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Christopher to marry Francoise of Orléans

October 29, 1929

Prince Christopher of Greece is engaged to Princess Francoise, second daughter of the Duke of Guise, pretender to the French throne reports the Associated Press. 

The marriage is expected to take place in January at the Orléans estate in Palermo.

A formal announcement will be made by the Duke in Brussels. 

The couple is expected to move into the Dowager Queen Olga's villa in Rome after their honeymoon.

Princess Francoise was in Rome a few days ago, where she visited her aunt, the Duchess of Aosta.  It was at the Duchess' home where the "engagement was concluded," but Prince Christopher did not want to announce it until after he had met with the bride's father.

The meeting between the Duke of Guise and Prince Christopher took place earlier today in Brussels.   The head of the Duke's military household would not confirm if there would be an announcement, only saying that the Duke may consult party leaders and members of the royal houses of Spain, Portugal, and Italy before making an official announcement. 

It is understood that the romance began more than a year ago when Francoise's sister, Princess Anne, married the Duke of Apulia.   Christopher was one of the guests at the wedding.

Prince Christopher is a son of the late King George I of the Hellenes and a younger brother of the late King Constantine.

The 40-year-old Prince's first wife, the American-born Princess Anastasia, died in London in 1923.  She was the widow of  William Leeds, the American tin-pot manufacturer.

Princess Francoise will be celebrating her 26th birthday on Christmas Day.

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