Monday, June 7, 2010

Carol's return is a shock for Queen Marie

June 7, 1930

The news of Carol's return to Roumania "came as a shock" to his mother, the Dowager Queen Marie. She had left Bucharest yesterday en route to Oberaamergau, and according to New York Times, she was heading to Sigmaringen to meet with Prince Friedrich, who is the head of the Hohenzollern princely family. It was "reported" that Marie would appeal to Friedrich to use his influence with her younger son, Prince Nicolas, who threatened to resign from the Regency Council to marry a divorced woman, "with whom he had been on intimate terms for some time."
Queen Marie passed through Vienna today, accompanied by her sister, Grand Duchess Victoria of Russia. "Outwardly calm and majestic," she turned pale when she was handed a telegram with "news of Carol's triumphant re-entry into Rumania."
She read through the telegram several times before saying: "As a mother I rejoice over this message." When she was told that Carol had been "warmly received," Marie responded: "I shall always be on the side of my people's wishes."
Queen Marie was "popularly credited with being the chief influence" to continue Carol's "exclusion from the throne."

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