Friday, May 20, 2011

Grace Kelly denies Aumont Romance

May 20, 1955

Actress Grace Kelly, who is visiting her family in Philadelphia, tells Hedda Hopper that French actor Jean Pierre Aumont is a "charming companion," but "I don't rush into anything that fast and I don't fall in love easily."

Hedda asked the Oscar-winning star if Aumont planned to follow her to America.  Grace replied "He has a picture to make in Paris this summer, and then comes to New York for a play."  

Grace Kelly recently attended the Film Festival in Cannes.  She said she found it "strenuous and exciting."  She added: "I wouldn't have missed it but I doubt if I'll attend another."    She is heading to California to begin work on "The Swan," which Metro bought for her.   The script won't be ready for another ten weeks, however, but Miss Kelly plans to arrive soon in California and rent a small house.


iODyne said...

Royally amusing indeed, and bad timing for Aumont as she had just met Rainier and by December 1955 he was crossing The Atlantic to pursue her.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

well, the Rainier Grace romance was more of an arrangement than true romance