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Princess Royal and Queen of Portugal working together to unite children

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September 4, 1909

The Princess Royal and Queen Amelia of Portugal are said to be "moving heaven and earth" to unite their children, Princess Alexandra of Fife and King Manoel of Portugal of marriage, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A report in a Portuguese newspaper a few weeks ago that announced an engagement between the young king and King Edward VII's eldest granddaughter was "officially denied" by Buckingham Palace.  The announcement may have been a premature, but it is understood that the two royal mothers area determined to bring about an engagement.  It may even be possible to "overcome the objections" of Alexandra's Protestant traditions.  Portugal is "intensely  devoted to the Roman Catholic faith.

Portugal's ambassador to the United Kingdom is a close friend of King Manoel's.  He thinks that the king is a "fine fellow, who, even if he has a shaky throne, can be trusted to make the best of any situation in which he may be placed, and to make the Portuguese monarchy secure and popular if anyone can."

King Manoel is said to be fond of Princess Alexandra.  But he knows that there are difficulties with such a marriage, and he does not want to give "any offense" to his subjects.

King Edward has invited the king to come to England, where the marriage will be discussed.  Although the exact date for the visit has not been determined, it is understood that King Manoel has accepted the invitation.

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This visit will allow the "young people" to meet and get to know each other other better.  It is hoped that they will "add personal inclination to the other forces that are at work to unite them."

Alexandra's father, the Duke of Fife is a very wealthy man, who would "no doubt make a generous provision to enable his daughter to  maintain the position she would be called to."  King Manoel  is described as poor. Earlier this year, he chose to forgo apart of his state allowance until "all of the money illegally withdrawn by his father is repaid."

It s also understood that the engagement will not be announced until Manoel is "satisfied from a report from his own court physician" that Princess Alexandra is "fitted to become the mother of princes."

She is said to be a "buxom, hearty girl," so there should be little concern about her ability to bear children.

If this "difficulties are overcome," Alexandra will find that she will have as "good a husband as a royal bride can expect."  King Manoel, who will celebrate his 20th birthday in November,  succeeded to the throne on February 1, 1908, after the assassinations of his father King Carlos I, and his older brother Prince Luis Filipe.

Princess Alexandra is eighteen years old.

If this marriage can be arranged,  it will bring to end the possibility of an American queen in Portugal.   Anita Rhinelander Stewart recently became engaged to Prince Miguel, a pretender to the Portuguese throne.  But if King Manoel marries an English princess,  it is unlikely that there will be challengers to his throne.

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Bill said...

I don't think Princess Louise would have been anxious to have her daughter move to Portugal.

Jason said...

Interesting to think of this pooibilty of another throne for the descendants of q.v.. back then. Shame it didn't happen in a way.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

this was more like media speculation --- Alexandra was too shy, too gauche at the time ... and a very unstable throne. Manoel was in exile a year later