Thursday, October 25, 2018

Washington to be scene of Royal Wedding

October 25, 1908

Exciting news from the Los Angeles Times.  The marriage between Miss Katherine Elkins, daughter of West Virginia Senator Stephen Elkins, and the Duke of the Abruzzi, will be "celebrated in Washington" and not at the bride's home in Elkins, West Virginia.

Servants from the Elkins household will be leaving tomorrow to open the family's home in Washington.   The home in Elkins, West Virginia,  which the family treats as their country home, will be closed for the season next week and the Elkins family will return to Washington,.

Miss Elkins' mother has "practically confirmed" her daughter's engagement to the Duke of the Abruzzi, a cousin of King Vittorio Emanuele of Italy.   She was asked when the wedding will take place.  Mrs. Elkins, "her face radiant with social triumph," told a reporter:  "Really, you must have patience and wait a little longer for that information for we do not know ourselves.  We are simply waiting developments."

Katherine Elkins stood next to her mother, and "smiled happily" when the Duke's name was mentioned.

Mrs. Elkins added:  I wish I could tell you something definite. But as of yet we know nothing ourselves."

There were rumors of "parental objections to the foreign alliance" for Katherine, but her parents appear to have accepted that she will become a Roman Catholic when she marries Prince Luigi.   Miss Elkins has been raised in the Presbyterian.

It is expected that this will be "one of the most notable bridal parties " ever seen on American soil.  Miss Elkins' attendants are expected to include Miss Mathilda Townsend, once reported engaged to the Duke of Alba,  Mrs. George Law,  Mrs. Freddie Barbour, Miss Marjorie Gould Miss Helen Hibbe and Miss Rosalie O'Brien, all "intimate friends of the bride.

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