Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prince of Wales to wed Spanish princess

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 June 30, 1926

The Spanish newspaper, La Voz de Gulpuzcoa, has a front-page story today "claiming the visit of King Alfonso of Spain to London seems to confirm reports" that the Prince of Wales will marry Alfonso's elder daughter, Infanta Beatriz.

Beatriz, 17, and the Prince of Wales are second cousins, as Beatriz's mother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, and the Prince's father, King George V, are first cousins.
The United News report notes that religion is a barrier to marriage. Infanta Beatriz would have to renounce her Roman Catholic faith and become a Protestant as the Prince of Wales cannot marry a Roman Catholic without losing his right of succession.

King Alfonso XIII and Queen Ena arrived today in London from Paris for a visit to the United Kingdom. They were attended by the duke of Miranda, the Marquis de Benbana, and the Prince of San Carlos.

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 According to the New York Times, a "crowd largely composed of his Spanish subjects gave a rousing welcome" to King Alfonso and Queen Victoria tonight. They had traveled to London from Paris via Calais and Dover.

At Victoria Station. the king and queen were welcomed by Queen Mary, the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice, who is Queen Ena's mother.

Although this is a state visit, the King has "intimated that he and Queen Victoria wish to be regarded as private visitors during their stay." They expect to remain in England for two weeks.

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