Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Carol chagrined at divorce action

June 8, 1928

Former Crown Prince Carol of Roumania is "chagrined at the divorce action" brought by his wife, Princess Helen. The New York Times' report is basked on a dispatch from Brussels to The Daily Mail.
Prince Carol has "made it known that he was far from willing that his ties with royalty be severed." Last week, he "flatly" refused to sign a divorce agreement. He was told that if he did not agree to the divorce "it would be forced upon him and that he would be unable to defend himself." No Roumanian who "took up his cause in the courts of that country would be guilty of lese-majeste against the royal family."
Despite this quandary. Carol tried to hire a Roumanian lawyer to represent him, but he has failed in this endeavour "because his letters and telegrams have been seized by Roumanian authorities."

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