Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reports about the Countess Lonyay are untrue

January 16, 1903

The Vienna correspondent for The Times has cabled the following statement regarding reports about the marriage of the Count and Countess Lonyay.  The Countess is the former Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria, who was born Princess Stephanie of Belgium.

"In new of the skepticism still professed by many journals regarding the truth of the denials given to recent rumors of the impending separation of the Countess Lonyay and her husband, I am requested to state that all reports of conjugal differences and financial difficulties are devoid of all foundation.
"Steps have already been taken to bring the authors of the reports to justice."

Translating this into modern parlance. The Countess Lonyay and her husband are not having any marital problems, including sexual problems in the bed, and they are not financial trouble despite reports to the contrary.

The countess' lawyers will be taking action against the newspapers that have published such lies!

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