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Charlotte of Monaco "moves to avert republic"

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 September 6, 1929

Princess Charlotte of Monaco has intervened between her father, Prince Louis, "and his subjects who are threatening to revolt and proclaim a republic next month," reports the New York Times.

The Princess is in Monaco "not as an emissary bit in an independent effort to bring about a settlement."  She listened to the complains and "amid cheers of the population," she left Monte Carlo with a promise to "secure redress for the grievances of the little principality."

She conferred for several hours with Monte Carlo's mayor and other government officials.  The mayor, Eugene Marquet, made it clear to the princess that the citizens of Monaco "were serious in their intent to revolt if their claims were not satisfied with another month."

The mayor was adamant that Monaco would become a republic under a French protectorate and the "princely authority" would be ended by a vote in Parliament.

The primary issue centers on the management of the Casino in Monte Carlo and its revenues.   Monaco's citizens are demanding that the Casino's management board be exclusively to the country's residents.   They are also demanding full transparency from the government to the Casino's earnings.

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    They also want the government to "immediately install public water, gas and electricity services" throughout the city.  At this time, the public services are limited to a small area that includes hotels and the shops.

    Princess Charlotte made it clear that she was not "authorized to make a promise," but she insisted that a "satisfactory agreement" would be reached.  After she left the palace, where a small crowd had gathered to cheer as she left for the station.  She left for Marseilles and was expected to meet with Prince Louis to further discuss the situation.

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    The Princess, who will celebrate her 31st birthday on September 30, is the heiress to the Monegasque throne.  She is the natural daughter of Prince Louis and Marie Juliette Louvet, a singer.  Prince Louis has no legitimate issue.  In order to avoid a possible succession crisis as the next legitimate heir, Prince Wilhelm, 2nd Duke of Urach, was German.  The Duke, the son of Princess Florestine of Monaco, was born and raised in the principality, but was a German citizen. 

    Charlotte was recognized as Louis's daughter on May 15, 1911 and recognized as as a dynast.   Seven year later, on October 30, 1918,  Charlotte was adopted into the family, as the 1911 law was considered invalid under the family statues (1882.)

    Prince Louis officially adopted Charlotte on May 16, 1919. She became a Grimaldi and she received the title, Duchess of Valentinois, which acknowledged her position as second in line to the throne.  Prince Louis succeeded his father, Prince Albert in 1922, thus moving Charlotte into the position as Hereditary Princess.

    In 1920,  Prince Louis arranged for Charlotte to marry Count Pierre de Polignac.  Prince Albert issued an ordinance allowing for the Count to have the surname Grimaldi and the title Prince of Monaco.    The couple have two young children: Princess Antoinette, 8, and six-year-old Prince Rainier.

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