Monday, July 22, 2024

A family baptism

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Hereditary Prince Philip of Serbia released this photo of his parents, HI & RH Princess Maria da Gloria, Duchess of Segorbe, and HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia with their granddaughter, HRH Princess Maria of Serbia.  

The photo was taken on May 11 following Princess Maria's baptism.  The princess is the second child of the Hereditary Prince Philip and Hereditary Princess Danica.

Already 11?

 Goodness gracious, Prince George of Wales is 11 years old today.   @The Princess of Wales

Sunday, July 21, 2024

Heinrich Prince of Fürstenberg (1950-2024)


The late prince died in Capalbio, Italy

The wedding of Duchess Katharina of Oldenburg and Count Clemens Moy de Sans

HH Duchess Katharina of Oldenburg and Count Clemens Moy de Sans were married at St. Ulrich's Church in Rastede, Oldenburg, on July 13, 2024.

The Hereditary Prince and Princess of Leiningen

the Princess and Prince of Leiningen are 4th and 5th from the left.  Princess Olga of Leiningen is on the right

Count Stephan and Countess Sigweiss of Neipperg

Prince and Princess Heinrich of Croy

Count and Countess of Ortenburg

The 200 guests The Princess of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg with her children, Princesses Sophie and Amelia and her son, Hereditary Prince Louis and his wife, Helene,  Count, and Countess  Franz Clemens von Waldburg Zeil Hohenems, the Prince and Princess of Leiningen with their daughter, Princess Olga, and the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Leiningen, Prince and Princess Max of Sayn Wittgenstein, one daughter of the Prince of Waldburg-Zeil with Prince Philipp of Oettingen-Wallerstein, Baron and Baroness Clemens von Elverfeldt ne Pezold with husband, Count and Countess von Stephan von Neipperg, Count Franz von Stauffenberg, Count and Countess  Heinrich von Ortenburg,  Prince and Princess  Paul von Esterhazy, Prince and Princess Reuss, Prince Alexander of Croy. Princess Anastasia of Croy, Prince and Princess Heinrich of Croy,  Prince and Princess Viktor of Isenburg, the Hereditary Prince of Waldburg-Wolfegg, Prince and Princess Clemens of Altenburg.


Duchess Katharina, 27 is the only daughter and youngest of four children of Christian, Duke of Oldenburg, and his wife, Countess Caroline von Rantzau.    Count Clemens, 38, is the son of Count Guy Moys de Sans and Verena von Stein zu Lausnitz.  

The Duke and Duchess of Oldenburg and their family are very private, which meant Rastede residents knew nothing about the wedding in advance.

The bride and her father arrived at the church in a carriage.   She was attended by eight flower girls.  Prince Paul Esterhazy was Count Clemen's best man.

The newlyweds returned to Schloss Rastede where the reception was held.  Once the summer residence of the Oldenburg ducal family, the Schloss is still owned by the head of the family, although it is no longer a primary residence.  

The Schloss is not open to the public.

The photos were taken by a friend, who is the copyright holder.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Day 4 Part 2 June 10: Not a Dull day - Holyrood Palace & Greyfriar's Bobby

The Uber dropped us off right by the Palace's entrance by the Royal Mile.  I decided to visit the Gift Shop first.  I bought a guidebook, several royal postcards, and a palace Christmas ornament.

The gift shop had several corgi displays ... the theme for today is how many corgis can I find.  None inside Holyrood Palace, however.

I was able to take exterior photos, but not inside the palace.  

I did not succumb to corgi pressure

Inside, the rooms visited included the Great Stair, the Royal Dining Room, the Throne Room, the Presence Chamber, the Privy Chamber, the King's Ante-Chamber, the King's Bedchamber, and King Closet, the Great Galley, Lord Darnley's Bedchamber, and Mary Queen of Scots' Apartments.   You come outside to the gardens at the back of the palace.  The Abbey ruins are also open.

One painting on display in the palace's lobby is Pierre Mignard's James II and Family.  I asked one of the staff about it because it was painted in 1694, six years after the king and his family fled to France.  The caption describes James as James II, not James VII & II.   The portrait features James wearing the Order of the Garter.  

The focus is on six-year-old Prince James, also wearing the Garter, pointing to a replica of the Imperial crown.  His education centered on his future role as King, returning to the UK to claim his throne.  
I asked one of the staff about the portrait and she brought me the notes in their database.  
The provenance was King Edward VII (when Prince of Wales) who acquired the painting in 1894,  two hundred years after it was painted.

Royal Collection Trust/© His Majesty King Charles III 2022

Abbey ruins

the last tourists leaving for the day

I wanted to buy a wool or cashmere sweater while in Edinburgh.  We visited several touristy woolen shops, including Diana, Princess of Wales Tartan Shop.  None of the sweaters caught my attention.  The final shop I visited was Macrae's of Edinburgh.  Quite a selection.

I was a bit sheepish when I tried on this sweater, but I knew right away, this was the sweater I was looking for!!

We checked bus schedules to get to Greyfriars Bobby, and the bus we needed stopped one block away, and dropped us within a few hundred feet.

If you do not know the story of Greyfriars Bobby, here it is:

I visited the statue in the late 1980s.  Now that I was back in Edinburgh, I expressed a wish to see the statue again.   As a child, I watched the Disney film many times.

We had dinner in the pub.

Bobby's owner

The Greyfriars Church offers Harry Potter tours.  Author J.K Rowling found inspiration in the names of several people buried in the cemetery
Tom Riddle's grave

Edinburgh Castle from the church yard

Greyfriars Kirk

After our meal, we hopped onto a bus heading to the Ocean Terminal in Leith, got in the car, and headed back to Kenmore.  It was our last night at the resort, and we had one more thing to do.

In June, it says light until after 10 pm.

Alison dropped Michael and me off near this sign.