Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elizabeth does not rule out return to Greece as Queen

May 18, 1935

In Bucharest tonight former Queen Elizabeth of Greece was asked if she planned to return to Greece and be reunited with her former husband, King George.  According to the Associated Press,  Elizabeth dramatically exclaimed: "The day is past when a woman may be sacrificed for a throne or a country."

But a return to Greece may be difficult for the 40-year-old daughter of the Dowager Queen Marie.  She nearly died in childbirth, was exiled and eventually, her married was dissolved by divorce.    But Elizabeth did not rule out a return to Greece "if the people there wanted her as queen."

"So many things may happen between now and the monarchy is restored in Greece," Elizabeth said.  "It would be rash and premature for me to commit myself on the suggestion that I annul my divorce from George and return with him to the throne."

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