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Sporting day


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 The Prince and Princess of Wales attended separate sporting events today.  The Princess of Wales, with Princess Charlotte, was at the men's final at Wimbledon.  Later in the day, the Prince of Wales. accompanied by his elder son, Prince George, flew to Berlin for the European soccer championship between England and Spain.  King Felipe V of Spain and his younger daughter,  Infanta Sofia, also attended the championship game, which Spain won 2-1.

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Although the Prince of Wales and Prince George were thrilled when England scored its first goal, that joy was replaced by disappointment when the game was tied and Spain scored a second goal.  King Felipe VI and his daughter, Infanta Sofia, were overjoyed.  

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Friday, July 12, 2024

The new Prince and Princess of Fürstenberg


2016: with Hereditary Prince Tassilo and Princess Maria Cecilia

The Prince of Fürstenberg (1950-2024)

@Princely House of Fürstenberg

 HSH  Heinrich Maximilian Egon Karl Joachim Paul Felix Konrad Hubertus Eusebius Leo Maria Wilhelm Friedrich Alexius Martin, Prince of Fürstenberg died in Italy on July 11, 2024, after a long illness.  He was 73.

He was born on July 17, 1950, at Schloss Heiligenberg on Lake Constance, the eldest son and the third of six children of HSH Joachim Egon Maximilian Friedrich Leo Joseph Maria Hubertus, Prince of Fürstenberg and Countess Paula Maria Eusébia Júlia zu Königsegg-Aulendorf.   Prince Heinrich succeeded his father as head of the house on July 9, 2002.

Since the 1970s, he was involved in the family businesses.  He studied economics in Vienna.   On November 11, 1976, at Sant'Angelo d'Alife, he married HSH Princess Maximiliane Gratia Maria Leontine Friederika of Windisch-Graetz.

The couple were the parents of two sons, HSH Hereditary Prince Christian Joachim Maximilian Egon Hugo Eusebius Maria Hubertus (1977) and HSH Prince Antonius (1985).

Even the Princely family was not exempt from financial difficulties due to economic conditions in the 1990s and early 2000s. 

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 In 1993, Sotheby's auctioned the incunabula of the family's court library. A year later, Prince Heinrich sold the family's manuscript collection f to the state of Baden-Württemberg for 20 million Euros.   In 2001, a copy of the Nibelungenlied Manuscript C was sold to Baden-Württemberg for 20 million years.

Most of the family's print collection was also sold as well as numerous Old German masters to the Austrian businessman Roland Werth.  Hans Holbein the Elder's Grey Passion was sold to the State Gallery in Stuttgart.

In 2003,  Prince Heinrich and his family moved back into Schloss Donauschingen, but Heinrich's attitude led to issues with the public over access to the castle's park and the Danube River.   

"After the death of his highly respected, down-to-earth and fun-loving father Joachim ("Prince Joki"), Prince Heinrich of Fürstenberg has managed to become more unpopular in Donaueschingen in the town of 21,500 inhabitants at record speed than any potentate before him," wrote the Stuttgarter Zeitung in April 2006.

Prince Heinrich sold the family shares in the Fürstenberg brewery in 2004, which the family had owned since the thirteenth century.

There were also reports about drug use.  A district court in Constance in 2006 was unable "to prove that he possessed cocaine."  He was convicted, however of "jointly acquiring the drug."   He would later tell a reporter with Welt am Sonntag: "I can only warn against this drug, against any drug in fact -- it starts with the first joint.  I know what I am talking about."

He admitted to the reporter that he used cocaine to "party longer."

Heinrich;'s parents:  Prince Joachim Egon and Princess Paula

Several years before his death, Prince Joachim Egon transferred the family property to his elder grandson, Hereditary Prince Christian.  This was done for tax purposes.   After training to be a real estate agent, Christian enrolled in the European Business School in Berlin as he prepared to take over the family businesses,  which included forestry.  

In 2004 Christian said in an interview: "You can't run a royal family like any other business. You shouldn't try to make big money."

Prince Heinrich is survived by his widow, Princess Maximiliane, his two sons, and six grandchildren, Hereditary Prince Tassilo, Princess Maria Cecilia, Prince Tristan, Princess Leontine (children of Christian and his wife, Princess Jeanette) and Prince Karl Egon and Prince Alexander (sons of Prince Antonius and his former wife Mathilde Borromeo).  He is also survived by four of his siblings, Princess Marie-Antoinette, Countess Johannes of Schönborn-Wiesentheid, Prince Karl Egon and Prince Johannes of Fürstenberg and Princess Anna-Lucia, Frau Giraldo.

Peter Phillips steps out with Harriet Sperling


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Peter Phillips and -dare we say it - girlfriend, Harriet Sperling, were spotted today arriving at the Royal Charity Polo Cup at Windsor Castle. 

The Prince of Wales took part in the match.

The Princess Royal returns to royal duties


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The Princess Royal returned to royal duties today. She attended the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) National Championships at Hartpury University and Hartpury College

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 According to the official release, the Princess's duties will be gradual.


Belgrade, 12 July 2024 – On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the birth of one of the most loved rulers of Serbia, HM King Peter I, and the 24th anniversary since the death of HRH Prince Tomislav, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, HRH Crown Princess Katherine, HRH Prince Alexander, HRH Prince Mihailo, and HRH Princess Ljubica paid their respects to the late members of the Royal Family, in the Mausoleum of the Royal Family, Saint George’s Church in Oplenac.  

“Today, on the Day of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, we remember two members of our dynasty, whose life was marked by this holiday of our church. On 11 July 1844, 180 years ago, my great-grandfather King Peter I was born on this Holy Day, while his descendant, my dear uncle, Prince Tomislav, passed away on Saint Peter’s Day, on 12 July 2000. We as a family gathered today in Oplenac, to pay our respects and to remember them and their legacy.

As this is a great anniversary of King Peter I, to remind, he was indeed a great ruler of one geographically small, but strong, and proud country, who led his people in the most challenging moments, sharing with them all the suffering and temptations. King who was respected even by the republicans, sovereign who was a true, living example of a King in constitutional parliamentary monarchy, establisher of democracy, protector of the rights of his people, defender of liberty, constitutionality, legality, and parliamentarism. We are blessed to live in the country in whose foundations the legacy of King Peter I is built. To quote the words that he said, and which led him in his rule - “Without the love of the people, frail are the thrones of this world!”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

Holy Liturgy and memorial service for Prince Tomislav were officiated by priests from Topola, and after the church service, Their Royal Highnesses spent some family time in King Peter’s House in Oplenac.   


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A QVD engagement: Carnegie - St Aubyn


Lord George William Carnegie is the second of three sons of David Charles Carnegie, 4th Duke of Fife, and his wife, Caroline Anne Bunting.  Lord George was born in Edinburgh on March 3, 1991.

He attended Harrow before heading to Bristol University, earning a Bachelor's degree in finance and accounting.  Lord George worked for Saffrey Champness, a London accounting firm for six years  He left the firm in October 2021 to become the head of finance for his family's business.

In March 2016, Lord George became a trustee of the Fife Charitable Trust.  The other two trustees are the Duke of Fife and his sister, Lady Alexandra Etherington.  He has an older brother, Charles, who is styled as the Earl of Southesk, who is married and the father of a young daughter, and a younger brother,  Lord Hugh Carnegie.

The family is Kinnaird Castle in Brechin.

Matilda Elizabeth St Aubyn was born in Oxford on January 19, 1994, the second of three children of Michael Piers St Aubyn and Astrid Elizabeth Lumley.  She has an older brother Thomas Piers Lumley and a younger sister, Isabella Astrid.  In 2023, Thomas became engaged to the Hon Emily Evelyn Younger, daughter of the 5th Viscount Younger of Leckie. 

Matilda's engagement is the second this year for her family as her younger sister, Isabella and Bill Jenks's engagement was announced in January.   Bill Jenk's sister, Daisy is married to Charlie van Straubenzee.

She is known to friends and family as Tilly.  From 2005-2013, Matilda attended St. Mary's School, Ascot.  She attended the University of Bristol, graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in politics and international relations.  Earlier this year, she received a Master's in Psychotherapy from Regent's University in London.

Matilda is a BACP Psychotherapist at Headstrong Counselling and she also works as an Integrative Psychotherapist in training with Children and Adults Therapy services.

Integrative Psychotherapist in training

The late Michael St. Aubyn is a descendant of the 1st Baron Saint Levan of Saint Michael's Mount through his sixth son  Hon. Lionel Michael St Aubyn, who married Lady Mary Theresa Parker, daughter of the 3rd Earl of Morley.  Their second son, Geoffrey Piers St Aubyn married Valerie Elizabeth Hare.  

On February 29, 1964, Geoffry and Valerie St Aubyn were among 83 people who lost their lives when a  British Eagle airplane crashed in the Glungzeger mountain near Innsbruck, Austria.  They were survived by their three children: Michael (1959-2002), Camilla (1961) and Rupert (1963).

Michael died on November 17, 2002 after a "valiant fight against cancer."    Astrid married James Findlay in July 2013.

In 2021 the Duchess of Rutland interviewed Lord George's mother, Caroline.

After their marriage -- the date has not been announced -- Matilda will be styled as the Lady George Carnegie.  She will not be Lady Matilda Carnegie as she is not the daughter of a duke, marquess or an earl.

Lord George and Matilda St Aubyn are ninth cousins through Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull (1665-1726) and Lady Mary Feiling (1668-1697).    Mathilda is a descendant of the Duke's eldest daughter, Lady Mary who married the British diplomat Edward Wortley-Montagu. Lord George's ancestor is the Duke's third daughter, Lady Evelyn, the wife of John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower.

Lord George is a descendant of two British sovereigns:  King William IV and Queen Victoria.

William (through his mistress Dorothea Jordan)   - Lady Elizabeth FitzClarence (m 18th Earl of Erroll) - Lady Agnes Hay (m 5th Earl of Fife)  - Alexander, 1st Duke of Fife (m Princess Louise, Princess Royal) -  Maud (m 11th Earl of Southesk) - James, 3rd Duke of Fife - David, 4th Duke of Fife - Lord George Carnegie

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 Victoria - Edward VII  - Louise - Maud - James -David -George

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Day 1-2 (Scotland & England): No, I did not elope


I am back home from a wonderful trip to the UK - the 53rd visit since the 70s, and where I celebrated my 70th birthday.

You are going where Mommy?

We checked ... enough room for our pressies!!!

 Much need cuppa on the train to Harrogate

I flew to London on British Airways, arriving on June 7th.  The flight left Dulles late so I arrived late, which meant I would not get to Kings Cross in time to catch my train to Harrogate.   Got my suitcase and headed into the main arrivals area.   

The first stop was Costa for a latte and muffin.  Took time to enjoy it as I knew there would be other trains to catch. I texted my friends, Michael and Alison Rhodes who were waiting for my arrival in Harrogate.

Michael runs the successful and interesting Peerage News blog

I popped into Smith's for Tatler and Hello (no longer available at my Barnes & Noble), then headed to the Heathrow Express for Paddington, where I got a cab to Kings Cross.   I headed straight for the ticket office, where an agent said my ticket was good for all trains. He said the next train was at 4 p.m. 

Once the platform was listed, I headed to the train and found a seat -- when the train was on the way, I went to the cafe and bought a sandwich, a cup of tea, and a bottle of water.  I let my friends know when I was scheduled to arrive in Harrogate.  I changed trains in Leeds.


It was after 7 p.m. when the train pulled into Harrogate.   Alison Rhodes was waiting for me with a big hug.  It was a quick trip to Alison and Michael's home where I deposited my bags.  Both of us were hungry.  Alison recommended we try a new pub, the Mucky Duck, down the street from their home.

The Mucky Duck was once the home of the Swan, which closed a year after Covid.

The food was delish.  So was a local beer, Harlow Blonde.   

It was a good night for us as we had to get up early for the start of our six-day road trip in Scotland.

June 8

Yes, we were up early.  After breakfast, Michael put our bags in the trunk and the back seat as the Mini does not have a large trunk. I sat in the back for this leg of the journey.  We traveled on the A-66 to Gretna Green, right over the border in Scotland.  

Since 1754, young people in England have eloped to Gretna Green to marry.  Today, marriage is a big business in the border town.  It is also a place to shop, use the loo, and grab a bite to eat.

Yes, you can get sexy lingerie for your honeymoon after your Gretna wedding.

Many, many locks

Back into the car.   Ninety minutes or so the next stop: Dumfries House in Cumnock.

The estate is owned by the King's Foundation.

Within 48 hours,  Charles brought together a group of people who were able to save Dumfries' treasures for the nation.  Ten percent of the surviving Chippendale furniture is at Dumfries House.

Michael Rhodes is silly


Irn-Bru, Scotland's other national drink (the other is whisky of course)

The King and Queen have their own apartment in Dumfries House.  They were staying at Dumfries when they learned the Queen was dying.

The Blue Drawing Room was my favorite.  The guide assured us that the King does not sit on the restored furniture as he respects the work that has been done.

After having a bite to eat at Dumfries, it was to the car and on the road again to Kenmore, near Aberfeldy to stay for three nights at the Kenmore Club, a part of the Diamond Resorts. The resort is by Loch Tay.

It was overcast when we arrived.  Alison had made a dinner reservation for 6:45 p.m.  We made it in the nick of time.  I chose a cheeseburger with fries.  My beer was Fraoch, a Heather Ale.  This is one of the best beers I have ever tasted.  It is not sold everywhere in Scotland. Sad, but I did try other beers as well ... but this was the best one!!!!!!

Sticky toffee pudding for dessert, of course!   We stayed in a 2-level two bath house with a kitchen and a living room We brought some food and snacks as well as tea, milk and sugar.

Day One