Friday, June 18, 2010

Little prince "brought down a peg"

November 6, 1979

and "Big Sister gets Crown," as the Swedish Parliament today passed a new law of succession so that Princess Victoria, 2, will succeed to the throne instead of her younger brother, Prince Carl Philip, who was born on May 13.
The vote, 165-21 with 147 abstentions, has allowed the succession of the monarch's first born child. Under the current law, only male members of the Swedish royal family can inherit the throne. Reuters reports that a Conservative member of Parliament, Gunnar Bioerck, said the vote "deprived an innocent child of his legal rights." Carl Philip will cease to be Crown Prince on January 1, when the new law takes effect.
King Carl XVI Gustaf, who is currently visiting Austria with Queen Silvia, made his feelings clear, when he said recently: "I believe the people would rather have a king."

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