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Duke of the Abruzzi to marry Katherine Elkins

September 7, 1902

The Duke of the Abruzzi  will soon go to the United States "to make definite arrangements for his marriage with Miss Katherine Elkins," according to a report in the Milan Unione, an Italian clerical paper.  This report has been republished throughout Italy and the rest of the world, including the New York Times.

Miss Elkins is the daughter of Senator Stephen B. Elkins of West Virginia.  The report says that the wedding may take place on the Duke's birthday, which is January 29.

According to the Unione, the Duke's brother, the Count of Turin recently visited Dowager Queen Margherita at Gressoney, and "attempted to overcome her opposition" to the marriage between the Duke and Miss Elkins. 

The Duke of the Abruzzi wanted to the marriage to take place in December, if "the opposition of the royal family could be removed," but it appears that Queen Margherita remains strongly opposed to the marriage.

But she said "time might bring a change to her opinion."   After a "reasonable period," the Count of Turin visited her at her country home. 

In "espousing" his brother's cause, the Count told the Dowager Queen that his brother was "steadfast in his love for Miss Elkins," and it would be impossible for him to "form an alliance with any one else."

The Count of Turin added that Miss Elkins "possessed all the qualifications needed to enter the House of Savoy.  It did not matter that she was "not of royal blood," as their father, Prince Amadeo, Duke of Aosta, married a woman of "recent nobility," and the Duke of Aosta sat on the Spanish throne for five years.

He also pointed out that his brother is now 35 years old, and it would not be "proper for him to delay marriage much longer."

Queen Margherita, however, made it clear that she had not changed her views, and has refused to give her consent to the marriage.  She said she objected to the marriage because she "believed many Americans thought" that the Duke wanted to marry Miss Elkins "when he found that the American girl would come into a large estate."

The Count of Turin added that his brother would marry Miss Elkins even without the Dowager Queen's consent.  After leaving Queen Margherita, the Count of Turin, the Count traveled to Spezia to meet with his brother and tell him "of the failure of his mission."

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