Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Michael loses his position as regent-designate

January 16, 1913

Emperor Nicholas II has "relieved by imperial manifest of his position as Regent-designate" during the minority of the Tsarevitch in case of the death of the Emperor, reports the New York Times today.

He was also stripped of his role as commander of the Chevalier Guards.  Nicholas II has also issued an imperial ukase, placing the Grand Duke's "personal property and affairs" under the "supreme direction of the Emperor."  The estates will now be administered by the Department of Appanages of the Ministry of the Imperial Court.

The Emperor has taken these steps to show his disapproval with his younger brother, who ran off to Vienna last October and married Natalia Wulfurt.

Nicholas has not named a new Regent-Designate, but Grand Duke Dimitri's name has been "frequently mentioned in the course of unofficial gossip."

Grand Duke Dimitri, is the son of Grand Duke Paul and his first wife, Princess Alexandra of Greece.  Grand Duke Paul also incurred the Emperor's wrath when he contracted a mesalliance.

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