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Victoria booed on plane

Not the best way to end a trip!

a nice profile of the Prince of Wales

From Saturday's Telegraph:

More on Queen Sofia

Stephanie and Rudolf go to the theatre

October 31, 1888

The Crown Prince and Princess of Austria went to the theatre tonight in Vienna, where they saw Sarah Bernhardt and her company. The play "was received with lavish applause by a fashionable audience."

Boris and Giovanna receive blessing

October 31, 1930 

King Boris III and his new wife, Giovanna, received today the "nuptial benediction" from the Bulgarian Orthodox church. King Boris, who is Orthodox, and Giovanna, a Roman Catholic, were married in a Roman Catholic service at Assisi earlier this month. The couple arrived in Sofia at 10 a.m., and were driven "through beflagged and garlanded streets past madly cheering crowds" to the Nevski Cathedral, where their marriage was registered "according to the Orthodox rite."

There is much disappointment by Sofia clerics that this was a blessing on the marriage and not a true Orthodox ceremony. They fear that Boris has secretly returned to the Roman Catholic church. But this was not evident in the King's speech: "Now that a foundation has been laid for an Orthodox dynasty, the Bulgarian people will hope, with God's help, for unity, happiness and prosperity." 

 For the ceremony, Giovanna, who is known in Bulgaria as Joanna, wore a long high-necked white silk dress with a gathered skirt, an ermine coat and a richly embroidered veil which reach down to her knee and was crowned by a diamond diadem." King Boris was clad in "top boots and a general's uniform."

No Honeymoon for Kaiser and bride

October 31, 1922

The Allies have put the kabosh on Wilhelm II's plans for a honeymoon outside the Netherlands. He was banned from attending his late wife's funeral in Germany, and that same ban now applies to his new marriage. British, French and Dutch officials are all in agreement that Wilhelm II will have to spend his honeymoon will be enjoyed "within the high fenced domain of his forced exile."
Wilhelm's wedding present to Princess Hermine will be a family tiara, a diadem "composed of no fewer than 700 diamonds,"and matching diamond earrings.

Ena expects another baby

October 31, 1908

It was announced today that Queen Ena of Spain expects a second child next year. She gave birth to a son, Alfonso, the Prince of the Asturias, in June.

Happy Halloween!

To all my American and Canadian readers! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
I've gone to work dressed as one of the 101 Dalmatians! Oh, don't worry. Coming in costume is encouraged!

And to all Lutherans - Happy Reformation Day ... if I had hammer I'd hammer on the castle door - all over these 95 theses!

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Queen Sofia upsets gays over comments

Here is a link to an article in Britain's Independent newspaper about Queen Sofia, the subject of a new book in Spain, where she talks about a lot of things - including gays and gay marriage.

and in Earthtimes:,spains-queen-sofia-opposes-gay-marriage-in-new-bio--summary.html

and another article

an article in Spanish:

Pilar Urbano's book is available only in Spanish, as it was published in Spain.

German mayor has royal connections

I wonder how many of the citizens of the German town of Delmenhorst know that their mayor, Patrick de la Lanne is a descendant of the Kings of Württemberg. His mother is Duchess Margarethe of Württemberg, eldest daughter and second child of Duke Albrecht of Württemberg and Princess Nadejda of Bulgaria.

Margarethe was born in 1928. She married at Althausen in 1970 to a French Vicomte Francois Luce de Chevigny. The couple has no children.

However, Margarethe is the mother of a son by a Scotsman, Robin Ian Evelyn Grinnell-Milne, who was born in 1925. In 1952, Robin changed his surname to Milne Stuart de la Lanne-Mirrlees. Six years later, he abandoned this surname by deed poll and adopting a new surname Milne Stuart le Comte de la Lanne-Mirrlees. In 1992, he changed his name from Deed Poll to Milne Stuart le Prince de la Lanne-Mirrlees.

Patrick Francis de la Lanne was born in San Francisco in 1962.

Patrick's daughter Marie-Charlotte has taken part in a Model UN - and using the surname de la Lanne-Mirrlees.

As far as I know, Patrick Francis de la Lanne-Mirrlees has never talked about his royal connections. His mother is a first cousin to King Simeon of Bulgaria. It is even possible that the Mayor de la Lanne, who is a member of the SPD party (Socialist), has limited contact with his mother's family.

He was raised by a foster mother, Charlotte Zaubzer in Oldenburg.  She died in 2007.

  I also do not think that Margarethe, now 80, has ever been seen in public with her son. Imagine the shame for a good Catholic girl from an aristocratic family who finds herself pregnant in the early 1960s - and goes off to San Francisco, California, to give birth.

As you can see from the comments, Patrick was raised by a foster family, and not by his mother.   He was not twin ... there is an error in the birth registration as Patrick is listed twice in the California Births Index: as Patrick Francis and Francis Patrick.  One and the same.

rumors of a Roumanian - Italian romance

October 30, 1926

Bucharest newspapers are hinting at a marriage between Princess Ileana and Crown Prince Umberto of Italy. The princess is currently touring the US with her mother, Queen Marie. There was no comment from the Quirinal in Rome or from Bucharest officials.

Archduchess Elisabeth to marry

October 30, 1902

The New York Times cites a Viennese newspaper, Weiner Allgemeine Zeitung, which is reporting that Archduchess Elisabeth,  daughter of Archduke Karl Ludwig, is to marry Prince Johann of Liechtenstein, son of Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein.
The marriage will be equal as the head of the house of Liechstenstein is a regnant.

Charles and Camilla meet Naruito & Masako

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This is funny!

Click on the red phone last.

This brought tears to my eyes

Charles Mathias is a Republican who represented Maryland in the House and then the Senate from 1961-1986 . He also represents what Republicans used to be like.

Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, who backed Mitt Romney in the primaries, has also come out in support of Barack Obama. He is the second Republican former governor to support Senator Obama. Former Minnesota governor Arne Carlson announced on October 23rd that he was voting for Barack.
Ditto former Bush press secretary Scott McClelland.

I want to wake up on Wednesday morning to hear Matt Lauer say President-elect Obama.

New project for Duchess Marie

Duchess Marie of Württemberg is involved with a new project. She is married to Duke Friedrich, who is heir apparent to the headship of the House of Württemberg.

Duchess Marie of Württemberg visited today a dance space project in a Freiburg wine garden. The project received funding from the Duchess' foundation. The foundation provided 10,000 Euros to help disadvantaged youth. Duchess Marie decided that she wanted to make a personal visit to the project. The Freiburger dance group shared the prize with singer from Pforzheim.
Eight girls, several of whom are immigrants, took part in the dances. They reorganized a wine garden in an area, in which they prepare now for dance competitions and give dance instruction.

(the translation is not perfect.)

Elena's family leaves for Montenegro

October 29, 1896

Members of the Montenegrin royal family that attended Princess Elena's wedding to the Crown Prince of Italy are now their way home. The princes will board the Italian ship Savoia at Brindisi and sail to Montenegro's sole port, Antivari.
Crown Prince Vittorio Emanuele and his bride left Florence today to start their honeymoon. Masses of people, who cheered incessantly, lined the streets from the Quirinal Palace to the train station. Queen Margherita was one of the royal family who saw the newlyweds off. At the railroad station, Elena "embraced her royal relatives with much warmth." She is apparently overwhelmed "by the heartiness of the reception" that she has received in Rome.
Elena, who wore a gray velvet gown, was given a bouquet of flowers by the ladies of the diplomatic corp.

Infanta Pilar has a baby

October 29, 1968

Infanta Pilar of Spain has given birth to a daughter, it was announced today. The princess is the oldest child of the Count and Countess of Barcelona. The Count is the pretender to the Spanish throne.
The Infanta, who is styled as the Duchess of Badajoz, is married to Don Luis Gomez-Acebo, a banker.
This is the couple's first child.

Rift in royal family over David's love for Wally

Embed from Getty Images
October 29, 1936

There are rumors of a rift between King Edward VIII and other members of the British Royal Family over his relationship with American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson.

According to palace gossips, the duke and duchess of York "have figured less prominently in public functions," while the duke of Kent, who is married to the "spirited" Princess Marina of Greece, "is being placed much in the public eye."
There are few reports of the duke and duchess of York and the Duke of Gloucester, but the duke of Kent is out and about making numerous speeches, according to the report in Chicago Daily Tribune.

It is inferred that there is a "family difference" over the king's friendship with Mrs. Simpson, who is currently in Ipswich, having filed for divorce from her second husband.

One Briton, John Drinkwater has written an article about this in one of the British papers. He calls the gossip "malicious as it is contemptible."

"Certain foreign papers with a circulation in this country are now busy with our king's private life which under no circumstances can be a proper subject for discussion or private conjecture. In the circle of his own friends, the king's life is as much his own as mine or the dustman's and not to respect his private life is disgraceful."

One British newspaper doubts that the king will marry Mrs. Simpson, and he blames former aides of the king for spreading rumors. The editor says that the former aides are annoyed that Edward will not take their advice, and "are circulating various rumours which depict the king as unconstitutional and headstrong."

"From these aristocratic milieux flow a continual stream from tidbits to swell rumours."

American newspapers with reports of Mrs. Simpson's divorce action have been removed for sale from London newsstands. Four pages from the current Time magazine will be ripped out before the magazine goes on sale in the UK.

Princess Alexandrine learns a trade

October 29, 1930

Prince Harald of Denmark has asked that all of his children learn a "practical trade," despite their royal positions. One of his daughters, Princess Alexandrine Louise is currently working for a Copenhagen bookbinder. She had refused a position in the bookbinder's office, and asked if she could learn how to bind books.
The Princess, who is 15-years-old, is the third of five children of Prince Harald and Princess Helena of Denmark. Prince Harald is a younger brother of King Christian X.

Duchess d' Orleans to sue husband for neglect

October 29, 1924

It was reported today that the Duchess of Orleans will file suit against her husband, the Duke of Orleans, on the grounds of neglect.
In 1913, Prince Philippe was ordered to provide an income for his wife, despite living separate lives. Instead of fulfulling the court order, the Duke of Orleans went on a hunting trip to Africa.
The Duchess is living in reduced circumstances in a small Hungarian town.

"little royal tyrant forced to apologize"

October 29, 1910

Miss Cowen, who is the English governess to the children of the king and queen of Italy, has related a story about one of her charges, Crown Prince Umberto.

The six-year-old prince "has much determination and a great strength of character with a strong tendency to over-rule all those whom he has come in contact with."

The royal family was on a holiday at the beach when Queen Elena reminded her children to not jump in and out of a boat that was moored by the beach.

Little barefoot Umberto did not listen, and he started jumping in and out of the boat. He fell and got hurt. He ran to his mother for comfort, but the queen, who "had forbidden this particular game, scolded the little Prince for disobedience."

When the servants arrived on the scene with a basket of oranges, the queen divided the fruit among the children, except Umberto. She gave his share to the son of one of the royal gamekeepers.

Umberto "tremulous with rage and unable to control his anger" attacked the little boy, grabbed the orange, and threw it into the water.

Queen Elena, who witnessed the royal tantrum, ordered that Umberto be sent back home. She would deal with him later.

That evening at dinner, the queen told her husband about Umberto's behavior. The following morning, the king sent for his son and gave Umberto the option of apologizing to the gamekeeper's son or being deprived of candy for one week. Umberto chose to give up the candy. 

However, after lunch, the little prince set aside two oranges, and without telling anyone, went back to the beach, where he met up with the gamekeeper's son and gave him the fruit.

Royal wedding at Cannes

October 29, 1906

Prince Johann Georg of Saxony and Princess Maria Immaculada of Bourbon-Two Sicilies were married today in Cannes.
The groom is the brother of King Friedrich August, while the bride is the daughter of the Count and Countess of Caserta.
This is the prince's second marriage. His first wife, Duchess Isabella of Württemberg died in 1904.
The wedding took place on the bride's 32nd birthday.

Maud misses "royal progress"

October 30, 1902

Princess Charles of Denmark, according to the Marquise de Fontenoy, "is the most popular, clever and good looking of the daughters of Edward VII." She did not take part in a recent "royal progress through the streets of London," and her absence has caused much speculation.
The princess is currently under the care of her father's doctor, Sir Frederick Laking, "for an attack of nervous prostration." She is "undergoing a complete rest cure" at Buckingham Palace and at her home, Appleton House, on the Sandringham estate. Princess Maud, who is married to her first cousin, is seeing no one but her immediate family, and "living in the quietest fashion possible."
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra became concerned about their youngest daughter's health as Maud has become quite thin and "had lost those high spirits and sunny disposition."
Princess Maud and her two sisters are more delicate in health than their parents. The Duchess of Fife is "a martyr to rheumatism," and Princess Victoria suffers greatly from migraines.

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Call me Crazy!

I am the catcher on my church's softball team. We play in the spring and fall leagues in Alexandria. Last October was warm throughout the entire month, and we didn't mind those late games.
Tonight -- like last week -- we played at 9 p.m. Games are scheduled for 6:30, 7:45 and 9:00 p.m.
It was cold and windy last week when we won 26-7. It was very cold and very windy tonight. I bundled up before I left the house: a pullover, a wool sweater, my heavy Walt Disney World hooded sweatshirt, and one of my woolen Icelandic jackets. Plus a hat and gloves, handwarmers in the jacket pockets, and my big and warm Orioles blankie.
This was the last game of the season, and we won't know until tomorrow if we made the playoffs. (We made the playoffs last year, but lost in the first game. We didn't mind the loss because it was sooooooo cold, and we could get to the bar faster.)
Tonight we won 16-6.
I am just about to have a nice large mug of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. I deserve it.

Volleyball season starts in December. Thankfully, it's not beach volleyball!

a royal engagement

Count Alexander zu Stolberg-Stolberg and Princess Isabel of Orleans-Braganza are engaged and will be married in Rio de Janeiro next year.

Prince Eugenio weds

October 28, 1938

Prince Eugenio of Savoy, Duke of Ancona, and Princess Lucia of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies were married today in a civil ceremony in Munich.
The groom is a cousin of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy, and the bride is the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Calabria. The Duchess is the former Princess Marie of Bavaria.

Elderly princess must have guardian

October 28, 1930 

 A French court has ruled that a judicial guardian must be provided for the 73-year-old Princess Marie Charlotte Constance de Broglie, who recently married Prince Luis Fernando of Bourbon-Orleans, 41. 

The decision read: "it is necessary to defend the great fortune of the Princess against disquieting covetousness." 

The judgment also prohibits the Princess from using any of her money "for the benefit of her husband."

 The court also charged that there may be irregularities in the couple's marriage, which took place in a London registry office.

Olav to wed Martha??

October 28, 1928

A Belgian newspaper is reporting that the engagement of Crown Prince Olav of Norway and Princess Martha of Sweden will be announced shortly. Martha is the sister of Crown Princess Astrid of Belgium.

Leopold departs for Stockholm

October 28, 1926

Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium is now on his way to Stockholm for his forthcoming wedding to Princess Astrid of Sweden. The couple will be married in a civil ceremony in Stockholm, which will be following by religious services in Brussels.
Four kings - Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden - will be present for the civil marriage.

Prince Maurice of Battenberg killed in battle

October 28, 1914

The British royal family today learned of the death of Prince Maurice of Battenberg, the youngest son of Princess Beatrice. He was 23-years-old and had was a second lieutenant in the King's Royal Rifle Guards.
Prince Maurice, a first cousin of King George V, is the first member of the British royal family to be killed in this war.
King George and Queen Mary drove over to Kensington Palace to console Princess Beatrice.
It was reported that the prince died from wounds suffered in a battle in France.
Maurice's sister, Ena, is the Queen of Spain.

Prince Sieghard of Schoenaich-Carolath is reported to have been wounded and taken prisoner. He is a lieutenant in the Prussian Guards and is 28-years-old. His cousin, Johann Karl, is the head of the house.

"Common doom threatens two sad royal sisters"

This is the headline in the October 29, 1910 Los Angeles Times (with a dateline of October 24th)

The two royal sisters are Empress Alexandra and Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia. According to the article, the two women are suffering from similar mental breakdowns. Elisabeth, the widow of the murdered Grand Duke Serge, is said to be "steadily lapsing from religious exaltation into religious mania." Her younger sister, Alix, who is the wife of the Russian emperor Nicholas II, "has the mania of persecution, and believes that all the world is conspiring against her life."
Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna "that the heavens are in league against her," she believes she can save "soul alone by wrestling with her accusing conscience." She spends her day "in holy works and her nights in anguished prayer."
These two Anglo-German princesses were "not long ago, the wildest, bravest and merriest of all the daughters of Europe's courts."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Valdemar turns the Big 8-0

October 27, 1938

Prince Valdemar of Denmark celebrates his 80th birthday today. He was feted at a dinner at the home of his son, Prince Axel. Guests included the entire royal family, and Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg of Sweden. King Haakon of Norway also attended.
Valdemar was the youngest child of the late King Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark. His siblings included Queen Alexandra, the consort of Britain's Edward VII, Empress Marie of Russia and King George I of the Hellenes.
The Prince was married in 1885 to Princess Marie d'Orleans, who died in 1909. The couple had four sons, Aage, Axel, Erik and Viggo and one daughter, Margrethe.

Julia Grant gets her divorce

October 27, 1934

Julia Cantacuzene, a granddaughter of President Grant, was divorced today from her husband, Prince Michel Cantacuzene, on the grounds of desertion and the failure to show interest in matrimonial duties. The divorce, which was not contested, was granted by a Sarasota, Florida judge only 35 minutes after Mrs. Cantacuzene filed her petition.
She was also granted the right to resume her maiden name, and will now be known as Julia Cantacuzene Grant.

The couple have three children, Michael, who lives in Chicago, Ida Hanbury-Williams of London, and Bertha, who was recenly divorced from Robert Smith. Bertha, who lives in Sarasota, is expected to announce her engagement to Donald Mackintosh.

Afghan sovereigns start new trends

October 26, 1928

King Amanulla and Queen Siriya have recently returned to Kabul after a successful visit to Western Europe. The king and his government are now beginning to make changes that will affect all citizens of his country. Numerous reforms are being implemented in the country and include compulsory education for boys and girls between the ages of 6-11. In discussing the new social reforms with an Indian reporter, the king said he was adhering to the true principles of the Koran, "the spirit of which had been perverted by unauthorized priests."
The king says he wants to carry out the true doctrines of the Koran. He has abolished Purdah in Kabul and the provinces. However, in the provinces, many of the priests had protested over this change, and the king decided "that the provincials could do as they pleased."
The king has also established public libraries and factories, and has encouraged reform for municipalities and the judiciary. Western dress is also allowed.
However, the king recently fired the Prime Minister, and "proclaimed himself as Head of Government "a la Mussolini.""

The archduchess is now a piano teacher

Embed from Getty Images 

 October 27, 1928 

 It is being reported in Vienna that Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria, the youngest daughter of the late Emperor Franz Joseph, has "stoically adapted" to life in a republic. Now more than 60 years old, Marie Valerie lives in a modest flat, where she teaches piano in the morning, and does needlework in the afternoons. 

 She does her own shopping and cooking, "yet she faces life without complaint. Other members of the Imperial family have apparently "severed all bonds" with the archduchess because she has sworn "unconditional allegiance" to the Austrian republic. Members of Vienna's working community have expressed admiration for Marie Valerie's democratic ways, and see her as a "grand old lady of Austria's former glory." 

 Marie Valerie died four years before this story was published!

First guest arrives for Kaiser's wedding

October 27, 1922

Princess Friedrich Karl of Hesse has arrived at Doorn, and is the first guest to arrive for the forthcoming wedding between Kaiser Wilhelm II and Princess Hermine of Reuss.
The Princess is the former Princess Margarete of Prussia, and is one of the Kaiser's younger sisters.

Belgian soveregns enter Bruge

October 27, 1918

King Albert and Queen Elisabeth have made a State entry in Bruges. Queen Elisabeth rode on the left of the King and young Crown Prince Leopold rode on the right. "Every soul of the city in the streets or at the windows and balconies" showing great enthusiasm for their liberation, and the return of their king and queen. The Belgians had waited for four years for this day, when the king, "a brave soldier who had stayed with his army in the narrow strip of ground which was all of his kingdom," during the war.
For the people of Bruges, the war is over, and the king has his kingdom back.

Countess Széchény gives birth to a daughter

October 27, 1908

Countess Széchény gave birth today to a daughter at her castle in Budapest. The countess is the former Gladys Moore Vanderbilt, the daughter of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt.
Gladys and the count were married last January at the Vanderbilt Mansion at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York. As the count is Roman Catholic, the couple were married according to the rites of that church.
The countess has three brothers, Cornelius, Alfred and Reginald, and one sister, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney.

Impending engagement in Spain???

October 27, 1906

Is Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies about to become engaged to French princess Louise d'Orleans? The princess, who is the youngest daughter of the late Count of Paris, was once rumored to be a bride for King Alfonso XIII.
Princess Louise is a "handsome girl, extremely accomplished," and has spent a great deal of her time in Spain, at Villamanrique, her mother's estate near Seville. The princess has close ties to the Spanish court.
Louise's mother, Infanta Maria Isabel, is a member of the Spanish royal family, as her mother was Infanta Luisa Fernanda, younger sister of Queen Isabel. Luisa Fernanda's husband Prince Antoine of Orleans, Duke of Montpensier, was created an Infant of Spain after the wedding. This title was also given to Luisa Fernanda and Antoine's children.
This would be Prince Carlos' second marriage. In 1901, Carlos married King Alfonso's sister, Mercedes, the Princess of the Asturias. Carlos was created an Infant of Spain, and the couple's two children, Alfonso and Isabel Alfonsa, were also created infants of Spain. Young Alfonso is currently first in line to the Spanish throne.
Mercedes died after giving birth to Isabel Alfonsa.
Thus, Princess Louise would become stepmother to two young children, who are the immediate heirs to the Spanish throne.
Two of Louise's older sisters have made grand marriages. Marie Amelie is the wife of King Carlos of Portugal and and Isabelle is married to the Duke of Guise.

Will the Prince and Princess of Wales visit America

October 27, 1902

A cable from the United States concerning the possibility that the Prince and Princess of Wales will visit the St Louis Exposition in 1904 has "created much interest" in London.

Official circles are surprised that the topic is even being discussed. At York House, the home of the Prince and Princess of Wales, the response to this story is that no official invitation has been received from the American government. The matter has been referred to King Edward VII, who offered a non-committal reply.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prince Henry to become a helicopter pilot

Just like uncle Andrew

Charles Liddell-Grainger marries

The Daily Telegraph published the following marriage announcement on the 24th October 24th 2008 Mr C.M. Liddell-Grainger and Dr M.M. de Clermont The marriage took place on Oct 20, 2008, in London between Charles Montagu Liddell-Grainger and Martha Margaretha de Clermont. The witnesses were Mr and Mrs Miles Huntington-Whiteley and Prince and Princess Dimitri Lobanov-Rostovsky. 

A luncheon was held at Hélène Darroze at the Connaught. A service of blessing will be held in December at St James's Palace. This was Charles's 2nd marriage and fourth engagement. In 1989, Charles had become engaged to Elizabeth Jane Harrison-Bright, daughter of Sir Keith Bright, former head of London Regional Transport. Charles, then 28, had proposed at Verbier, Switzerland, after a four-year romance. 

But only six months later, as the bride was making wedding plans, Charles broke off the engagement. Three months after the engagement ended, he met Karen Humphryes, a caterer, who was four years his senior. They dated for 18 months before Charles "got down on bended knee" and popped the question during a weekend in Gloucestershire. They were married at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace. 

This marriage was dissolved by divorce.

Charles Liddell-Grainger was born in 1960, the second of five children of David Liddell-Grainger and Anne Abel Smith, who was the granddaughter of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. Alice, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, was married in 1904 to Prince Alexander of Teck, a younger brother of Queen Mary. In 1917, Prince Alexander relinquished his German titles and was created Earl of Athlone. Alice reverted to her own British title and was styled as HRH Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. Alice and Alexander had three children: Lady May, Rupert, Viscount Trematon (who suffered from hemophiliac and died as the result of injuries suffered in an auto accident), and Maurice, who died an infant. 

In 1932, Lady May married Sir Henry Abel Smith, and they had three children, Richard, Anne, and Elizabeth. Anne's marriage to Scottish landowner, David Liddell-Grainger, was perhaps the wedding of the year in 1957. The couple was married at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, with guests that included the Queen, the Queen Mother, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, the duchesses of Gloucester and Kent, Princes William and Richard of Gloucester, Prince Michael and Princess Alexandra of Kent, Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Princess Andrew of Greece and Lady Patricia Ramsay. The bride's grandmother, Princess Alice, was also present. Anne was attended by three pages, three child bridesmaids and eight older bridesmaids, who included Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and her sister, Irene, and Princess Christina of Sweden. The reception was held in the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle. Anne and David would have five children: Ian, Charles, Simon, Alice, and Malcolm before divorcing in 1981. 

The marriage ended due to David's infidelity with the Norwegian-born Lady de la Rue, the wife of an elderly Scots baronet, Sir Eric. 

After Anne and the children moved out of the castle, Lady de la Rue moved in. So did Sir Eric, who needed medical attention. An interesting menage a trois that caused scandal for David Liddell-Grainger, who was asked to resign from the Royal Company of Archers and from the Freemasons, where he was a Scottish Grand Master. David and Christine de la Rue lived were open about their relationship. In 1983, Christine, 41, gave birth to David's son, who was named David Henry. The new parent held their son, with Sir Eric looking on. One can only imagine David's relationship affected his legitimate children and his former wife, who maintained her own relations with the British royal family. Anne became a devout Christian, and continues today as a missionary in Africa. "Not being married does not worry me," David told a reporter in the late 1980s. Marriage is just a contractual exchange of goods, a legal relationship. It is not the institution it was 20 years ago." 

n 1985, Christine gave birth to a second son, who was named Maximilian. (Max died in 1999 at the age of 14 from cancer.) Four years later, Sir Eric died and Christine became free to marry David. But they did not marry until 1996. A decade later, David developed cancer, and he told his wife that he had only weeks to live. Christine sought out specialists in Britain and abroad. David was undergoing treatment in Schwerin, when he died in March 2007. He left an estate worth £14 million. But he chose to exclude his children from his first marriage. Under ordinary circumstances, Ian should have inherited Ayton Castle, in Berwickshire, as he was the first born son. 

But David chose to leave his  6,000-acre estate to his elder son, David, by Lady de la Rue. He also failed "to bequeath a single penny" to his children by Anne Abel Smith. David's 14-page will included a statement that his elder children were "well provided for" in a trust that was set up in 1970. The castle and the two London homes were left for Christine's lifetime enjoyment. He wanted his funeral to be private, and arranged by his wife (and would not allow his former wife to attend), nor did he want a memorial service "or other public recognition of my life to be arranged or any obituary to be written." 

Ian told a Sunday Mail reporter that his father "had become bitter after being shunned by the upper classes over his unconventional lifestyle." He added that "I watched my father slowly take 25 years to die of shame. We tried to help Dad. You cannot leave your kith and kin. In the end, I do not think we could have done much more to help. He died of shame." Ian acknowledged that his father's lifestyle would affect his life. "He realised quickly he had made huge mistakes."

 Charles, who served for a time as a Tory member of the Berwick-upon-Tweed council, lived recently near his Aunt Marcia (widow of Richard Abel Smith) in Blidworth Dale. His wife, Dr. Margaretha de Clermont is a medical doctor and medical hypnotherapist. She also has a passion for horses and writes an equestrian blog. 

Princess Charlotte of Monaco and the jewel thief

The late Princess Charlotte of Monaco, who was the mother of Prince Rainier, was eccentric, to say the least. One of her lovers was a jewel thief, Rene Girier.,9171,813957,00.html

Eugenie to accompany dad to India

Princess Eugenie, about to start her gap year, will accompany her father to India.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giovanna and Boris marry in "drenching rain"

Embed from Getty Images

October 25, 1930 

  Princess Giovanna of Savoy became the Queen of Bulgaria today when she married King Boris III at the basilica of St. Francis at Assisi. According to the New York Times, "the solemnity of the ceremony was enhanced rather than lessened by its simplicity."

 The weather was certainly not cooperative. Driving rain and hail fell, as "royal personages participating in the marriage hurried through the streets of Assisi during the downpour." 
Princess Giovanna "got her wedding gown wet when she arrived at the upper church. Many of the female guests were also "drenched to the skin." When the wedding party arrived at the church, they were greeted by "a thick carpet of rose petals" strewn by local children. 

The entire party hurried into the church, as the rain continued to fall. The princess, on the arm of her father, King Vittorio Emanuele, was the first to enter the church. They were followed by Queen Elena "on the arm of King Boris, "as the notes of Domine salvum fac Regum nostrum filled the basilica." 

 The king's witnesses were his brother, Prince Kirill, and his brother-in-law, Duke Albrecht of Württemberg, both of whom stood at his side. Giovanna's witnesses were her brother, the Prince of Piedmont, and her brother-in-law, the Count of Calvi di Bergolo.  The couple was married according to the rites of the Roman Catholic church, although the king is a member of the Orthodox church. To achieve a papal dispensation for this wedding, the king agreed that the couple's children will be baptized and educated in the Roman Catholic faith. 

 When the newlyweds appeared "with linked arms at the door of the church they were greeted with a veritable tornado of applause, to which they replied with bowing and smiling." They were followed by Queen Elena on the arm of Boris' father, King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, and Queen Sophie of Greece, who was escorted by King Vittorio Emanuele. "All walked under pouring rain" to the sound of 300 children "singing sacred music."

Boris and Giovanna moved to the tomb of the Infanta of Savoy, where they "knelt in veneration of the relics of St. Francis." The bride "wore a simple white satin dress which followed becomingly the slim lines of her youthful figure." The gown had a high neck, and long sleeves, and the short train was held by "two gentleman-in-waiting." Her "priceless veil of ivory-tinted Venetian lace" -- a gift from her mother, Queen Elena -- fell over her shoulders toward the ground and was held in place by "a sprig of orange blossoms." Boris, wearing the uniform of the commander-in-chief of the Bulgarian Army, "smiled reassuringly at his bride, sitting by his side," in the car as they were driven back to the Villa Constanza, where the wedding breakfast menu featured "prepared eggs, lobster, roast pheasant from the royal preserves, various vegetables, ice cream and coffee," and six different kinds of Italian wine. 

Another ceremony took place at the local City Hall, where Prince Philipp of Hesse, the husband of Giovanna's sister, Mafalda, and the Duke of Aosta attested that the wedding took place. Prince Kirill and Duke Albrecht acted again as witnesses for the king. After the wedding breakfast, Boris and Giovanna began their honeymoon, by boarding the royal train for the trip to Brindisi, where they are expected to embark on the Bulgarian royal yacht for a cruise through the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, and Black seas to Bulgaria. The trip is expected to take about a week.

Zara breaks collarbone

Zara Phillips has broken her collarbone in a fall of her horse in France. The horse, Tsnunami II, was also injured and had to be put down.

Lord Spencer dumped

The womanizing Earl Spencer, who has been married and divorced twice, has been dumped by his latest flame, Jane Yerrow. The break-up took place a few weeks ago, apparently. Earlier in the year, the Earl was the dumper, when he told his American tv reporter girlfriend, Coleen Sullivan, that their relationship was over. He quickly became involved with Yarrow, who has since ended their relationship. But don't expect the Earl to be sad. He's already seeing another lady. This time a real lady. Bianca, Lady Eliot. the widow of Lord Eliot, heir to the Earl of St. Germans. Two years ago, Bianca's husband, Jago, was found dead in his bathtub, having suffered from an epileptic fit. Cannanbis and cocaine had been found in his blood.

Countess Sonja's funeral,3484085

No one from the Swedish royal family attended. The late Count Lennart was the son of Prince Vilhelm of Sweden, younger brother of King Gustaf VI Adolf, who was the present king's granddfather.

Is Masako on strike

There is certainly more to the story about Crown Princess Masako. She has suffered at the hands of the grey men in the Imperial Household Agency, and has suffered great mental stress. But there is also a concern that the Crown Princess has also chosen to not carry mout duties, but is seen in public in Tokyo restaurants, stores and her daughter's school.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prince Michael of Kent in Moscow

Mecklenburg art looted by Russians turns up in London

Lithographs that belonged to the late Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin have turned up at Sotheby's in London. It is likely that the lithographs were looted by the Soviets, and ended up in the hands of a German collector.

Daily Telegraph profile on Charles

Andrew Roberts gets it absolutely right.

Princess Vittoria Ruspoli to marry

October 1912

Princess Vittoria Ruspoli is engaged to be married, according to an announcement in Paris. The Princess, whose mother is the former Josephine Curtiss of New York, is to marry 20-year-old Vicomte Roger de Dampierre, second son of the Duke of San Lorenzo.
Vittoria's father, Don Emanuel Ruspoli, Prince di Poggia-Susua, died in 1899, when Vittoria was seven-years-old. Josephine was his third wife.
The head of the de Dampierre family is not the Duke of San Lorenzo, but the Marquess de Dampierre.

A very simple wedding for Giovanna

October 24, 1930

Just one day to go before Princess Giovanna of Italy marries King Boris III of Bulgaria. They will be married in the upper chapel of the basilica of the St. Francis of Assisi. In accordance with the princess' wishes, "everything will be carried out with the greatest simplicity." Throughout Assisi, the wedding decorations are modest, as per Giovanna's desire.
The dress code for the wedding will require women to wear "dresses with high necks, long sleeves with skirts reaching to the ankle." No jewelery will be allowed. Men will wear "full evening dress, with black waistcoats."

Icelanders are not terrorists!

Period. Full Stop. I love Iceland. Really. I love Iceland. I've been twice to the country, and want to go back again. So much to see and do. Great food. Wonderful and interesting landscape. The cutest horses in the world. Skyr (the yummiest of yummiest foods.) The Blue Lagoon (Heaven on earth) Hot chocolate at Cafe Paris. The Yule Lads. Lake Myvatn. Puffins. Did I mention Skyr? Super friendly people. Geysers The UK government is playing hardball with Iceland. Yes, there are serious problems with the financial sectors that have affected both countries, but it was wrong for Gordon Brown's government to place Iceland among terrorist nations.

NIce obit for Michael Romanoff

Here is a link to a recent Times (London) obituary for Michael Romanov, a grandson of Grand Duchess Xenia and Grand Duke Alexander. Michael, who lived in Australia, was the issue of a morganatic marriage, and was not a member of the Imperial family.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Princess Eugenie carries out engagement

HRH Princess Eugenie of York accompanied her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, to St. James's Hospital in Leeds, where Sarah, who is Patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust, opened a young adults' cancer center. As Sarah is not a member of the Royal Family, this engagement cannot be considered an official one for Eugenie, although one hopes it is the start of a royal career.

No Battenberg marriage for Victoria

October 23, 1888

The German newspaper, Neue Freie Presse, reports that plans for a marriage between Prince Alexander of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Prussia, sister of the German emperor, "have been abandoned."

"infelicity" in Rudolf's household

October 23, 1888

Vienna is rife with rumors that Crown Princess Stephanie will seek a divorce from her husband, Crown Prince Rudolf, and will return to Belgium. Her parents, King Leopold II and Queen Marie-Henriette and her eldest sister, Princess Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha are "unremitting in their efforts to avert this catastrophe."
Stephanie's father-in-law, Emperor Franz Joseph, "is worried enough about public affairs without having private life made a burden to him through the eccentricities and extravagances of his wife and the constant bickering of his son and daughter-in-law."

Eisenhowers host Greek royals

October 23, 1958

President and Mrs. Eisenhower today hosted a lunch for Queen Frederika of the Hellenes and two of her children, Princess Sophia and Crown Prince Constantine. The royal party arrived yesterday and will be in Washington, D.C., for four days. The "elaborate, formal luncheon" took place in the state dining room.
In his welcome speech, the President, who is running for re-election, noted this was the second time he had welcomed Queen Frederika to the White House. In 1954, the queen had accompanied her husband, King Paul, for a state visit to the US.
The Queen, 41, told her host that she was delighted that Constantine and Sophia are able to see the US.
The 80s guests drank California sherry before sitting down to lunch.

Ferdinand to attend son's wedding

October 23, 1930

Former King Ferdinand of Bulgaria has left his home in Coburg and is en route to Italy to attend the wedding of his eldest son, King Boris III, who is marrying Princess Giovanna of Italy.

Umberto to marry Marie José

October 23, 1928

Italian newspapers are hinting that Crown Prince Umberto will soon become engaged to Princess Marie-José of Belgium. These hints are based on the meeting last week between the Pope and the new Belgian Cardinal van Roey.
However, officials at the royal palace in Brussels stated emphatically "that there is no truth in the report" about an engagement "being imminent, or even contemplated."

Ileana and Nicholas visit West Point

October 23, 1926

Princess Ileana and Prince Nicholas of Romania paid an informal visit to West Point today. They traveled by yacht up the Hudson River, but due to the adverse tide, the royal siblings arrived at 9:30 p.m.

 The prince and princess and other members of their party were taken to a dinner dance at the Thayer Hotel.

 Most of the guests delayed their own dinners to await the arrival of Queen Marie's children.

The menu included one of Queen Marie's favorite dishes, Chicken a la Maryland.
This was an entirely formal visit. Nicholas and Ileana will return to New York City tomorrow.

The Thai succession

Interesting article from the Vancouver Sun

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prince Waldemar comments on Sonja's death

Now here is an interesting story: Prince Waldemar of Schaumburg-Lippe, certainly the black sheep of the family, talks about the late Countess Sonja Bernadotte af Wisborg

and another article on Sonja with more photos

Annie and the Queen's photograph

Prince Laurent meets up with half-sister

In what could be described as an awkward moment, Prince Laurent and Princess Claire found themselves talking with Laurent's half-sister, Delphine Boel.

Delphine is King Albert II's illegitimate daughter.

Is Lady Ella back with Aatish?

According to Richard Kay's column in the Daily Mail, Lady Gabriella Windsor has rekindled a relationship with Indian Aatish Taseer. The couple dated for for three years but broke up nearly two years ago when Aatish "failed to persuade Gabriella to accompany him" back to India.

Majesty magazine!

I am absolutely appalled by the following comment, which appeared on a message board: "Majesty magazine, despite its excellent stable of expert contributors, is edited by a tabloid-style hack "

Although Ingrid Seward is listed on the masthead as the editor-in-chief, she does not play a day-to-day role in running the magazine. The true editor in Joe Little, a seasoned journalist, who is not a hack. No one who writes for Majesty (including me) deals with Ingrid. Our copy is edited by Joe, who knows what he is doing. He has to balance historical articles with fluff because the magazine has to appeal to a varied readership.
Joe is the one who comes into the office every day. He is the one who works with the writers and the advertisers.
And, having worked with Ingrid on several royal visits, I can assure readers that she, too, is not a hack journalist.
Joe Little is certainly not a hack journalist. What a horrible thing to say about a good and decent person.

Spanish prince to divorce wife, marry American

Marie Say

October 22, 1938 

 According to reports in the American press, Infante Don Luis Fernando of Orleans-Borbon. The prince, 50, said he would soon begin divorce proceedings against his wife, 80-year-old Princess  Amédée  de Broglie, the widow of Prince  Amédée de Broglie.  The princess was born Marie Say, the granddaughter of Louis Auguste Say.

 They were married in 1930 after the prince was forced to end his engagement with Mabel Gilman Corey, an American actress. 

The prince has told reporters that his mother, Infanta Eulalia, approves of his forthcoming marriage, although he will not name the American lady. He had ended his engagement with Mrs. Corey, a divorcee, because of his mother's disapproval. 

Luis Fernando now lives in Venice, where he met the American girl in March.

Prince and Princess Viggo arrive in Copenhagen

October 22, 1924

Prince Viggo of Denmark and his American wife, Eleanor Green, arrived in Copenhagen today. They were welcomed at the railroad station by King Christian X, Queen Alexandrine, Prince Waldemar (the groom's father), Prince Knud, Prince Axel, Prince Gustav, Prince Harald, and Princesses Thyra, Helena and Margaretha.
As the newlyweds alighted from the train, Prince Viggo introduced his wife, who is known as Peggy, to the king and queen. Alexandrine "affectionately kissed the bride."

The couple drove through Copenhagen and were greeted by cheering crowds. They joined other members of the family for lunch at the palace. In the afternoon, Prince and Princess Viggo paid "official visits" and had tea with the Dowager Empress Marie of Russia.
A gala dinner had been planned for the prince and princess, but due to the health of Queen Louise, widow of Frederik VIII, an "ordinary dinner" was held.
Prince and Princess Viggo will live temporarily at Bernstoff with the prince's father.

Royal Prussian Wedding

October 22, 1908

Princess Alexandra Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein and Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia were married today in the imperial palace's chapel at 4:30 p.m. Earlier in the day, the couple were married in a civil ceremony in one of the palace's private apartments. Afterwards, Empress Auguste Viktoria placed the Hohenzollern crown upon her niece's head. Alexandra Viktoria "wore a white silk gown trimmed with lace, and her train, which was richly embroidered with silver and thirteen feet long, was born by four pages."

The simple Lutheran ceremony was performed by the Court pastor Dr. Dryander.

The Emperor and Empress kissed the newlyweds, as they made their way to the reception for 2000 guests. After dinner, the wedding guests took part in the "fagot dance", where the bride and groom "promenaded around the White Hall, attended by ten lackeys, bearing tall candles, while the guests bowed as they passed. "
The bride also maintained another tradition when she cut her garters into several pieces and gave them to her bridesmaids.
The honeymoon will be spent at the Hubertusstock.

The "fagot" dance was very gay, of course -- and a tradition at German royal weddings. It is also known in English as the Torch dance "Fackeltanz"

More on Countess Sonja Bernadotte

Again, only in German (this is an online condolence book);art1960,1376367/detail/322730.htm

More obits for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria

Only in German, however

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mainau and the Bernadottes

So how did the late Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg end up as owner of Mainau island?
The island was once a summer resort for Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden. He had purchased the property in 1853 as a private transaction. The Grand Duke built the schloss, and the family used the island as a private retreat. The island was inherited by his eldest son, Friedrich II, who retained the property after his abdication in 1918. As Friedrich II had no children, he left the island to his sister, Victoria, who was the wife of King Gustaf V of Sweden, when he died in 1928.

Queen Victoria of Sweden died two years later. She chose to bequeath the island to her second son, Prince Vilhelm, and his descendants. In 1932, Prince Vilhelm gave the island to his only child, Lennart.

The island remained in the Count's possession until 1974 when he turned it over to a foundation. He also founded Enterprise Mainau, which runs the island for Lennart's foundation, the Lennart-Bernadotte Stiftung.

Count Lennart remained actively involved in the running of Mainau and was largely responsible for the garden designs. Sonja was named a co-manager, and after Lennart's death, she and their five children ran both the management firm and the stiftung.

Princess Birgitta of Sweden in New Zealand

Princess Birgitta of Sweden is in New Zealand to take part in an exhibition of Swedish design and style. The princess is one of four older sisters of King Carl XVI Gustaf. She was married in 1961 to Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, but has lived apart from her husband for many years. He continues to be based in the Munich area, and she lives on Majorca.

Sigvard Bernadotte retro

This showed up on my newsfeed:

Queen Elizabeth II a superstar in Slovenia

More on Countess Sonja,3477160

and an English-language article:

Count of Paris defies law

October 21, 1938

The Count of Paris, son and heir to the Duke of Guise, pretended to the French throne, flew to Paris today in violation of a law of exile that forbids male members of the Orleans family to go to France.
Twenty reporters were driven in automobiles owned by Royalists to a country estate about two hours outside Paris. The reporters had been told that the Countess of Paris, who is not subject to the law, would read a statement demanding restoration of the monarchy.
Instead, the reporters were met by the 30-year-old count, who apologized for the subterfuge. After the manifesto was read, champagne was served, and the Count offered a toast "to the restoration of France."
Prince Henri denounced the recent Munich pact, and stated "Our country is in danger, and Frenchmen, whether politically minded or not, know it. But how can they achieve their aspirations without the aid of an unchallenged umpire who can give them the courage to break with the past.?
"We alone can act as umpire, and aided by Frenchmen, can remake France. If France rejects monarchy she must choose between decay and party dictatorship.
"And what party can try dictatorship today? The forces of the Right and Left are equalized, and even within party folds there is strife.
"Pleading for the cause of France, I am thinking only of the welfare of my country. A Prince of the House of France is first a Frenchman, then a Prince, and his heart bleeds for his country's misfortunes even more than it does over the impotence to take an active part in healing them to which he has been reduced. May God save France!"
The Prince also asked for national union, and "counseled France" to not trust Great Britain "who will aid us only when our interests run parallel to hers. "
He added a warning: "Some day after we have been forced to abandon our colonies, we shall have to face alone a Germany which by then will have absorbed two-thirds of Europe."
The reporters were "virtually held prisoner" for two hours until the Count, who was piloting his own plane, had returned to the safety of his home in Belgium. The round trip was approximately 400 miles by air.
This was the first time that Prince Henri, Count of Paris, had visited France. He faced immediate arrest when he landed his plane, but no police were in sight.

Queen Alexandrine arrives in Potsdam for nieces' confirmation

October 21, 1934

Queen Alexandrine of Denmark and her son, Crown Prince Frederik, have arrived in Potsdam, to attend the confirmation ceremony for the queen's nieces, Princesses Cecilie and Alexandrine of Prussia. The princesses are the youngest children of Crown Prince Wilhelm and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia. The Crown Princess and Queen Alexandrine are sisters.
The two princesses will be received into the Lutheran church on the 76th birthday of the their late grandmother, Empress Augusta Viktoria.

King Boris and Giovanna visit his relatives

October 21, 1930

King Boris III of the Bulgaria and his fiancee, Princess Giovanna of Italy, accompanied by her father, King Vittorio Emanuele, Princess Maria of Italy and Princess Eudoxia of Bulgaria, drove today to Capazenno to visit Boris' maternal relatives. His mother was Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma, whose family own a villa in Capazenno. The king introduced his future wife to several aunts, uncles and cousins.

The king's only brother, Prince Kyril has left Bulgaria and is en route to Italy to attend the wedding. The official Bulgarian delegation is expected to leave Italy tomorrow.

It has also been announced that Boris and Giovanna will now be married in the upper church at Assisi, rather than the lower church. There are also grumblings to be heard in Bulgaria regarding the Roman Catholic marriage. The Bulgarians want to see their king married in an Orthodox ceremony. It has been suggested that Boris capitulated to the Vatican when he agreed that his children will be raised in the Roman Catholic faith. The Bulgarian constitution states that the king must be Orthodox, but says nothing about the religion of the king's children. Many fear that the a Crown Prince will be raised as a Roman Catholic, and force a change to the Constitution regarding religion when he acedes to the throne.
King Boris III has received a long letter from Patriarch Stephan of Sofia who set out the conditions for an Orthodox blessing for the marriage.

Alfonso's cousin to come to America

October 21, 1928

It was announced today that HRH Infante Don Alfonso of Orleans-Borbon, who is a first cousin of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, will be making an unofficial visit to the US next month. Although the visit has no government sponsorship, the Prince may be setting the stage for a possible visit to the US by the King.
Don Alfonso will be accompanied by his wife, Beatriz, who is a younger sister of Queen Marie of Romania, and their eldest son, Alvaro. They will sail on the Majestic on November 7th. They will "visit and be entertained in both social and official circles."
Alfonso has been "charged with personal messages" for President Coolidge and other U.S. officials.
The prince is the commanding officer of the Spanish Air Force. Both he and his wife speak English fluently. Doña Beatriz was born Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. She is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and is a first cousin to King George V. Don Alfonso's mother is the Infanta Eulalia of Spain.

Duke of Brunswick may be a prisoner

October 21, 1914

There is anxiety in Brunswick today concerning the whereabouts of the reigning Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, who is married to Princess Victoria Luise of Prussia.

The Duke was leading a squadron of hussars on the French front, where he was apparently cut off from German support. It is feared that he has been taken prisoner by the Allies.

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, was married in May 1913 to Kaiser Wilhelm II's only daughter. He is the eldest surviving son of Prince Ernst August, who bears the British title, Duke of Cumberland, and the former Princess Thyra of Denmark, a younger sister of Queen Alexandra, consort of Britain's King Edward VII and the Dowager Empress Marie of Russia.
The Duke is also a Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Princess Alexandra Victoria has arrived in Berlin

October 21, 1908

Princess Alexandra Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein arrived in Berlin today, one day before her marriage to Kaiser Wilhelm II's fourth son, Prince August Wilhelm. She was "received at the railroad station with a brilliant escort, composed of retainers of the household." The princess was helped into a carriage that brought her to the palace. The streets were lined with "immense crowds" of people who cheered the princess as she was driven through the streets of Berlin.
When she reached the palace, Alexandra Viktoria was welcomed by the Kaiser and Kaiserin, and 50 visiting princes and princesses. The princess and her fiance were the guests of honor at a family dinner, which preceded the signing of the marriage contract.
Prince August Wilhelm, 21, is a 1st Lieutenant of the First Regiments of the Foot Guards. Princess Alexandra is three months younger than her future husband.

Alexandra Viktoria is the second daughter of Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg.
The bride and groom are first cousins as their mothers are sisters. Another of Alexandra's maternal aunts, Luise Sophie, is married to Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia.
Alexandra Viktoria's older sister, Viktoria Adelheid, is married to the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Countess Sonja Bernadotte is dead

Countess Sonja Bernadotte af Wisborg died today in a clinic in Freiburg after a long and difficult battle with breast cancer.. She was 64-years-old.
The former Sonja Haunz was born May 7, 1944 at Litzelstetten near Konstanz, Germany. Sonja first visited Mainau in 1961. her father became the head of the Verwaltung for the schloss and island.
The Schloss was the home of Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg (ne Prince Lennart of Sweden), and his wife, Karin, who he had married in 1932, Lennart had inherited Mainau from his grandmother, Queen Victoria of Sweden, who was born a Princess of Baden.
In 1969, when Sonja was 25, she became Count Lennart's personal assistant. They fell in love, and after Lennart's divorce became final, they were married at Mainau on April 29, 1972.
It was due to Sonja's love for Mainau that the schloss and the gardens became major tourist attractions. It was her creativity that gave the schlosss different settings for different events, whether formal parties or governmental meeting.
Count Lennart, who was 35 years older than Sonja, died in December 2004. Sonja is survived by five children: Countess Bettina, Count Bjorn, Countess Catherine, Count Christian and Countess Diana, and three grandchildren.
Countess Bettina has run Mainau for several years now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More on Prince Ludwig

Here are more links to German article s about the late Prince Ludwig of Bavaria.

The cause of death was pneumonia. The Bavarian royal family will observe mourning through November 14th.

Double 'troth for Italian, Belgian royals

October 20, 1924

An Italian newspaper, Il Mondo, reported today that it is Princess Giovanna, 17 next month, and not her sister, Mafalda, who will wed Crown Prince Leopold of the Belgians. Giovanna's engagement will be announced simultaneously with her brother, Umberto's engagement to Princess Maria José, Leopold's sister.

George V and family to watch baseball

Embed from Getty Images 

 October 20, 1924 

 It has been announced that King George V and other members of the royal family will be present at Wembley on November 6 to watch the Chicago Sox play the New York Giants. This will be the teams' first London exhibition.

 Funds raised from the ticket sales will go to a local London hospital. Other members of the royal family who are expected to attend include the Prince of Wales (having only just returned home from his North American tour), the Duke and Duchess of York, and Prince Henry. The real question of course: will the royals sing "take me out to the ballgame?"

Kaiser Wilhelm registers forthcoming marriage

October 20, 1922

Doorn's burgomeister drove to Doorn today to register Kaiser Wilhelm's forthcoming marriage to Princess Hermine of Reuss. Kaiser, who wore a morning coat, greeted the burgomeister and his assistant, at the front door.
The marriage register was placed before the former emperor who signed his name as His Majesty Wilhelm Friedrich Viktor Albert, Emperor and King. The former Kaiser also produced a letter from Princess Hermine, "declaring her intention to become the wife of "His Majesty." "
Dutch law required that the civil registration of a betrothal be published two weeks before the wedding.

Prince killed in picket duty

October 20, 1914 

 A Dutch newspaper, the Handelsblad, reported today that Prince Wolrad Friedrich of Waldeck und Pyrmont was killed in action on the western front while "engaged in patrolling." 

 Prince Wolrad was a half-brother to the Dowager Queen Emma of the Netherlands, the Princess of Bentheim and Steinfurt, the Duchess of Albany, and the Princess of Erbach-Schönburg. His half-brother, Friedrich, is the current Prince of Waldeck und Pyrmont. He was born in 1892, and he was killed on October 14, 1914, in France. 

He was the only child of the late Prince Georg Viktor of Waldeck-Pyrmont and his second wife, Princess Louise of Schleswig-Holstein. The prince was only 22 when he was killed.

Crown Princess falls down, hits head, cancels engagements

Crown Princess Mette-Marit's official visit to the Ukraine ended quickly and with a bang ... to the head:

Prince Ludwig's funeral

The information was provided to me by a family member.

Prince Ludwig will lie in repose at the Church of Saint Alto in Leustetten, near Starnberg on Tuesday. The visitation hours are from 9:30 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. The funeral will be on Wednesday at the Klosterkirche in Andechs. This will be followed by a reception and burial, the latter to take place at the cemetery at Andechs. Other members of the Bavarian royal family are also buried here including the late head of the family, Duke Albrecht, who was Ludwig's half-brother-in-law.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A little too dressed for sight-seeing

I don't know about you, but I think TRH Prince and Princess Michael were more concerned with being seen than sightseeing. I think they were a tad over-dressed for walking the streets of Rome. I don't know about you, but I like to wear casual, comfortable shoes when walking. Not heeled shoes.

Interview with Marie Chantal of Greece

Long interview with HRH Crown Princess Pavlos of the Hellenes - to use Marie Chantal's official title.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prince Ludwig of Bavaria dead at 95

His Royal Highness Prince Ludwig (Karl Maria Anton Josef) of Bavaria died today, October 17. 2008. He was 95-years-old.

Prince Ludwig was one of the last three members of the Bavarian royal family who were born before the end of the Wittelsbach's reign in Bavaria. (The other two Bavarian royals are Ludwig's sisters, Maria, the widow of Prince Pedro Henrique de Orleans-Braganza, and Eleonore, Countess of Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchberg.
Prince Ludwig was born June 22 1913 at Schloss Nymphenberg. He was the eldest of the six children of Prince Franz of Bavaria and his wife, Princess Isabella of Croy.
Prince Franz was a younger brother of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria.
On July 20, 1950, Prince Ludwig married his first cousin, Princess Irmingard of Bavaria. The Princess, who was born in 1923, is the second of Crown Prince Rupprecht's six children by his second wife, Princess Antonia of Luxembourg.
The marriage took place at Schloss Nymphenburg. Prince Ludwig and Princess Irmingard settled down at Schloss Leutstetten, which Ludwig would inherit from his father, Prince Franz, who died in 1957.
Irmingard's nephew, Franz, who is the eldest son of her eldest surviving half-brother, Albrecht, is the current head of the Bavarian royal family.
Prince Ludwig is survived by his widow, Princess Irmingard, their son, Prince Luitpold and five grandchildren, Princesses Auguste and Alice and Princes Ludwig, Heinrich and Karl of Bavaria. Ludwig is also survived by his sisters, Princesses Maria, Eleonore and Dorothea (Archduchess Gottfried of Austria) and his younger brother, Prince Rasso. He was predeceased by two daughters, Maria and Philippa, both of whom were stillborn in 1953 and 1954, respectively.
Prince Luitpold is now third in line for the Bavarian succession. As Franz has no children, and his brother, Max, has only daughters, the succession will eventually devolve on Prince Luitpold, who lives with his family at Schloss Kaltenberg.

Alexander's funeral

October 16, 1934

Today was a great national, if indeed international, pageant of sorrow" for the late King Alexander of Yugoslavia, who was assassinated at the start of a State visit to France last week. "Devout peasants" who considered Alexander one of their own lined the streets of Belgrade, holding crucifixes and lighted candles, as the funeral procession past.
Alexander's coffin was taken from the national cathedral and placed on a gun carriage for the final journey to the train station.
The funeral procession was preceded by a distinguished Serbian general who carried Alexander's crown, which will be worn again when the young King reaches his majority.
Eleven-year-old King Peter dressed with "the simplicity of an American schoolboy, walked between his mother, Queen Marie, and his grandmother, Queen Marie of Roumania. As Peter passed by, flanked by armed guards, the crowds wept. King Boris of Bulgaria and King Carol of Roumania were also provided with extra security.
The coffin was placed upon a crepe covered train with white crosses painted on it. The train ride was a mere fifty miles to Topola, for burial next to Alexander's grandfather.

Marie of Isenburg to tour America

October 18, 1908

Next week "America will have the honor of welcoming" Princess Marie zu Isenburg und Büdingen, next week, according to a report in the Chicago Daily Tribune. The princess "is a bachelor maid the Almanach de Gotha credits with 33 summers." She is on board the Kronprinzessin Cecilie and will reach New York City on Tuesday. Although the reason for her tour has not been made public, it is believed that the trip "is for pleasure."
The princess is one of ten children (nine girls and one son) of the late Bruno Prince of Isenburg und Büdingen. The prince, who died in 1906, was married twice. His first wife was Princess Mathilde of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich, who died in 1867, by whom he had two daughters, Hedwig & Elisabeth. Two year later, he married Countess Bertha of Castell-Rüdenhausen, who gave birth to eight children, including Marie and the present Prince Wolfgang.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Julia Cantacuzene to file for divorce

October 16, 1934

Julia Cantacuzene is expected to file for divorce from her husband Prince Michel in Florida. The former Julia Dent Grant, who was born in the White House, is a granddaughter of the late President Ulysses S. Grant.

Her husband has said that he will not contest the divorce. "Divorce has been considered for quite some time. We have kept it out of the papers so far, but I realize this can be done no longer."

The couple had been married for 35 years, and had survived the vicissitudes of the Russian Revolution, and the loss of the Cantacuzene estates.

Julia Cantucuzene recently regained her American citizenship, and is now known as Mrs. Cantacuzene.

Here is a link to more information about their wedding:

Archduke's trial postponed

October 16, 1934.

A trial date has been set for November 7th for Archduke Leopold, who has been charged with grand larceny in connection with "an allegedly unauthorized sale" of a $400,000 diamond necklace that Napoleon Bonaparte had given to Empress Marie Louise in 1811.

Leopold allegedly sold the necklace to a local jeweler, David Michel by Charles Townsend, who pretended to be a Colonel in the British Secret Service. Townsend and his wife have been indicted but have not yet been apprehended.
Through his counsel, Archduke Leopold said he was unhappy about the change in date as he has business in Austria.

Queen Marie eager to land

October 16, 1926

Having gotten rid of her cold, Queen Marie of Roumania took a swim today in the pool on the SS Leviathan. She was joined in the pool by her son, Prince Nicholas, and her daughter, Princess Ileana.

She had lunch with Captain Hartley. Mrs. Reginald Vanderbilt was also at the captain's table.

The Queen said she enjoyed her time on the ship, and she signed autographs for children. She has also enjoyed the sunshine, sitting on deck, knitting and chatting with fellow passengers.
The SS Leviathan is expected to dock in New York City tomorrow.

the Google Queen

Olga is pregnant

Hey, I was right. I said this is a post here at the time of the wedding that perhaps Olga was pregnant, and the baby was the reason for getting married now.
The pregnancy was confirmed in an interview with Prince Amedeo, Duke of Savoy/Aosta. Olga is 3-months pregnant, and expects to give birth in April.

Illa and Philipp

Update: the wedding is of HSH Princess Eulalia of Thurn un Taxis and HSH Prince Philipp of Thurn und Taxis in September 1929. I did a post about Princess Illa and her engagements.

Not a good idea to take stage an official wedding photograph where some of the guests are obscured by a pole.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crown Princess Cecilie's 50th birthday

A new addition to my collection: Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia celebrates her 50th birthday (September 20, 1936) with her family at Potsdam.

The group photo includes all all but one of the Crown Princess's children: Wilhelm, Louis Ferdinand, Friedrich, Cecilie and Alexandrine (Hubertus is missing), as well as Mecklenburg relatives: Queen Alexandrine of Denmark (Cecilie's sister), Grand Duke Franz Friedrich IV of Mecklenburg (Cecilie's brother) and his wife, Alexandra, along with most of their children, Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz, and Duchesses Thyra and Anastasia. Prince Christian Ludwig is not in the photo.
Other royals who attended the birthday celebrations (but were not included in this family photo) included Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Ingrid of Denmark (Alexandrine's son and daughter-in-law), Duke Adolf Friedrich and Duchess Elisabeth of Mecklenburg with their daughter, Duchess Woizlawa.