Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An American grandchild for Infanta Pilar

Juan Gomez-Acebo, eldest son of Infanta Pilar of Spain, is about to become a father for the first time.  Gomez-Acebo, 43, lives in California, with his long time girlfriend, Winston Holmes Carney, who is expecting the couple's first child in April.  The Vanitas article states that Carney is 39 years old.  This is incorrect. She is 42.  She was born in 1970.

Juan succeeded his father as Viscount de la Torre and is a Grandee of Spain.

Recently, the couple traveled to Spain, to share the good news with Juan's family, including his mother, Infanta Pilar, at her home on Puerta de Hierro.  Winston Carney's family. stayed at the Ritz Hotel.  She is the daughter of James and Laura Carney, who live in Vero Beach, Florida.  James Carney is one of the founders of Carney Sandoe.

The family celebrated the forthcoming birth at the Ritz Hotel, which included Juan's siblings and their families and the Duchess of Soria and her children.  Missing from the celebrations were Juan's royal first cousins, the Prince of Asturias and the Infantas Elena and Cristina.

Last Friday Juan took Winston and her family on a private guided tour of the Royal Palace in Madrid.  The families then headed to a local seafood restaurant and ended the afternoon with a bit of shopping.

Juan studied fine arts, and has been described as King Juan Carlos' bohemian nephew.   His interest in art and painting began when he was a small child.

It is not known if Juan and Winston will marry.  Three of his siblings, Simoneta, Fernando and Beltran are all now divorced.  Bruno is the only child who remains married.

Winston Carney is an interior designer, based in Venice, California.  She is also a Pilates instructor and owns her own Pilates studio. 






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