Monday, June 7, 2010

Princess Auguste of Bavaria marries German lawyer

Princess Auguste of Bavaria, 30, the oldest child of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, was married on Saturday to German lawyer, Prince Ferdinand zur Lippe-Weissenfeld, 35.
The couple were married in a Roman Catholic service at Kloster Andechs, near Munich, where her sister, Alice, was married last August to Prince Lukas of Auersperg.
In her excitement, Princess Auguste forgot her bridal bouquet. She pulled a single white rose from one of the floral displays in the church, and used it as her bouquet. The real bouquet of multicolored roses was brought to the church by limousine.
Although the wedding was a largely private affair, the guests included the bride's grandmother, Princess Irmingard of Bavaria, and her sisters, Princess Editha, the Duchess of Croy, and the Duchess of Arenberg and their families, Duke Franz of Bavaria, the head of the former royal house, his brother, Duke Max, along with his wife, Elizabeth, and three of their daughters, Duchess Marie and her husband, Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, Duchess Helene, and Duchess Elizabeth and her husband, Daniel Terberger, and their son, Maximilian, Prince and Princess Karl Emich zu Leiningen, Prince and Princess Leopold of Bavaria, Prince and Princess Rasso of Bavaria, Prince and Princess Christoph of Bavaria and their children, Prince and Princess Alexander of Bavaria, Archduke and Archduchess Georg of Austria, and the Archduchess' sister, Duchess Tatjana of Oldenburg and her fiance, Count Axel de Chavagnac.
[Tatjana's wedding is in September. She was previously engaged to Prince Jean d'Orleans, the duke of Vendome, but the engagement ended only weeks before the wedding. Religion played a partial role in breakup as Jean is Roman Catholic and Tatjana is Lutheran. She had agreed that the children would be raised in the Roman Catholic faith, but she would retain her own faith, just as her sister, Elika, who is married to Archduke Georg of Austria. They were married in a Roman Catholic service, with the Oldenburgs' family pastor taking part in the ceremony. Tatjana's father wanted the Lutheran pastor to also take part in Tatjana's wedding, but jean's family, who are devout Roman Catholics, would not agree to an ecumenical wedding. The difference in religion was only one reason for the breakup, as Tatjana noted some time later, there were also issues of compatibility.]

Members of the groom's family who attended included Prince and Princess Stephan zur Lippe, whose daughters were, according to several reports, the flower girls.
A reception followed at the home of the bride's parents, Schloss Leutstetten, where the menu featured salmon, lobster, asparagus cream sue, venison and a variety of ice creams.
Outside the church, the bride adn couple released white doves into the sky, but one dove did not want to leave, and remained sitting on Princess Auguste's fingers.
Perhaps this particular dove wanted to pay tribute to the bride, who uses the name Dr. Auguste von Bayern, is a member of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group at Oxford University. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge, where she investigated the social cognition of jackdaws. She received her doctorate in August 2008.
As an undergraduate, Auguste studied biology at Ludwig-Maximilian university in Munich. She worked as a research assistant on a project on spotted hyenas in Tanzania, and decided to further her education in Africa. She obtained a degree in Zoology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, where she pursued an interest in studying the breeding of mole-rats.

Prince Ferdinand is a practicing lawyer, who studied law at the Universities of Passau and Würzburg, and Psychology, History and Philosophy at Passau and the University of Munich. He is a member of the teaching faculty at Trinity College's School of Law in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to this, Prince Ferdinand worked for several law firms in Germany and South Africa.

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