Thursday, November 6, 2014

Engagement: Rood-Nicolson

Mr S.A. Rood and Miss J.V.K. Nicolson

The engagement is announced between Simon Alexander, only son of Mr and Mrs Peter Rood, of Compton Dundon, Somerset, and Juliet Victoria Katharine, younger daughter of Captain Mark and the Hon Mrs Nicolson, of Cairnbulg Castle, Fraserburgh.   Simon's mother's name is Jennifer Jane.

The Hon. Mrs. Mark Nicolson (Katharine Fraser) is the heir to her mother's Lordship (Saltoun).  Lordships are the fifth grade of the Scots Peerage system, the equal to Baron. 

Juliet was born March 3, 1988, and is a descendant of Queen Victoria through the queen's second youngest son, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught.   The Duke's youngest daughter, Princess Patricia, married Alexander Ramsay of Mar.  They had one son, Alexander Ramsay of Mar, to married the Hon. Flora Fraser, then heir presumptive to her father, the 20th Lord Saltoun.  (Flora became the heir presumptive after the death of her brother, Alexander, in 1944.)

Lady Saltoun is considered a member of the Royal Family as she is the widow of the son of a British princess (even thought that British princess chosen to stop using her title after her marriage.) 

Until Australia finalized its adoption of the new succession law,  the Royal Marriages Act remains the law, which means, Juliet might be the last person to seek approval for permission to marry.


2 comments: said...

Australia is in no hurry to adopt the new succession laws as it see it that the Duke of Cambridge has a first born son. So it wont make much difference either way.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

It is just one state that is in the final stages. Well it does make a difference to girls born after a certain time. It also affects those who married Catholics and the RMA.