Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Day 3 June 2 Trooping the Colour - a little different

Two alarms go off at 4:45 a.m. No breakfast, nothing to drink last night or for the next few hours, but I have put a granola bar in my fanny pack.  I laid out my clothes the night before, so I can get dressed quickly and get out of the house for the walk to Blackhorse Road.  It is going to be a beautiful day.  

Yes, I arrived before the first train -- and yes, I was the first person to go through the turnstile.  I texted Ed to let him know I am on my way.  He is closer to the Mall than I am.  20-minute ride to Green Park.  As I had mentioned in an earlier post, several of the exits to the Mall were closed the day before due to the media and concert area.  Now all exits to the Mall are closed.  Now I had to walk up Piccadilly to St James's Street, turn right and walk down toward the Mall, passing St. James's Palace.  

Ed and I meet up and we settle into a nice place in front of the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Statue.  This was by 6 a.m.  By the time the procession started, the crowd on both sides of the Mall was at least 12 deep/  Police were no longer letting people go to the Mall.

I missed being by Canada Gate.   

The crowd was fabulous.  I shouted to the people across from us.  Any Americans?  Yes, cheers.   Canadians.  Absolutely.   Australians.  New Zealanders.  All present and accounted for ... and the lady next to me shouts  "British!"   Huge cheers. 

Yes, Americans were in the crowd.

Ahh, one can hear the bands and the sounds of horses coming down the Mall.   The first real Trooping the Colour since 2019.

Just 4 or 5 barriers to the right of me, several people start hurling themselves over the two fences.  What is going on?   They sit down in front of the military band.

Police move in fast and start dragging the protestors to the side.  But more protestors jump the fence and try to sit down to stop the parade.  The parade did not stop.

Huge cheers and laughs from our side of the Mall -- and I was close to where the protestors were sitting.  This protestor was literally dragged through the horse's poop.

I noticed this guy when I arrived and commented to him about how cute his crown was ... he was trying "fit in", of course.  

The parade continued even as the police arrested more protestors.

Irish Guards with Seamus - the Irish Wolfhound, the official mascot

 A truly good boy!

This could be Princess Alexandra

Here come the carriages.   There is a very good reason why I prefer Canada Gate.   Great angle for the procession, the carriages, and the balcony.

the kids are in the carriage.  This is not a drill!!!!!!

All three of them

Apparently, the Gloucesters do not want to look at our side 

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge

The Princess Royal

the carriages on the way back to the Palace

And then it was time to fill in the Mall toward the Palace, but ... it was impossible to get in because of the stage and the seating.  Most people, including me, never got to see the Queen -- but the flyover was cool!

A display of largely historic RAF planes culminating with the Red Arrows!!!!!!!

I decided to see if I could get into St. James's Park and out toward Victoria Station.  I had already eaten the granola bar and was hungry.  Thirsty, too.  Ed had other plans so we said goodbye and would; meet up again tomorrow at St. Paul's.

One of the snack bar stands was open.  The line moved quickly.  I bought a sandwich and crisps. a Coke and a bottle of water.  I found a seat at a picnic table in the kiddie playground (which had a loo).
I wanted to use the Girls but was told I was not a Girl.  Excuse me!    I would have to use a Ladies' portaloos, which were about a 10-minute walk back into the park. 

Okay,  I did make it ---  and then the trek back out of the park to walk toward Victoria Station.

I stopped in at the Buckingham Palace store where there was a huge line to get in.  Being alone helped me to the front of the line. I wanted to buy new royal postcards (only 3 new cards) and the Platinum Jubilee Christmas Ornament.  There were only a few left.  I also stopped in the other two Palace shops (one is by the Royal Mews), but did not find anything else to purchase.  I got my Christmas ornament and I was happy but exhausted.   At Victoria Station, I got a tube to Oxford Street, then a bus to Marks & Spencer (the third one I visited.). I had been looking for their Platinum Jubilee t-shirt and the official mug.  All the stores were sold out even before the Jubilee started.  Turns out they didn't order enough merchandise as they thought people were not going to come, not in the same numbers as the Diamond Jubilee.

A bad decision, M&S!

More Ducks and geese pictures ... This was on my way out of St. James's Park

On Oxford Street ... 

Looking down Regent Street!

Feeling a bit peckish again,  I stopped for tea in M&S's cafe.   Tea and a generous slice of Victoria Sponge Cake. 

Back to Buckingham Palace to see if the lighting of the Beacon was open to the public.   That would be a no.  Another ticketed event

This was the tree of life that would light up after the beacon was lit.

So what to do next.   I walk back toward St. James's Park and rested by a wall.  I could see the comings and goings from the palace courtyard.   I spot a woman coming out of the courtyard who looks familiar to me ... and then I spot her husband.  I gather my things and hurry toward them.  As I got closer, I said Your Majesty!   Her security moves toward me but HM Margarita tells them I am a friend.  

HM Margarita and HRH Prince Radu were coming from Clarence House where they had dinner with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.   I had read that they were going to be in London for the Trooping as guests of the Romanian Ambassador to the United Kingdom,  but what were the odds that I would run into them near Buckingham Palace?  

I took a few pictures and then Her Majesty's secretary took my camera (which he used last October n Bucharest) to take a few more photos, this time with me.   I apologized for looking so scruffy.

This made my evening.  As I walked away. people came up to me to say who was that:  I explained!!  

The meeting was totally unexpected and a pure delight and another kind of DUCKY day!

Back into the park as I wanted to get toward the Westminster and a pub for dinner.  Of course,  I had to take more photos of wildlife.

Hey, lady with the camera, wanna see my cygnets!!!

Sure.  Thanks

An Egyptian Goose

After many years of restorative work,  Big Ben is sparkly again ...  n

Found a place to have dinner, and then headed back to Coppermill Lane, first stopping for a drink at the Coppermill Pub.   Another early evening as another 4:45 a.m rude awakening awaits tomorrow.

Texted Ed to say "see you tomorrow."

I have been to all four Jubilees -- just like the Queen.  A major achievement that will not happen again for many years.  

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Christina O. said...

What a day!

You are a Royal Champ!

Can't believe your chance encounter with Margarita and her husband!

Who knew...Your location to witness the protestors was unbelievable. I didn't see that on my FOX television coverage!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

a very different trooping. I knew Margarita and Radu were at the trooping but never expected to see them ... the protesters jumped over the barriers as the procession neared us ... the cops were great

liz law said...

That was so fun to read and your pictures were great.
thank you for sharing.

Royal admirer said...

Fabulous pictures! Thank you for sharing them! Love that you ran into some friends by chance!

Candace Hinchey said...

Awesome photos, Marlene! Thank you so much for sharing them. Would have loved to have been there too! How cool to "run into" HM Margarita.