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Boris too busy to marry

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June 16, 1928

King Boris III of Bulgaria is "the only monarch in the world who has never had a love affair." This explains why the 34-year-old king remains the only unmarried sovereign in Europe.

He appears to be a lonely sovereign, as his life "has so been ordered, from youth to maturity, that he has had little opportunity to cultivate the society of women." His "autocratic father," the deposed King Ferdinand, "denied him all diversions in order to train him for the duties of the throne." For the last fifteen years, Boris has been so "occupied by the world war and the duties of ruling the country that his social life has been neglected."

In an interview with the Associated Press, he said: "I am too busy putting Bulgaria's house in order to get married. Besides, Bulgaria is too poor at the moment to afford a queen. When we get on our feet I shall be prepared to embark on the sea of matrimony. We must first make sure that the throne is strong enough to 'support two.'"

The AP correspondent asked the king "if there was any likelihood he would plight his troth with Princess Giovanna," the 22-year-old daughter of King Victor Emmanuele III of Italy.

King Boris smiled and gave an evasive answer: "You see, in Bulgaria, there is a custom that the sons in a family shall first get their sisters married off before they themselves take brides. As I still have my sister Eudoxia on my hands, the question of my own wedlock must wait."

The king is "as democratic as his father was autocratic." He has a charming, gentle manner, "buoyant enthusiasm and unblemished character," which have "made him the idol of the Bulgarian people. Ferdinand commanded respect and "the fear of the people." Boris has "won their love."

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