Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Helen does not join Carol at military parade

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 May 10, 1931

Queen Helen of Roumania arrived in Bucharest at 7 a.m,, from Belgrade, but did not "review the parade held in the celebration" of Roumania's independence, reports the New York Times.
She was greeted by several ladies-in-waiting.  It was noted that Helen appeared gay and "more animated than she had been for a long time."

King Carol took "the salute alone."  He was joined in the reviewing stand by his son, Crown Prince Michael.  Prince Nicholas led the troops.

A Cabinet council "has just been held," where one of the topics was Helen's future status in Roumania.   There will be further discussions next week between Carol and Helen's representatives to "discuss her status."   During a meeting between Carol and his brother-in-law, King Alexander of Yugoslavia,   Alexander stated that "it was impossible in the interests of the dynasty" to allow Helen's present situation to continue.  Helen is the mother of the heir to the throne, but she has no "definite position" in Roumania.

There were vast crowds for the military parade, and Carol was greeted with enthusiasm, although many expressed disappointment that Queen Helen was not present.

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