Monday, May 30, 2011

Princess Marie Gabriele & Princess Marie Charlotte celebrate the big 80!

The engagement of Prince Albrect and Countess Marita

Princess Marie Gabriele Antonia José and Princess Marie Charlotte Juliana of Bavaria celebrate their 80th birthdays today.   The two princesses were born on May 30, 1931 at Munich, the first two children of  Prince Albrecht of Bavaria and his first wife, Countess Maria Draskovich von Trakostjan.   Albrecht was the eldest son of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and his first wife, Duchess Marie Gabriele in Bavaria.

Both princessess made grand dynastic marriages.  On October 23, 1957,  Princess Marie Gabriele married Georg, Prince of Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchberg.  Two years earlier, Marie Charlotte became the wife of Paul, Prince von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny.,-Adel-Fuerstinnen-wunschlos-gluecklich-_arid,5082324.html

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What Kate Wore said...

One of the reasons I enjoy several of the royal blogs (Musings included, very much so!) is the level of knowledge on the part of the author(s). This post demonstrates that, the older photographs lend a nice touch to what otherwise would be a mundane "Princess/Prince/whomever" recitation of a notable event.

Not to mention my appreciation for the kitties, belated birthday greetings to Buddy.

I am very happy to have popped in as par of Marilyn's blog comment-athon! I already visited occasionally ,and will do so more frequently.

All best,