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Princess Royal's illness is causing alarm

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September 30, 1929

The health of Princess Louise, the Duchess of Fife, eldest sister of King George V, is "causing some concern," reports the Associated Press.

A bulletin was issued earlier today.  "The Princess Royal had a slight gastric hemorrhage yesterday. Her Royal Highness passed a restful night but the condition of her heart causes some anxiety."

The Princess Royal is 62 years old, just two years younger than King George.  She was created Princess Royal in 1905 by her father King Edward VII.

She suffered from a "chill several days ago" which has "developed into gastric trouble with hemorrhage."   In 1925, she suffered from a similar ailment but recovered "in a comparatively short time" after receiving a blood tranfusion.

The Princess Royal is the widow of the Duke of Fife, who died in 1912.  She has two daughters, Alexandra, who is married to Prince Arthur of Connaught, and Maud, the wife the Lord Carnegie.

Alexandra, who succeeded her father, as the 2nd Duchess of Fife, is styled as RH Princess Arthur of Connaught.  Her younger sister, is Lady Maud Carnegie.  Her husband is the heir to the earl of Southesk.

The Princess is resting at her home in Braemar.

Grand Duchess Charlotte happy with vote

September 29, 1919

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg sat down earlier today with a correspondent from the Associated Press where she said that she was pleased with the result.

Luxembourg citizens voted to retain the monarchy and have an economic alliance with Belgium or France.  The vote was in favor of establishing a relationship with France.

"I am sure the people voted for me because it was the surest way to preserve the independence of the country,"  the Grand Duchess said as she "sat in the Grand Ducal Palace awaiting the returns from the plebiscite." Early returns showed that the Grand Duchess would remain as sovereign of the Grand Duchy.

"It is not for myself that I hope for I do not like politics.  In politics there is so much that is false."

She told the reporter that she considered resigning and noted that the success of the referendum, which she said "was the first time any monarch had placed a dynasty in legal jeopardy."

"I was willing to do it because it seemed to be the right thing to do.  Being a ruler is very interesting, but without the responsibility life would be much freer and quieter."

It was noted that at the end of the first day of the counting of the ballots more than 80,000 votes had been cast, "representing two-thirds of the electorate."  Counting will be continue for several more days.

It is "unofficially reported" that more women than men voted in the election.

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Lord Harewood marries Miss Stein

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 September 29, 1949

The Earl of Harewood and Miss Marion Stein were married this afternoon at St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street, in London, reports the New York Times.

More than 10,000 people lined the "streets and squares between the church and Buckingham and St. James's Palace," hoping for a glimpse of the royal family and the newlyweds.

The 26-year-old Earl of Harewood is the nephew of King George VI.  He is the elder of two sons of Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, King George's only sister.  He succeeded to the earldom two years ago following the death of his father.  Austrian-born Miss Stein is 22 years old.

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The ceremony was attended by all the members of the Royal Family with the exception of the groom's grandmother, Queen Mary.  She did attend the reception at St. James's Palace, where the Earl and Countess of Harewood will have an apartment after they return from their honeymoon in France and Italy.

Miss Stein is the daughter of Erwin Stein, who came from Vienna to England before the war.  Mr. Stein is a member of "music publishing concern in London."

She wore a "silver brocade dress with a sweeping train and a white veil edged with lace, given her by Princess Mary. "  A wreath "of tiny white gardenias encircled her head."   The Associated Press described the new Countess' gown as a "white French gown patterned with silver sprays.  A scimitar-shaped diamond brooch flashed at her breast."

A "wreath of tiny white gardenias encircled her head."   Miss Stein was given away by her father.   Lord Harewood's best man was his younger brother, the Hon. Gerald Lascelles.

Nine hundred guests were invited to the wedding, including King George VI,  Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Margaret, all of whom sat in the front row.  Other guests included staff from the 2000 acres Harewood House estate near Leeds, the actor Douglas Fairbanks and his wife and the recently engaged Marquess of Milford Haven, who is expected to marry American divorcee, Romaine Simpson in November.

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Lord Milford Haven attended the wedding without his fiance, as Mrs. Simpson was not invited. Her spokesman, Frank Shaw, told the press that "no slight was intended."  He explained that the "engagement was announced only Wednesday."  The invitations to the wedding had been sent out some weeks earlier.

"A last minute invitation was considered," Mr. Shaw explained,  "but as "Mrs. Simpson has not been presented at court it was thought her presence at the wedding might be a source of embarrassment both to her and to members of the royal family whom she would meet."

After their reception,  Lord and Lady Harewood left St. James's Palace in a dark blue Rolls Royce for Northolt Airport for their flight to Paris.  Lord Harewood had changed from his morning suit to a "light gray lounge suit."  The new countess wore a "pleated dress, bolero jacket and "off-the-face hat in ice blue, accessories in burgundy and a pearl necklace."

Lord Harewood told the press, who were waiting at the airport.  "We had a very exciting day."

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King George VI Blesses Milford Haven marriage

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September 28, 1949

King George VI has given his blessing to the marriage of the Marquess of Milford Haven to Mrs Romaine Simpson, a Washington, D.C., divorcee, reports United Press.

Fran Shaw, a press agent, issued a "Hollywood-style" press release announcing Lord Milford Haven's engagement.  Milford Haven wrote to the King, to "inform him of intentions and that the King had sent his 'best wishes' late today.

Lord Milford Haven's mother, the Marchioness of Milford Haven, who is in Cannes, France, issued a statement as well, saying she "approved entirely" of her son's engagement to Mrs. Simpson.  Lady Milford Haven described her future daughter in law as a "charming woman."

Lord Milford Haven, a first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh, and his fiancee, met with the press at Claridge's Hotel.    He said he wrote to the King "as a matter of courtesy" although he is "so far removed from possible succession to the Crown: and he was not subject to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772.

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He wrote to the King "a short time ago."   Lord Milford Haven, who sells electric heaters, says "it will be a big wedding."

The ceremony is expected to take place at the Washington, D.C., home of Mrs. Simpson's mother, at the end of the November.   He added that "the best man will be British and there will be several maids of honor."

He was asked if the Duke of Edinburgh would be the best man, as Lord Milford Haven served as best man when Philip married Princess Elizabeth in November 1948.

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"I don't see how he could make it, but anyhow best men usually are bachelors.

Mrs. Simpson, 26 and the mother of an 18-month-old daughter, told the press: "I am very much in love with David.  It was probably love at first sight but I can't remember,  This husband is definitely for keeps."

She said they had met in London in May and had "four dates in a row." In July she visited Milford Haven's mother in Cannes.  The formal proposal came shortly afterward.

Neither could "remember when it was."

However, her third finger was still bare as Mrs Simpson comment: "Still looking for a ring, aren't we David?

Mrs. Simpson was also asked if she "expected" to meet the King and Queen before she returned to the United States. "No, I am a little nervous about it."
She added that she had met the Duke of Edinburgh last week.

"In a night club?" one reporter asked.

"Not all things happen in a night club," she answered.

Mrs. Simpson said she would live in Britain but would retain her American citizenship.

"Once an American, always an American."
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The Marquess interjected:  I am glad to be settling down. And I am glad I am marrying an American. I have always admired them."

Mrs.  Simpson was also asked if she would be bringing her young daughter, Gwendolyn, with her.  "Oh, let's leave her out of it.  All that's not settled."

Lord Milford Haven did not expect that members of the royal family will attend his wedding..  "My own relatives will find it very difficult with the dollar problem,"

Mrs. Simpson has not made her decision on bridesmaids.  She is Episcopalian and the Marquess is a member of the Church of England.

She was married in 1946 to William Simpson, a Chicago department store executive.  They were divorced last year in Reno.

"I'm comfortably off. I have an independent income.:  She added that she received a "very small" amount of alimony for her first husband.

They were also asked if they wanted children.  The tall divorcee responded:  Well, I like children."

The Marquess chuckled:  "That's looking a bit far ahead -- after all, we're not married yet."

The conservative Times of London has not reported on the engagement , part from Lord Milford Haven's paid engagement announcement.  This is seen as a "snub of their relationship due to the apparent "disdain, which court circles feel towards the engagement of the marquis to a Reno divorcee."

One well-informed court source said: "I have never known this to happen before. The news of a forthcoming marriage involving a member of the royal family or even a titled family has always been either inserted in the court circular or high up in the news columns."

It is unlikely that any member of the royal family will attend the wedding.

David Michael, the 3rd Marquess of  Milford Haven, 30, is the son of George, the late 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven and Countess Nada Torby, a daughter of the late Grand Duke Michael of Russia.  His paternal grandmother is Victoria,  Marchioness of Milford Haven, is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  She lives at Kensington Palace.

Grand Duchess Charlotte wins plebiscite

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

September 28, 1919

Grand Duchess Charlotte will be remain as sovereign of the tiny Duchy of Luxembourg thanks to a plebiscite, where citizens voted in favor of the retaining the monarchy and an economic alliance with France.

According to the New York Times report, "women, old and young, notwithstanding the heavy early morning rain, went to the polls and voted with the men.:

it is believed that the women cast the "deciding vote" in favor of retaining Grand Duchess Charlotte, who "paved the way for woman suffrage in Luxembourg."

The Luxembourg voters preferred an economic alliance with France rather than Belgium as France could provide coal for Luxembourg's iron industry.

Luxembourg's Premier Emile Reuter  predicted that voters preferred the status quo and vote to retain the monarchy.

 "There is no doubt that the people will vote for Grand Duchess Charioteer as the only means of conserving national independence."

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Just added to my collection

This card commemorates the marriage of Duke Ernst Gunther of Schleswig-Holstein and Princess Dorothea of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.  The Duke was the brother of Empress Auguste Viktoria of Germany, consort of Wilhelm II.  The marriage took place at Coburg on August 2, 1898

Gottfried, 8th Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1897-1960), was the eldest son of Princess Alexandra of Edinburgh, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and Ernst, 7th Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg of Sweden and their daughters, Crown Princess Martha of Norway, Princess Margaretha of Denmark and Queen Astrid of Belgium

the engagement photo of Princess Sybilla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Hereditary Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, parents of the present King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf

Crown Princess Margaret of Sweden and her sister, Princess Patricia of Connaught.

Sibilla and Guillaume

The wedding and 20th anniversary of TRH Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg.

Princess Beatrice engaged

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hungarian royalists want Otto as King

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September 25, 1919

Hungarian royalists have plans to restore the monarchy in Hungary with Archduke Otto, the eldest son of the former Emperor Karl, as King, according to a Budapest dispatch to an Innsbruck newspaper, reports the New York Times.

Archduke Otto will celebrate his seventh birthday on November 20.   The royalists want the former emperor to be the regent for Otto until his reaches his majority.

Former Emperor Karl and his family are said to be living quietly in a chateau in Prangins, Switzerland, near Lake Geneva.

Abruzzi denies reports about Miss Elkins

September 25, 1909

A close friend of the Duke of the Abruzzi has told the New York Times that the "Prince wishes to have it pointed out that, contrary to what newspapers have reported, after his arrival from the Himalaya expedition, he did not go to meet the King at Gaeta, nor he did assist at the naval manoeuvres, nor was he appointed a Rear Admiral, nor, finally, did he go to Paris or elsewhere to meet Miss Katherine Elkins."

The source also told the reporter that the Duke did sent a "voluminous report" to the Italian King, but it is "asserted" that his writings did not "deal entirely" with his expedition but he had a lot to say on a "tenderer topic, the central figure of which hails from the other side of the ocean."

The Duke has "set forth his last arguments" and he now awaits a response from his cousin, King Vittorio Emanuele."

Cuteness overload - Little Archie

Went to bed last night celebrating the Nationals' win, clinching a wildcard spot in the postseason.    I woke up to cuteness overload with new photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their infant son, Archie, meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter,  Thandeka.

The royal couple is in South Africa for an official visit.

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A silver wedding Sibilla Weiller and Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the marriage of TRH Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg.

Prince Guillaume, the youngest son of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte, married Sibilla Weiller, the eldest child of French billionaire Paul-Annick Weiller and his wife,  Donna Olimpia Torlonia di Civitella-Cesi, at the St Louis Cathedral at Versailles.

Sibilla is a granddaughter of Infanta Beatriz of Spain and a great-granddaughter of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain.

This was the first marriage between a descendant of  Queen Victoria and a member of the Luxembourg Grand Ducal family. 

The couple has four children:  Prince Paul Louis, Prince Leopold, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Jean.

I have met the Prince and Princess on several occasions including King Michael of Romania's 90th birthday celebrations ... a very lovely couple.

[The original 3 wedding photos from Getty that I used on this post 2 years ago are no longer available.]

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Prince Sixtus to marry

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September 23, 1919

The engagement of Hedwige de la Rochefoucauld, daughter of the Duke of Doudeauville, and Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma,  was announced earlier today in Paris, reports the New York Times.

Prince Sixtus is said to be the favorite  brother of former Empress Zita of Austria.  He was able to maintain a close relationship with his sister even though he served with the Belgian army during the recent world war.   He is also highly regarded by his brother-in-law, the former Emperor Karl.

Sixtus was born in 1886 and is six years older than his sister, Zita.  He and his brother,  Prince Xavier, served in with the Belgian Army and both received the War Cross from French President Poincaré.   He is the eldest son of the late Duke Roberto I of Parma, by his second wife, Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal.

Hedwige Francoise Louise Marie  de  la Rochefoucauld  was born at Paris on February 15, 1896.  Her mother is Princess Louise Radziwill, who is the eldest daughter  of Prince Constantine Radziwill and Louise Blanc, eldest daughter  of the late Francois Blanc and his second wife, Marie Charlotte Hensel.

Hedwige is a great-great-granddaughter of Prince Antoni Radziwill and Princess Louise of Prussia.  Her mother's first cousin is Princess Marie Bonaparte (the daughter of Marie-Felix Blanc and Prince Roland Bonaparte), who is the wife of Prince George of Greece.    Francois Blanc was a French businessman who established the casino at Monte Carlo.

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A glimpse from my collection

Duchess Cecilie and Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

This was an image published at the time of Cecilie's engagement to Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia

Grand Duchess Anastasia Milkhailovna of Russia, widow of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz III

Grand Duchess Marie, third wife of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II

A few images of members of the Grand Ducal House of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Oh no, another Mrs. Simpson?

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 September 17. 1949

Former Washington, D.C., native,  Romaine Simpson is reported to be engaged to David, the 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven reports the Associated Press.

Lord Milford Haven, a great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria, is a first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh, and served as Philip's best man at his wedding to Princess Elizabeth, nearly two years ago.

The 30-year-old Marquess has been one of Princess Margaret's "favorite dates," during the last year.  He is an enthusiast of nightclubs in London and in the United States and has also dated women in London and in the United States, Sharman Douglas, the daughter of the American Ambassador Lewis Douglas.

Romaine Simpson, 27, is the daughter of the late Vinton Dahlgren Pierce of Washington, D.C.  Her first marriage to William Simpson of Locust Valley, New York, ended in divorce in 1946 in Reno,  Nevada.

King Edward VIII gave up the throne in 1936 to marry the woman he loved, Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson, from Baltimore, Maryland.

The Church of England "frowns" on remarriages of divorced persons.   The Daily Mail contacted Lord Milford Haven "before he pulled the shutter down on the press."  The London newspaper said the marquess would neither decline nor affirm that he and Mrs. Simpson are engaged although he did acknowledge that they had their picture taken together by society photographer Baron Nairum.

Nerium's secretary refused to provide the photographs, stating that the images will be released when the engagement is official.

Mrs. Simpson, a "curvesome and smartly dressed brunette," moved to London from Paris a few days ago.

Her mother, Mrs. Clark McIlwaine, who lives on Connecticut Avenue, NW, told reporters she had "no comments" about the purported engagement.

Mrs. Simpson is staying at the "fashionable" Claridge's Hotel, where it was learned that she is "out" to callers.  A servant at Lord Milford Haven's home at Kensington Palace stated that "his lordship is away."

For the past year, Lord Milford Haven has been "commuting" between England and the United States as a "salesman for a British oil heater firm."

Embed from Getty Images
Lord Milford Haven is the second of two children of the late George, the 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven and Countess Nada Torby.  He succeeded his father in 1938.   His grandmother, Victoria, the Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, lives in an apartment at Kensington Palace.

Countess Szechenyi returns home

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 September 17, 1919

Countess Szechenyi returned to the United States today after spending five years in Hungary.  She and her four children were among the passengers who traveled from Genoa on the Italian liner Pesaro, reports the New York Times.

The former Gladys Vanderbilt and her children, Cornelius,10; Alice, 8; Claudia, 6 and 10-month old Sylvia, were met at the pier by her brother, Reginald Vanderbilt, her sister, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, "who embraced her affectionately," and Mrs. Spencer Aldrich.

The Countess, who was "dressed in a dark blue tailor-made costume with a black hat,"  was delighted to be back in "the land of her birth," but was reluctant to talk about the war.

"I do not wish to speak about what has happened to me during the five years that I have been in Hungary or anything connected with the war.  All I care to say is that I am glad to be back in the United States and to greet my relatives on this side of the Atlantic."

She added that her husband, Count Laszlo, is currently in Lucerne, Switzerland.  After having lunch with her brother, Reginald  Vanderbilt at the Ritz-Carlton, she and her children would be leaving for Newport.

Gladys married the Hungarian count in January 1908.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mail call from Belgium

The mailman brought this thank you card today -- cannot believe Prince Gabriel is sweet sixteen.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mail call from Luxembourg

I received this thank you from Grand Duke Henri, but put it in a pile as my scanner was not working ...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Mail call

A thank you card from the Prince and Princess of Isenburg.  On August 8, the Princess gave birth to a son, Hereditary Prince Franz Salvator Ferdinand Bonifatius Wilhem Maria. 

Franz Salvator has two older sisters, Princess  Alix Imagina Blanca Irmingard Maria (2015) and Princess  Zita Maria Immaculata Elisabeth Irina  (2017).

The family live at Schloss Birstein.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Archduchess Elisabeth marries Heinrich Karl of Liechtenstein

September 12, 1949

Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria married Prince Heinrich Karl of Liechtenstein ceremonies today, reports the Associated Press.

The 27-year-old Archduchess is the eighth and youngest child of the late Austrian Emperor Karl and his wife, Empress Zita.  Elisabeth was born nearly two months after the death of her father on April 1, 1922, from pneumonia.  Prince Heinrich, 33 is the son of Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein and Princess Theresa of Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Wallerstein

The couple had three separate ceremonies.  The first ceremony took place last night at the Chateau Lignieres. This was the family statue ceremony that members of the Austrian imperial family take part in to show that their marriage is "within their rank.

Before the fall of the Hapsburg empire, the ceremony was directed by the Grand Marshal at the palace in Vienna.  Last night's ceremony was performed by Count Karl Esterhazy, who acted as the grand marshal.  The bride's oldest brother, Archduke Otto, who is the head of the imperial family, signed for the Habsburgs, and Prince Josef, the sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein, signed on behalf of Liechtenstein.

The mayor of Lignieres, who is also the town's pharmacist,  presided at the civil ceremony which would place this morning.

The Roman Catholic service was held at the church at the  Château de Lignières, The religious ceremony "revived for the moment the formal protocol and glory of the ancient court of the Habsburgs.

The Château de Lignières is owned by the bride's maternal uncle, Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma.

For most of the second world war,  Elisabeth and her family lived for a few months in New York State before settling in Quebec.  She was born at El Pardo in Madrid after King Alfonso XIII invited the newly widowed Zita and her children to live in Spain.

The newlyweds will live at Schloss Waldstein in Steiermark.

and we have a name

@Royal Palace

Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta's new son has been named Maximilian.

I expect he will receive at least one more name at his baptism.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mail Call

In the mail today ...  a thank you from King Albert II and Queen Paola for their 60th wedding anniversary - a lovely family photo showing the retired king and queen with their children, grandchildren and great-granddaughter, Anna Astrid.  Princess Elisabetta was pregnant with her second child, who was born a few days ago.

The second card is a thank you card from Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, who were married on May 18.  Alexandra is the niece of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Prince Heinrich of Croy to marry Joana de Sotto-Mayor

HSH Prince Heinrich of Croy is engaged to marry Joana de Sotto-Mayor.  The engagement took place at Kjerag, Norway, while the couple were on vacation.

Prince  Heinrich Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croy is the fourth of six children of  HSH Rudolf Carl Rupprecht, Duke von Croy and his late wife,  Alexandra Miloradovich.

He has a master's degrees  in Rural Estate Manage from the Royal Agricultural University in Circencester  and International Marketing from the Hult International Business School and a BA in Business Studies from Vesalius College.

Maria Joana de Sotto-Mayor is an atelier and artist.  Miss de Sotto-Mayor  has masters of Art in History of Art and Art-World Practice from Christie's and Glasgow University.  She is fluent in five languages.  Portuguese is her mother tongue.

Heinrich's paternal grandmother was HRH Princess Gabriele of Bavaria, fifth child of HRH Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and HRH Princess Antonia of Luxembourg.  One paternal great-grandmother -- the mother of Heinrich's grandfather,  HSH Carl, the Duke of Croy - was American.  Nancy Leishman, daughter of John Leishman and Julia Crawford.  Leishman served as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany (1911-1913).

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Duke to meet Miss Elkins in Paris

September 10, 1909

The Duke of the Abruzzi is expected to meet with Miss Katherine Elkins in Paris tomorrow, reports the Los Angeles Times.  Miss Elkins, the daughter of West Virginia Senator Stephen Elkins, has already arrived in Paris with members of her family, including her mother, and her brother Stephen Elkins, Jr., who arrived earlier today from Biarritz.

Mr. Elkins is staying at the Ritz while his sister is across the street at the Hotel du Rhin with her mother.  She is "denying herself to all callers."

The Duke is said to be en route from Naples to Marseilles although "great secrecy attends his movements."  Italian embassy officials are denying all knowledge of the Duke's presence or his plans.  There is an attempt to "make light of the romance between the American girl and the cousin of Italy's King."

Miss Elkins has been in Europe with her mother for the entire summer.  It has been largely assumed that she has been waiting for the Duke to return to Europe from his expeditions to the Himalayas.

There re rumors that the couple will marry secretly in Paris at the American or Italian embassy.   These reports are being denied, but it is understood that the "love-crossed couple" will meet in secret after the Duke arrives in Paris.

It is also believed that the Duke may have found  a way to overcome King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Margherita's opposition to the marriage.

Prince Luigi Amedeo of Italy, Duke of the Abruzzi, is the third son of Prince Amedeo of Italy, Duke Aosta, and his first wife, Maria Vittorio dal Pozzo.  Amedeo briefly reigned as King of Spain (1870-1873).  Prince Luigi, a noted noted expolorer, is the younger brother of Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta, who is married to Princess Helene of Orléans.

King Umberto I bestowed the Abruzzi dukedom on Prince Luigi in 1890.

A new video from the singer Mafalda (HRH Princess Mafalda of Bulgaria)

Embed from Getty Images
The singer Mafalda has released the video to her new song, Daisy Chain.

Embed from Getty Images

I normally do not promote singers.  Mafalda is a princess.  HRH Princess Mafalda of Bulgaria, the daughter of HRH Prince Kyril of Bulgaria and Rosario Nadal.   She is a granddaughter of King Simeon and Queen Margarita.

  Embed from Getty Images

HRH Princess Andrew of Prussia (1947-2019)

Alexandra Blahova  was born at Brno, Czechoslovakia  on December 28 December, 1947, daughter of Frantisek Blaha and Vlasta Dokoupilova.  Her first marriage to Tom Alsbett ended in divorce in 1979.

After her divorce , Alexandra married  HRH Prince William Andrew of Prussia, the second son of HRH Prince Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Christoph of Prussia  and Lady Brigid Katherine Rachel Guinness, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh.  The wedding took place quietly on January 2, 1979 in London.

The Princess is survived by her husband, Prince Andrew, their two children,  Tatiana, an architect, who is married to the writer Philip Womack, and Alexander and one grandchild, Arthur Womack.

She lived with her husband at Thorpe Hall at Horham, Suffolk.

[The male line descendants of the late Prince Friedrich of Prussia are British citizens and use the surname von Preussen. ]

Monday, September 9, 2019

A selection of Swedish postcards

 These images come from my personal royal postcard collection.

King Gustav V (1858-1950) m Princess Victoria of Baden (1862-1930) in 1881.  Three sons, King Gustav VI, Prince Wilhelm and Prince Erik

Prince Wilhelm,Duke of Södermanland (1884-1965) m Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1890-1958) in 1908. They divorced in 1914.  One son, Lennart (1909-2004)

Prince Oscar of Sweden (1859-1953), second son of Oscar II, married in 1888 to Ebba Munck af Fulkila (1858-1948).  This marriage was without the king's consent.  Ebba had served as Victoria's lady-in-waiting.  Oscar was created Prince Bernadotte by his uncle, Grand Duke Adolph of Luxembourg in 1892.

Prince Erik, Duke of Västmanland (1889-1918), the youngest son of King Gustav V and Queen Victoria.  He suffered from epilepsy and learning disabilities.  

Prince Eugen, Duke of Närke (1865-1947) was the youngest of four sons of King Oscar II.  He never married,  Prince Eugen was a gifted artist.

Prince Eugen's home, Waldemarsudde, is now a museum and open to the public.

Scroll down to see photos of my visit to Waldemarsudde in 2017.