Monday, March 5, 2018

Manoel to marry Viktoria Luise?

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 March 5, 1908

King Manoel of Portugal has been on the throne for only a month, having succeeded following the assassinations of his father, King Carlos, and his older brother, Crown Prince Luis Filipe.

According to a dispatch to the Los Angeles Times,  Lisbon newspapers are reporting that "negotiations are afoot" to arrange a marriage between the 18-year-old monarch and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia, the youngest child and only daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

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 Princess Viktoria Luise celebrated her 15th  birthday last September.

The "proposal will be discussed" when Wilhelm II makes "his promised visit of condolence" to King Manoel's widowed mother, Queen Amelie.

Portuguese court officials have refused to discuss the report.

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Emerald said...

I doubt this would ever be considered!