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Grand Duke Nicholas weds divorced princess

May 12, 1907

Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholaievitch of Russia was married today to Princess Anastasia of Montenegro, reports the New York Times.

The marriage took place in the chapel at the Djulber Palace at Yalta in the Crimea.   The bride, who did not have any attendants, was "gowned in satin and wore a costly diamond tiara."   As Princess Anastasia was recently divorced, the ceremony was private, but a guard of honor by the Yalta Garrison attended the wedding, and "presented arms.

The guests included Prince Dolgorouky, who represented Nicholas II and General Mushkovitch "on behalf of Montenegro.  There were also representatives from Italy and from the regiments in Germany and Austria, where Grand Duke Nicholas is the "honorary chief."   The groom's brother, Grand Duke Peter, and the bride's sister, Princess Militza, also attended the wedding.

The newlyweds will leave tomorrow on a two months' cruise of the Adriatic, and there are plans to vsiit Cetinje, Italy  and the Riviera.

Grand Duke Nicholas, a second cousin of Nicholas II, was born at St. Petersburg on November 6, 1856.  He is the President of the Council of National Defense and Inspector General of the Cavalry.  At one time, he was "mentioned as likely to be appointed Dictator in the case of the Emperor's retirement."

Last August 10, an attempt was made on the life of the Grand Duke.   In February, another attempt was made on his life when "a bomb was found on the railroad track between Tsarkoe-Selo and St. Petersburg over which he was to have traveled.  On April 11, he was shot while traveling on the same road.

The new Grand Duchess was born at Cetinje, Montenegro, and was married at Peterhof on August 16, 1889 to Prince George Romanowski, Duke of Leuchtenberg.  This was marriage was recently dissolved by divorce.  Anastasia was the Duke's second wife.  His first wife, Duchess Theresa of Oldenburg died in 1883.

In November of last year there were reports that Nicholas and Princess Anastasia were already married, but this report was denied by the Court.  It was also rumored that Grand Duke Nicholas was going to marry Grand Duchess Elizabeth, the widow of Grand Duke Serge, who was assassinated in February 1905.

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