Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am so glad I do not watch Oprah

Sarah, Duchess of York's latest whine:

Someone needs to remind Sarah that Diana had not been speaking to her for some months before her death in 1997.  Hardly the best of friends.

When will Sarah realize that she is no longer married to the Duke of York.  If she had been invited to the wedding, she would not have been sitting with the Royal Family, but some rows back.  She ceased to be royal the moment the decree absolute was issued.   She said she ran off to Thailand and was "embraced by the jungle."  But she also told Oprah that she spent much of the day talking with Andrew and "her girls."  

Sarah also told Oprah that she was the last bride to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.  She and the Duke of York were married on July 23, 1986.  If their marriage had not foundered,  Sarah and Andrew would be planning a 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

Andrew Morton made on a comment on Twitter:  "Saving Sarah Ferguson from herself is a task that would even defeat Oprah. What a tragic, pathetic figure she now is."


John said...

I'm surprised Oprah even has the patience for her now. This woman just keeps ruining her life and then cries the blues. Oprah is supposed to be about positive women. Sarah could have just led a quiet life outside the limelight after she paid off her debts. Maybe she would have gotten another invite again for a tea visit with The Queen. Hah, I'm sure THAT ship has sailed for Sarah. She's what I'd call a 'train-wreck'. And how embarassing for the two daughters.

Paul Harten said...

I think you'll agree Marlene, I was right all thos years ago as we stood outside the palace...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Indeed .. Oprah is playing enabler - enabling this story for the advertisers, for her own pocket book.