Thursday, June 30, 2022

New information on Paul Lambrino's arrest in Paris

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Paul Lambrino (aka Paul al Romanei) is in jail awaiting a decision to extradite him to Romania.  This decision, which can take about two months, will be made by the Paris Court of Appeal.   He was found by French police after visiting the same cafe in the 9th arrondissement in Paris for a month.  He was spotted wearing a mask although French's anti-Covid mask mandate is no longer mandatory.

It is understood that someone called the police as they thought Lambrino's "behavior in the cafe was suspicious."  The police detained Lambrino as he left the cafe.

Laurence Auer, the French Ambassador to Romania, told the press yesterday that Lambrino was caught "following the cooperation between the Romanian and French police."

In  December 2020, after he was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months for influence peddling, money laundering, and bribery,  Lambrino fled Romania.  When police arrived at his home to take him to jail, they learned he was no longer there.  He was placed under international surveillance shortly afterward.

Day 4 - June 3 - St.Paul's Cathedral



It was a rinse and repeat of the day before.  The alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m.  Get dressed, and walk to the St. James's Overground stop, which is a few minutes closer to my Air BnB. The train's final stop is Liverpool Street, where I got on the Central Line to St.  Paul's.

Before leaving I text Ed.  He is already in a cab to St Paul's.   We were in the same area where I stood in 2016 for Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday Thanksgiving Service.  Decent view of the stairs, better for departures than arrivals.

The supermarket with the loo is gone, but there is a Starbucks nearby.  Their staff was kind to allow people to use their facilities.

Much to my surprise, photographer Paul Ratliffe, a Twitter friend was standing near me.  I would have loved to have spent more time with him.

Because of the protests at the Trooping, there was a heightened police presence, as the City of London police were assisted by the Met police.  

Officer, please could you move a little to the right ... thanks.

Due to her mobility issues, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the service.  Her first cousins. the Duke of Kent, and Princess Alexandra,  arrived at a separate entrance because neither of them are able to walk up the main stairs to the cathedral.  

We watched the arrival of the bands, religious leaders,  Commonwealth armed forces, former prime minister, and the current Prime Minister who was booed when he arrived and when he left.   Someone also shouted, "resign."

I also want to clarify that, yes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were booed when they arrived.  I heard boos to the left of me and I expect there were boos from others in the crowd as well. There were also cheers when they walked up the stairs.   It was impossible to hear if people were cheering or booing when they departed as the church bells were ringing.

We were unable to see the service, however.   The crowds were again at least 12 deep   As we started to leave. Ed spotted Omid Scobie.  I took a few photos.  We walked to the tube stop as we were heading to Piccadilly to have lunch at the Wolesley, and we would be joined by  Arjan, who I first met in 2016, and Saad.

Commonwealth soldiers

David Dimbleby, the veteran BBC announcer 

Police dog doing his thing

Another police dog

ITV royal reporter Chris Ship

Lord Great Chamberlain and his wife (the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley)

Former PM Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie

Former PM Theresa May

Former PM David Cameron

Sadiq Khan  Mayor of London

PM Boris Johnson   Plenty of boos

The PM and his wife Carrie

Lord Mayor

the duke and duchess  of Gloucester

Julia and James Ogilvy

Earl of Snowdon

Earl of Snowdon

Lord Snowdon and his son., Viscount Linley.   Lord Snowdon's daughter, Lady Margarita did not attend

Lady Sarah Chatto

Arthur Chatto

Sam Chatto

Daniel Chatto

Mike and Zara Tindall

Lady Frederick Windsor and Peter Phillips

Lord Fredrick Windsor

Lady  Gabriella Kingston

Countess of St Andrews

The Earl and Countess of St Andrews and Lord Nicholas Windsor.  Lady Nicholas did not attend

The Earl of Ulster.  The Countess did not attend

Lady Davina Windsor and Lord Ulster

George Gilman

Lady Rose and George Gilman

duke & duchess of Sussex

Lord Mayor of London coming down to greet the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Sir Tim Laurence, the Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor

The Princess Royal and the Countess of Wesssex

the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie and their spouses

Lady Helen Taylor and the Countess of St Andrews

Lord Nicholas Windsor, Tim Taylor, Lord St Andrews,  Lady Helen Taylor and Lady St. Andrews

Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor.  Prince Michael of Kent,  James & Julia Ogilvy and Princess Michael of Kent

Lord Frederick Windsor & his brother-in-law Thomas Kingston

Getting as fast as they can to the car -- boos and someone shouted: Resign

Samantha and David Cameron

Nicola Sturgeon 

The Wolesley is a lovely place for a meal, and it was a great lunch as we all discussed the Jubilee.  The food was good as well.  I chose the chicken and avocado salad and copious amounts of breadsticks.   I enjoyed spending time with Ed, and glad he was able to take time away from work.   I wish Arjan had been able to stay in London for a few days longer.  

We said our goodbyes and knew we would keep in touch, especially on Twitter. 

Two of the four main events had now concluded.   It was a time to do a little relaxing, and not have to worry about getting up before dawn.   I stopped in at Hatchards to buy Hugo Vickers' new book. A Royal Life, which is about the Duke of Kent.

Saad, Arjan, me & Ed

The two major Jubilee events were over.  I was a bit tired (not a surprise) so headed back to Walthamstow before deciding what to do in the evening.  My host made me a cup of tea as I spent some time resting on a lounge chair in the garden.

the garden.

Decided to take the bus at the corner to Walthamstow Village.    I bought a 7-day travel card for Zones 1-3, which I renewed for another 7 days as I was in London for 15 days

  I had dinner at the Queen's Arms in Walthamstow Village.

First of 2 Pimm's

Beer battered cod, chips, minted peas & tartare sauce
.  I switched mayonnaise for the tartare sauce 

an urban fox, hanging out across the street from the Nag's Head pub in Walthamstow Village

The oldest house in London is this Tudor home in Walthamstow.  It is called the Ancient House.

He watched me take pictures of the Ancient House

I took the 31 bus back to Coppermill Lane.  A restful and deep sleep awaited me.  Tomorrow - a brunch, dinner with a friend, and the concert --- and one more thing  -- but you will have to wait until the next post to find out.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!!