Friday, January 25, 2013

Don't believe the rumors about Archduke Eugen

January 25, 1903

Viennese newspapers are refuting reports "emanating from Budapest" that Archduke Eugen, a second cousin of Emperor Franz Josef, is "about to about renounce his rank" so he can marry a confectioner's daughter."

The New York Times notes that these reports are baseless.  Archduke Eugen "enjoys a large income" as the Grand Master of the Ancient and Most Noble Teutonic Order.  One of the "chief obligations" of this order is to be celibate.

Archduke Eugen Ferdinand Pius Bernhard Maria was born on May 21, 1863 at Gross-Seelowitz, fifth child of Archduke Karl Ferdinand and Archduchess Elisabeth.  One of his sisters, Maria Cristina, is the mother of King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

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