Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Princess Patricia to marry Manoel of Portugal

October 2, 1908

Princess Patricia of Connaught, said to be the "prettiest girl in the British Royal Family," is to marry the young King Manoel of Portugal, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The official announcement of their betrothal will be made at a dinner party later this month.

The princess, who is the youngest of three children of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, was revealed to be studying the Roman Catholic faith, as she prepares to be be "baptized in that faith."  She will be required to renounced her "Protestant affiliations" before her marriage.

She will be the second granddaughter of Queen Victoria to change her faith for the sake of a crown.  Her first cousin, Victoria Eugenia, is the Queen of Spain, the consort of Alfonso XIII.

Manoel's mother, Queen Amalia, is said to be pleased at the news of her son's marriage.  She was "greatly disturbed" when Manoel "rebelled at the idea of a state marriage," as he wanted to marry his "sweetheart, the daughter of a  Portuguese nobleman."   The young woman was "requested" to leave Portugal, before Manoel made "the acquaintances with the charms of the beautiful Patricia."   He is now on board with the idea of a state marriage.

King Edward VII has consented to the proposed marriage.

Princess Patricia has turned several proposals, the most recent from the Count of Turin.  She has also been linked with the Marquess of Anglesey, King Alfonso XIII, before he married her first cousin,  Grand Duke Michael of Russia and Prince Friedrich Eitel of Prussia.


www.maltagenealogy.com said...

Interesting how both parties consented but the marriage didn't happen ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

you are so gullible ... there was never a consent -- just one of those reports of someone hearing something ... there were never any real plans