Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I did yesterday

I did not blog yesterday because I was busy celebrating my birthday. I spent the day at King's Dominion, a theme park about 75 miles south of my home.


Awesome roller coasters, including the new Inimidator 305, oh what a drop! My favorite, however, remains, the Rebel Yell, a wooden roller coaster.


Dan Willis said...

Rebel Yell is one of my two favorite roller coasters! The other is the Side-Winder in Cedar Point, OH.

Michelle said...

i had 2 birthday parties there as a kid, one turning 9 & the other turning 12.

LOVE the Rebel Yell! my Mom rode it when she was younger, so it was fun to ride it with her. ;-)

before i got sick, i used to love roller coasters. on my 9th birthday i rode the Anaconda, which is pretty brave for someone that age, i must've been out of my mind! i was so short that my head kept bounding between the shoulder harness thing & that didn't feel too good... i was too young to have the strength to fight the forces of motion & couldn't hold my head still.

hope you had a great day!!! :-D

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday!! I remember going to King's Dominion as a child. I grew up in Portsmouth and Newport News. What happy memories i have of that time! Thanks for reminding me.

MAXny said...

Happy Belated Birthday & May you have many, many more.

Unknown said...

Happy B-day, Marlene! Glad your day was filled with fun times, a stomach dropping screamfest time! Woohoo! :)

glamah16 said...

Happy belated Birthday.I remember many trips to Kings Dominion as a kid .

Helen K said...

Happy birthday, hope you had an excellent day!

Jorge said...

Happy birthday my wonderful friend Marlene! I wish you the best and hope this new year for you will be excellent in every possible way! You know I appreciate you a lot. Best regards from down here.