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George and Marina cheered at theater

November 28, 1934

The Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece were expected to spend a quiet evening tonight at Buckingham Palace and York House, respectively, but "paid a surprise visit to a West End Theatre," reports the Associated Press.

A "capacity audience cheered the young couple for several minutes," delaying the start of the production. Earlier today,  they were "almost mobbed by enthusiastic, cheering crowds along the mall."

The Duke of Kent's controller, Major Ulick Alexander, who handles "his personal affairs," has been "ordered to bed" as he has influenza.  The Prince of Wales has lent his brother, his equerry, Colonel Piers Legh, who will be riding with Princess Marina in the "glass-windowed coach" that will take her to the Abbey tomorrow.

The Dutch Legation hosted a dinner in honor of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, who is one of the bride's bridesmaids.  Four other bridesmaids also attended, but the three youngest, Princess Elizabeth of York, 8, Lady May Cambridge, 10, and Lady Iris Mountbatten, 14,  were too young to attend, and were in bed,

It was a fairly early evening at the Dutch legation as many of the guests at the dinner, including Prince Paul and Prince Peter of Greece, Don Juan of Spain, and Prince Charles of Belgium, departed "after the brief entertainment."

There was no dancing after the dinner.

From restaurants to hotels and theaters, the entire city is filled with "colorful decorations, floral and otherwise."
Licensing hours for serving liquor have been extended until 2 a.m., tomorrow.

Crowds gathering in London for George and Marina's wedding

November 28, 1934

Thousands of people are "taking up positions along the route of the wedding procession of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece,  reports the Chicago Tribune.
By 8 p.m., despite the pouring rain, many have gathered on the pavements, "sitting on apple boxes and stools, and with blankets around their legs."  They plan to "stay out all night" hoping for a "fleeting glance of the passing pageantry of the duke and his bride."
Many people who have been waiting "all night and, from early morning," are doomed to have no chance of seeing "anything of the people in front of them, but they were content just to be there,"
Street hawkers have been doing a "roaring trade selling hot tea, buns, peanuts, and chocolate."  Other vendors offered "Greek and British flags to be waved as the royal procession" passes by.
Many women are wearing 'Marina' hats "made of fancy paper." 
The crowds are "so vast" that London traffic has come to a standstill as "cheering crowds and blocked automobiles" delayed the return of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina, who were returning home after a night out at the theater. They did not return to York House and Buckingham Palace until after midnight.

US broadcast for Kent wedding

November 28, 1934

Americans will have to get up early tomorrow to listen to a broadcast over the "Atlantic Coast networks of the National Broadcasting Company and the Columbia Broadcasting System."

The broadcast will begin at 5:45 a.m, and will last "slightly more than an hour."

The radio will be broadcast in radio stations WJZ and WABC.  A microphone has been installed in Westminster Abbey, where commentators will be able describe to American listeners "the procession from Buckingham Palace and the celebration of the populations in the streets through which it passes."

Because of the "variations in time," the broadcast will be limited to the East coast of the United States. 

George & Marina wedding schedule released

November 28, 1934

The official program for tomorrow's wedding of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece has been released.

10:15 a.m:  Invited Guests arrive at Westminster Abbey
10:30 - Members of royal family and foreign royal families arrive at Abbey
10:50  King George and Queen Mary, Kings and Queens of Norway and Denmark, former King George of Greece, Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia,, arrive at Abbey.
10:56 - Duke of Kent attended by Prince of Wales and Duke of York at Abbey
10:58  - Princess Marina and her father, Prince Nicholas of Greece, arrive at Abbey
11:00 - Ceremony begins.
11:50 - Royal Processions leave the Abbey
12:15 P.M. - Greek Orthodox marriage service in private chapel at Buckingham Palace.
1:15 - Wedding breakfast
3:50 Bridal couple leave Buckingham Palace for Paddington railroad station
4:20 Train leaves for Birmingham
6:20 Train arrives at Birmingham

Belgian Crown Prince Couple arrive in Egypt

November 28, 1928

Crown Prince Leopold and Crown Princess Astrid of Belgium arrived in Port Said, Egypt, today, reports the Associated Press.  The couple are traveling incognito on a "holiday tour to the East Indies", and arrived on the steamship Insulinde for a "brief stay."

They were met by the Belgian ambassador, who came from Cairo

Monday, November 24, 2014

Princess Marina marries the duke of Kent

November 29, 1934

Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark married Prince George, Duke of Kent, at Westminster Abbey today

all four - Marlene A. Eilers  Koenig collection

Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia

A German postcard commemorating the visit of Prince and Princess Paul to Berlin in 1939.

Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein

The postcard refers to her first two names  Viktoria Irene, but  Princess Viktoria-Irene Adelheid Auguste Alberta Feodora Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg was known as Princess Karoline Mathilde (1894-1972). 

 She was the sixth child of Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.

On May 27, 1920 at Schloss Glücksburg,  Princess Karoline Mathilde  married Count Hans of Solms-Baruth, third son of Friedrich II, Prince of Solms-Baruth and Countess Luise of Hochberg.

Hans's older brother, Hereditary Prince Friedrich was married to Karoline Mathilde's elder sister, Princess Adelheid.

Karoline Mathilde and Hans were the parents of three children:

Countess Viktoria Luise (1921-2003), Count Friedrich (1923-2006) and Count Hubertus (1934-1991).

Countess Viktoria Luise married her first cousin, Prince Friedrich Josias of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, whose mother, Viktoria Adelheid was Karoline Mathilde's sister.

Karoline Mathilde's other sisters, Alexandra Viktoria and Helena, were married to Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia and Prince Harald of Denmark, respectively.  Their only brother, Duke Friedrich, married Princess Marie Melita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

So who is releasing the Jessica -Ludwig photos

Who is behind the twitter account @ geathea563?   I had to block the account because the person was so annoying, badgering  me with constant tweets.  Is this person connected to Jessica Iskandar, the Indonesian celebrity? 

There has to be a connection between Jessisca and this account because at least three photos of Jessica and Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg und Wolfeeg und Waldsee have been tweeted around the world.

Due to copyright restrictions, as I have no idea who the photographer is,  I am providing a link. I won't post the photos here.  One of the photos shows Ludwig wearing an I love Jessica Iskandar T-shirt.

Could the tweeter be a front for Jessica, who appears to be the queen of Indonesian media manipulation? 

And  why have a baby in the United States? Jessica is not famous here, and certainly is not going to make in Hollywood.  She has no ties to the United States. 

Ludwig's family have made no attempt to welcome her into the family.  No marriage in Germany.  No showing off the new scion of the house of Waldburg von Wolfegg und Waldsee. 

Jessica was recently shopping with her sister at a local mall, when she was snapped by a photographer.  She was carrying baby El Barack, but covered his face, when she saw the photographer.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Preparations for the Monagesque twins

On the occasion of the upcoming princely births, the Palace wishes to inform the people of Monaco and residents of the Principality of the following arrangements:
- in celebration of the joyous arrival of these two children, and without distinction, forty-two cannon shots (twenty-one for each child) shall be fired from the Fort Antoine,
- church bells shall ring for fifteen minutes, followed by boat horns,
- a proclamation signed by HSH Prince Albert II will be displayed at the entrance outside the "Petits Quartiers" of the Princely Palace,
- registries shall be open for signatures at the “Petits Quartiers” of the Princely Palace,
- the people of Monaco are invited to put up bunting and flags, under the same provisions as on National Day, from the day of the births to the day on which the Princely Couple will present Their children at the Place du Palais. The date of the official introduction will be communicated at a later date,
- the people of Monaco, residents and workers of the Principality as well as any individuals who wish to do so, are invited to attend the Princely Couple's presentation of Their children at the Place du Palais, in order to pay tribute to Them, on a date and under conditions that shall be specified at a later date,
- that day will be declared public holiday for all individuals working in Monaco in celebration of this time of great joy.
In addition, TT.SS.HH. the Prince and Princess of Monaco wishes to encourage donations to charity rather than gifts. The sums collected shall be redistributed to the charities and associations of Their choosing. Full information on donation payment methods shall be provided at a later stage.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Marina welcomed in London

November 21, 1934

Thousands "cheered" as Princess Marina of Greece arrived in London earlier today.  Her special train arrived "exactly on scheduled time at Victoria Station," although regular train service has been paralyzed by fog, reports the New York Times.

Princess Marina alighted from the train and was greeted by the King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family.  She was accompanied by her fiancé, the Duke of Kent, who had met her in Dover. 

The princess responded with affectionate kisses for the King and Queen.  The royal party drove "through wildly cheering crowds to Buckingham Palace."  Shortly after their arrival, the glass doors to the palace's balcony were opened and the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina stepped out to "acknowledge" the cheers from the crowd.

This afternoon, the couple slipped out of the palace, unrecognized, and were driven to St. James's Palace for tea with the Prince of Wales.  This was followed by a quiet evening at the palace where the couple were the guests of honor at an "informal dinner party."

The wedding will take place on November 29 at Westminster Abbey.  Tomorrow is expected to be a quiet day for the Princess and her family.  She is expected to spend some time shopping and see a "few intimate friends."

Princess Marina has become a fashion trend setter. Today, she "introduced a new hat fashion."  Instead of the "little pillbox already made famous,"  the princess wore a "shallow sailor hat of beige velvet with tiny beige ostrich feathers curling over the brim."  Her coat, also beige, had a "big fox fur collar," with a matching dress.

One of the bridesmaids, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, was "held up for five hours by the fog in the Thames," before she could land at Gravesend.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marina finds marriage details have led to a weight loss

Embed from Getty Images 

 November 20, 1934

In just nine days, Princess Marina of Greece will marry Prince George, the Duke of Kent, the youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary.   The Princess will leave France tomorrow to travel to London, where she will marry on November 29th.  According to a Los Angeles Times article, the Princess has "lost so much weight from preparing for the wedding," that last-minute alterations have been made to her trousseau.

Most of her days and nights have been filled with social obligations including shopping and visiting with friends that she has lacked the time "to eat and sleep properly," said one friend.

The Dowager Queen Marie of Romania is sending "my beautiful Marina," a solid silver embossed bowl as a wedding gift.  Princess Paul of Yugoslavia will be bringing the gift to London.

"When you receive this bowl, put into it the finest English roses you can produce, and may you and George feel their fragrance represents the sweet, tender friendship and love I have for both of you," Queen Marie wrote.

Marie, the widow of King Ferdinand, who died in 1927, is a first cousin of King George.

One London newspaper offered the dowager queen "a large sum of money" to write a "special article on Marina" for publication on the wedding day, but Marie declined the offer, as she is in mourning for her son-in-law, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who was assassinated in Marseille in October.

Princess Marina and her parents, Prince and Princess Nicholas will be staying at Buckingham Palace until the wedding.

Grand Duke Kirill in Rome

November 20, 1904

Grand Duke Kirill of Russia has arrived in Rome and will "complete his convalescence in Italy, reports the New York Times.  After his arrival, the eldest son of Grand Duke Vladimir said that he "predicted the tide would soon turn" in the Far East, and Russia has nearly completed "her preparations to strike a decisive blow" in the war against Japan.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

President-elect Klaus Johannis visits King Michael

Earlier today Romanian President-elect Klaus Johannis paid a courtesy call at the Elisabetha Palace, where he met King Michael, Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu.   Johannis is an ethnic German and a Lutheran.  He defeated Prime Minister Victor Ponta is a run-off election on Sunday.

all three photos:  @ Daniel Angelescu, Romanian Royal House

Albert doesn't know sex of twins

The Prince and Princess of Monaco appeared on the palace balcony earlier today to take part in the National Day celebrations.   The Princess, who is in the final weeks of pregnancy, did not accompany her husband to the Cathedral for the Thanksgiving service.

Prince Albert sat down recently with a reporter from the Monaco Matin.  He says he looking forward to the impending birth of his children, but said: "I prefer not to know the sex of the babies before they are born."

(So much for the reports of Charlene telling reporters she was having two boys.)

He also said that Princess Charlene does know the sex of the two babies.   The due date is just before Christmas, he added.
There will be several events to celebrate the birth of the heir and spare.  These will take place after the Princess is released from the hospital.

There will also be the traditional gun shot salute, but Prince Albert promises it won't be the usual 101 for a boy or 21 for a girl.  "It will be neither," he said.  "It will be a surprise."

As for the succession itself, Prince Albert stated that if Charlene gives birth to two sons, the first born will be the Hereditary Prince.  If the first born is a girl, and the second a boy, the boy is the heir apparent.   Twins girls:  first born.

The full interview does not appear to be published on the newspaper's website.

Oooh a photo of Jessica and Ludwig

Stop the presses!  We have a photo of Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskander and Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.  I have no idea who took the photo.  Copyright belongs to the photographer.   I provide only the link.  The tweeter writes: "why Ludwig as a father is vague and responsible?" 

The legal papers make no reference to the baby.  It is possible that Ludwig is providing for the child.  We don't know this. 

Jessica has avoided discussing the situation, apart from saying that when she feels bad, she sings.  Cue "Whistle a Happy Tune!!%20Ini%20Dia%20Foto%20Kebersamaan%20Ludwig%20dan%20Jessica%20Iskandar?991104topnews

The photo was tweeted to me and retweeted and retweeted by the legions of Jessica's fans.  It is claimed that this proves they have a relationship.  No one has ever said they did not know each other.  We all have photos with people with know.

I have no idea who Jessica is (and I doubt she has the talent to make it in Hollywood), and the only reason I am interested in the story (and the only Westerner writing about it apparently because my blog is about royalty.  The German media have largely ignored the story because Ludwig is not known there.  Most Indonesians have not been able to grasp the fact that Ludwig is not really a hereditary count.  Titles were abolished in 1919, and became one's surname.   Thus, Ludwig is actually Mr. Ludwig Erbgraf von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.  Titles are used socially in Germany, but are not legal titles.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Constantine & Sophie's Silver wedding celebrations put on hold

Embed from Getty Images 
 November 18, 1914

Due to the "widespread crisis in connection with the present international conflagration,"  all of the festivities organized to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary of King Constantine and Queen Sophie of the Hellenes, were called off, reports the Marquise de Fontenoy.

The anniversary was "quietly observed" in Athens last month, but none of the "foreign sovereigns and royal personages" were present.  Greece is "on the eve of the war," and is siding with the allies.

Kaiser Wilhelm II has been aware of Greece's leanings, and this is most evident in his decision to sell his palace of Achilleion at Corfu to a "Swiss syndicate" for use as a hotel or sanitarium, or even a gambling establishment.  The estate was once the home of the late Empress Elisabeth of Austria.   Wilhelm realizes that if Greece does enter the war on the side of the allies, one of the first things it will do is to seize Achilleion "as property belonging to the enemy."

It does not matter that the Kaiser is the elder brother of Queen Sophie. All communication between the two was broken off in early August, when the Queen, returning from England to Greece, via Germany, "declined" Wilhelm's request to "take charge of letters from him" to her husband, King Constantine, and for the German ambassador in Athens.

Queen Sophie and the Kaiser first argued in 1891 when she abandoned her Lutheran faith and joined the Greek Orthodox church.  Wilhelm was furious with her because she did not seek his approval for this action.  For the next few years,  there was no real communication between the siblings, and, although a reconciliation was eventually arranged, neither Sophie nor her husband ever forgot their treatment by her brother.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Extra protection for George and Marina's wedding

Embed from Getty Images 
 November 17, 1934

Scotland Yard will take "extreme precautions" from today to "prevent any act of violence marring" the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Duke of Kent, reports the Associated Press.

The couple will be married on November 29 at Westminster Abbey.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Although we do not anticipate any trouble, steps are being taken officially to deal with the situation."

No details were being released as officials were hesitant to discuss the security arrangements, but it is understood that officers have already started to "make certain that no undesirables will be included in the throngs looking out the windows" along the wedding route.

The names of spectators who have rented space from businesses along the route have been handed over the Scotland Yard, and an effort is being made to check every name.

Scotland Yard is also checking the "whereabouts of certain unnamed undesirables."

Princess Marina will receive protection from the moment of her arrival in England.  More than 8000 uniformed police will be on duty during the wedding, as well as 6000 special constables.

Scotland Yard officials pointed out that the "extreme precautions" were not unusual, and no different than other recent royal occasions.  Princess Marina is from a "foreign nation," which is one reason  "for adopting steps to secure safety."

A large number of foreign royal guests have been invited to the wedding.  The King and Queen of Denmark, the King and Queen of Norway, Prince Valdemar of Denmark, Prince George of Greece, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Kirill of Russia, and Princess Marina's two sisters, Princess Paul of Yugoslavia, and the Countess von Toerring-Jettenbach and her husband will all be protected by Scotland Yard.

Prince Paul of Yugoslavia will not be able to attend the wedding, as he has "new duties," as a member of the regency for the young King Peter, who succeeded his father after the assassination of King Alexander last month.

The foreign royals will have day and night guards, and plainclothes policemen "familiar with the identity of extremists" will be "close at hand when the Kings and princes move about the city."

Duchess of Vendome visits American Hospital

November 17, 1914

The Duchess Vendome, sister of King Albert of the Belgians, visited the American Hospital at Neuilly earlier today, reports the New York Times.  The Duchess was escorted by the American Ambassador Herrick and General Fevrier. 

They toured the "wards, and inspected the corps motors which fetch the wounded from the distributing centres outside of Paris.

She "expressed the highest gratification" after seeing the hospital's equipment and organization.

Princess Henriette of Belgium married Prince Emmanuel of Orleans, Duke of Vendome in 1896.  They have four children, Princesses Marie Louise, Sophie, Genevieve and Prince Charles Philippe.

Talk about nonsense ...

This article in the Australian magazine, Woman's Day, ranks as one of the worst pieces of "journalism,"  in some time.!/

According to this piece of merde,  the royals are going to crown the Duchess of Cambridge as Queen "sooner or later."

This is based on the reports of threats against the Queen on Remembrance Day.  Queen Elizabeth came to this "momentous decision" to crown her grandson, William, and his wife as the next King and Queen.

A well-placed palace source has apparently told Woman's Day that the Queen will tell the world about her plans when she gives her Christmas speech.

According to these sources (drunk corgis), the Queen will step down.  She apparently had "lengthy meetings" with Charles, who has agreed that William and Catherine's "youth and enthusiasm" is what the British monarchy needs.  

The comments come from someone named Bill Coles, who is described as a "respected royal journalist."   As someone who has been writing about British and European royalty,  I have never heard of Bill Coles.

A few facts here:

The Queen doesn't do the crowning.  Nor does she get to decide who succeeds her.    Succession to the British throne is defined by legislation, which is called the Act of Settlement (1701). 

From then then Princess Elizabeth's 21st birthday speech:  

"To accomplish that we must give nothing less than the whole of ourselves. There is a motto which has been borne by many of my ancestors - a noble motto, "I serve". Those words were an inspiration to many bygone heirs to the Throne when they made their knightly dedication as they came to manhood. I cannot do quite as they did.
But through the inventions of science I can do what was not possible for any of them. I can make my solemn act of dedication with a whole Empire listening. I should like to make that dedication now. It is very simple.

I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.

But I shall not have strength to carry out this resolution alone unless you join in it with me, as I now invite you to do: I know that your support will be unfailingly given. God help me to make good my vow, and God bless all of you who are willing to share in it."

William and Catherine do not carry out a full schedule of royal engagements.  The Queen has not asked them to step up the schedule.  When she feels she needs more support, she will ask the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to take on more duties.  

The couple are not invited to state dinners.  In time, they will be included in more state functions.  They are not shirking duties. William is second in line to the throne, not the heir.  He does not have a constitutional role.

Queen Elizabeth II is unlikely to announce an abdication during her Christmas speech.  Can you imagine the reaction of millions &  millions of people watching around the world, many of whom are wearing their paper crowns from their Christmas crackers if she made such a statement:  On Christmas Day?  Really, Woman's Day, really? 

Obviously, the low-level, poorly educated people who work for this "magazine" know little about their monarchy or their Royal family.  Shame on them for publishing such tripe. 

The Queen cannot abdicate without an act of Parliament.   Edward VIII was able to abdicate only after Parliament passed an act of abdication, which he signed.

May I recommend to the editors of Woman's Day that they read Vernon Bognador's Monarchy and the Constitution, and then purchase a copy for Bill Coles, too.

So what will the editors do on Christmas Day, when they watch the Queen's speech. and she talks about peace and love and Christmas, and not about handing the throne to William.

Will they offer a public retraction of their misinformation.  Will they offer an apology to their readers?  They probably won't  because they do not have the cojones to be professional.

If this were a master class in drivel, I would give them an A+.  As for journalism, they are deep in the gutter. 

If you live in Australia or New Zealand (and there must be a few other places), do not buy this magazine.  Do not give any satisfaction to them but filling their coffers.   This article is the written form of three pieces of silver.

Will Infanta Cristina renounce her rights?

The Spanish newspaper, ABC, is reporting that Infanta Cristina of Spain, youngest sister of King Felipe V, may be on the verge of renouncing her rights to the Spanish throne.

Earlier this year,  ABC had sent a letter to the Spanish Prime Minister Ramon Perez-Maura, calling for a renunciation of Cristina's rights in view of her legal problems.  She will face trial for tax fraud charges.

According to the ABC article,  Cristina will not lose her HRH or the title Infanta of Spain.  She is also the Duchess of Palma de Malloraca, which she received from her father, King Juan Carlos, on the occasion of her marriage to Iñaki Urdangarin.   Residents of Mallorca have called for the Infanta to lose this title.  (The ducal title is not hereditary, and will revert to the crown when Infanta dies.)

ABC also states that the dynastic rights of Infanta Cristina's children will not be affected if Cristina choses or is forced to renounce her rights.

I am not sure how the legal system works in Spain, but she remains innocent until found guilty.  Infanta Cristina should not renounce her right to the throne unless she is found guilty.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Probably no referendum on Romanian monarchy

If he won the presidential election, Victor Ponta said he would have a referendum on the Romanian monarchy.  Looks like the referendum will be put on hold as Ponta lost the election today to an ethnic German, Klaus Iohannis, the mayor of Sibiu in Transylvania.

Ponta will remain Romania's prime minister.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jessica Iskandar to show photo of baby for $$$$$

Everything has a price.  According to following article,  Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskandar is about to reveal a photo of her baby on television.  She will be paid 500 million Rupiah (Indonesian currency), which is about $40,000.

 The Born-in-the-USA allegedly named El Barack Alexander is said to the son of Jessica and her alleged husband, Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee. 

Ludwig recently filed suit in an Indonesian court, stating that his marriage never took place, and he wants all records expunged.  He has never mentioned fathering a son.

The photo is supposed to be shown on an Indonesian TV show.

Hmmm .. is someone a little hungry for more publicity?

According to this article,  Ludwig's lawyer told reporters that the lawsuit makes no mention of Baby El.  Nor does the lawyer know what Ludwig's feelings are concerning the baby ...

and we don't know if Ludwig is the baby daddy!

Ludwig is currently not in Jakarta.

Nick Knatchbull still engaged to Raz

Daily Mail columnist, Sebastian Shakespeare, has a piece today about the Hon. Nicholas Knatchbull, son of Lord and Lady Brabourne.

He gets a few things wrong.  Nicholas is NOT Lord Romsey.  He is the Hon. Nicholas Knatchbull.  Baron Romey is the secondary title with the Mountbatten earldom.  It is used by the heir apparent to the Mountbatten earldom, who is Nicholas' father, Norton.

Norton, however, is the 8th Baron Brabourne in his own right, having succeeded his father in 2005. The heir apparent to his title is his son, Nicholas. Lord Brabourne remains Lord Romsey, but as he is a peer in his own right, he is no longer styled by the courtesy title. It does not move down a notch to the next generation. Nicholas is not the heir apparent to the Mountbatten earldom.

Lord Brabourne is not legally bound to leave the estate to his son. Broadlands is not entailed. Lord Brabourne can leave the estate to his daughter, the Hon. Alexandra Knatchbull or to one of his brothers. If Nicholas does not marry and have a son, the title will pass to Norton's next brother, the Hon. Michael-John, who has only daughters. The two younger brothers, the Hon. Philip and the Hon. Timothy have sons. The last in line for the Mountbatten earldom is Ashley Hicks, the only son of Lady Pamela Hicks. He has only daughters.

When Lord Brabourne succeeds his mother, he will be styled as the Earl Mounbatten of Burma, rather than Lord Brabourne, as it is a higher ranked peerage.Nicholas would be styled as Lord Romsey, as the heir apparent to the Mountbatten earldom. But there is a possibility (but unlikely due to Nicholas's lifestyle and lack of interest in his heritage), that Nicholas would be styled as Lord Brabourne (but not as a peer.) There is a precedence for this.

 The present Duke of Fife is also the Earl of Southesk. The Duke, who is the son of HH Princess Maud and Charles Carnegie, the 11th Earl of Southesk. ;He inherited the dukedom in 1959 from his maternal aunt, HRH Princess Arthur of Connaught, who was Duchess of Fife in her own right. Her only son, Alistair Arthur, Duke of Connaught, died unmarried in 1943. Princess Arthur's sister, the Countess of Southesk (Maud) died two years, which meant that Maud's only son, James, who was styled as Lord Carnegie, the courtesy for the Southesk earldom, became the heir presumptive to the Fife dukedom.

 The Duke of Fife has one son, David, who was styled as the Earl of Macduff (the courtesy title for the Fife dukedom) until 1992, when his grandfather died, and his father, succeeded to the earldom.  Not long afterward, the Duke announced that his son would be styled as the Earl of Southesk by courtesy only, and his eldest son, Charles, would be styled as Lord Carnegie.  Lord Southesk remains the Earl of Macduff, by courtesy, but is not styled as such.  Succession to the Fife dukedom is limited to the male line descendants of Princess Arthur of Connaught and the Countess of Southesk (Maud). The former line is extinct. The present Duke of Fife has one son and three grandsons, who are in line for the dukedom. Should this line become extinct, the Southesk earldom would pass to another branch of the Carnegie family.

 There are male line heirs to Brabourne barony after the Hon. Timothy Knatchbull and his sons.

The Cambridges are heading to New York City

Yes, Noo Yawk City ....

(and the Duke of Cambridge will be spending part of December 8 in Washington, D.C.)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit the United States of America

Published on 14th November 2014

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit the USA between 7th and 9th December 2014. 
Their Royal Highnesses will travel to New York for a programme of engagements which will also see The Duke visit Washington DC for a day, while The Duchess remains in New York.
The Duke and Duchess will attend events on behalf of the Royal Foundation and other charities with which Their Royal Highnesses are closely associated, and also on behalf of HM Government.
The charitable themes will include promoting sustainable conservation issues with a particular focus on collaborative working to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, and also supporting organisations which reflect Their Royal Highnesses' interest in young people's mental health and the importance supporting disadvantaged young people from an early age. As Patron of the University of St Andrews 600th Anniversary Campaign, The Duke accompanied by The Duchess will also attend the University's 600th Anniversary Gala Dinner in New York.
In support of UK Government initiatives, The Duke and Duchess will attend events that celebrate the successful partnerships between the UK and USA in the technology and creative industries sectors. This follows events in support of these sectors that Their Royal Highnesses attended in 2011 in California, and reflects The Royal Family's ongoing support for the creative and technology sectors.
During the visit, The Duke and Duchess will also visit the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center to pay their respects to the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks of 26th February 1993 and 11th September 2001. Their Royal Highnesses will learn how the site, which includes the recently-opened One World Trade Center, has been redeveloped and the plans for its future.
The Duke and Duchess will arrive in New York on Sunday 7th December and will attend a private engagement on behalf of the American Friends of The Royal Foundation that evening.
On Monday 8th December, The Duke will travel to Washington DC, while The Duchess remains in New York. His Royal Highness will attend an anti-corruption conference at the World Bank to discuss a zero tolerance approach to the transportation across borders of illegal wildlife parts. This is a key area of work for the United For Wildlife consortium, of which The Duke is President. The Duke will also attend a working lunch at the World Bank at which a number of programmes in support of the fight against the illegal trade in ivory will be discussed.
On his return to New York, His Royal Highness will attend a reception organised by the Royal Foundation, in recognition of the conservation work carried out by Tusk Trust and United for Wildlife partners: Wildlife Conservation Society; Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy.
The Duchess of Cambridge will carry out two engagements in New York while The Duke visits Washington. Her Royal Highness will be accompanied by The First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, on a visit to a local child development centre. They will learn about how this organisation fosters the healthy development of children and families by providing high-quality mental health and educational services, which is an issue strongly supported by The First Lady. Her Royal Highness will also attend a lunch, hosted by the British Consul General in New York, to celebrate the achievements of a successful British community in New York from the culture, arts, hospitality and business sectors.
On Monday evening, Their Royal Highnesses will attend an NBA Basketball game to help launch a new collaboration between the Royal Foundation, United for Wildlife and the NBA.
On Tuesday 9th December The Duke and Duchess will visit a youth organisation to see the work they carry out in partnership with an inner city youth development foundation. Both organisations focus on programmes and projects that promote positive youth development and social learning. During the visit, The Duke and Duchess will learn about the wide-ranging support services on offer to young people to help them reach their potential, particularly through an arts-in-education model that supports the artistic and intellectual development of the participants.
The Duke and Duchess will then attend an event celebrating the wealth of British talent in the creative industries based in New York. The reception will be in association with the UK Government's GREAT campaign. The Duke will also attend a technology themed event, hosted by a New York-headquartered technology company, which will bring together entrepreneurs from both the UK and the US.
The final engagement of the visit will be the University of St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The evening event will support scholarships and bursaries for students from under-privileged communities, new student sports facilities in St Andrews, investment in the university's medical and science faculties and a lectureship in American Literature at St. Andrews.
Notes to Editors
This is the first visit by either of Their Royal Highnesses to both New York City and Washington, D.C. in any capacity.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's last official visit to the USA was to California in 2011.
Throughout their visit, The Duke and Duchess will be joined by both the British Ambassador to the United States of America, Sir Peter Westmacott and the British Consul General to New York, Mr. Danny Lopez.
The Duke and Duchess are formally linked to a number of organisations which support similar charitable initiatives in the conservation, youth development and creative industries sectors, including:
  • United for Wildlife (The Duke of Cambridge, President)
  • Tusk Trust (The Duke of Cambridge, Patron)
  • Centrepoint (The Duke of Cambridge, Patron)
  • Place2Be (The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron)
  • The Art Room (The Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Patron)
  • BAFTA (The Duke of Cambridge, President)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Count of Paris, wounded and under arrest

November 13, 1944

The Count of Paris, pretender to the French throne, was arrested earlier today in Perpignan near the Spanish border, reports the New York Times.  He is said to have been "wounded in the shoulder by a pistol shot in the course of his arrest."

The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice released a joint communiqué: "According to information that seems reliable, the pretender arrived in France recently and his detention has been ordered."

Under a law passed in 1886, heads of the dynasties that once ruled France "are forbidden entry into the country." A more recent law, passed in 1940, "penalizes their illegal crossing of the frontier."

The Count of Paris violated both laws.  He succeeded his father, the Duke of Guise, as head of the house. He and his family have lived in Brussels or on his estate in Spanish Morocco.

Using an assume name, the count enlisted as a private in the Foreign Legion, but was soon released from the service, when he was recognized.  After there were reports that he was in Algiers, General Charles de Gaulle's "police sought him fruitlessly."  He said he would consider himself as the "pretender" regardless of what regime was established in France."

Princess Giovanna 21 today: ready for marriage?


November  13, 1924

Princess Giovanna of Italy is celebrating her 21st birthday today.  She is the third of four daughters of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena of Italy.

Her birthday, according to an Associated Press profile, serves "to revive talk of her marriage.  Several young royals have been mentioned as possible candidates for her hand in marriage.

*  King Boris of Bulgaria, 34.  Reports of an engagement is "always denied or ignored by official spokesmen."  An alliance between the King of Italy's daughter and the Bulgar monarch would have "political value" in cementing ties between Italy and Bulgaria.  But the King has not made any "outward advances," and the Princess spent most of the summer and autumn with her family at Santa Anna di Valdieri and at San Rossore, near Pisa.

*  King Zog of Albania makes the list, but as he is a Mohammedan and Princess Giovanna is a Roman Catholic.  It would be unlikely that a papal dispensation would be offered for a marriage between a Roman Catholic and a non-Christian.

*  Prince Charles of Belgium  Prince Charles is the younger son of King Albert and Queen Elisabeth.  His older brother, Crown Prince Leopold, is married to Princess Astrid of Sweden.  There have been "hints" that an engagement is forthcoming due to the "mysterious visits" in the past month:  the Pope's audiences with Cardinal van Roey, Primate of Belgium, and other Belgian religious officials and Cardinal Mafi call on the King of Italy.  Some believe these meetings are in connection with "the supposed union" between Crown Prince Umberto, 25, and Princess Marie-José of Belgium.  Others are convinced that it is Giovanna who will wed Prince Charles and become the Countess of Flanders.

* Marquis de Pinedo.  The Marquis, the "trans-Atlantic flyer" who recently received the Distinguished Service Cross from the United States," has also been mentioned as a candidate.  Earlier this year, Princess Giovanna, "led off one of the two court balls of last season with the famous aviator," setting tongues wagging.  He was also a guest in the royal box during the Davis Cup matches last spring.  

This match would not be entirely surprising, as Giovanna's eldest sister, Princess Yolanda, married Count Calvi di Bergolo, "the man of her heart," six years ago.

Duke of Cumberland made insane by war

November 13, 1914

Prince Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland, has been discovered "wandering about in a demented condition," according to a dispatch sent from Copenhagen to the London Standard, and reported by the New York Times.

The Duke of Cumberland is the father of the Duke of Brunswick, who is married to the Kaiser's only daughter, Viktoria Luise.

It is reported that the "horrors of war" have affected the Duke of Cumberland's brain, and he is now "confined to an asylum."

The Duke of Brunswick has been reported "missing" for several weeks.

A Parisian newspaper reported on November 11 that the Duke of Brunswick "had been missing for a considerable time," and an official search :among the dead and wounded German soldiers had failed to find him."  He "suddenly disappeared from his regiment" on October 20.   One report stated that he had been taken prisoner.  The Duchess of Brunswick has visited her father's headquarters to "make inquiries."  She is the mother of an eight-month-old son."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grand Duchess Charlotte abdicates in favor of son Jean

Embed from Getty Images
November 12, 1964

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg abdicated today in favor of her elder son,  Hereditary Grand Duke Jean, 43, reports the New York Times.

The "simple ceremony, an ancient ritual" took place at the "sprawling medieval castle: that serves as both the Grand Ducal Palace and the Luxembourg parliament.

The "transfer of sovereignty" took just over an hour.

The 68-year-old Grand Duchess entered the room, accompanied by members of the royal family and government officials.  She wore a "diamond-studded crown and a full-length jacket."

She smiled with dignity.  "We, Charlotte, by the Grace of God, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and Duchess of Nassau, proclaim that we are renouncing the crown of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in favor of our beloved son, Crown Prince Jean."

Charlotte reigned as Grand Duchess for 45 years that began when she was "chosen by popular plebiscite to succeed her elder sister, Marie Adelaide."  The Grand Duchy is 999 square miles, bordered by France, Belgium, and Germany.

The new grand duke is Jean Benoit Guillaume Marie Robert Louis Antoine Adolphe Marc d'Aviano, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau, Prince of Bourbon-Parma. 

Jean is the eldest of six children of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma.  In 1961, he was named as her "lieutenant-representative."  For the past three years,  Jean has been sharing her royal duties.

Last March, Charlotte announced that she would stop down.  After signing the proclamation, Charlotte had a glass of champagne and said goodbye.   

At 11:00 a.m., "the scene shifted" to the Parliamentary wing of the palace.  The new Grand Duke Jean and his wife, Josephine Charlotte, who is the sister of King Baudouin of Belgium, crossed through a door built for their royal wedding ceremony in 1953."

The new Grand Duke listened to the Parliamentary President read the oath of office, and asked "Do you uphold the Constitution?" 

Jean raised his right hand and responded: "I do so swear, and may God assist me."

The couple's two eldest of their five children, Princess Marie Astrid, 10, and 9-year-old, Prince Henri, sat next to their parents on the dais.

Henri is now the heir apparent to the throne.

Sumner Moore Kirby weds Georgian princess

November 12, 1934

It was announced today in Nice that American Sumner Moore Kirby of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and Nice, was married on November 6 to Princess Leonida Bagration -Moukhranski, the 20 year old daughter of Prince George and Princess Helen of Georgia, reports the New York Times.

Mr. Kirby, a Woolworth heir, is divorced from Valentine Wagner. He is the son of Fred Morgan Kirby and Jessie Amelia Owen.   The newly married couple had managed to keep the news of their wedding secret until today when a friend of Kirby had spoke about it.

Duke of Kent and Marina finalize honeymoon plans

Embed from Getty Images 

 November 12, 1934

The Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece have finalized their honeymoon plans, according to the New York Times.  They will spend the first part "of their wedding trip" at Himley Hall in Worcestershire, which the Earl of Dudley is lending them.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Kent have "often stayed" at the historic home.

Afterward, the newlyweds will join King George and Queen Mary at Sandringham for Christmas, and then, after the new year, they will "conclude their wedding trip on the Continent.

After the wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace, the royal couple will travel by train to Birmingham, and then will complete the journey to Himley Hall by car.

The Duke of Kent has "taken a short lease on Lady Juliet Duff's four-storied mansion at 3 Belgrave Square," in London.  Although the Duke has "been over the house from top to bottom several times," Princess Marina has not seen it.

Last week,  the duke took his mother, Queen Mary, to see the house, and she "was favorably impressed."  The house is "thoroughly modernized," with steam heat and a concealed elevator.

King George is now in Sandringham for a week's shooting, while Queen Mary remains in London to "settle the final arrangements" for her youngest son's wedding.

Kaiser's son-in-law back at front

November 12, 1914

The Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, son-in-law to the German Emperor, Wilhelm II,  is back at the front, reports a dispatch from Bordeaux to the New York Times.  Only a few weeks ago, the Duke, who is married to Wilhelm's only daughter, Viktoria Luise, was "reported to have been wounded in action." 

The new report states that the Duke left Brunswick on November 9, and returned to the front.

Jessica and Ludwig: heading for mediation?

(Again, this post is based on Google Translate of Indonesian news stories.)

Earlier today in Jakarta, Indonesia, a judge has ordered a mediation for Indonesian celebrity, Jessica Iskandar, and  Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee.

Neither Miss Iskandar nor Hereditary Count Ludwig were in court today.  Both were represented by their lawyers.  A representative of the True Jesus Church was also present.

Ludwig has failed suit against Iskandar and the True Jesus Church on the grounds that a marriage never took place, and he wants the civil record to be expunged.

The mediation must take place within 40 days.  The judge requested that a second hearing be held in two weeks, and if there is no resolution to the issue, there will be a further trial.

Iskandar, who is also known as Jedar and Jessilicious, was apparently shooting a TV program today.  

This story is relatively big news in Indonesia,  the German media has largely ignored it, apart from small articles in Bunte and a local German newspaper.  Ludwig is not a public figure, and the German press appears not to be interested the story.

Ludwig's complaint demands the declaration of the marriages as null and void from the time of the marriage; for the True Jesus Church to abide and implement the decision; and for Miss Iskandar to pay the costs of this case.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Prince Carl weds Swedish commoner

November 10, 1954

Prince Carl Bernadotte married a Swedish commoner, Anna Margareta Lindner, in a church in a Stockholm suburb today, reports Reuters.

Prince Carl is a cousin of King Gustaf VI Adolf, and the brother of the late Queen Astrid of Belgium.  He lost his royal title in 1937 after he married a commoner, but was created a Prince by his brother-in-law, King Leopold III of the Belgians later that year.

Word 'obey' in George & Marina's ceremony

November 10, 1934

The word 'obey' will be included in the marriage ceremony for the Duke of Kent, the youngest son of King George V, and Princess Marina of Greece, at Westminster Abbey later this month, reports the New York Times.

The King and Queen and the Prince of Wales will accompany the Duke of Kent to Victoria Station on November 21 to meet Princess Marina on her return to England.  They will drive to Buckingham Palace where the Princess will stay with her parents, Prince and Princess Nicholas, until the wedding on November 29.

Former German Emperor and eldest son have crossed Dutch border


November 10, 1918

Former German Emperor Wilhelm II and his eldest son, Wilhelm, have crossed "the Dutch frontier," according to "advice from The Hague," reported by the New York Times.

Wilhelm and his party, which is said to include Field Marshal von Hindenburg, arrived at Eysden at 7:30 in the morning.

It is said that "the whole German General Staff" accompanied Wilhelm and "ten automobiles carried the party."   The cars were "bristling with rifles and all the fugitives were armed."

The former Kaiser was dressed in uniform.  He got out at the Eysden station and "paced the platform, smoking a cigarette."  A few minutes later, an imperial train pulled into the station. Only servants were aboard.

There were also reports that Wilhelm, accompanied by his wife, Auguste, Viktoria, planned to travel to Maastricht, and then to Midachten Castle, which is owned by Count Willem von Bentinck, 38,  a member of the Prussian guards.

Update: Ludwig says he was not present for wedding

I am using Google Translate to for the Indonesian articles so I am not completely sure if the translation is accurate.

In this article, the writer states that Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee is claiming that he was not present for the wedding at the True Jesus Church nor for the registration of the wedding.

The wedding certificate (registration) was signed by the bride in the presence of two witnesses, for the bride and groom. The bride's witness was her brother, Henry. The registration of the marriage took place on January 8 in a special room at the court.

Jessica could be prosecuted for this case, the journalist notes.   Henry Iskandar apparently has wedding photos on his phone, and these will be entered in as evidence in the case, according to the report.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Infanta Cristina to face tax fraud charges

Infanta Cristina of Spain may be heading to trial after a "Spanish court upheld tax fraud charges against her," reports the BBC.

The high court in Palma de Mallorca did drop the money laundering charges against the infanta, who is King Felipe V's youngest sister.

A fake marriage: Jessica and Ludwig

This story is getting intense!

Indonesian newspapers are reporting that a marriage between Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee and Indonesia celebrity Jessica Iskandar did not take place.  This information is based on a letter sent by the True Jesus Church to the court stating no ceremony was performed at their church, contrary to what had appeared in the media.

Unfortunately, the court will not allow the letter to be published in the media.  This letter, however, strengthens Hereditary Count Ludwig's claim that he did not marry Miss Iskandar, who refuses to respond to reporters' questions about the marriage.  Ludwig is suing Miss Iskandar as well as the True Jesus Church and the court, where the marriage certificate was created.

Local Jakarta authorities (Population and Civil Registration) were "apparently fooled" by documents stating that Jessica and Ludwig were married at the True Jesus Church in December 2013.

According to the following article,  on December 17, 2013,  Jessica's older brother, Henry went to the court with the required papers for the registration of a marriage, which included a letter from the True Jesus Church.  This letter stated that a marriage between Jessica and Ludwig took place on December 11, 2013.

The marriage was registered on January 8, 2014.  Again, according to the article, the registration took place in a private room, not in the registry office.  Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg was said to present for the registration, and was accompanied by two witnesses, including Henry Iskandar.

Shortly afterward, Jessica (disappeared, fled, traveled) to California, where she is said to have given birth to a son in August.  So far, no photos of Mom and baby have been released.

On June 2, the True Jesus Church sent a letter to the court, stating that no marriage took place at the church.  This was followed by Hereditary Count Ludwig filing suit on October 13th.

Another report states that Jessica was actually dating a friend of Ludwig's named Julio.   Could he be the baby-daddy?

and Jessica holding an infant ...

[This article is based on several new Indonesian articles.  I used Google Translate.]

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ludwig von Waldburg wants marriage annulled. Claims he never married Jessica

The story of the Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee and Indonesian celebrity Jessica (Yesisca) Iskandar has become a bit murkier,  after reading through the latest Indonesian news articles.

Disclaimer: I use Google translate, which turns the Indonesian articles into English (usually)

One of the more recent articles describes Ludwig as the Caucasian from Germany.  I think this article ( )  reports that Ludwig is seeking an annulment of the marriage, rather than a divorce.  There may be a question or issue regarding the validity of the marriage, which is alleged to have taken place in December 2013.

This following article states the Hereditary Count Ludwig has asked to have his marriage record removed from the civil records as well.   His lawyer will not comment on the matter.

This article states that Ludwig moved out of the apartment after the wedding.  The article also shows a photo of Jessica with a baby (but a bit older than her alleged infant son.)

According to this article, Ludwig has been living in an apartment in Karet, South Jakarta, although he had to move out after he married Jessica.  This information came from a employee of the apartment building.  "When people were making a fuss about him marrying Jessica, Ludwig moved out. Perhaps because of Jessica" said the employee.  " But actually Ludwig still wants to be here."

Ludwig is also suing the True Jesus Church, where the church's attorney said he has evidence of the wedding, and this evidence will be provided to the court.

Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg claims that he was never married, and was "shocked" by the news of the marriage, when it was published in the newspapers.

Attorneys for the True Jesus Church said they will hold a press conference tomorrow to state they will not talk about the case.  "I don't want to talk about that because the court proceeding has not yet happened. We will respond to the lawsuit.  If it's true, we'll say it's true.  It if it's not, we will say it is not true."

Not surprisingly, Jessica is being "bombarded" with questions from the press regarding the question of her marriage.  She was photographed today, accompanied by two security guards.  She is wearing a very short black and white dress and a medical mask with the word Pain.  Difficult to answer questions with a medical mask covering her mouth.

(Any clarification on the translations would be appreciated.)

Crown Prince Haakon visits Belgrade

Belgrade, November 6, 2014 – Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon  of Norway, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine visited Zemun today to attend a ceremony at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Rocco, following that they visited the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel. This ceremony was also attended by State Secretary Dilek Ayhan of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, HE Mr Nils Ragnar Kamswag, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, and great number of members of the diplomatic corps and religious representatives.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Rocco was built in 1836, on the foundations of an older chapel, and the architect was Joseph Felber, who also built the Zemun Church of Holy Trinity. The church suffered in 1990’s, but recently it was renovated thanks to the Norwegian Government and its former glory has again been fully restored.

All three photos @Crown Prince Alexander

Crown Prince Alexander expressed his delight that HRH Crown Prince Haakon is in Serbia and that they met on such wonderful occasion. "Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is the first member of the Norwegian Royal Family to visit Serbia for 40 years. I hope meetings like this will happen more often and that each future meeting will further deepen the friendship between our two countries to the benefit of both our nations.”

Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine also visited the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel in Zemun and talked to the priests who told Their Royal Highnesses about its long history

Engagement: Rood-Nicolson

Mr S.A. Rood and Miss J.V.K. Nicolson

The engagement is announced between Simon Alexander, only son of Mr and Mrs Peter Rood, of Compton Dundon, Somerset, and Juliet Victoria Katharine, younger daughter of Captain Mark and the Hon Mrs Nicolson, of Cairnbulg Castle, Fraserburgh.   Simon's mother's name is Jennifer Jane.

The Hon. Mrs. Mark Nicolson (Katharine Fraser) is the heir to her mother's Lordship (Saltoun).  Lordships are the fifth grade of the Scots Peerage system, the equal to Baron. 

Juliet was born March 3, 1988, and is a descendant of Queen Victoria through the queen's second youngest son, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught.   The Duke's youngest daughter, Princess Patricia, married Alexander Ramsay of Mar.  They had one son, Alexander Ramsay of Mar, to married the Hon. Flora Fraser, then heir presumptive to her father, the 20th Lord Saltoun.  (Flora became the heir presumptive after the death of her brother, Alexander, in 1944.)

Lady Saltoun is considered a member of the Royal Family as she is the widow of the son of a British princess (even thought that British princess chosen to stop using her title after her marriage.) 

Until Australia finalized its adoption of the new succession law,  the Royal Marriages Act remains the law, which means, Juliet might be the last person to seek approval for permission to marry.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Late Czar's funeral train to leave for St Petersburg

November 5, 1894

The train bearing the casket of the late Emperor Alexander III of Russia is expected to leave Livadia on Thursday, reports the New York Times.  The new Emperor Nicholas II and other members of the imperial family will also travel on the train.  The Prince and Princess of Wales will also accompany the family.   The train may travel via Sevastopol and not Odessa.

Earlier today, Nicholas II replied to the Senate's expressions of loyalty:  "I am assured by the feelings of devotion for me expressed by your body and have no doubt that the Senate will cooperate with me in the service of my dear country, and aid me to follow the path marked out by my ever-lamented father."

Maria Pia to wed in Portugal

November 5, 1954

Former King Umberto of Italy told a Lisbon newspaper today that the marriage of his eldest daughter, Princess Maria Pia, to Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia will take palace in February at Cascais, the seaside resort where the Italian royal family reside.

Prince Alexander is the eldest child of Prince Paul of Yugoslavia and his wife, Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark.

Further details about the wedding were not released.

Karl declines to sign armistice

November 5, 1918

Emperor Karl of Austria will not sign the armistice "offered by the Allies" because he found the conditions to be "so harsh" and "considered them so dishonorable," reports the New York Times from Copenhagen.  The report is based on a Vienna dispatch to the Berlin Tageblatt.

According to the original dispatch, Karl also declared that he "no longer wished to exercise his authority" as the Supreme Commander of the Army.  But the report denies "rumors" that Karl had abdicated and was leaving for Switzerland.

Another report, this time from Amsterdam, states that Emperor has handed over the "supreme command" of the Austro-Hungarian Army to Field Marshall Koevess.  The transfer took place on November 2.

Embed from Getty Images 

Reports from Vienna to Berlin state that last Saturday the Castle Guard "mutinied and rushed to the fates of the castle," shouting "We don't want an Emperor."   Austrian officers were able to persuade some of the guards to return to their posts, but others "disappeared."

Wilhelm and Henry no longer honorary admirals

November 5, 1914

It was bound to happen.  The New York Times is reporting that Kaiser Wilhelm II and his brother, Prince Henry, have been "removed from the ranks of honorary Admirals of the British fleet."

Their names are not included in the November navy list, which was just released.

Bavarian regent is ill

November 5, 1904

The Prince Regent of Bavaria is "seriously ill," reports the New York Times by special cable.   Reports of the Prince's health have been rumored for some time, but it has been "officially admitted" that the Prince Regent is not well.

The Grand Duke of Baden is also said to be in "bad health."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prince George's wedding to cost at least $50,000

November 4, 1934

Prince George, the youngest son of King George V, and Princess Marina of Greece, are in the finals weeks of preparation for their wedding at Westminster Abbey on November 28.

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports that the preparations "not only cost the king a lot of extra work, but a large sum of money."  King George is expected to "dig down in his pocked for about $50,000," to cover the expense of the wedding.

This amount will meet only the "bare expenses," and does not include Queen Mary's dresses for the wedding or the other official receptions.  Nor does it include the wedding gifts that the king and queen will give to their son and new daughter-in-law.

They are expected to bestow on the newly weds, "an entire household equipment of cutlery and table linen besides magnificent sets of jewels to be worn in court by the bride."

The sum set aside by the king will cover the following:

* $6500 for "extra rations of rum and gin" for the Navy to drink to Prince George's health on "the eve of wedding."   There will also be champagne for the officers of "the regiments on duty at the wedding," and beer for the soldiers.

* $7500 for stands at Westminster Abbey.  2000 guests have been invited.  Money "will be saved on floral decorations" as the Abbey does not permit cut flowers "with the exception of two vases of lilies."

$250  ringing of "full peal of bells."

$200 for red carpets, candles and awnings.

$25,000 for  three receptions to "view wedding presents, grants and toasts to tenants on royal estates" and the wedding breakfast,

$7,000  for six to seven wedding cakes.  A Scottish firm will bake the cake that will be cut by the bride and groom.  It is the same firm that baked the wedding cake for the wedding 41 years ago of the then Duke and Duchess of York.

$10,000 for postage of invitations and thank you letters, among other incidentals
Prince George is expected to give a donation to the Abbey "to commemorate his wedding." 

French princes find Chicago "slangy"

November 4, 1904

Princes Luiz and Antoino of Orleans, sons of Prince Gaston, Count of Eu, and Princess Isabel of Braganza, daughter of the late Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, returned to New York after traveling throughout the United States, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

They have been in the country for about three months, and have visited Boston, Lenox, Newport, Chicago, St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Prince Luiz said: "Chicago is a big, bustling city. We were there for the horse show and a fine show it was, too."   Prince Antoine added: "Yes, we saw there the American harness horse on his native heath.  He is a fine animal. You know we have been exporting American harness horses to Austria for the trotting races.  The American style is a feature of our sport."

But Louis added that "we found it hard getting on in Chicago. Somehow we couldn't well understand the vernacular, that is the vernacular of the streets, cars and hotels. They use so many Americanisms there - what you call slang, we call patois  - we could not understand it. They are difficult, your Americanisms.

"We have had a fine time and we have been treated handsomely by your people. You Americans are so cordial, no courteous, so hospitable.

"America is a great country. There is one thing that surprised us most agreeably. We had heard before coming here that almost everything was frightfully expensive in America, but we have found it quite the contrary.  Generally speaking, we had to pay no more for the same things at our home in Vienna, Paris, or in London -- except for cabs -- your cab tariff does seem high to Europeans.

"Take your theaters, for example. It costs practically the same to occupy a seat in the orchestra here that it does in Paris, Vienna and London.  The New York theaters are about the same as those of London, much finer than those of Paris, but not nearly so roomy as those of Vienna.  A man can get much more of what you call elbow room in a Vienna theater than he can in a playhouse in New York, but I realize land is not so dear in Vienna as it is here.

"As for the performances, we saw nothing anywhere in Europe so delightfully light and amusing as we found in New York.  We go in for heavier things on the other side.  If Europe wants to be amused it must come to the states and go to the theater. And American stage girls - why, there is none in all Europe to compare with them.

"We went from here to Lenox and had a delightful, quiet time. It is a beautiful country, that, and we shall always remember its beauties. We were late for the Newport season, but we enjoyed ourselves there.

"We saw at the St. Louis exposition about what we saw in Paris two years ago. But the electric light effects are wonderful. At evening, when one looks down from the big wheel upon the exposition grounds it is like looking at a fairy city just coming out of the mist.  That is beautiful and worth the trip over the ocean to see.

"In Philadelphia, we were delightfully entertained. That is a fine, quiet, and beautiful old city, and the people were charming."

Prince Luiz is 26-years-old and Prince Antonio is 23.  Their older brother, Prince Pedro d'Alcantara, is the heir, after his mother, the Princess Imperial, to the former throne of Brazil.