedding: Princess Margaret
1954 Crown Princess Martha funeral: the Duke of Gloucester
1957 King Haakon VII funeral: The Duke of Gloucester
1961 Princess Astrid: Princess Margaret
1968 Crown Prince Harald wedding: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (but did not attend  due to Princess Marina's funeral)
1991 King Olav funeral: The Prince of Wales
2001 Crown Prince Haakon wedding: The Prince of Wales, The Earl and Countess of Wessex
2007 King Harald's 70th birthday:  The Earl of Wessex, the Princess Royal & Timothy Laurence and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
2017  Joint 80th birthdays of King Harald & Queen Sonja:  The Countess of Wessex


1908 King Carlos & Crown Prince Luiz funeral: Prince Arthur of Connaught
1913 King Manoel wedding: the Prince of Wales


1921 Prince Carol and Princess Helen wedding: None
1921 Princess Elisabeth and King George of the Hellenes wedding: None
1922: Coronation of Ferdinand and Marie:  the Duke of York
1927 King Ferdinand: None although the Duke of York represented the King at the Memorial Service at the Greek Cathedral of St. Sophia in London, which was held on the same day as the funeral.
1938 Queen Marie Funeral: Duke of Kent
1948 King Michael Wedding in Athens: None
2016 Queen Anne's Funeral  Adam Sambrook, Charge des Affairs, British Embassy in Bucharest (Queen Elizabeth II) and Count Tibor Kalnoky (representing the Prince of Wales)
2017 King Michael's funeral:  Prince of Wales


1866 Tsarevitch Alexander to Dagmar of Denmark: Prince of Wales (brother-in-law of bride)
1884 Grand Duke Serge wedding to Elisabeth of Hesse: Duchess of Edinburgh
1894 Alexander III funeral: The Prince of Wales
1894 Nicholas II & Alix of Hesse: The Prince of Wales (with the Princess)
1928 Empress Marie funeral: Duke of York


1902 King Alfonso XIII Proclamation: Duke of Connaught
1906 King Alfonso XIII wedding: the Prince and Princess of Wales
1962 Juan Carlos and Sophia of Greece wedding: Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, Princess Alexandra (bridesmaid) and Prince Michael of Kent, and Lord Mountbatten
1969 Queen Victoria Eugenia funeral: the Duke of Kent (for the Queen)and Lord Mountbatten (for the Queen Mother)
1975 King Juan Carlos I Accession ceremonies: Duke of Edinburgh
1993 Count of Barcelona funeral: Prince of Wales
1995 Infanta Elena wedding: Prince of Wales
1997 Infanta Cristina wedding: Prince Edward
2000 Countess of Barcelona funeral: Prince of Wales
2004 Wedding of the Prince of Asturias: Prince of Wales


1907 King Oscar II Funeral: Prince Arthur of Connaught
1920 Crown Princess Margaret funeral: the Earl of Onslow (most members of the Royal, including the king and Queen and Prince Albert and Princess Mary, attended a memorial service at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace on the same day.)
1932  Hereditary Prince Gustaf Adolf wedding:  the Earl of Athlone
1950 King Gustav V Funeral: Duke of Gloucester
1965 Queen Louise Funeral: Princess Royal, representing the Queen and Lady Pamela Hicks, representing Lord Mountbatten. The Duke of Edinburgh, who was Louise's nephew, was on an official trip and did not return for her funeral
1973 King Gustaf VI Adolf funeral: The Duke of Edinburgh. He was joined by Lord Mountbatten and the Princess of Hesse. Lord Windlesham represented Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone.
1976 King Carl XVI Gustaf wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.
2010 Crown Princess Victoria wedding: the Earl and Countess of Wessex
2013 Princess Madeleine wedding: the Earl and Countess of Wessex
2015  Prince Carl Philip's wedding:  the Earl and Countess of Wessex


1922 King Alexander and Princess Marie of Roumania wedding: The Duke and Duchess of York
1934 King Alexander funeral the Duke of Kent
1944 King Peter II wedding: King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Gloucester, and Duchess of Kent
1956: Prince Andrej & Princess Christina of Hesse: the Duke of Edinburgh (represented by the Margrave of Baden)
1957 Prince Tomislav & Princess Margarita of Baden:  Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Alexandra and the Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma
1972 Crown Prince Alexander wedding: Princess Anne
2013 State Funeral of King Peter II.  None

Haakon had a beard . and then he didn't

A bearded Crown Prince Haakon appears to have lost his beard at some point during the gala dinner for his parents' 80th birthdays.

According to one Norwegian source,  the Crown Prince shaved his beard as a part of the entertainment.