Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Prince Heinrich of Croy to marry Joana de Sotto-Mayor

HSH Prince Heinrich of Croy is engaged to marry Joana de Sotto-Mayor.  The engagement took place at Kjerag, Norway, while the couple were on vacation.

Prince  Heinrich Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria of Croy is the fourth of six children of  HSH Rudolf Carl Rupprecht, Duke von Croy and his late wife,  Alexandra Miloradovich.

He has a master's degrees  in Rural Estate Manage from the Royal Agricultural University in Circencester  and International Marketing from the Hult International Business School and a BA in Business Studies from Vesalius College.

Maria Joana de Sotto-Mayor is an atelier and artist.  Miss de Sotto-Mayor  has masters of Art in History of Art and Art-World Practice from Christie's and Glasgow University.  She is fluent in five languages.  Portuguese is her mother tongue.

Heinrich's paternal grandmother was HRH Princess Gabriele of Bavaria, fifth child of HRH Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and HRH Princess Antonia of Luxembourg.  One paternal great-grandmother -- the mother of Heinrich's grandfather,  HSH Carl, the Duke of Croy - was American.  Nancy Leishman, daughter of John Leishman and Julia Crawford.  Leishman served as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany (1911-1913).

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