Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh dear - Grania at it again

It is called a scam!   The woman is absolutely crazy.  Her own family, her siblings (the children of Hamilton O'Malley and his second wife, Sadie) acknowledge that she is their sister.   She's delusional, has mental issues, and is in need of money.   The order of Mountbatten of Carisbrooke ... no such animal!

Grania has no income, and has been trying for years to gain money from Lady Iris Mountbatten's estate.  She claims she is Lady Iris's daughter.  Even though lawyers have tried to set her straight, she continues with her rants and tirades.  The Home Office has been informed that she has lied about the date of birth on her passport - and the true details provided to them.


John said...

Weird site, it looks like the rantings of a mentally ill person.
Is she schizophrenic?

Michelle said...

i used to be so angry at her because she was an actual face to put with the (highly annoying) people who claim to be someone they are not. as a Kennedy cousin (my last name would be Kennedy if names were passed through the female line, although some of my cousins have it as their middle name) i can attest that just because you have dna in common with someone of significance, doesn't make you any more special than anyone else and really it doesn't matter.

anyway... i've got a question for you.

again. :-P

so around the time of the royal wedding, there were stories about Kate being pregnant already. now i don't buy into that, but it got me thinking and i was wondering what would happen if she'd been pregnant already.

i know to inherit the throne, William's children must be "legitimate" - but does this mean they were BORN into a marriage or CONCEIVED in one? would it matter if Kate HAD already been pregnant when she married, as long as the child was born after the wedding?

Michelle said...

p.s. - forgot to finish my thought about grania - what i was going to say is that it used to make me rather angry, but now i pity her. after visiting the link you posted & her blog which i found through that site, she's nuts. as in, really she needs to be getting help. reminds me a bit of Anna Anderson, how her true family claimed her and yet she went on with the claims. what's even sadder is that despite DNA tests conducted after she died that PROVE she wasn't a Romanov, people STILL believe her! just like the ones who believe Alexei survived even though he was the heir & a hemopheliac...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, as long as the child was born after the wedding ceremony.