Monday, May 16, 2011

Mrs. Lupsecu to remain Bucharest

May 16, 1931

By special cable to the New York Times

Mme Magda Lupescu's "presence is no longer a secret in court circles,"  despite "official efforts to discredit the story."

One of the "principal causes of the recent political crisis" in Roumania was King Carol's "annoyance with the National Peasant Party, whose leaders continue to support Queen Helen.  The King "resented especially their opposition to any coronation ceremony" in which Helen was not involved in.  

King Carol has been supported by Mm. Manoilescu and Argetoianu, both of whom have urged that Helen should leave Roumania.  The two men now have a great influence in the country, and "represent the real power" in Roumania.

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