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The death of Princess Maria Luisa

January 31, 1899

Sad news from Bulgaria.  The New York Times is reporting that Princess Maria Luisa, the wife of Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria, died earlier today from pneumonia.  She was 29-years-old.

She gave birth to a daughter last night.

The Princess was already near death last evening, but the Bulgarian people were not informed until after she died.  Princess Maria Luisa was conscious this morning, and "bade farewell" to her young children.

Her husband, Prince Ferdinand,  was at her side throughout the day.

Princess Maria Luisa was the eldest daughter of Duke Roberto I of Parma.  She was born on January 17, 1870.  She married Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria on April 20, 1893.   Ferdinand is the youngest son of Prince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Princess Clementine, daughter of King Louis Philippe of France.

She is survived by her husband and four children: Crown Prince Boris, who celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday; Kyril, 4;  Princess Eudoxia, 1, and the newborn daughter.

Princess Maria Luisa was a devout Roman Catholic.  She did not approve of her husband's decision to have Crown Prince Boris re-baptized in the Orthodox faith.  She threatened to leave the country to show her displeasure for Ferdinand's actions.  Prince Kyril and Princess Eudoxia were baptized Roman Catholic. 

A daughter for Juliana

Her Royal Highness Princess Juliana gave birth to a fine daughter today, the 31st of January, 1938, at 9:47 a.m.  The condition of mother and child is most satisfactory."

The infant Princess is the first child of Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands and her husband, Prince Bernhard,

The "fair-haired, blue-eyed" princess was honored with a 51 gun salute.  The New York Times reports that the "the Netherlands generally would have hailed a son most enthusiastically, but this country has been ruled so satisfactorily by Queen Wilhelmina that there is really no disappointment" in the birth of the princess.

Juliana's obstetrician Dr. Jan de Groot informed Queen Wilhelmina that her first grandchild is "perfect."  He added that the "little Princess has blue eyes and fair hair, and she weighs 7lbs 11 ozs."

The news of the birth "spread at lightning speed," thanks to an "extensive system of wire-printers" installed at all press centers.

The baby's name will be announced when Prince Bernhard announces the birth "to the burgomeister in the presence of two witnesses."

The little princess will be styled as Princess of Orange-Nassau and Lippe-Biesterfeld.

Crown Princess Juliana's secretary stated that "the new Princess has a strong well-developed pair of lungs -- as we the palace already know."

Has Princess Helen forgiven Carol

Former Crown Prince Carol of Romania, saying his relationship with Magda Lupescu is over, and he is "ready to return to his wife," Princess Helen, and their young son, Michael, reports the Associated Press.

The assertion that Carol is ready to come home is being made by his former tutor and close friend, Professor Nicolas Jorga.  There was no comment from Carol, who remains at his home in Neuilly, France.

Professor Jorga, however, states that Carol is ready to leave for Rapallo, where Helen and her son are currently staying.

"Helen has forgiven everything, and Carol is reconciled to return to his wife and child. Carol's return to live under the same roof with his lawful wife is an essential condition of my supporting him to ascend the throne of his father."

Saxon Crown Prince to renounce titles

According to the Chicago Daily Tribune, which is basing its report on dispatches from the "provincial and Bavarian" newspapers,  Crown Prince Friedrich August of Saxony is "determined" to renounce his rights to the throne in favor of his ten-year-old son, Prince Georg.

The reason for this decision is said to be rooted in the "military code of honor" which does not permit a "husband wronged as he has to remain in the service."

Crown Prince Friedrich August is the commander of the first army corps of Saxony, and as king, he would become the commander of the entire Saxony military force. 

According to the code, the Crown Prince can require a challenge for the "laying aside of his uniform."  But he is "scarcely expected" to challenge Professor Andre Giron, his children's tutor, who has run off with the Crown Princess. 

The army is "so rigid on points of honor" that Crown Prince Friedrich August will be regarded as "ineligible" for a court review, even though he is seen as the innocent party in Crown Princess Luise's decision to elope with their children's tutor.  But the residents of Dresden are reported to be "cool" toward the Crown Prince.  Several days ago, he was about to enter a store to make a few purchases, when his carriage was surrounded by people, who called to him, asking for the return of the Crown Princess.

"We want our Princess Luise again," they cried.

The Rheinische Courier, a Wiesbaden newspaper, is reporting that the Crown Prince has already renounced his "right of succession," and a Berlin newspaper, the Morgen Post, reports that he has asked Kaiser Wilhelm II to "relieve him of all military positions."

Zara and Mike move back to Gatcombe

Zara Phillips and her husband, Mike Tindall, recently sold their home in Cheltenham, and are moving back to the Gatcombe estate, which is owned by Zara's mother, the Princess Royal.

Zara and Mike are not moving in with her mother, who lives in the main house.  They will be residing in a house on the estate, where Zara lived before she married.  Her brother, Peter Phillips, and his family, also live in a house on the Gatcombe estate.

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Beatrix's speech in English

Here is the official translation of HM Queen Beatrix's speech, announcing she will abdicate in favor of her eldest son, Willem-Alexander

28 January 2013
As you all know, in a few days I hope to celebrate my 75th birthday. I am thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to do so in good health. At the end of this year we shall mark the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an occasion that ushered in a new era in our history. The fact that these two special events coincide led me to decide to relinquish the throne this year. It seems to me to be an appropriate moment to take this step, which I have been considering for some time.
I have always regarded it as an exceptional privilege to have been able to dedicate a large part of my life to the service of our country and to have been able to discharge the duties of the monarchy as I was called to do. For many years Prince Claus was a great support to me in this task.
Throughout this time I have derived great satisfaction from such a fulfilling role. It is inspiring to feel close to people, to sympathise with them in times of sorrow and to share in times of joy and national pride. That has also been my experience in the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom, where I have always encountered great warmth and hospitality. So I am abdicating not because my duties are becoming too burdensome, but because I am convinced that it is time for the responsibility for our country to pass to a new generation. On 30 April this year, with the utmost confidence, I shall hand over the duties of the monarchy to my son, the Prince of Orange. He and Princess Máxima are fully prepared for their future role. They will serve our country with dedication, faithfully uphold the Constitution and use their many talents to discharge the duties of the monarchy in their own distinctive way.
I feel fortified by the knowledge that making way for my successor does not mean that I am taking my leave of you all. I hope still to have plenty of opportunities to meet many of you. I am deeply grateful to you for the trust that you have placed in me throughout the many rewarding years I have had the privilege of being your Queen.

Argentina celebrates its first Queen

The Argentine media are gearing up for the celebration of the country's first Queen consort ... a real queen, not Eva Peron or Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentine wannabe queens

The former Maxima Zorreguieta, who married the Prince of Orange in 2001, will be at her husband's side on April 30 when he is installed as King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Princess Maxima will become Queen Maxima.

Willem-Alexander's new standard

The King's standard and coat of arms

From his investiture onwards, His Majesty the King will fly the royal standard. The royal standard will be flown above the palaces where the monarch resides and works and at Eikenhorst in Wassenaar when he is in the country. Queen Wilhelmina adopted this standard in 1908, and it has also been flown by Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix.
From the time of his investiture the King will also use the royal coat of arms. This coat of arms is identical to the one used by Queen Beatrix except that it features a helmet instead of a crown. The royal coat of arms is the same as the coat of arms of the Kingdom, with the addition of the royal mantle. Illustrations of the royal standard and the royal coat of arms can be seen on
Following her abdication, Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands will use the same coat of arms as before 1980, which is identical to that of her sisters.

Getting to know you .. all of you

The new head of state and his wife plan to visit the entire Kingdom

Within a year of ascending the throne, King Willem-Alexander, accompanied by Queen Máxima, will visit all the Dutch provinces and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom.

Changes for the new king-to-be

Prince of Orange resigns from official positions

In preparation for his accession to the throne, His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange is resigning from his official positions, with due regard for the terms of office and procedures of the organisations concerned. In the year ahead Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince of Orange will decide as to the continuation of their honorary posts and their patronage of organisations. Further announcements will be made on this subject in due course. In principle Princess Máxima will continue as Queen to hold her current honorary and other posts.
The Prince has asked the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to immediately relieve him of his duties as an IOC member in the Netherlands. Under the Olympic Charter, this means that the Prince's resignation must be approved at the IOC's next session in Buenos Aires in September 2013 and will take effect at the end of 2013.
His resignation as Chairman of the United Nations Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB) will take place in consultation with the Secretary-General. He will also be resigning as Chairperson of the Water Advisory Committee, in consultation with the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment.

An American grandchild for Infanta Pilar

Juan Gomez-Acebo, eldest son of Infanta Pilar of Spain, is about to become a father for the first time.  Gomez-Acebo, 43, lives in California, with his long time girlfriend, Winston Holmes Carney, who is expecting the couple's first child in April.  The Vanitas article states that Carney is 39 years old.  This is incorrect. She is 42.  She was born in 1970.

Juan succeeded his father as Viscount de la Torre and is a Grandee of Spain.

Recently, the couple traveled to Spain, to share the good news with Juan's family, including his mother, Infanta Pilar, at her home on Puerta de Hierro.  Winston Carney's family. stayed at the Ritz Hotel.  She is the daughter of James and Laura Carney, who live in Vero Beach, Florida.  James Carney is one of the founders of Carney Sandoe.

The family celebrated the forthcoming birth at the Ritz Hotel, which included Juan's siblings and their families and the Duchess of Soria and her children.  Missing from the celebrations were Juan's royal first cousins, the Prince of Asturias and the Infantas Elena and Cristina.

Last Friday Juan took Winston and her family on a private guided tour of the Royal Palace in Madrid.  The families then headed to a local seafood restaurant and ended the afternoon with a bit of shopping.

Juan studied fine arts, and has been described as King Juan Carlos' bohemian nephew.   His interest in art and painting began when he was a small child.

It is not known if Juan and Winston will marry.  Three of his siblings, Simoneta, Fernando and Beltran are all now divorced.  Bruno is the only child who remains married.

Winston Carney is an interior designer, based in Venice, California.  She is also a Pilates instructor and owns her own Pilates studio.

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A life changing day for a little girl

There is a scene in The King's Speech that brings tears to my eyes, every time I watch the movie.  The new King George VI, wearing full dress uniform,  has returned to the family residence on Piccadilly after appearing before the Accession Council meeting. His wife,  Queen Elizabeth, and their two daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are waiting for him.  The young princesses stand and curtsey to the King.  It is an emotional moment as King George VI  embraces his elder daughter, a poignant reminder that his ten-year-old daughter's life would never be the same.  Princess Elizabeth had become the heiress presumptive to the throne.

One can only imagine how Queen Beatrix and Prince Willem-Alexander sat down with nine-year-old Princess Catharina-Amalia, and spoke to her about what will happen on April 30, when Beatrix abdicates, and Willem-Alexander succeeds.

When Willem-Alexander is installed as sovereign, his eldest of three daughters will become the Princess of Orange, heiress apparent.  She will be the first Dutch princess to bear the title in her own right.  

The young school girl will also become the youngest of the European heirs.  She will be joining an exclusive club that includes the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Brabant,  Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein the Prince of the Asturias, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, and Hereditary Guillaume of Luxembourg.  

Princess Margarita of Baden laid to rest

Princess Margarita of Baden was laid to rest at the family cemetery, Stefansfeld, near Baden, earlier today.  About 150 mourners attended the ceremony, including brothers, the Margrave of Baden and Prince Ludwig of Baden, and their families.

A number of members of German aristocratic families were present including Duke Friedrich and Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg, Prince Rainer of Hesse (first cousin), Prince Albrecht of Hohenzollern, and Prince and Princess Andreas of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (first cousin.)  I also spotted the Prince of Leiningen in one of the photographs.

The Princess's two children, Princess Katarina and Prince Nikola attended, as did her two granddaughters, Victoria de Silva, and Princess Maria of Serbia. I do not think her great-grandson, Enzo, was present for the ceremony.

Princess Margarita was the first wife of Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia.  They were divorced in 1981.

The funeral in Salem was conducted according to the rite of the Orthodox church.;art372491,5876981

Breaking News! Queen Beatrix abdicates

Queen Beatrix announced tonight that she will abdicate in favor of her eldest son, Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, on April 30.   This is the same date that Queen Juliana abdicated in favor of her eldest daughter, Beatrix.

The late Queen Juliana was born on April 30, 1909.    Willem-Alexander's eldest daughter, Catharina Amalia, will become the Princess of Orange.

The current line of succession:  Willem-Alexander,  Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia, Princess Ariane, Prince Constantijn, Countess Eloise, Count Claus-Casimir, Countess Leonore,  Princess Margriet, Prince Maurits and Prince Bernhard.

When Willem-Alexander succeeds, the new line of succession will be:  Amalia, as Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia, Princess Ariane,  Prince Constantijn, Countess Eloise, Count Claus-Casimir, Countess Leonore and Princess Margriet.   Margriet's two sons cease to be dynasts because of their relationship to the new sovereign. 

Constantijn's three children will remain in line to the throne until the accession of their cousin, Amalia (unless they marry without permission) but they will no longer be members of the Royal House after April 30.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander about the restitution of the Monarchy and his relationship with parties in power and opposition parties

28 January 2013

“Danas” DAILY
By Jelena Tasic

 HRH Crown Prince Alexander about the restitution of the Monarchy and his relationship with parties in power and opposition parties

The “return” of members of Karageorgevitch Family must not be a compensation

The coordinated activities of officials, Church and the Royal House are perfectly natural and most welcome, and I commend that
- The return of the remains my father King Peter is without any doubt a big step towards national and historical reconciliation. However, regarding the restitution of the monarchy, it (re)opens the issue in public by default. Nothing happens by default, life taught me this lesson. Everything, especially important issues, needs a lot of background work. King Peter's homecoming is one of the things that also didn't happen by default, but it happened thanks a lot of background work and planning, says for “Danas” Crown Prince Alexander.

In Your opinion is there an interest in the political circles and among people of Serbia becoming the parliamentary monarchy, on which values and advantages You are constantly reminding us of?

  - Political circles are always preoccupied with their own political issues, and we never lack of them. On the other hand, people are preoccupied with their own every day struggle for survival. I do not blame any of those two groups, but I am here to remind constantly, that we have some positive solutions.

Please share your thoughts with us regarding the fact that ex-communists and radicals are bringing back the Royal Family members remains in the country, while the problem was not solved during governments that came from DOS that you have helped be created, even though declared monarchists were part of them?

     - As far as people are driven by prejudices, they have limited minds, however they call themselves. It is not enough to call yourself a democrat to be one. Also, on the other hand, it is not a shortfall if your name is or was something else, as far you are doing well and right. Deeds speak much louder than words.

 Many are seeing the return of remains the late King , Your father as coming together of Church, State and Dynasty on a joint historical assignment. Opposition including SPO that held in its program reinstating monarchy has stayed silent, except for Professor Antic’s remarks on possibilities for the restitution of the Monarchy. How do you comment on that ?

      - The joint efforts of parties in power, the Church and the Royal House are perfectly natural and most welcome, not only in this particular case, but in all other important issues. My good will is well known, I am here and my doors are open.Professor Antic's contribution in the state board and in bringing back Prince Paul last October and my father King Peter II last week was tremendous. I do not intend to interpret his words, but he is a good example of a person who is at the same time loyal to the President and willing to help to repair historical injustices towards the Royal Family. He shows by personal exmple that one thing does not exclude the other.

How much these kind of occassions are helping current authorities to improve the image and the international status of the country ?

 - The more positive messages we send from Serbia to the world, the better. We must use and grab every opportunity. We have to create the opportunities, in the modern world we have to take destiny in our hands and be proactive. The public image of countries, nations, is not solely about the real content. In the modern world, it is pretty much about the image you create and ability to "sell it" to others. Unfortunately, due to the series of tragic circumstances and events, we still struggle with our own image. On the other hand, I am absolutely certain that the Royal tradition comes naturally to Serbia and is constantly helping to improve its image within the international community.

Can the return of members of the Royal Family and state funeral in Oplenac be a distraction from the “painful compromises” that authorities are making regarding Kosovo and Metohija?

- The State funeral is an important event for itself, and could not be a compensation for something else. We do not have to excuse ourselves to anybody for commemorating and respecting our own history. On the other hand, such event could not be an excuse for ourselves not to do some important and difficult things.

  The long-term strategy is needed for Kosovo

Why haven’t you publicly stated anything on Kosovo solutions, that is not only the political but national and state issue of outmost importance, and now becomes a territorial integrity issue of Serbia?

 - It is very important for all of us to understand that sometimes there are some issues, problems, and that their solutions take much longer than one or two political terms (in-between elections), or even longer than a human life. The Kosovo issue seems to be like that. Therefore, it is very important to have a national strategy, plan, consensus upon which the opinion of all leaders will agree (not only politicians, but also SANU, SPC….). The difference between politicians on one side, and monarchy and church on other is the perception of time. For the last two there is always life after elections, and accordingly all the issues are observed, perceived and treated. The fact that King Peter I is known as the liberator of Kosovo in 1912/13 is just the final result of the efforts that started in 1804, with the continuation of more than 100 years regardless of the Serbian dynasties that were in power during that time. There was a national strategy, very clear, and finally the goal was achieved. History teaches us constantly, we only tend to forget. Therefore politicians should have a plan which will continue even if some other party comes to power in the next round. Louis XIV said on his deathbed: "I am leaving now, but the state will remain eternally".



Queen Beatrix to make announcement at 7 PM

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is to make an announcement at 7 p.m. (Dutch time),0,4862337.story

This could be one of two things: her abdication in favor of Willem-Alexander or Prince Friso has died.

RVD has made no statement about what the Queen will be saying.  The Dutch media are reporting that she will abdicate.  The Prime Minister will address the nation after the Queen has spoken. 

Queen Beatrix will celebrate her 75th birthday on Thursday.  Queen Wilhelmina abdicated in 1948 in favor of her only child, Queen Juliana, who, in turn, abdicated in favor of her eldest daughter, Queen Beatrix, in 1980.

This will make you laugh ..

Thanks, Bella, for making me laugh for the day .. do you not have professional researchers working for you ...

in other words, your show will be like Secret Princes, who were not Princes at all ...

The name of the production company is called Objective Productions.  (Insert guffaw.)

"Hi there

I'm a TV Producer Casting for a US TV show and we're looking for single, male royals or titled aristocrats aged 20-40 to take part.

Can anyone suggest possible candidates I can approach?

Senior royals from ruling families are always a NO for TV appearances, but lesser cousins or distant descendants of the family might be perfect if they still have titles and connections. We are also keen to took at non-ruling royal families, such as those from Germany, France etc where the monarchy no longer exists but its descendants still have their titles and estates.

If you can suggest possible people - and even better suggest how I might be able to get hold of them, that would be hugely helpful!
Bella Falk
Objective Productions"

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Royal Marriage: Prussia-Hesse

January 25, 1893

The entire city of Berlin is decorated with flags in honor of the wedding today of Princess Margarete of Prussia, youngest sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Prince Friedrich Karl of Hesse.

According to the New York Times' correspondent, "it rained most of the morning," but by 11:00 a.m., the sun had come out, and by 4 p.m., when the civil marriage was to take place, the "streets were dry and crowded with sightseers."

The civil ceremony, conducted by Count von Wedel, took place in the hall of Empress Friedrich's palace.

Princess Margarete and Prince Friedrich Karl were "taken to the schloss through cheering crowds which had lined the route " since 10 a.m.

At the schloss, all of the royal guests were waiting in the Chinese Cabinet room, where  Empress Augusta Viktoria "placed the bridal crown" upon Princess Margarete's head.

The bride and bridegroom "led the procession" to the schloss' chapel, where they were married according to the rites of the Lutheran church.

They were followed by the bride's mother, Empress Friedrich, who was escorted by the Landgrave of Hesse, and  her elder son, Kaiser Wilhelm, who was dressed in the "gala uniform of the Garde du Corps.  He wore the Orders of the Black Eagle and the Garter. 

Empress Auguste Viktoria was escorted by the King of Saxony and by the Russian Czarevitch,  Grand Duke Nicholas.

The Landgravine of Hesse was escorted by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Grand Duke of Baden.

Princess Margarete wore a "gown of white silk and crepe de chine, ornamented with sprays of white daisies and caught at the waist with a gold girdle."

Her only piece of jewelery was a diamond necklace.

Empress Friedrich's gown was made of gray damask with a velvet train."

The marriage was performed by the Court Chaplain Dryander.  Princess Margarete's vows were made so low "a tone" that only those sitting in the front row could hear her.

A wedding banquet and the Fackeltanz (Torch dance) followed the wedding.

Princess Margarete is the youngest of Empress Friedrich's children, and the last to marry.  She is rumored to have declared that "she would live and die an old maid before she would marry a man who would take her from her mother."

Prince Friedrich Karl is a Lieutenant in the Prussian Dragoon Guards.  His annual salary is about $450 a year, but the Landgrave is "enormously wealthy", and he will make sure that Friederich Karl is "well provided for financially."

The princess has received a "very substantial dowry" from her mother, and she has also received a "very substantial wedding gift" from her brother, Wilhelm II. 

The Times reports that the the newlyweds left Berlin at 9 p.m., tonight for Potsdam.

Wilhelm II ordered that "no representative of the Press," with the exception of an "official reporter" were allowed to attend the wedding.

If you liked this article

Crown Prince Michael ill but not in danger

January 25, 1937

Crown Prince Michael of Romania is "suffering from bronchitis following his appendectomy and had a high fever," the New York Times.

His condition is said to be "serious but not dangerous."  King George VI and King Vittorio Emanuele have telephoned King Carol, asking about the Crown Prince and "expressing hopes" for his recovery.

Crown Prince Michael, 15, is in Florence with his mother, Princess Helen.

Dowager Queen Marie and the court physician are now en route to Florence.

King Carol's younger brother, Prince Nicholas has scarlet fever.  He does have a "high temperature" but he is expected to recover.

Amazing for 1903: wireless pocket telephone

I found this fascinating ...the pocket wireless phone in 1903!  I like the last line:  "And then, hurrah for the reign of the real democracy, universal peace, and the millennium, and a short trip to Mars just to inflate our chests and show off."  New York Times 1-25-1903

Don't believe the rumors about Archduke Eugen

January 25, 1903

Viennese newspapers are refuting reports "emanating from Budapest" that Archduke Eugen, a second cousin of Emperor Franz Josef, is "about to about renounce his rank" so he can marry a confectioner's daughter."

The New York Times notes that these reports are baseless.  Archduke Eugen "enjoys a large income" as the Grand Master of the Ancient and Most Noble Teutonic Order.  One of the "chief obligations" of this order is to be celibate.

Archduke Eugen Ferdinand Pius Bernhard Maria was born on May 21, 1863 at Gross-Seelowitz, fifth child of Archduke Karl Ferdinand and Archduchess Elisabeth.  One of his sisters, Maria Cristina, is the mother of King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

Official Statement about the Legal Transfer of HM King Peter II to Serbia

Belgrade, 25 January 2013 - The following statement has been prepared by the Office of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander to respond to some reckless statements and misleading information published in the press in Serbia and commented on line.

The exhumation and transfer of HM King Peter II was strictly done following legal advice and according to the appropriate rules and regulations as relate to these matters in the State of Illinois, United States where King Peter II was buried in 1970.

This is to confirm that under Illinois State law whatever notice was required was fully observed. According to that law Crown Prince Alexander, as HM King Peter II only immediate heir, had proper and full authority to initiate and complete the exhumation and transfer of the remains of the late King Peter II as advised by his Chicago based legal counsel Thomas J. Karacic.

According to United States laws, Princess Eva Marie Karageogevitch’s authority as executor of the estate of King Peter II fully expired at the time the estate was closed by a state court in 1980 and she was, therefore, at that time totally legally discharged from any further responsibility and duties.

The Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of the Mid-West United States, which is the administrative authority of the cemetery in Libertyville Illinois, had notice and concurred with the proceedings. The United States Ambassador in Serbia and the Serbian Ambassador in the United States both also had knowledge of the entire proceedings.

The focus of the move of HM King Peter II was intended to be on the return and welcome of the remains of to Serbia, to the Royal Palace Chapel in Dedinje and HM King Peter II final rightful resting place at the Royal Mausoleum at Oplenac. An important aspect of all of this will be the long overdue State Funeral of HM King Peter II, later this year, as befitting a former Head of State. As HM King Peter II was a Head of State of an Allied country during World War II those countries will now be able to send their official Royal, civil and military representatives to HM King Peter II official funeral later this year.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Chicago : a profile of King Peter

Royal Marriage: Austria-Württemberg

January 24, 1893

Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria and Duke Albrecht of Württemberg were married today at the Church of the Hofrath in Vienna, reports the New York Times.

The wedding was "one of great brilliancy," and was attended by Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, several Archdukes and Archduchesses, the King and Queen of Württemberg, and members of the royal family of Württemberg.

After the couple made their vows and were pronounced husband and wife,  they kissed the hand of the King and Queen of Württemberg.

Archduchess Margarete Sophie, 22, is the eldest daughter of Archduke Carl Ludwig and Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.   Duke Albrecht is the son of Duke Philipp of Württemberg and Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria.  Duke Albrecht is a maternal grandson of Field Marshal, Archduke Albrecht.

Margarete was recently the abbess "of a retreat in Prague for poor ladies of aristocratic birth.  Duke Albrecht was born in Vienna in 1866.  He serves as a Captain in the Württemberg cavalry and is a member of the Roman Catholic dynasty.

He is also seen as the heir presumptive to the Württemberg throne, as the King has no sons, and the next two males in line, Dukes Wilhelm and Nikolaus, are childless.

Heinrich of Mecklenburg: no approved marriage

January 24, 1913

The recent marriage of Duke Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin to Elizabeth Platt of Albany, New York, has not received the approval of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV of Mecklenburg-Schwerin or from Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This has caused great concern within the family.  The marriage took place last summer at Dover in England.   Heinrich's wife is the widow of Amedée de Gasquet James of New Orleans.

 The Marquise de Fontenoy reports that the marriage has not "received any recognition" from any of Europe's sovereigns.

The laws of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin require that all members of the house receive consent for their marriages.   Heinrich has not received consent for the marriage to "an elderly widow -- elderly enough to be his mother" is not considered valid and has not been included in the 1913 edition of the Almanach de Gotha, where Duke Heinrich is described as a bachelor.

Kaiser Wilhelm II's permission was not required because Heinrich had been "compelled to resign all his commissions in the German army," due to the numerous financial scandals in which "he had become involved."

Duke Heinrich and his American wife are now living in a rented chateau in the Lüttau in Austria.  She calls herself  Duchess Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Elizabeth's son, George Watson Platt de Gasquet James, and her daughter, Countess Henri de la Mittré have filed suit against her in United States courts for an "accounting as executrix of her first husband's estate."  They are pleading that she has given property to her new husband, although she is said to only have a life interest in the property.

As the property is located in the United States,  the courts are expected to look favorably on the claims of the two children.

Paying respects to King Peter II

The remains of HM King Peter II of Yugoslavia were transferred back to Serbia with full State Honours. Until the official reburial of His Majesty and other members of the Karadjordjevic Royal Family take place in the Family Mausoleum at Oplenac, the remains of HM King Peter will be kept at the Royal Chapel of St Andrew the First Called at the Royal Compound in Dedinje.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander and his family wishes to give the opportunity to those who wish to pay respect to HM King Peter.
The Royal Chapel will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the working week (from Monday to Friday), and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) as of Thursday, 24 January.
Crown Prince Alexander is now working toward bringing the remains of his mother, Queen Alexandra, who is buried at Tatoi, his grandmother, Queen Marie (buried at Frogmore) and his uncle, Prince Andrej (buried in Illinois.)
Contrary to some reports on the web, King Peter II and Queen Alexandra were not divorced.  They lived apart, but were never divorced.

Will Princess Madeleine's wedding be private?

Will Princess Madeleine's wedding be private and without a lot of fuss?  This is what the Swedish newspaper, Expressan, is reporting.

According to the article, the Princess will have a much smaller wedding than her sister, Crown Princess Victoria.  This statement is hardly a revelation as Madeleine is the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf's three children, and fourth in line to the throne.

The newspaper is also reporting that Princess Madeleine wants to have her wedding, which will take place in the palace chapel in June, without the presence of TV cameras and or a large press contingent.

The Palace has not released any details about the wedding, although the King will be paying for the event.   The guest list is expected to be smaller, with fewer heads of state.

Princess Madeleine, unlike her sister, will not be escorted down the aisle by her father.

It will be interesting to see how accurate this article turns out to be, or will Princess Madeleine be persuaded to share her wedding day with television viewers.

Princess Margarita's funeral

credit for all three photos: HRH Crown Prince Alexander
Princess Margarita of Baden's funeral held today at St. Sava Srbian Orthodox Church in London.  The late Princess's uncle, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, traveled from Sandringam to London to attend the funeral.

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine led the list of mourners, which also included the Crown Prince's son, Prince Philip; Princess Katarina and Prince Nikola (Princess Margarita's children), Victoria de Silva (Princess Margarita's granddaughter), and Sir Desmond de Silva (former husband of Princess Katarina).

Members of the von Baden family were also present for the Orthodox funeral, including the Margrave and Margravine of Baden (brother and sister-in-law), Hereditary Prince Bernhard (nephew)and Hereditary Princess Stephanie, and their three sons,  Prince Leopold & Prince Michael of Baden (nephews);  Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne of Baden (brother and sister-in-law) and their three children..

Queen Anne Marie of the Hellenes and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg  attended as did Princess Sarvath of Jordan and her two daughters and Princess Tatiana Radziwill and her husband, Dr. John Fruchaud.  Sir Brian McGrath accompanied The Duke of Edinburgh.  The Earl of St. Andrews was also one of the mourners.
Princess Margarita's marriage to Prince Tomislav ended in divorce in 1981, although she remained close to Crown Prince Alexander who spoke eloquently about his aunt:
“I first met Margarita when I was a young boy after her marriage to my uncle Prince Tomislav, the middle brother my father King Peter II. I would stay with my uncle and aunt at their farm in Sussex and we would were very close. I learnt a lot about Yugoslavia and our Royal House from my uncle while my aunt Margarita offered me practical advice about problems I was likely to encounter in life.They were very good to me and helped me grow up. Margarita was like a mother to me, having married a then Yugoslav Prince.
“Margarita became interested in all things Yugoslav, especially in the Serbs and the Serbian orthodox church. She was very approachable – she was a real Serbian people’s princess. My family and I and the Serbian people shall miss her greatly. May dear Margarita rest in peace! VJEČNAJA PAMYAT!”
The service was officiated by His Grace Dositej, Bishop of Great Britain and Scandinavia and His Grace Bishop Andrej, Vicar Bishop of the Patriarch Irinej of Serbia.

A reception in the church's fellowship hall followed the service. 

On Monday,  the coffin will be flown to Stuttgart and brought to Salem for burial at the family cemetery. Princess Margarita's granndaughter, Princess Maria, and her niece, Princess Marie Louise of Baden, will attend the funeral in Salem on Monday.

Although the princess resumed her marital name after her divorce, she retained the HRH that she had acquired through her marriage to Prince Tomislav.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Constantine to marry Anne Marie

Embed from Getty Images 

 January 23, 1963

After months of rumors and "often denied," the engagement of Crown Prince Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne Marie of Denmark was officially announced today, reports the Associated Press.

Princess Anne Marie, 16, is the youngest of the three daughters of King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark.

The engagement was announced, "almost without warning."   The Danes, who call Princess Anne-Marie "The Wild One," were caught off guard that their "vivacious princess" was going to marry the future King of the Hellenes.

The date of the wedding was not announced, but there are "unconfirmed reports" that the wedding might take place in January 1964.

Princess Anne Marie is still at school and has to finish her education at Zahle's school before she can marry.

The "chestnut-haired" Princess and her 22-year-old fiance,  appeared in public within minutes of the announcement.  She was said to be in a "joyous mood."

The princess linked arms with Crown Prince Constantine as they "stepped into an icy wind" to greet Constantine's parents, King Paul and Queen Frederika at Kastrup airport.

The Greek sovereigns were accompanied by Constantine's elder sister, Princess Sophie, and her husband, Prince Juan Carlos of Spain.   His younger sister, Princess Irene, 20, was also on the flight.

Princess Anne-Marie was one of Princess Sophia's bridesmaids at the wedding in May 1962.   She and Constantine were said to be inseparable during the wedding festivities in Athens.

The six-foot heir to the throne "loves fast cars and fast boats."  He won the Gold Medal in yachting at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games.

Anne-Marie is said to be a "typical teenager," who loves fashion and "pop music.  She will celebrate her 17th birthday on August 30.

She has two older sisters,  Princess Margrethe, 22, is the heiress to the throne.  Princess Benedikte is 18.

Princess Anne-Marie and Crown Prince Constantine are distant cousins.  His great-grandfather, King George I of the Hellenes, was born Prince Wilhelm of Denmark, youngest son of King Christian IX of Denmark.

King Frederik IX is the grandson of King Frederik VIII, eldest son of King Christian IX.  

Carol welcomes Yugoslav sovereigns

January 23, 1933

King Alexander and Queen Marie of Serbia arrived today in Sinaia in the Carpathian Mountains as the guests of King Carol II, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

King Carol II welcomed his guests at the railroad station.  He was accompanied by his son, Crown Prince Michael, and his sister, former Queen Elizabeth of Greece.  Members of the Romanian government were also present when the Yugoslav sovereigns arrived.

A lunch at Pelesch was held in the king and queen's honor.  Tomorrow, King Alexander will visit the oil fields at Moreni, and then will travel to Curtea de Arges, where he will place a wreath on the grave of King Ferdinand.

Queen Marie is King Ferdinand's second daughter.

The couple will also pay a visit to Bucharest.

Princess Helen in Rome

January 23, 1927

Princess Helen of Romania and her 5-year-old son, Prince Michael, arrived in Rome.  The Princess is the estranged wife of former Crown Prince Carol
She and her son will remain in Rome for several days as the guests of Queen Elena at the Quirinal Palace.

The Princess' brother, King George II of the Hellenes and his wife, Queen Elizabeth (Carol's sisters) are staying with Prince Philipp and Princess Mafalda of Hesse at the Villa Savoia.

Queen Olga's jewels

January 23, 1907

One of Queen Olga of Greece's maids was arrested on January 3 and "charged with the theft of a number of diamonds," belonging to the Queen, reports the New York Times.

The jewels were valued at $2,000.  The maid allegedly substituted fake stones in place of the real jewels.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome home, Father

From Crown Prince Alexander's office
 King Peter II now  in Royal Palace Chapel
Belgrade, 22 January 2013–The casket of HM King Peter II of Yugoslavia arrived at Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla at 2 pm today. The grandson of King Peter II, HRH Prince Alexander (grandson) accompanied the casket on the King Peter II last flight home.
Meeting the casket of HM King Peter II at the airport were Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander, together with Crown Princess Katherine’s daughter Alison, H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic, Prime Minister of Serbia and Prof. Dr. Oliver Antic, advisor to the President of Serbia H.E. Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, His Grace Vicar Bishop of Hvosno Atanasije and members of the Committee for the transfer of remains of members of the Royal Family, with the Serbian Army  honour guard and representatives of the Army of Serbia.
The Remains of the late King were then escorted by the police to the Royal Chapel of St. Andrew the First Called beside the Royal Palace in Dedinje, the casket was saluted by a great number of citizens all the way from Belgrade Airport to the Royal Palace. The coffin of the late King, was then covered by a Serbian flag and Royal Regalia, and was placed in the Royal Chapel. His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia officiated the Requiem for the King, together with Their Graces Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno, Bishop Joanikije of Budimlje and Niksic and Bishop Andrej of Remeziana, in the presence of the Royal Family, Muhamed ef. Jusufspahic, Mufti of Serbia, other religious leaders, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic of Serbia, members of the Advisory bodies to the Crown and a huge number of citizens of Belgrade and Serbia who gathered in front of the Royal Chapel.
 After the service, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia emphasized in his address: "We have finally welcomed this sad and happy day, longly wished and expected . It is a day of historical importance for the entire Serbian people and its history“.
H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic, the Prime Minister of Serbia, also gave an address and expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the Government of Serbia, citizens of Serbia and in his own name, for "we are present here today at the first of the events planned for this year, that we bring back the bodies of our rulers to Serbia. Without the lineage of Karadjordje, Serbian history almost could not have been written. The Government of Serbia will do anything in its power for the remains of the other Karadjordjevic family members to be brought back to our country".
Professor Oliver Antic, PhD, advisor to the President of Serbia and member of the Board for the return of the remains of the Karadjordjevic Royal Family members, said: "the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Tomislav Nikolic said that he is today here together with us although he is paying an earlier planned official visit to a foreign country. Our country is being protected by justice and tradition. When these two elements are bonded, then we have the safety of the state and the people“.
After the service, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II, son of HM King Peter II, made a moving speech: “This is a very emotional time for me and my family. It is a dream come true. My father King Peter is finally home and soon to be with his ancestors in Oplenac. I would like to especially thank His Holiness Patriarch Irinej for being here today, and for all of his prayers. We gathered here today for this event full of dignity and historic symbolism. This year is the 90th Anniversary of the birth of my father, King Peter II, and 72 years since he had to leave his beloved country after the Nazi invasion, and to spend the rest of his life in exile. My father died forty two years ago, and was buried in a distant land, but surrounded by friends and people who were devoted to him. He often spoke about his desire to return home. Obviously, so much time had to pass by, so many historical events, for one historical injustice to be rectified, and one simple human wish to come true. It was my father's greatest desire to come back to his fatherland, because above all he loved his country and his nation. He often spoke about that, always when the two of us were together. Today, he finally came back to Serbia, to the country of his ancestors and his compatriots. He is coming back to help us to understand our history, and how to respect it. Today, all of us together are sending an important message from this place to the world: The citizens of this country pay respect to all of those who took part in creation of its history.
I would like to warmly thank our President Mr. Nikolic, and Prime Minister Mr. Dacic, on this joint endeavour, as well as the State Committee for transfer of remains of  he members of Karadjordjevic Royal Family. I thank all members of the Government for their support. I owe special gratitude to Professor Oliver Antic, for his personal initiative and engagement.
The Royal Family warmly thanks His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia, His Grace Bishop Longin of Middle and Western America, the Army of Serbia, Guard and Gendarmerie, H.E. Mr. Vladimir Popovic, ambassador of Serbia to the United States of America, Mr. Desko Nikitovic, Consul General of Serbia in Chicago, Hon. Branko Terzic, lawyer Mr. Tom Karacic, Association “Sveta gora” and all those who contributed substantially over previous years that this event of historic importance for our nation and our state becomes possible.
 Thank all of you who were persistent and helped us along the way. We brought the King back to his land. Welcome home father! May you rest in peace.”


King Peter's remains now en route to Serbia

Monday, January 21, 2013

More on King Peter's return

From Crown Prince Alexander.

Prince Alexander will accompany the remains of his grandfather, King Peter, to Serbia


Belgrade, 21 January 2013 – The casket of HM King Peter II of Yugoslavia will arrive at Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla at 2pm tomorrow Tuesday 22 January accompanied by his youngest grandson Prince Alexander.

Meeting the casket of HM King Peter at the airport there will be Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander , Crown Princess Katherine, Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander, together with Crown Princess Katherine’s daughter Alison, H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic, Prime Minister of Serbia and Prof. Dr. Oliver Antic, advisor to the President of Serbia H.E. Mr. Tomislav Nikolic and members of the Committee for transfer of remains of members of the Royal Family, with an honour guard and representatives of the Army of Serbia.

The casket of HM King Peter II will be taken from the airport by special escort to the Royal Compound in Dedinje and placed with full honours in Royal Palace Chapel St. Andrew the First Called. His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia will serve a requiem for the late King starting at 3 pm. Religious leaders will be present, the Crown Council and other dignitaries.

King Peter II's return


Belgrade, 21 January 2013 - Earthly remains of HM late King Peter II of Yugoslavia will be transferred to Belgrade, to the Royal Chapel of St. Andrew the First Called on Tuesday, 22 January 2013.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Princes Peter, Philip and Alexander, together with Crown Princess Katherine’s daughter Alison, will wait for their father, grandfather and father in law at the Belgrade Nikola tesla Airport on 2 pm. H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic, Prime Minister of Serbia and Prof. Dr. Oliver Antic, advisor to the President of Serbia H.E. Mr. Tomislav Nikolic and member of the Committee for transfer of remains of members of the Royal Family, with representatives of the Army of Serbia will also attend the event.

 His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia will serve the requiem for the late King starting on 3 pm, at the St. Andrew the First Called royal Chapel in Dedinje.

It's a boy .. and a boy!

Princess Sophie of Prussia gave birth to twin sons on Sunday night (January 20).  The twin sons have been named Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand.  Carl is the elder twin, and the heir apparent.

The twins were born in Bremen.  Prince Georg Friedrich announced the births with "joy and gratitude.";art1158605,1814451

Saturday, January 19, 2013

King Peter will return home on Tuesday

The remains of King Peter II will be brought from Libertyville, Illinois, to Serbia on January 22.  This will be updated when I have more information.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Margarita von Baden: Times obit

HRH Princess Margarita, passed away on the 15th January 2013, at her home in Farnham, Surrey, following a courageous battle with ill health over many years. She was the niece of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and the former wife of HRH the late Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia. She leaves two children, a son, HRH Prince Nicholas and a daughter, HRH Princess Katarina, Lady de Silva. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends. A Funeral Service will be held at 12 noon on the 24th January, at the Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava, 89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ. No flowers. Donations, if desired, may be made payable to the Church.

Obits are placed by family members.  The obit does not include the Princess' two granddaughters or her great-grandson.

KIng Peter II to return home

HM King Peter II Returns Home after 72 Years
Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
(From HRH Crown Prince Alexander's press office) 
Belgrade, 18 January 2013 –HRH Crown Prince Alexander said today how proud he and his family are that his father King Peter II of Yugoslavia is finally returning home. The Crown Prince also said that this is a very moving event and of great historical importance for the people of Serbia. King Peter will finally join his ancestors in the Royal Family Mausoleum in Oplenac. In the interim His Majesty will lay in peace in the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace in Dedinje Belgrade.
Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
His Royal Highness wishes to warmly thank H.E. President Tomislav Nikolic of Serbia, the Government of Serbia and the Commission for Reburial of the Royal Family for all their wonderful support and advice. The final date for the internment in Oplenac will be decided later this year dependent on coordination with the Serbian Orthodox Church, H.E. President Tomislav Nikolic of Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Royal Houses.
King Peter II of Yugoslavia was the firstborn son of King Alexander I and Queen Maria of Yugoslavia. King Peter II was born in Belgrade 6 September 1923 his Godparents were King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother of Great Britain). His education commenced at The Royal Palace in Belgrade after which he went to Sandroyd School in England, which he left after his father's assassination in Marseilles in 1934. Since King Peter II was 11 years old and underage at the time of his father’s assassination, a regency was formed consisting of three regents including his great uncle Prince Paul of Yugoslavia.
Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
In 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia found itself surrounded by countries that had joined the Axis as allies of Nazi Germany. Prince Paul's decision in 1941 to sign a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany resulted in severe protests in the country and this led to a government crisis and a coup d’état by Yugoslav officers on 27 March 1941. As a result of the coup, King Peter II was proclaimed of age.
The Yugoslav Army was unprepared to resist the ensuing invasion by Nazi Germany and Yugoslavia was occupied within eleven days. King Peter II was forced to leave the country along with the Yugoslav Government - initially to Greece, Palestine and then to Egypt. King Peter II joined other monarchs and leaders of Nazi occupied Europe in London in June 1941.
Despite the collapse of the Yugoslav army two rival resistance entities were formed. The first resistance entity was the loyalist one led by Yugoslav Army Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic who was later promoted to General and made the Minister of Defence of the Yugoslav government in exile. The other resistance entity was that of the Partisans led by Josip Broz - later known to the world as Tito. A bitter civil war followed during the Nazi occupation.
Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection

The Allies, having initially supported General Mihailovic later threw their support behind Tito. The Partisans entered Belgrade in 1944 in the wake of Soviet tank brigades and established a Government. In November 1945, the monarchy was illegally abolished without a referendum and Yugoslavia remained a totalitarian single party state under the League of Communists for more than four decades.

Marlene A. Eilers Koenig collection
King Peter II never abdicated. Initially King Peter II lived in exile in London with his wife (he married the Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark in 1944, she was the daughter of King Alexander of the Hellenes and Aspasia Manos) and his son Crown Prince Alexander was born in 1945.
King Peter II spent the last years of his life in America. After a long and grave illness, King Peter II died 3 November 1970 in Denver Hospital Colorado, and he was buried at the St. Sava Monastery Church in Libertyville (north of Chicago) Illinois. He was the only King buried in the United States.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The new QVD has a name

Victor Magnuson and Frida Bergstrom have named their son Edmund.  The baby, the first grandchild of Princess Christina and Tord Magnuson, was born on December 11.

The couple plan to marry later this year.

Lady Sophia Hamilton engaged

Lady Sophia Hamilton is engaged to marry Hashem Arouzi, son of Mrs. Firouzeh Rastegar, of Lausanne, Switzerland, and the late Alireza Arouzi. 

Arouzi  is the founding partner of Gottex Fund Management.  He also served as Portfolio Manager at Kleinwort Benson Private Bank Ltd.

He received a BA in International Relations from the University of Virginia.

Lady Sophia is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn, who live in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The engagement was announced in Friday's Times.

Arouzi, who was born in 1971, is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Iran Foundation in London.

Lady Sophia's first marriage to journalist Anthony Loyd ended in divorce in 2005 after only three years.  She is a dress designer.

Pope protests Orthodox baptism

January 18, 1933

As expected, the Pope has sent a protest to King Boris III of Bulgaria regarding the Orthodox baptism of the king's infant daughter,  Princess Marie Louise.

The Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican stated today that Msgr. Roncalli, the Apostolic delegate to Sofia has presented the king with "an energetic protest" on behalf of the Pope,

The protest "stressed" that King Boris III and Queen Giovanna  "committed a breach of an obligation" to raise all of their children in the Roman Catholic faith.

This obligation was "assumed" before the Vatican issued a dispensation "from the impediment" of a mixed marriage.  King Boris is an Orthodox Christian as required by the Bulgarian Constitution.  Queen Giovanna is Roman Catholic.

Bavarian royal marriage dissolved

January 17, 1913

The marriage of Prince and Princess Georg of Bavaria was dissolved earlier today by a "special session of the Bavarian Supreme Court," reports the New York Times by a special cable.

The Princess will resume her title Archduchess Isabella of Austria. 

The couple was married last February 10 in a "splendid state ceremonial" at Schönbrunn Palace in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph.

After they returned from their honeymoon, where they spent most of their time quarrelling, the newlyweds returned to Munich.  Isabella remained in her new home for three days before she fled to Vienna and her mother, Archduchess Isabella, returned to her mother, Archduchess Isabella, wife of Archduke Friedrich, and refused to return to her husband.  

Isabella was persuaded to return to her husband as both families tried to arrange for a reconciliation.  This proved to be unsuccessful, and Isabella left Munich for the final time.

Prince Georg's father, Prince Luitpold, traveled to Vienna to make a final effort to bring Isabella back, but he failed.  It was inevitable that the marriage would be ended by the courts.

Prince Georg and Archduchess Isabella have vastly different personalities.  The Archduchess is said to have been "subjected by members of the Bavarian royal house," which some feel "were the cause of the rupture."

The marriage was ended on the grounds of "incompatibility based upon fundamental differences of character."

Prince Georg, 32, is the grandson of the Regent of Bavaria.  Archduchess Isabella is 24 years old.

Members of both families tried to bring about a reconciliation, but this proved unsuccessful. 

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Archduke's son charged with forgery

January 17, 1903

Baron Wallburg, son of Archduke Ernst of Austria, is to be "prosecuted" for taking part in forgeries committed by Max Skudinger, reports the New York Times.

The forgeries allegedly took place in Budapest.

Is Prince Laurent about to lose his appanage?

The Flemish newspaper, De Morgen, is reporting that Prince Laurent of Belgium, has been involved with "environmental projects in Angola.  According to the article, neither the Belgian government nor the Palace were informed.

Prince Laurent has allegedly made contacts with diplomats in Angola as the country is interested in renewable energy products developed by Laurent's Foundation.

This action, if true, would be a serious violation of Prince Laurent's agreement with the government and the palace regarding his activities.  In 2011, he got into trouble after traveling to the Congo and Angola, on his own, and establishing ties with Libyan rebels.

Prince Laurent received a lot of negative press because of these actions. He was forced to agree with the then Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, that he would consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before getting involved with anything political or developmental projects.

In other words, Prince Laurent's public role would be supervised by the government.  Laurent would also be required to inform the Belgian government of his activities, or he would lose his annual appanage of 300,000 Euros. (This appanage is not a salary, but goes toward the prince's official duties and the running of his household, such as the paying of staff salaries.)

The projects run by the Prince's foundation must be approved by the government.  However, the Prince has apparently not informed the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor his father, King Albert II, about his current activities.

One anonymous expert told De Morgen: "Does Laurent really have the expertise to develop energy projects in Luanda, a city that has more than 5 million people?"

The Palace acknowledged that they were not informed of the new (alleged) activities in Angola.    Prince Laurent has not offered a comment, but his lawyer, Pierre Legros, is refuting the facts in the De Morgen article.  "Everything is wrong. "To my knowledge, the prince has had no political or diplomatic contacts with Angola.  He has kept his commitment vis-a-vis with the agreement with Prime Minister Leterme in 2011.  When he travels abroad as a part of a mission that can have implications for Belgium, he informs the Foreign Office, even when he has contacts in Belgium with accredited persons.  Soon."

The lawyer argues that there is no reason to deprive Laurent of his appanage.  "They are trying to find something, when there is nothing."